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By Jay
Northern Indiana
Perfect swirl remover
September 12, 2020
A one step polish that removes swirls with efficiency, you can use a heavy cutting pad for stubborn swirls, or a light cutting pad to finish to a brilliant finish, highly recommended
ProsGreat product for swirl removal, no dusting, removes easy
By John
Staten Island, New York
Great product
April 27, 2020
I love the quality of the wolfgang products, this swirl remove is not to harsh, and brightens up the paint, while removing fine swirl marks. I use a clay bar first, swirl remover, ceramic prep spay, and then ceramic coating.
Santa Barbara, California
Easy to use and left brilliant shine
October 10, 2019
Used this as part of a multi-stage paint correct on black vehicle. First used uber compound which left some hazing on the black finish. Used total swirl which left a brilliant shine. Was so good that no further stage was needed and merely finished with Wolgang sealant. Easy to use and worked great.
ProsEasy to use, Diminishing compound means less stress over hurting paint, leaves brilliant shine
Consnot much-white residue in crevices needs cleanup but so do most if not all compounds.
By Brad
Mesa, AZ
Great shine but takes work to remove scratches
July 31, 2017
Based upon the brilliant, smooth surface that glows, I would give it 5 stars. However, since it's sold as a swirl remover, I have to knock it's performance down to 4 stars. It was my first time using my new DA polisher so I probably didn't use a high enough speed, downward pressure and/or worked in too big an area as almost none of my swirls and scratches came out. I read that my Lexus LS460 has very hard paint, so that might have impacted my efforts. I'll try again when I have a few hours to spare so perhaps 5 stars is still in the future. Concerning the polishing aspect...both my dark blue Lexus and my wife's white pearl Acura MDX now both absolutely GLOW and almost repel dirt, dust and rain. In fact, my wife drove to work through a rain storm and there was not a speck of dirt or rain/water mark on her car because the surface was so smooth. I had washed both, then used a clay bar, the swirl remover, Wolfgang glaze, Wolfgang paint sealant and finally some Collinite wax. Couple of long days and lots of lessons learned. Especially in the application and removal of the Collinite wax (total PITA to remove if left on too long, like I stupidly did). We'll see how things improve when I do round 2 in a few months
ProsGreat at polishing cars to a brilliant and smooth shine Easy to apply and remove
ConsNever got any of my swirls or scratches out of my car.
By Willbeen
Grand Rapids MI
Excellent Product
April 11, 2017
Wow...this stuff removed all my swirls and minor surface imperfections with ease. This is the best swirl remover that I have ever used and the metallic black paint on my 2014 Audi offers a significant challenge to overcome. I first tested it with a Lake County white polishing pad (DA polisher) and about 90% of the swirls were gone. After switching to an orange cutting pad all of the imperfections were removed, and I proceeded to use this pad on the rest of the car. I was equally happy with spot polishing with the Uber Compound 3.0 on a couple of deeper scratches. I then followed with the Finishing Glaze for a great deep look. I now have the deepest and cleanest surface that I have ever achieved with other products. I can't wait to follow up with the Deep Gloss Paint Sealant and Fuzion Wax.
ProsGoes on easily and wipes off easily. Removed all of my surface imperfections and leaves a deep glossy look after.
By Suvfanatic
Great product
September 29, 2016
This stuff on an orange pad equals bye bye swirls and scratches
ProsGood cut Low dust
By Jon
#Try this stuff
September 4, 2016
Used my flex3403 with orange cutting pads along with Wolfgang 3.0 swirl remover . I have been more than impressed with the results this product put out.
By Dave
Buff and spin shine
August 11, 2016
No swirls just deep endless color. Wow in the sunlight the flex in the paint really pops.My Acura TL red is now richer in color.
ProsGoes on easy and make sure you do not apply at high humid days takes way longer to set up and cure. Water sheds right off the hood.
Cons7-8 hours of prep worth the work because the results are amazing shinny and clear.
By Neil B.
Ponte Vedra, Fl
Good stuff!
June 15, 2016
Good product and gives amazing results but a little pricey!!
By Ben
New Mexico
Works well
May 19, 2016
I had moderate swirls on my car and it took almost a full 8 oz. bottle to do the entire car using a Rupes polisher but it turned out excellent. It required two applications and several hours to complete.
ProsTakes the swirls out!
ConsRequires a fair amount of time to achieve the desired look.
By John
Amazing product on BMW
December 24, 2015
This product finishes great and does wonder with an orange or white pad! Minor gripe is that you will have to use elbow grease to wipe the product off but honestly, the finish is totally worth it in my book!
By Morgan
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Great Finish
November 15, 2015
I could immediately tell the difference upon the first time using this. It removed a great deal of swirls and scratches and the finish was really nice. I went straight to polish enhancer, DP Sealant topped with 845. Thanks Autogeek.
ProsEase of use
By bill
Madison, Wisconsin
Orange pad, DA plus this product equal glass like finish
June 9, 2015
Used this on my black 2007 Altima and it totally removed all previous swirl marks left from the past years of wear and tear on the car. Finish came out with a beautiful shine and rich gloss. I topped it off with a Quality Carnubra wax (Menzurna Color lock) and the black is so deep on the car almost looks like a new paint job.
Prostakes out all micro scratches i could see on a 9 year old paint job using my Porter Cable DA polisher. Follow with a quality glaze and then Carnubra wax and you should be set.
Consshould have got the bigger bottle as I will use this a lot.
United States
Very Pleased
January 18, 2015
After purchasing the Porter Cable 7427XP and the Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover, I polished my car and it has never looked so good.
ProsEasy to Use and works very well.
By Mike D.
Greenville, SC
Works as advertised
December 3, 2014
This product performed just as the manufactured suggested. Put it on in small sections with an orbital buffer and removed before it dried completely with a micro fiber rag and every mark disappeared. If you have flaws in your paint job this product will allow you to spot them. If the wax works anything as good as the swirl remover, I will be very pleased.
By Tom
Charlottesville, Virginia
great results
June 4, 2014
this stuff cleaned up my car nicely. I used it before applying the polish enhancer and then the deep gloss paint sealer. the three products work wonderfully well together and all three are very easy to use. I applied the swirl removal with a polish applicator because the finish was in pretty good shape already and did not need an aggressive compounding.
By Dave
February 11, 2013
Used this on my '87 Red Corvette...actually I used the 3 step Wolfgang with the Porter Cable...it removed years of swirls and the car looks amazing...and I mean AMAZING!!!
By Jon E.
Top Notch
November 26, 2011
Used this product after sanding imperfection with 2000 grit sandpaper. All scratches just disappear.
By Kendra
Wet Black
September 22, 2011
While the price can be a little steep, you get what you pay for. I've used this vehicle on my own personal vehicle (black) and it's incredible how easily and quickly it removes swirls, hazing, etc. It dusts a lot, but in products that are similar it is nothing worse or nothing better. Great results, typical dusting, easy to use, and easy to manage with proper care. WOLFGANG has got my vote.
By Nick
Awesome stuff!
April 16, 2011
Gave my Z it's first polish using this and the Wolfgang finishing glaze and was blown away by the results! This was my first time using a polish and a glaze and both were extremely easy to use! Only downside is it seemed like the TSR dusted quite a bit. It is a little pricey but well worth it! Will I buy again? Yes!
By steve
Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 Review
March 22, 2011
This product got rid of "most" spider webbing and light scratches even after repeated passes. It does gives good results but don't expect it to remove every small scratch, it could be priced cheaper as well.
By bennyz
blue pony
March 19, 2011
i just used this product to bring back the shine to a 2003 mustang dark blue.this product goes on very easy and has a long working time.it brought back the shine to the paint that stands out .it also comes off very easy with a microfiber towel.
By David H.
October 5, 2010
Sucessfully removed every dealer induced swirl mark to my new RX450h's finish. I was uneasy and reluctant to use anything that entered my mind as abrasive on my new car-or hand my car over to anyone. This stuff made the cars on the Lexus showroom floor look like they were preped by a 5th grader, compared to what my car now looks like. It is so impresive. Finished with Wolfgang Paint Sealant-UNBELIEVABLE FINISH. If you have a dark car you want to baby - you must get a CYCLO and these Wolfgang products.
By Peleg
June 12, 2010
After washing the car with Poorboy's soap and using the Wolfgang clay/lube it was ready for swirl remover. I am the second owner of the car and it had some light swirls and scratches. I used the Flex 603, green lake county pad and the Wolfgang swirl remover 3.0 and got great results, the swirls/scratches are gone. Highly recommended with the Flex 603. You can also use an orange pad if the swirls are heavier.
By Sam L.
Best Wax Ever
March 23, 2010
Removed all swirl marks from the paint and left the best shine and color i have ever!!! After seeing the results i ordered another 16 oz bottle.

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