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By Bill
Hot Springs Village, AR
February 11, 2020
Only used once
Bought this product after being highly recommended during a chat session with one the Autogeek chat reps. I just bought a new 2020 GM with the black painted wheels. I have never had this type of wheel before buying this truck. After using Sonax the first time, I was a little disappointed in the overall results obtained. These black wheels appeared to have some sort of film left after the final rinsing. I also used one of the recommended brushes to assist in the cleaning process by slightly agitating as suggested. The jury is still out for me on this product. It is a bit pricey,
By Todd
, Treasure Coast of Florida
February 5, 2020
Superior Wheel cleaner
All of the wheel cleaners work well. The SONAX WHEEL CLEANER PLUS is a step above. The products turns to a deep red/purplish color to let you know that it is doing it's job. Not a gimmick...I depend upon it while I'm busy working on parts of the vehicle. Just be careful when spraying it on the wheels, don't let it splash back near your face. Use with adult supervision.
By Codie
Clearwater Florida
February 4, 2020
The Best
I love Sonax. This stuff gets the job done and is extremely user friendly. It's expensive but there is a good reason.
ProsIt works
By Edwin
Doral, FL
December 18, 2019
Excellent product
great for cleaning neglected wheels, didn't notice any difference between regular and plus
By Robert
Apex, NC
September 30, 2019
Amazing Results - Very Unexpected
I have a '90 BMW 325is with weathered rims and a 1999 Porsche 911 with beautiful rims. Both sets are a pain to detail and I have tried more products than I care to remember. Most of them gave me the same level of results. This product was very different. I was very surprised by the amount of disc brake dust this product removed! With old BMW basketweave BBS rims, it's nearly impossible to get the dust out of the nooks & crannies! And with the Porsche BBS rims, there are bolts around the 3-piece alloys that always capture the dust and it bakes on during the summer. This Sonax product got rid of the dust in all of those annoying areas with very little effort on my part.
ProsExtremely good at getting baked on dust out of the corners and hard to reach places. Turns purple when it's working. Smells good. No acid. A little goes a long way.
ConsIt's expensive for a product that I'll use every week or more.
By francis
lowell, mass
June 27, 2019
excellent prod.
If it can clean my dirty aluminum wheels and not scrub until the cows come home I am a happy man. Great product !
By Josh
April 4, 2019
Great on rims
I've used this product for years. It always has done a great job. Tough cleaner yet safe on rim finishes. Add a good brush.......most issues ate scrubbed clean.
By Mike
Central Florida
January 30, 2019
The best
Cleans better than most. Justifies the high cost.
ProsSpeed of application, does not damage wheel surfaces.
By Shlbygt
April 30, 2018
Great Stuff
I've been using Sonax wheel cleaner for a few years now. I initially purchased it to clean some neglected track wheels. It worked well, getting everything but the hardest "chunks" of baked on pad material. Not even a plastic scraper would get those off. Now it is used on all of my vehicles and I recommend it to anyone with nice wheels.
ProsEasy to use and it works well.
By Andre
Sumter, SC
January 20, 2018
Great wheel cleaner! worked on brake dust with little effort.
By Bill
December 22, 2017
sonax wheel cleaner plus
I've tried several supposed quality wheel cleaners in the past. Nothing compares to sonax plus in my book. Simply the best!
Prosworks fast, penetrates heavy brake dust exceptionally well
By Car Enthusiast
Los Angeles, California
October 30, 2016
Headline should state that Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus is the IMPROVED version of Sonax Full Effect
Cleaning power of Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus works like a charm on 80 percent of road grime and brake dust. It removes the black barnacle-like deposits left on the wheel without scrubbing. Scrubbing is required for the tougher black deposits.
ProsBy far more powerful than anything at the Auto parts stores. Make sure you purchase the PLUS version of Sonax. The Full Effect version is not as potent.
By Robert Z
Naples, FL
September 28, 2016
Removing brake dust is a breeze.
Autogeek staff recommended and they spot on.
By Phil
Kansas City
July 27, 2016
Best Wheel cleaner I've found
I have a BMW Z4 and have been convinced that BMW's brake technology is to produce so much brake dust that the wheels can't turn. ;o) All joking aside, I've tried several different brands of wheel cleaners and the Sonax was the best by far. It gets back into the barrel and eliminates all of the dust very effectively. It was very easy to apply and required minimal brushing. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures for this post.
ProsEffectiveness/ Ease
By 1970 R/T SE
Auburn, WA.
July 9, 2016
Awesome wheel cleaner
I have attempted many wheel cleaners to where I just don't use them. The spoke wheels on a SRT Challenger are tough to get you hands in there. I tried the Sonax wheel cleaner plus and love it. Cleans very well with minimum scrubbing. I was really scared to try it on our 2 piece polished billet wheels (non coated). I've used the 'safe for aluminum' cleaner and spent 2 hours a wheel polishing the white etching it left, so I tired it. No damage at all. I don't spray it on a dry wheel, I am nervous about that. It cleans the rotors, calipers, wheels wonderful. I even spry it on the sway bars, springs, and shocks so you get that nice clean red paint to show again. There might be something better but I needs to be proven before I change. Great product.
By Scott
United States
April 17, 2015
Dont waste your time or $$ with any other wheel cleaner
The wheels of my10 yr old Audi A8 were in good condition but clearly stained. One use of Sonax and they look like brand new. I couldn't believe the result....or how fast and easy it worked!! No scrubbing or rubbing, just spray, wait and rinse!!!! Wish i had before/after shots to show--too late now
Proseasy to use works
Consnot an inexpensive product--but worth it
By Albert
Melbourne, FL
April 6, 2015
Expected a little more, but overall good
So I tried this product for the first time and my overall impression is OK. This product works, but doesn't completely take off all debris even after agitating. It takes about 50-60% of the debris. The rest I have to hand wash. In my opinion, its not worth the price. I probably wouldn't buy this again.
ProsWorks, slightly
ConsExpensive for what it actually does
January 6, 2015
Cleans well, not worth the price
I used the cleaner once and it worked ok, it did get the wheels clean, but it didn't get everything off like it said it would. I wouldn't buy again, too costly and other products do just as well.
By Steve
SW Florida
September 16, 2014
Better than regular...
But I don't know if it's worth the premium price. I tried it vs standard SONAX wheel cleaner on opposing wheels a couple times, the first time I did no scrubbing, there was a marked difference, but neither one was good enough. Then following week I tried it in the brushless carwash, again, the PLUS side was better, but still not great. Finally I hand washed and used my brushes, both sides were identical, I probably used a little less of the PLUS just because of the sprayers, but I didn't measure.
ProsUsual SONAX quality, works marginally better than the standard if you're in a hurry.
By Jack Bray
Camden Tn
June 18, 2014
Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus
I tried this for the first time and man it really worked good I really liked it I think I will stay with this if you can give me A good price 0n like 6 bottles, give me A good price THANK YOU?

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