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By Marc
Lebanon, OH
November 28, 2019
Really enjoying this as a Rinseless Wash. 1 oz to 3 gallons of water. Just washed my car, its 37 degrees outside on Thanksgiving. Does a really good job and takes such little time. Prefect for in between washes or quick spruse up. It rained the other day and my car was pretty dirty. Did a very good and quick job. It wont ever replace a traditional wash for me but really enjoy it when I dont have time to break out the hose and car is too dirty for quick detailer or waterless wash. I havent figured out how to do the rims yet, but will get there sometime
ProsIn expensive Time saver Easy to use
ConsDoesnt clean as great as a traditional wash but very close
By Randy
Bethel, OH
Used it the sameday
May 16, 2019
UPS drop off my box with my ultima waterless wash plus concentrate and i was already to use it. I had a spray bottle and measured 2ozs of the juice into my bottle. (Already had 20ozs of distilled water in bottle) i had already wash my car earlier in the day so i started spraying it on my roof. I must admit i put it on heavy. I did the roof, all the glass, then the front hood, truck lid, then i went around the entire car. Finished up with the wheels and even the tires. Like i said i was putting it on heavy, i used almost all 22ozs! Also must admit, it took almost an hour, being my first time i was using to much product and the first towel was soaked and i kept rewiping the new or next section because i was worried about a little over spray. Afterwards i remember there is no water spotting so i was worried about nothing. I get quicker next time and use less product!!!!
ProsIf its possible, its fun feeling the paint so slick!!
ConsCan think i know of any....
By MilfordJoe
Great Product
March 4, 2019
Great price. Quality product
ProsLeaves surface nice and smooth
By Frank
Oceanside Ca.
Fantastic product
October 12, 2018
I've been using this product on our new black Mercedes GLC300. It leaves a mirror like finish. It's very easy to use as long as the vehicle is not very dirty. At that point soap and water would be best. The concentrate liquid goes a long way when diluted with distilled water. Highly recommend it.
ProsNo film. Leaves a great shine.
ConsI would not recommend using it on a dirty vehicle.
By Justin H.
Broken Arrow, OK
Great Product!
August 17, 2018
I have been using this for years with exceptional results and will continue use for years to come. Well worthh the money and you get more than you pay for!
ProsDoes what it says. Leaves smooth glossy finish that lasts.
By Jeff P.
Marion, Illinois
Excellent rinseless wash
March 15, 2018
Worked very good washing my truck in the garage on a very cold day! Has good lubricity, I used it with the lake country blue sponge and microfiber towels.
ProsHigh lubricity. A little goes a long way.
By John
Product Works Great
March 11, 2018
Product works well on all surfaces including chrome, plastic as well as painted surfaces. Leaves a nice shine and doesn't scratch the surface. Also economical to use.
ProsLeaves a nice shine Economical to use Works well on multiple surfaces
By Val
Ultimately Impressed
January 6, 2018
Lets first agree that we all have found our go-to chemicals depending on our level of laziness/dedication/skill and money to spend on car care. That being said: I have been a fan of the ultima paint sealant for about 2 years now. I have no time or conditions to do nowhere near as much as I like to do to my cars. I have a young son who takes all the time I have and then some:) and most of the available resources. For that reason, ultima is the easiest and fastest car selant I found to apply two/three times a year and have at least some paint protection. Because of the ease of use and the great results acheived with the sealant I decided to try the waterless wash. Not surprisingly, the wash works great. I use it abit more concentrated than the sticker on the bottle says and it does work great. It dissolves the road grime and dust, affords immence lubricity and is perfect to use in the garage in the winter. Two 650ml spray bottles of diluted concentrate and bunch of microfiber towels equal a great looking clean BMW sedan in about 30 minutes. Considering that the temps outside are such that my water pipes froze - I can actually keep my car clean using my unheated attached garage to wash the vehicle! The car looks and feels clean and smooth and the wash compliments the Ultima sealant I applied 4 months ago. As I said above-Umtimately Impressed.
ProsEase of use, smell, shine, dirt disolving power, lubricity, encapsulation of dirt paticles/abrasives, enhancement of previously applied sealant,ability to use in a cold garage in the winter.
By Darin B.
Columbus, Ohio
Waterless wash
January 5, 2018
Great product! Gentle on clearcoat and paintjob. Just use it on a panel at a time. Highly suggest buying the sprayer to use the concentrated mix.
By Knozzmoeking
Kent, OH
Never thought I'd see the day
September 20, 2016
No more hoses for the majority of my detailing work. UWWW+ makes more sense than just about any other product I have used. Applies and removes quickly and with good lubricity. Smells great. Extremely cost conscious product.
ProsGreat smell 10 minutes to do an entire car
ConsNot a thing.
By Caesar
Amazing product
September 18, 2016
I been using pearl nano and ONR but I'm saying good bye to pearl this product is top notch plus it smell good
ProsBetter product then pearl nano
By Mike
Dayton, Oh
Great Product
August 18, 2016
Very happy, easy to use and great finish--better than dean's juice in my opinion
By Dre
Northern California
Great waterless wash
July 9, 2016
Greats waterless wash very highly concentrated when they say 1/2 oz to 22oz of water be exact used 3/4 of this with 33 oz of water and need to dilute was to much, highly reccomend, my go to waterless wash and rinseless wash
ProsHigh lubricity Nice gloss left over Nice smell not to overbearing Little goes along way 16 oz bottle makes many bottle or gallons of needed Great price for as much as you can make from 16oz bottle
ConsCan't drink it Don't know what to do with my other waterless washes and rinseless washes this one replaced all my others
By James
los angeles, ca
This has got to be one of the best technological advances in history
July 8, 2016
Great product, works as advertised and works great as a waterless wash system. With this product, I can wash my car safely using several techniques without leaving any scratches that a typical car wash will do I can gaurantee that. You can use this waterless concetrate as a two bucket system panel by panel, no worries about water marks or rushing the wash with two bucket system scratching up the car. Very happy I tried this product, my washes will be using this product going forward. BE sure you order a few buckets, drying towels, microfiber clothes, etc with this product you will forever change the method of car washing.
ProsWorks as advertised, tons of product in a small bottle, can use a dual bucket with your regular wash mitt or you can use the gary's method, very economical for the environment, can use the product anywhere opposed to going to to the car wash.
ConsNone that I can think of so far.
By Justin
Murphys, CA
This stuff!
June 29, 2016
Only waterless wash I will use on my vehicles and my customers vehicles. Also works perfectly with coatings because this waterless solution contains no additives, so it won't interfere with coating properties!
By Peter
Lake Placid FL
best rinseless wash. Way better cleaning than ONR
June 20, 2016
I have used both ONR washed, since 2007. Ultima is far better in cleaning, shine and resists dust, grime and bugs. Please try it, I think you will love it.
ProsReally cleans light colored cars and trucks. Great product.
ConsNo cons.
By Pedro
This product is Awesome!
April 13, 2016
Just used this on my wifes car(recently detailed) and my car (not detailed lately). Could not believe the shine and softness it left on both of the cars surface. This is my new go to QD, waterless wash, spray wash/wax, etc. LOL. This product really is awesome!!!
Central, CT
Fantastic Product!
November 26, 2015
This is one of the best products I've used in my 30+ years of auto detailing. I've used it as a waterless wash and quick detailer with fantastic results. Cleans great and leaves a very nice finish. It's so good as a QD I don't think I'll be buying a dedicated QD anytime soon.
ProsMulti purpose Easy to use Excellent value
By AnthonyGXP
London, Ky.
November 11, 2015
UWW+ Concentrate is by far the ABSOLUTE BEST! Waterless Wash I have used! From the SILKY SMOOTH SLICKNESS to the added GLOSS and PROTECTION, UWW+ is simply AMAZING and VERSATILE!
By Brian
Very versatile
June 8, 2015
I have used this to wash my car and as a detailed. It performed very well
ProsEasy to use, versatile, a little goes a long way
By Isma w.
Hagerstown Maryland
June 7, 2015
I have used other waterless wash products before and nothing else compares to the slickness and gloss of UWW. I will definitely purchase again !
ProsThe gloss, slickness, and the scent it smells like limes!
ConsNone that I can think of
By Jeff
Charlotte, NC
Excellent waterless product
May 28, 2015
I now use this for all my waterless washes. Safe, effective, and a great value. I'll be buying it by the gallon in the future.
By Randy P.
Apopka, Florida
Best price and quality!
February 18, 2015
This products does exactly what is expected of it. You spray/mist it on, wipe it off and what you are left with is a squeaky clean finish.
ProsDoes not streak. Does not leave a residue. Cleans windows and chrome. Is very affordable.
By Douglas
Spartanburg, SC
Simple and Amazing
November 28, 2014
Used this as a waterless wash and it worked amazingly. Simple mixing instructions and easy to use.
By Blown03
wilmington, DE
Best there is
November 9, 2014
Bar none the very best there is for Rinseless Wash's period ..........
Pros Its great at every task , super slick , pure pleasure to work with ...
By Mike
September 14, 2014
I put off trying a waterless wash but I finally pulled the trigger. This product cleans and shines my F150 and does not scratch. This product is a time saver and really makes my vehicles look awesome.
ProsEconomical and easy to use!
By Pepe
Miami, FL
Easy to use
August 20, 2014
As long as it doesn't have mud on it I think it works great.
By Ian
Omaha, NE
The best I've found so far
August 13, 2014
This Waterless Wash is a great value. It can make gallons and gallons of product, and provides a nice slick surface, too. It even smells good!
Pros- Smell (Pleasant and Fruity) - Great Lubricant (Works well for Clay) - Value for amount
Cons- None
By Marc's D.
West Virginia
Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate is the best Waterless Wash!!
July 11, 2014
Ultima Waterless Wash is the best Waterless Wash and the best value. Only 1/2 oz of product to a 22 oz bottle. The lime smell is also great. Utlima Waterless works great, even in the sun. . You can't go wrong with this product
ProsGreat value and Great lime smell!! Works great, even in the sun
By Jim
Augusta, Maine
Best Waterless Wash, Period!
May 31, 2014
This has become a staple in my detailing arsenal. Does an excellent job as a waterless wash and leaves a nice, slick surface with no marring. Also performs excellently as a rinseless wash. It's great for me because it's far less expensive than most waterless/rinseless washes, does a better job, and it saves me from buying unneeded products. A must-have for any detailer.
By john c.
May 16, 2014
i really like this product. Easy too use and leaves my car looking great with very little effort. Can get many uses from the 22oz to .5 oz of product. Very econ. Will see how it compares to the pinnacle ww with wax. A must buy.
By Michael
Fantastic Value
October 1, 2013
Just received this today and used it on the car and WOW. Works great. Last time I bought a waterless wash was with Chemical Guys ecosmart (30 bucks for 1 gallon that you can not dilute). Made about 6-8 spray bottles worth. This is 20 dollars and easily makes 32 bottles worth! Works just as well too. As I was using this I couldn't help but think this has to be one of the BEST deals I've come across. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
By Trophy S.
Trophy Auto Spa
July 8, 2013
Great stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Scjshaylen
Works Great!
April 25, 2013
I bought this about a year ago, and this is now what I reach for the most. I gave my brother a spray bottle and he asked for more! I primarily use this as a quick detailer, always leaves a nice finish. I will order this again.
By bzz
Very good
April 23, 2013
Very good waterless solution. If i have money, i will buy 128oz next time. And nice smell too!
By Dw
Nicee Product
March 31, 2013
I was on a mobile detail at customers house. Customers water faucet broke. Luckily I had this product with me. The truck was totally dirty but this product saved my behind and worked excellent. Full size truck hardly used any product Great Value !!!
By Jason
December 28, 2012
I use this to quick detail and it's awesome stuff. Great lubricity and leaves a nice streak free finish. In fact, I like this a bit more than ONR. My microfiber tends to want to stick with ONR, and that's not the case with Ultima.
By Myles
August 31, 2012
This may replace most of my other detailing sprays... You can't find a value like this anywhere else. And it gives really awesome results! I don't know why anyone would buy the pre-mixed bottle when this will give you 704 ounces of waterless wash for $21. I don't believe I'll ever run out of this stuff... but if I somehow did, I would definitely buy it again! Better start cleaning EVERYBODY's cars! This stuff leaves a really glossy and slick finish that matches the best detailing sprays I've used. And it seems to work well when cleaning off moderate grime as well. Although, for washing that kind of stuff I add a little more concentrate into the bottle to make sure it doesn't scratch.
By Topshine
June 26, 2012
I use to use Adams, boy what a rip off. Ultima is light years better and is fractions of the cost. It's nice to find so many top brands at Autogeek instead of one brand. Adams is so overprice yet none of their products are the best in category.
By Dennis
Ultima Waterless
May 5, 2012
Love this stuff. I use it all the time and only bucket wash my cars when caked with mud (seldom). It preserves the wax and gloss. Very easy and fast to use.
By Mike
Amazing as a rinselss wash !
March 10, 2012
When used as a rinseless wash this product is amazing. When used as a Waterless Wash this product is also amazing. I wish more products were just as effective as both rinseless and waterless. Products like ONR and DP make both products but they are seperate. And the rinseless products do not work well as spray and wipe products. For whatever reasons. Ultima found a way around that issue as there WW+ works incredible in both use's !!! 10 Stars !!!!!!!! and incredibly concentrated !
By Corey
The Best of the Best
November 18, 2011
I use this prduct more than any other in my war chest. After every joy ride my Sky gets her front de-bugged with this amazing product. It renders almost every QD obsolete as the amzing gloss and slickness it offers is accompanied by a level of safety nobody else matches.
By Twister
Ultima Waterless Wash
November 14, 2011
This is my favorite waterless/rinseless wash product. The polycharger in the solution really makes the paint feel slick after use and the solution itself is very slick feeling. Out of all the products I've used this is my favorite
By Pat B.
Awesome stuff
September 28, 2011
I just tried this stuff out today, it even gets dried bugs off of the grill and mirrors after a few seconds of soaking.... Couldnt be happier much better than some other products ive tried from another website
By JRivers
Great Value
September 7, 2011
Great results at a very reasonable price. FYI, this DOES NOT include the 22oz sprayer
By TJPark01
Best Waterless Wash
June 8, 2011
Best Waterless wash I've ever used. Smells great, has a higher dilution rate versus ONR. I bot this and a Kwazar Spray bottle and the amount of control you have with these two used in conjunction is unparalleled.
Most Used product
May 23, 2011
I use this product after every single time I drive my Sky to remove bugs off the front end. It's an incredible product. To see a full review: http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/product-reviews/29647-review-ultima-waterless-wash-plus.html
By Zliegen
Ultima Waterless wash
January 21, 2011
This product is amazing. It works tremendously well, and is extremely cheap. I use it as a waterless wash, clay lube, quick detailer, and to pre-soak very dirty panels before doing a rinseless wash with Optimum No Rinse. It excels in ALL of these applications and it is extremely slick!! It also has a 1:44 dilution ratio, giving you an incredible 5.5 Gallons of Waterless Wash for a very low price. I will never go without this product again.
By Robert P.
Ultima Waterless Wash
December 18, 2010
This is hands down the best waterless wash i have used,i was hooked on Adams and other brands till i tried ultima, great value,awesome cleaning ability,great gloss and very slick finish. i love this stuff..

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