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By Richard
Rockingham , Nc
August 1, 2020
Good stuff. After testing all kinds of brands, this came up on top.
ProsEase of use
By Vasilios
babylon, NY
gotta love sonax products
January 1, 2020
easy to apply a little goes a long way I use a foam pad to spread easy to wipe off
Proseasy to apply
Conswould like a non aerosol
By Eric
Will not be dissapointed!!!
October 1, 2019
Sonax pns will last and protect vehicle from elements, gets job done
By Tom A.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Another winner from Sonax
August 25, 2018
I have been an Autogeek and Marine31 customer for years and really appreciate their efforts to bring along products that one would most likely never hear about, let alone try. Sonax has a great line of products and the spray polymer is my latest encounter. It goes on so evenly with a high quality spray delivery. The directions for usage are brief and simple, yet accurate. My classic red '08 MX-5 has the deepest color and best non streaky look ever. I plan to introduce this to my 1999 Sea Ray Sundancer 380 which should improve an already high gloss gelcoat finish. Thank you Sonax
Herriman, Utah
Awesome product. 6 months of real world protection
July 27, 2018
Super easy to application and removal. Crazy ceramic coating level water behavior. Real protection that last through desert summers and real winters with lots of snow and ice. Can be applied to any surface on the vehicle and I use it everywhere.
ProsWATER BEHAVIOR Ease of application and removal Long lasting protection Tremendous gloss
By Evan J.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Looking for Deep Shine and Amazing Gloss? Check out Polymer Netshield
May 10, 2018
In the times where coatings rule the market but time may not be on your side Sonax Polymer Netshield is one step below your coatings. With PNS you will be receiving 8-12 months of protection on not only your paint but trim and wheels as well. This product is very easy to apply but there is a learning curve to have great success with PNS. You will need two or three towels depending on your preference. What I have found that works best for me was to spray some PNS directly onto towel one and a small spray onto my working area about 4'x4' or a small panel such as a front fender. Spread the product over the area with towel 1 in either air flow direction or a crosshatch to ensure even coverage. At this point you will see some streaking but that's ok. Next take towel 2 and go over the same area again to level or remove these streaks. There is no need to wait from step one to step 2. Finally, if you would like you can follow up with a third towel if you find that you have some streaking leftover. You can use the above method on wheels as well just ensure you have removed all standing water prior to application. With PNS on wheels it will make your next wash much easier on removing brake dust and road grime. You can top PNS with itself after each wash or use Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer to maintain PNS. If you're to ready to make the step up to coatings or your looking for an easy application yet tough on protection then Sonax Polymer Netshield is a must have for you vehicle.
ProsEase of application Value Protection length Can be topped with itself or Brilliant Shine Detailer 1 can will give you about 4-6 mid size cars Shine and gloss Product support from manufacturer
ConsCan be tricky to apply in the sun. Best to apply in the shade
August 1, 2017
I applied 2 coats of PNS to Nissan 370S in Super Black. Over subsequent two weeks I had also applied at least 3 layers of Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer. Great shine, BUT, left work on a hot day, and in the 4 hours since lunch a large bird bomb had landed on the hood. I carry Uber Rinseless Wash in the car and quickly applied it to get the bomb off, but it had already etched through the sealant layers - had to polish to get it off - not happy. I've discarded the PNS and have gone back to 2 coats of Jet Seal, followed by alternating layers of Opti-Seal and various hard waxes (Nattys Red, DodoJuice Blue Velvet, ChemGuys 3x Hardcore wax. Have had many bombs since, and none have made it through the protection. Hard to consider using a coating as "repair" for bird bomb etching would require polishing and reapplication.
ProsEasy to apply and quick curring.
ConsEven two coats did not protect from large bird bomb on hot day, even though removed within 4 hours.
By Rich
Northern NJ
Next generation product
April 15, 2017
Truly amazing, unlike anything I've worked with before. Takes a little elbow grease, but once you learn how to work with it it's not so hard to apply. Everyone talks about the water beading but honestly I was more impressed with the wet-look and depth added to a metallic gray paint. The beading and protection seals the deal.
By Machine
South Florida
This Stuff Is Great
June 28, 2016
Talk about E A S Y ... I use this on a 2010 Mazda CX-7 (deep red). I hadn't waxed it in a while. Even if I had, it never looks as good as the 1/2 day after detailing it. This time, I washed the car (Chemical Guys) pulled it into the garage, wiped down the excess water, sprayed on and wiped off the Sonax... DONE. The car lives outside. Looks great. When it starts to look like it's time for another wash, (this time of year in So. FL), it usually rains .... AND THE CAR LOOKS GREAT AGAIN :-D Highly Recommended
ProsEasy, Fast, Big can can do a few cars for sure
ConsIt doesn't seem like you've worked hard enough? :-D
By rlmccarty2000
Fitz, GA
One of the Best
February 17, 2016
Works great if you follow a few simple directions. The key is to spray the applicator, not the paint. If you spray the paint it will spray on areas you do not want to apply the sealant to. Let the sealant cure for 12 hours before getting wet and you will have a sealant that will last over 6 months on a daily driver. The best sealant I have used.
ProsLasts Protects Cost
ConsApplication is not for rookies
Detroit area
Moves the wateer
February 4, 2016
Sheets water like crazy. Have only had on for a month and seems to be holding up well in winter weather.
By CDot
Charlotte, NC
Sonax PNS for the WIN
July 16, 2015
One of the "top-tier" products out there--this is a sealant has no equal when it comes to water beading/sheeting/chemical resistance/dirt-shedding. Unlike other LSP's, the paint feels "coated" instead of slick and was designed as a coating topper that can stand alone. The application is a bit tricky, you must use a flat foam applicator (I use a blue Hex-grip applicator) to apply in a 2'x2' area MAX, wipe off immediately, and I've found long-nap MF towels to work best for removal. The durability is 6 months on my vehicle with is outside 24/7 in the southeast US. Easy to refresh with SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer.
ProsWater beading/sheeting Dirt-shedding ability Chemically resistant Great durability
ConsApplication can be tricky
By Taylor
Naples, FL
December 25, 2014
I recently used PNS on my wife's Starfire Pearl Lexus after I washed, clayed, and DA polished it. Extremely easy to apply/remove. Spray it on a foam applicator- NOT on the paint. All the pro detailers tell you this. I have used several different last step products from AG over the years (2001-2014). However, with PNS the water simply sheets off the car. When I say sheets off- I mean it. Folks who have mentioned that it is difficult to apply and remove are either using too much product, spraying it directly on the car, or, they are not decontaminating their paint properly prior to applying PNS (wash, clay, machine polish). PNS gives the paint a hard-candy look. Bravo SONAX!
By aim4squirrels
DFW, texas
sheeting is exceptional, but it has some drawbacks.
December 14, 2014
Sonax Polymer Netshield releases water better than many coatings currently on the market. It also repels dirt better than any carnauba wax or sealant that I have ever used. The two main drawbacks are difficulty of application, and streaking on glass if wipers must be used. It is not an easy product to buff off the excess. This step cannot be avoided as the excess has to be buffed out, or the product will set streaky. Also, the product leaves smear marks on glass if you apply it to the windshield and use the wipers. The product does make the car look glossy, but I noticed no filling ability and the surface will be a bit grabby to the touch. If this product lasts the 6 months they claim, it's a worthy investment of time to apply due to water behavior and vehiclecleanliness, but I'd recommend something else for the windshield.
ProsGreat sheeting (it beads well too). Glossy. Keeps car very clean between washes.
ConsDifficult removal of excess product. Smears on windshield.
By Barry
Lancaster, PA
XLNT sealant
September 14, 2014
First tried it on my front and rear bumpers as a long term sealant...noticed the great gloss.. Used Sonax paint cleaner then the Polymer NS on my engine hood with excellent results. Awesome water repellent and long term protection & shine.
By Silverfox
western NY
Water and dirt is no match...
July 7, 2014
This is a super sealant with coating-like characteristics...once you apply it, your car stays cleaner (repels everything), washes and dries so much easier...and it has that carnuba wax look that seriously kills the myth about the "sealant look" that the waxoholics speak of so much.
ProsIncredible (without equal) water sheeting and dust/dirt repelling ability in a sealant. Carnuba wax look.
ConsTakes a bit of learning to apply it correctly.
By steve
Adena, Ohio
sonax polymer shield
May 17, 2014
great product. I wanted something that would last and just not look good for a couple of weeks. Awesome water sheeting which keeps the car cleaner after driving on wet roads. Great product with a carnauba worthy shine but more importantly keeps the car more clean than other products. Bugs came off front very easy with a wash, no special bug cleaner required.
Proswater sheeting, shine, ease of use.
By G_silv
Good stuff
May 11, 2014
Used this after Wolfgang total swirl remover buff. Applied 2 coats because it was so easy to apply. Then topped with p21s carnauba. So far so good with great beading . Will see how long it stands up
ProsEasy application. Great protection
By michael
five stars !
November 23, 2013
tremendous product. beading and sheeting is better than any other coating I have seen. Also has a really rich unique look to it. Normally i dont prefer the sealant look on my black car , but this look is very different than any other LSP I have used on this specific paint. It seems all the Sonax polymer product give this unique look like nothing else on the market. if I had to describe it it would be a really crisp looking rich glow. normally product that glow on black dont look crisp, but this does. hope that makes sense. For a taste of the look try the brilliant shine detail spray first.
By Jon
Fantastic Sealant
September 23, 2013
I finally put a coat on my car today. I will say this stuff is very easy to work with as long as you use it properly. The gloss looks great and I think i found a new sealant to use on my car for now one. I used it as a topper over my EXOv2 Here is my application video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbXppnnpu7c
By Marc W.
What a Product
September 22, 2013
I used this on a friend's Jetta last night after washing, claying, compounding with Menzerna FG400, and re-washing the car. The trick to this stuff is to work with it like an ordinary wax as opposed to a sealant. Work in a small section no more than 2.5'x2.5' and to buff it away right away. Also, apply it by hand with a good hand applicator pad rather than spraying the product directly onto the paint. If you do it right, this stuff is a breeze to apply and wipe away. It does a great job of deepening the color and dare I say, it even looks like it fills in some of the very stubborn imperfections that wouldn't completely polish out. Again, I have to say, this is some amazing stuff.
By Tom
Amazing Coating
June 10, 2013
Application/Removal is not like a wax or sealant I've ever used, however the results are unbelievable. In terms of shine, durability and water repellent this product is fantastic. I actually wasn't sure how to apply and remove the product as it doesn't really give you clear instructions on the can. I applied it sparingly in small sections (2x2 feet) at a time and removed it with a microfiber towel after maybe a minute or two. The surface will feel grippy, not smooth like a waxed surface. As I said before depth and shine are very very good and water beading is even better. Definitely give this product a shot you won't be disappointed.
By mcg
extremely durable coating !
March 9, 2013
First off let me say that I really dislike when a product is given a bad review because of user error or lack of technique. Part of this is due to the lack of information provided by Sonax on what exactly this product is and how to properly apply it. So this product was designed by Sonax as a topper for "glass" coatings or semi permanent coatings. The problem with the new coating technology is that they tend to get waterspots very easily due to the lack of oils in them (oil's help dissipate the minerals in standing water spots). So to counteract this, Sonax designed this coating topper. Before buying the product I was given a thorough explanation about what the product is, why it is on the market and how to apply it. So with this information in mind this product is basically a coating and should be treated as such when applying. You must do small areas at a time. Spray a foam applicator (NOT THE PAINT), and wipe it one evenly a section at a time (2x2' at most). Then immediately wipe it off. First with one towel to get the majority, then follow up lightly buffing with a dry towel. The reason I state this product should be treated like a coating is that it behaves like so. The product has a grabby type rubbery feeling upon wipeoff, similar to CQaurtz or Opti-coat. And you need to be sure to remove all traces of it for a seamless application. If it dries up on you, just reapply in the same area and start again. Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to only use what is needed to cover the section, which is a minimal amount. Overapplication will do nothing for you. If you feel the need to use a lot of product, apply it in 2 light coatings instead. I wouldnt have been so detailed in my explanation of how to apply if it wasnt for the above review. the reality is that this product is very easy to apply as long as you understand the process. the same could be said for all the new coatings. If people dont feel a slick , oily feeling on wipeoff they thing something is wrong and they apply more, which is not the correct way of applying. So onto the results and durability. Upon reading the description I'm pretty sure everyone thinks in their mind that this sounds and looks something similar to Gtechniq EXO. The reality is that this product is MUCH MORE durable to chemicals. I mean by a LOT. Theres quite a few reviews floating around detailing world that show how chemically resistant this product is to APC and the likes. EXO is easily removed with some of the lightest APC's. NOT so with Sonax. You are basically going to have to machine polish it to remove it before its life cycle is up. Sonax claims six months, but I would think on a garaged car it will last longer. Water beading and sheeting are out of this world. As good as EXO. Same with Gloss. Exo has a more slippery feel to it though. But that doesnt matter as both will easily repel water, oil and contaminants. Since this is a lot more durable over the claimed 6 month lifespan, as it far cheaper and easier to apply (can be applied in basically and temp range and the paint does not need to be completely chemically degreased) I would have to think this product is a much better buy. Most importantly is the fact that this is a dedicated product that will stop the water etching that is a big problem in new coatings. Something that is not spoke much about till after these coatings are applied. No longer do I have to rush and fear of water spots being left standing on the car if I get stuck in a rainstorm. In the past I have actually washed the car in the pouring rain in fear of water spots etching opti-coat.
Sonax Net shield
February 18, 2013
After paying almost $28 for this can of sealant I gave it a try. Washed and dried vehicle, followed directions and applied spray sealant. It left streaks all over my paint and the overspray went all over the vehicles glass. I have been using menzerna sealants applied by DA and will continue to do so. This spray sealant is way too expensive and gives minimal results

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