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By Master F.
January 8, 2020
I am HOOKED on Klasse products. I LOVE the All In One and the High Gloss Sealant. I am now on my 300th coat of High Gloss Sealant and my THIRD bottle of Sonus Acrylic Glanz on one of my cars! I am here to tell you, this combo is absolutely breathtaking! I apply the sealant and use the Sonus to remove the residual haze. Sandwiched in between, Sonus helps to create a deep deep deep gloss making the areas I apply it to absolutely stunning! This product is SUPER right after a regular hand wash to boost the brilliance. I have never seen anything like this combo. If you want to see yourself in a DEEP reflection on your car...first, get Klasse All-In-One and Klasse High Gloss Sealant - then add Sonus Acrylic Glanz. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Now this isn't gonna work if you haven't detailed you car in many years and only wash the vehicle when visibility becomes limited. Of course, you will have to clean the paint first. One or two coats of anything will not show the potential of the product. You gotta use it faithfully and the more layers of the sealant you add and buff with Sonus - the difference will become crystal clear! Sonus Acrylic Glanz actually forces the Klasse High Gloss Sealant 'behave' making it easier to apply and easier to buff out. Remember, the key is multiple coats of everything - yes, get wild and crazy like me throwing all caution to the wind and using the entire bottle (not all at once) - you can always buy more! So throw away the measuring cup and eye-dropper - use your own judgement. You can get MANY applications from one bottle. I think I am on my 6th or 7th by now. I use this combo on all of my collection making them look like a million bucks! This product, like all detailing products take getting use to. I am sure you will find a combo equally as satisfying but Klasse and Sonus go hand-in-hand!! Forget the price - the quality will remain long after the price has been forgotten - to coin a phrase by Rolls-Royce. Sonus products are...absolutely priceless!!!!
ProsSonus Acrylic Glanz has one of the nicest scents around! I love the way the garage smells when I use it. It makes the surface as slick as glass and shiny beyond belief. It's easy to use, completely hassle-free. For a 'shocking' shine - try this, you won't be sorry...but then, yes you will be sorry - that you hadn't found this incredible product before now!
Cons***CAUTION - this product combined with Klasse All-In-One and Klasse High Gloss sealant may become habit forming! Repeated use of this product will cause an extremely high addiction which there are currently no support groups available - because, if there's a cure for this...I don't want it! Neither will you!
By David
Fort McCoy, Florida
April 8, 2018
Nearly three decades (tried other products then back to Klasse), being a major proponent for Klasse acrylic car finishes (acrylic polymers from plexiglass using water base for VOC), using All In One for preliminary coats (or if vehicle gets excessively dirty and not 'waxed' in months) with Klasse Super Gloss Finish.. (new car came with little shine and NO water beading from sitting 10-months on dealer lot= applied TWO coats of Klasse AIO, and so far THREE coats of Klasse Super Gloss, working on 12 coats),,, applied TWO coats so far with SONUS Glanz which has SAME ACRYLIC polymers that Klasse uses (made from Klasse per email) which makes this product a Natural is using Klasse for your ride.
ProsReally DURABLE car finish that shines to boot, and when LOVE BUGS (Florida thing) are out, plain water and scrub pad washes off (if you don't their dead bodies will EAT your paint finish and even birds don't eat them). Soap= not needed. Washing with hose and plain water, wheels light rub with rag (wheels have Klasse) and dirt n bugs n bird whatever wash right off. You get six coats of Klasse on car, then once per year is ALL that's needed, it really DOES LAST A YEAR
ConsNOT in sunlight or on HOT car surface, (not more than once anyway), as it becomes EFFORT to remove,, when applied too heavy use Sonus Spritz product on MF cloth to remove easily,, OR lot of elbow grease,,, not worst con,, just way it is trade off. Last 1/4 of most bottles bought end up given to friend or someone on challenge,, not really a con but does cost money.
By RWC32
Chicago Area
KSG Finish Restored
August 27, 2017
I used this item for the first time on a 2017 Silver Acura RDX that had one application of klasse AIO and 2 coats of Glaze. These applications are 3 weeks old and had 3 weekly car washes. After a quick wash, I used Sonus Acrylic Glanz Spray. I can't say that I was overly impressed with the WOW factor (Silver Car) however, I could tell that it DID restore the finish back close to what it was when I applied the second coat of KSG. That being said, I think this product will extend the life of KSG applications as stated. The product is clear and really does not haze much, if any. It is dry in approx 10 seconds. Hard to see where you've done your work but not a real big deal.
ProsGoes on easy, comes off easy. Restores the slickness as if KSG was just applied.
ConsHard to see where you put the product down.
By Charles
Great for all things metal
May 22, 2017
Super easy to use, as easy as the 'quick detail' type sprays, but it is a really long lasting sealant. I use it on everything all the time. Cannot recommend it high enough, get some!
ProsEasiest application i have every experienced for the level of protection it provides. Gives great shine to most anything metal.
By Vinny
Works great.
October 3, 2016
Goes on & comes off real easy. Great shine plus it lasts. I really like this stuff.
By mk
Bear, DE
Great product
December 24, 2015
I used this product with Klasse AIO and worked great! I think it makes sense to use this with the AIO because it is pretty much the same stuff (Acrylic). Use a little and buff it off with dry towels. I used a large bath towel for my Mini cooper. When I ordered this item along with Klasse products, this item was out of stock but Auto Geek sent this item to me separately by 2-day air with no extra charge. What a customer service!! Thanks Auto Geek!!
ProsWorks great with Klasse AIO. Easy application and Easy removal. Great shine!
By Peter P.
Lake Placid, Florida
This is the only product to use after using any Klasse product
June 21, 2015
This product is designed to be used with either Klasse products. It does increase the shine. I have used other products like this after Klasse products and they did not work nearly as well. I recommend this product with Klasse line. You will not need any other products.
By '72 S.
September 7, 2012
I like sealants on light colored cars. I agree with Brian's review; Sonus Acrylic Glanz over Klasse AIO, is an impressive combo. Just did this process today on my white car, pulled it out in the sun, and the "POP" it gave the paint nearly blinded me.
By Brian
Like it!
May 26, 2011
I use this to extend the life of my Klasse All-in-One applications. It's very fast and easy to apply and makes the paint shiny and slick. From my experience, the information and description on this website is accurate.
By Bart
February 28, 2011
you can use this stuff anyway you want it works great, if your car is not just plain filthy, just hose it off, wipe it dry, use this spray just like a quick detail spray, works great

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