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By Paul
Kansas City
September 10, 2017
The Best. Period.
I have corrected and detailed a number of cars in my day using a vast array of polishes and LSPs. I cannot imagine how the other companies stay in business with Wolfgang in the market. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant is the best sealant I have ever used. Period. From ease of application to ease of removal to appearance and 'slickness' it is the best. But most important is how it leaves literally a streak free finish after simple wipe down - even on a black car. In the past, I have always had to rub and rub and rub and mist with detail spray and re-apply etc to get LSPs to have a uniform streak-free appearance on black paint - especially when scrutinizing them in full sunlight. WG Deep Gloss Paint Sealant finishes out completely uniform, level, and crazee glossy with zero fuss. I am a die hard Wolfgang convert.
ProsEase of application. Ease of removal. Zero Streak finish - even on black paint - after a simple wipe-off. Slick Slick Slick.
By Kurt
Munhall, PA
August 19, 2017
Great product
I got this because I wanted a different kind of shine than wax. (more of a glass shell look) It did that but what has impressed me is how it's held up. I use to use a "spray & dry" wax after washing to prevent water spots. No more. After 6 months it looks and feels like new. I did have trouble taking it off. I put it on by hand and I think it was too thick in places. Next time I'll use a buffer so I get a nice even coat.
ProsShine and durability
ConsHad trouble taking it off.
By Zoom Zoom
Calgary Alberta
July 30, 2017
Outstanding đź‘Ś
ProsI live in Canada where we have big winters,,,means lots of SALT on the roads. And both our vehicles our white, & I'd go to the car wash and it would just use the wand & it would wash off and look like I hand washed it.
By Von Dewey
July 9, 2017
Best Paint Sealant
Wolfgang Paint Sealant is the best hands down. You don't need to wax it gives a superior shine. All Wolfgang products are top notch. You get what you pay for. Well worth the money. I'm a motorcycle detailer and have used many different sealers and this one is #1.
ProsEasy on easy off.
By Steven Willer
Grass Valley, California
June 21, 2017
Increase gas milage
We've owned a Subaru Outback since brand new in 2010, we always averaged 27 mpg on road trips, sometimes a little more or less depending on winds. We just did a trip to Oregon and averaged 34 mpg. I used both Wolfgang Finishing Glaze and followed up with Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. Lots of compliments with how the car shines and looks great but the extra gas mileage was incredible. Car experts always talk about tire pressure and that is important to maintain, but the slick surface on the finish must have greatly reduced wind resistance.
ProsLove the shine and how easy it is to wash off bug splatter and increased gas mileage.
ConsMore expensive than parts store brands, but it is worth it.
By Gene
Iron Mountain, Mi.
May 7, 2017
Stunning results
I used this on my 01 Ford F-150 stepside. First I clayed and applied Klasse AIO mostly for cleaning paint. My truck is a bright red and the shine is fantastic. I really see no reason to top it with a carnauba wax as it is a deep wet look shine and I doubt anything will improve it. I used Blackfire sealant last year and while I have no complaints about it I think the WGDGPS looks better. I will be trying other Wolfgang products in the future.
ProsDeep wet shine that truly rivals any carnauba I've tried.
ConsNot a one.
By Rod
Atlanta, GA
April 19, 2017
I used the Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant on my black 03 Cobra and I was blown away by the gloss it added to the paint. All I can say is WOW!!! This was used after Wolfgang Uber Compound and Finishing glaze. The Wolfgang line delivers great results.
ProsEasy to apply and remove. Adds great depth and clarity while making the paint slick.
By Mike
Nashville, TN
February 1, 2017
Great Shine (looks almost wet)
Used this for the 1st time today on my 2013 CRM Corvette. The shine is deeper (looks almost wet) than anything I have ever used.
ProsDeep rich shine.
ConsNone as of yet. Hope it lasts as advertised.
By Ernie
san antonio, tx
November 28, 2016
excellant product
I have used this product for 3 yrs now. Wax after and stays for at 3-4 months
Prosvery easy to put on
By Richard
Fountain City, IN
November 26, 2016
Performs as advertised
By donald david dennis
Whiteland, IN
November 13, 2016
best I've ever used ! ! !
Easy application - awesome result. Just take your time and do it correctly as directed. Make certain the wipe off towel is clean and of excellent quality. The purple towels really get the job done.
Prosbest product on the market ! ! ! !
Consnone whatsoever
By Dave
Reading pa
November 11, 2016
Works great
Best product I have used so far. Long lasting and great look.
ProsEasy to use. Looks great
By griff
Catlin, Illinois
November 6, 2016
Great shine
Used this on our new 2017 Camaro 2SS, It is Summit White, anybody who has ever had a white car, knows how hard it is to really make it stand out, and have a deep rich shine. Man this is just the sealant to do just that! The sun was shining brightly the day I put this on the car, and when I got done, I backed the car out of the garage to take some pictures. I got my camera out and started taking pictures, looking at the car with the naked eye, the car was blinding it was so white and had such a bright shine. After going into the house and downloading the pictures, I was stunned, The pictures turned out horrible! The reason was the white was so bright that the camera could not handle that kind of brightness! This stuff is terrific, best of all, it only take about an ounce of product to do a whole car! Easy on easy off!
ProsUnbelievable Shine! Easy on easy off!
By john k
new york, n.y.
November 4, 2016
The product is outstanding. The shipping is outrageously high
By Ree
October 29, 2016
Love it!
I love this stuff. Heed the 12 hour warning, especially in high humidity... Well, wipe off the marks the next day if that's the case. Does not leave your black plastic/rubber white, that's awesome.
ProsI did RO on my whole car waiting for it to "dry". Yes, the whole car. Was surprised that it buffed out easily and never went "white" on me. I really like this sealant over the other "black" stuff!
By Mark
October 1, 2016
the best!
This sealant is by far the best I have ever used in terms off gloss and endurance, excellent
Proseasy on and off as others have stated.
By Suvfanatic
September 29, 2016
The Best
A little goes a long way, great value for great protection. My favorite sealant.
ProsEasy on and off
Conscure time
By Gary
September 15, 2016
Great Stuff
Goes on easy, comes off easy, doesn't stain the plastic black trim & no heavy powdery residue
By Brad Edwards
Murray, Ky.
September 5, 2016
Wow what a shine!!!
Used this on my white corvette, WOW, I did not know white could shine any more than I had it but this makes a huge difference, can't hardly look at it in the sun, I am sold on this product.
ProsEasy to put on and take off, super shine
By Pat
!00 Islands NY
September 1, 2016
Works great!
Applied to a Corvette GS (Blade Silver) with a Flex buffer. Car looks great.
By Joe
Mission Viejo, California
August 18, 2016
easy & durable
Easy to apply and buff for a great shine. Prep is the most difficult depending on condition of the paint. Twelve hours cure without moisture could be a challenge but worth the effort.
ProsLasts for 6 months or more? I hope!
ConsApply out of sunlight and on cool metal may be a challenge for some. Unsure but read somewhere that product must cure for 12 hours without exposure to moisture.
By Nick
west bend WI
August 12, 2016
slicker than anything I have used
very deep gloss and makes your paint slicker than anything else ive used
By shannon
cherryville , north carolina
July 27, 2016
Awesome product!!!
I debated on Carnuba Wax or a sealant, after tons of research I decided on Wolfgang 3.0 and it is super awesome!!!! I used it on my new 370Z after clay bar and polishing, using this sealant was like a dream. This product goes on and comes off super fast and easy, doesn't take much either. Remember to read instructions on drying time. My Z looks better than the day I picked it up from the showroom, no kidding!! It also lasts much longer than carnuba wax..
ProsEasy on , easy off. Great shine and dimension
ConsNONE!! worth every penny
By Jim
Yorktown, VA
July 8, 2016
Even The Dealer Was Impressed
After using Wolfgang"s paint sealant on my new 17 Ridgeline, I brought the truck to the dealer to have door moldings installed. When I picked the truck up my service advisor said they couldn't get their door template to stick on the door. He thought they had done the paint sealant & was very surprised when I told him I did the job myself. It was extremely easy to apply & buff out. Overall I'm very impressed with the way my truck looks and I couldn't be happier.
By Ken R
Harrisburg, Pennsylvanis
June 9, 2016
Great Deep Gloss Shine
Product went on easy and left no white residue
By WJ Prejean
Austin TX
June 7, 2016
paint sealant wax
that deep gloss paint sealant is awesome! I've enjoyed wax it and buffed it off. Looks pretty and shining.
Prosit's worth it!
By Phil
May 15, 2016
Awesome shine
I used this on my 2002 Firehawk and it's amazing how much deeper the color looks. I can't wait to use it on my other cars as soon as the weather warms up again.
ProsIt wipes off of plastic fairly easily as long as you do it quickly, don't let it wait.
By Ray
Chicago, Illinois
April 28, 2016
The Best!
I hope Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant stays around for a VERY long time, beacuse I absolutely love this stuff!!!
ProsVery Durable, Very Slick, High Gloss Shine, repells dust Very well, and just Super easy to apply and buff off!
By James
New York
April 22, 2016
Wolfgang Paint Sealant
Great product, what a shine!!!
ProsSuper easy to use
By Dave
Cairns, Queensland, Australia
April 18, 2016
Holds up in Northern Australia heat
Used on 2014 Mazda 3 SP25 (peal white) and 2016 Toyota SR5 Hilux (metallic black). Easy to apply, excellent finish and holds up in Far North Queensland heat and rain for 6 months. I did use it over the unpainted plastics (bumpers, mirrors). Unfortunely the plastics which I applied it to now have a light white stain from the polish. Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this?
By Jay Schilling
April 5, 2016
Absolutly love this product easy to use and the result is stunning already recommended it!!!
By Steve
Phoenix, Arizona
March 13, 2016
This is the best!
Great product, exceeded all my expectations! A little goes a long way... Easy on, easy off with great results. Awesome finish and great deep gloss shine. Used in conjunction with WG Spritz Sealant and a microfiber towel on Suntek clear bra to clean the film edges of build up virtually elimiates all maintenence hassles when applying sealant on the clear bra. Renders the lines almost invisible. VERY satisfied!
ProsEasy to apply and remove Glossy finish & shine Long lasting protection
Stuart, FL
March 10, 2016
Won't use anything else!
It's expensive but the you only need to use a little bit so the bottle will last a while. Worth every penny.
ProsBrings an unbelievable shine and glass finish I've never seen other products do.
ConsCan't think of any.
By Raul Chacon
Salt Lake City
March 4, 2016
Very Satisfied
I am very satisfied with the results of the product. I recently purchased a new vehicle and the paint sealant will give me the peace of mind that I know that the glossy look will last as long as I clean the car once a week.
By Nigel
February 26, 2016
Awesome !
Great product, easy to apply and wipe off, follow instructions for a perfect finish
ProsEasy to use
ConsDidn't buy it sooner
By Joliet Jake
Joliet, IL
February 24, 2016
deep gloss
easy to work with. very high luster. 2 year old paint on black MBenz looks brand new after clay bar, menzerna 400 and 3500 then Wolfgang paint sealant. won't catch me ridin' dirty after using this product.
Proseasy to use, deepens luster on black paint.
By Greg M.
St. Louis, MO USA
December 30, 2015
Excellent Product
I used Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 on my new Cadillac SRX. Even though the paint is new, the gloss and depth of shine that resulted after use of the product was fantastic. Additionally, the anti-static effect was impressive. There has been no dust that has settled on the car at all. Not only did the product produce a finish that was clear and deep, the paint was super slick feeling. I followed the directions of use as listed on autogeek.net. I applied it by hand and an hour later removed it by hand. There was no residue left behind and the sealant came off cleanly with any difficulty. When I brought the car into the sunlight there was no oily residue left behind as some cheaper waxes and sealants leave behind. I have been told I am particular (nicer term than others have used) about my cars cleanliness and Wolfgangs Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 passes my test. The ease of use and the shine it gives my car is hard to beat. I highly recommend this product.
By Rob Gordon
Atlanta, GA
December 21, 2015
Absolutely Amazing Product
Before I got this amazing sealant, I relied on expensive carnauba wax to maintain a glossy show room shine. but once I tried Wolfgang's Deep Gloss Sealant 3.0, I was blown away. The sealant is much better than any wax I have tried at making my deep blue Audi coupe shine-- even better than the day I drove it out of the dealership. And the finish is remarkably durable - lasts 6 months (note: I live in Georgia so my car, which is garaged, is not often exposed to deep winter weather). I do not recommend applying wax, even a really good one, on top of this. The sealant is all you need for protection and I find that the gloss is better without wax on top. I absolutely love this product.
By Darryl
Calgary, AB
September 29, 2015
I Love It!
Works great - worth every penny.
ProsTerrific quality. Price is fair. The car looked terrific and drew rave reviews from others. A week after I did my car my daughter did a double take while we were chatting in a parking lot. She stopped in mid sentence and said - WOW your car does look great!
By Korey Chang
Miami, Florida
June 21, 2015
This wax is my go to wax for all my personal cars and VIP customers. It does everything as advertised, i usually get anywhere between 6 to 9 months out of one coat of this wax in Miami. I recommend it to all of my friends and customers.
Prosit goes on easy as well as comes off easy. Long lasting. beads water like crazy. it doesn't leave any residue on trim.
By Parrish
Spring Grove, PA
June 18, 2015
Absolutely the best!! I never was a sealant guy until I tried this product. The gloss and durability is just amazing! I use it exclusively on my every day car as it really does last at least 6 months! GREAT Product!
ProsEasy on, easy off, durability, gloss
By Tom R
Bedford, NY
June 8, 2015
Great product
Applied to black sapphire BMW 435ix convertible. Car was washed and clay barred. Product went on and came off incredibly easy. Results are just gorgeous. I note many complain about the price. Based on what I used this should last me for 5 years. A bargain IMO.
ProsStupid easy to use. Great result
By liam
May 29, 2015
works grate
easy to apply gives more depth and shine then any other sealant I've used
Proseasy to work with
By Frans Jonker
Victoria, Canada
May 27, 2015
I absolutely love this product. Applies easily and buffs out equally nice. it is a little pricey, but from my perspective definitely worth it. This product does require a 12 hour (overnight) curing period which may for some be an issue, depending on what kind of space you have available to do your detailing. Product will last you a while as well! I did my Ranger truck with about a fifth of the bottle. I did my entire detailing job by hand, so those who do not have a dual-action polisher will have no problem applying and buffing this sealant.
Prosapplies easily buffs out like a dream great result
Conscost might deter some... 12 hour cure-in time might not be possible for everyone, depending on your available detailing space
By MichaelR
Jupiter, Florida
May 9, 2015
Excellent finisher after Wolfgang Polish Enhancer
Delivery of a new Mercedes Benz GLA45, first step was to was to prep paint with the Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer. Once the paint was prepped (squeaky clean thing), applied the Gloss Paint Sealant with a pneumatic 3" orbital polisher (slow speed) and simply wipe off with microfiber towels. Excellent results and followed up with the Wolfgang Detailer spritz. Deep, glossy, very slick paint. Highly recommend.
By John Alkhatib
Thornton co
April 30, 2015
good product
This sealer is easy to apply with no white residue.
ProsEasy on and off. No white residue.
ConsA little pricey
By Jesse
Phoenix, AZ
April 6, 2015
Great Sealant
Overall really happy with this stuff. Easy to apply (I used a DA), comes off easily and really makes the car shine.
ProsEasy to use, cleans up well.
ConsA little expensive, but not too bad.
By jjman
Boulder CO
March 26, 2015
The best polish and paint sealant
I have 2 vehicles, 1 with Wolfgangs, the other a brand new car. Cleaning the winter dirt off the Wolfgang vehicle, compared to the new car is like night & day. It's amazing how the Wolfgang's product protects the paint.
ProsProtects and shines.
By Mike
Atlanta GA
February 17, 2015
Ok, placed on last week. So far I'm pleased with the results. Giving the finish a couple of wash's before making the jump.
ProsEye appeal.
ConsNothing yet.
By al
Windsor Ontario Canada
February 13, 2015
excellant product
I use this product on both cars and boat , very pleased with results
Prosworks well
Conshave to check weather forecast prior to using

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