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By Roy
Parkland , Florida
January 7, 2020
Makes touch up cleaning a snap
Very easy to use this product and it cleans very well without water. Quick and easy touch up between washes is when I use it, such as bird crap, water spots, etc.....
By Chet Marlet
June 10, 2018
Great product, leaky sprayer
I am tremendously impressed by the high gloss shine I get from using this product as a waterless wash with no need to go back over the area a second time. I've used a lot of other waterless wash products in the past and I liked all of them a lot until I used McKee's waterless wash on the go. The biggest difference for me is the high gloss shine I get with McKee's that I am unable to achieve with the other products. Unfortunately, the sprayer that I received with this product leaked solution so I had to transfer it to my old sprayer.
ProsHigh Gloss shine with no need to buff the paint afterward. Shake the bottle first, spray it on the paint, wait two minutes, and then wipe it off, using a clean microfiber surface with each wipe. Fold the towel in 4th's and wipe once using a clean side of the towel and then move on to the next section of the car rotating through all four clean sides of the towel. Then grab another clean towel and repeat the process until the car is completely clean. Never wipe twice over the same area using the same towel.
ConsThe sprayer was faulty but otherwise I love this product.
By Daniel
September 16, 2017
I can't remember the last time I was this impressed.
I've been detaining cars for 25 years and this is the first product that I've added to my arsenal in a long time. For a daily driver where you're not so concerned with perfectionist paint, this product essentially ends the need for a hose and a mitt. Really. Would I use it regularly on the Porsche in my garage? Probably not. But I don't think knthats what it's meant for, anyway.
ProsFast with a great result. Saves tons of water. Smells great. Adds some slickness to the paint.
ConsNone that I've found.
By Lynn Dyer
Santa Rosa
June 30, 2016
great stuff
Wonderful during drought
By Roderick
February 17, 2016
great product
I love this product very easy to use and the shine is great!!!
February 14, 2016
I live in Vegas, it is very dusty here but my car is still shiny after my first wash.
August 14, 2014
nothing to it but to do
By Eddie
Miami , Florida
June 2, 2014
It works
Easy to use, it gives a shine just as promised
By Mike
April 10, 2014
Amazing! Awesome! Perfect
Love this amazing product! It is so convenient to use when there is some bird "droppings" on my vehicle.. Just simply spray on and wipe off. I've used it a few times after a car wash just to remove some dust, splatter, and etc that I may have actually ran to the car wash to wash my car.
ProsEasy to use Leaves a great shine Smells good
By Steve
December 3, 2013
D.P. Waterless Wash
Recently picked up some D.P. W.W. to try. Washed the truck yesterday and just wanted to do a light cleaning today. After using it I'm impressed with the results. Truck feels just waxed and looks great. Glad I made the investment.
By Ed in arkansas
November 18, 2010
Oh man this stuff rules, i've used some other stuff but it had wax's in it and didn't like that. this stuff is just wash cleaner and goes on easy and comes off easy and cleans awesome. definitely need this in the garage, car whereever
By Jim Olson
December 24, 2009
A Must Have Product
For SUV or Mini-Vans. This works great on the tailgates of these vehicles! If you own a vehicle with a tailgate, you know that it gets much dirtier than others. I can apply DP WW to the tailgate between washes to keep our 07 Charcoal Gray Expedition looking great! Expedition looking fresh.
By Emile
December 8, 2008
Excellent cleaner
I have a couple of bottles of the DP Waterless Wash, and I have tried several other waterless wash products. This is easily the best one because it cleans extremely well, it buffs out streak-free (even under dual halogens!), and it is so easy to use. Price of entry for one bottle seems high, but this really is a quality product and the 1-gallon refills are a solid value.
By Carman
July 30, 2007
Worked well and was slick enough with minimal effort. Much better than DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Classic whick required too much effort ans special sprayer. The included sprayer does is fine job with a very fine mist.
By Ong~Bak
July 2, 2007
Car Wash in a Bottle
I use this all the time to wash my car, easily 5 washes per bottle. Cleans and leaves no scratches! I live in an apartment and got tired of going to the car wash and spending 8-10 dollars washing and watching the time run out as I washed then adding more dollars to rinse, now I don`t have to, I just pull in my Dads garage start washing with DP Waterless Auto Wash, 15min later I have a Coke and a Smile !
By Wolfpacker92
May 27, 2007
Great product that is perfect for door jambs. Also perfect when I finish the car and put everything away and inevitably see a small spot I missed. This makes the car perfect again.
By Bambo2888
April 26, 2007
Best car wash out there. The suds are amazing and the price is just right! The only alternative I considered was Pinnacle's Shampoo, but it was twice the price! Very good deal with the DP, especially with the 128oz.
By budman3
April 23, 2007
Waterless Wash
A decent waterless wash. Could use some lubricity/slickness but it will clean paint safely.

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