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By John
Carthage, NC
awesome tool
April 28, 2021
I use mine for pet hair removal. Being able to control the water is great. The air with a little bit of moisture makes pet hair removal easier! With the air and a little more moisture works good for interior cleaning.
By Richard
Cumming, Georgia
Glad to have
January 28, 2021
Im so glad I added this to my detailing arsenal. I was concerned about dirt and cleaning solution traveling in environment cleansed but have found using a big microfiber towel over the end restricts debris from traveling abroad in area cleaned. I used a Mytee II steam cleaner on my stairs and worked will with agitation but Tornador mad the difference in restoring stairs to brand new. One of the top 5 detailing tools I have purchased from AG over the years. Also used to clean my granddaughters while tennis shoes she had red hair color. Completely removed hair color with water and Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner.
ProsVersatility Effectiveness Value
Consneed good compressor
By Steve
New Holland, PA
Super tool
October 4, 2019
The Tornador Black is a must-have for interior cleaning. Add the cone with bristles for cleaning cupholders, vents, and other hard-to-reach areas. Nearly every part on these tools is replaceble so don't let the price scare you. I have several which I use every day and they can last for years.
By Carlos R.
San Jose, CA
weird. but it works, let me tell you how...
April 10, 2019
it was actually my GF who found this product on youtube. most things she sends me i figure are weird snake oil products. but this looked interesting. even for me , just a guy who likes to clean his car on the weekends. My first thought though, HOW DOES IT WORK, EXACTLY?!?!?! and the manufacturer videos dont really tell you clearly/exactly. now that i have used it. i know what its doing. its literally blowing the dirt out of the carpet. the dirt gets blown both out and some sucked into the cone. i was cleaning a carpet on a 97 accord (never cleaned before). i was in my garage, barefoot sitting on one of those rolling seats. as i was blowing with water/cleaner on and somewhat blowing sideways aiming the air towards my left leg. the water and cleaner was blowing all over my legs ( because i was aiming it that way). i wasnt paying it too much attention. i could feel my leg being hit with particles. about a minute later, my leg was covered in wet dirt. gross. but im glad i saw that. so i could actually see the amount of dirt coming out. and there was even more dirt getting blown to the sides of my chicken leg that i couldnt see. some dirt swirls into the cone as well. so you want a bucket with 5 inches of water or so. and every minute or so put the cone in the water and pull the trigger like 4 to 5 times quickly to clean it out.i also do a quick rub with my finger to make sure the inside of the cone is clean. i used meguairs d101 diluted 10 to 1. it worked pretty well on carpets. now, which compressor??? i emailed the company, but they basically said, 5scfm at 90psi, like it says in the manual. i was like geeze, thanks. they dont even mention oil lubed or not. but after talking to my local freight saleperson he schooled me on the difference. and basically said go oil free since oil gets into the line and we are using this to blow into carpets..... so..... that would be bad. i was brand new to compressors. and my first reaction was to go to the local freight store that has cheap tools. but sadly they either had models that were "oil lubed", or were only 4.1 scfm at 90psi. i also wasnt sure how large it needed to be. some reviews say you can get buy with a small 4 gallon, but that it will constantly run and you will have down time to let it get back to 90psi. i ended up with a husky c303h. its a 30 gallon. sounds crazy, but even this had to kick on when cleaning just 2 front car carpets. it can handle 175psi internally. so you do get a lot of usage before it drops down enough to have to refill. someone of the youtube vids said it was a great model for the price. it has a nice knob to make sure that only 90psi is exiting to the hoses. though the z-20 comes with a regulator at the handle which is nice. comparable dewalts are 2x as expensive. there was a 15 gallon dewalt at my local hardware store but it was like 30% more then the 30 gallon husky. after that, you just need a couple of fittings, some thread sealant tape and a hose which all can be purchased from your local freight store for $40 or less depending on the hose length. i also picked up one of those duster handles since i have a compressor now. might as well. i added a photo of before and after. the before photo was taken after i started a few passes along the bottom (below the honda sign). so thats why some of it looks clean already. the after photo was about 10 minutes of blowing wet then dry, and then wiping with a microfiber towel. next time i will add a step of brushing out dirt with a brush as well. this was my first attempt. i should get faster and better with this tool.
Prosdoes the job well
Consloud, the gun is pretty loud (but not as loud as compressor) loud - you need a compressor which is louder then the gun when its kicking on. blows dirt, so do it outside and aim away from yourself you need a compressor and accessories to use it.
By Joe
Amazing if you can get one
January 27, 2019
Product seems to never be available when a promotion code (joy25) is advertise. Been trying to buy this gun for a while now. I have 3 in my shop and they truly are amazing. Just wished I could get another with the 25% off
ProsWorks amazing
ConsNever available when promotion code is advertised
By Fast F.
Lawrence, Ma
September 16, 2018
Amazing tool fast and professional quality work done to every thing you touch with the Tornador see our work @ #ZombieSquaDetails
By Luis
Cleaning gun
September 1, 2018
The tornador is a must have for any person who likes details their car.
Cons pressure regulator.
By Mike
Decatur illinois
Tornado black
July 11, 2018
Worked well with cleaning areas between the center console and seats since they are hard to reach . Used to clean very soiled area on a carpet floor mat was impressed with results . Cleaned engine compartment well also . I used meguiars all purpose cleaner and diluted it with water. Just purchased McKee’s 37 all purpose cleaner and going to try it in the gun . Oh yah door jams worked great there because if you can’t get hands in there with rag you just turn the knob to air and dry/blow the loose debri . Happy so far hope the gun holds up .
By Brendan
May 9, 2018
This is my secret weapon. It makes so many aspects of detailing much faster. It has shaved off about 40-60% of my time detailing when paired with the right compressor. It's a must have. Highly recommend.
By Dan
Johnstown, PA
Tornador Black
March 9, 2018
Preforms as advertised very well built and easy to use
ProsCut cleaning time down greatly.
By gordon
south dakota
Works great for most things
July 22, 2017
I bought the starter kit and i really like the tool. Works great on vents, seats and cracks/crevices that you would have to spend alot of time on. Can get a bit messy if you use it on carpets. I would not recommend it since the already vacuumed carpet can still blow embedded rocks all over the place. I use mine where i find a steam cleaner or carpet extractor to be ineffective. Remember this is not an all in one tool!
ProsGreat on vents, cracks/crevices and seats.
ConsCan be messy, need a good air compressor with the right cfm or it can be sub-par for cleaning, replacement parts can be expensive.
By Clay
Atlanta, Georgia
Great tool, but not supernatural.
October 27, 2016
Judging from some of the reviews I've read online, I thought I could point the tornador at my car like a magic wand and it would suddenly be clean. It works great on wheels and tires. Combined with Sonax wheel cleaner it makes cleaning heavily soiled wheels a breeze. It also works great with just water to clean wheels in between full washes. Since I have a 50' air hose from the garage, I've even used it to clean carpet stains inside the house. It's an expensive but versatile tool.
By Henrique
Tornador works great, but got ripped off on the price and free bonus
February 26, 2016
Tornador black works great, but I paid 199.99 for mine and I got one micro fiber towel, not 3. And now it's for 159.99. Not happy about that at all.
By Lara
Kansas city
Quite an incredible little machine!
April 12, 2015
Definitely worth the money and super easy to use. I'm enjoying finding new surfaces to try it out on and blowing clients minds with the results! Just make sure you have a large enough air compressor to keep up with the psi demand
By Steve
Iowa City, IA
January 5, 2015
ConsDoesn't appear to remove as much dirt and grime as it claims.
By Mac
Sharpest knife in the kitchen
July 6, 2014
I manage a detail shop and this little baby has made out detail jobs better and faster all at the same time.worth every penny.
The REAL Deal!!!
May 9, 2014
The Tornador Black is an amazing must have tool for anyone that is serious about detailing a car. This will boost your confidence when it comes to those filthy vehicles. This tool is so versatile and easy to use. I love it!!!!
ProsEasy to use. Versatile, cleans extremely well, can use air without spraying solution to dry surfaces,
ConsThis thing sucks the air out of Texas! Make sure you have an air compressor that can support it or you will be disappointed. It is next to impossible to sit this thing down with the hose connected unless you sit it on the edge of something. Not enough of a problem to turn me away from this baby. It only comes with one canisters for your solution, and with the tool being so useful in multiple areas I would recommend purchasing at least 2 more canisters(with tops) so that you don't have to stop everything to rinse your single canister out before you can go on to the next thing. These are more like suggestions than "cons".... im sure you will love this product!!
By Greg
Quick & Easy Carpet Cleaning Tool
August 10, 2013
I love my new Tornador Black Cleaning Tool. It cleaned my trashed out carpet in my old Scion with ease. I didn't have to use much cleaner. It left my fabric dry to the touch. I highly recommend this tool for professional detainers as it will drastically speed up interior cleaning.
By Greg
Awesome cleaning tool!
April 23, 2013
My interior carpet was really trashed after 4 years of not doing much but vacuuming. I used the Tornador Black cleaning tool and was instantly impressed with how fast it cleaned. It was really easy to use too.
By Dw
Tornador Black "wow"
April 2, 2013
Makes detailing fun again. This item blasts brake dust and grime like no other
By Brian O.
Tornador Black
March 11, 2012
Just purchased the Tornador Black to detail the wife's car prior to trade-in as well as maintain the new Pilot and my own car. This thing rocks! Don't hesitate to pick one up as it works as advertised. The only drawback is that it gulps air. I rented a compressor that ran 7CFMs at 90 PSI, but had to stop to build pressure up again before continuing. I found a local retailer who sells barely used Quincy compressors and will be picking up an 80 gallon 5 HP vertical compressor that will no doubt feed the beast! If you have a powerful compressor the Tornador Black will make your detailing effortless.
By Classic D.
T - black
December 17, 2011
Give this tool to your slowest, dumbest, lazyest, hates his job detaller and turn him into a superstar. That is if he does not steal it and start his own business. This tool is a horse on the interior. Just get a facemask or dont breath for 6 minutes, that's about all the time you spend on all the pannels of a sedan.

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