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By Brett
Cameron, NC
Brilliant shine
August 29, 2021
Like others have said, this is more of a spray sealant than a detailer. Goes on thick and you don't want to use too much. Don't use on hot surfaces and don't use too much. I love the beading action, or perhaps more precisely its ability to sheet water!
By Michael
Long Island, NY
Good as a stand alone, or a topper
August 4, 2021
I personally use this to top off Sonax Polymer Net Seal. Gives a nice shine and lasts a while. The product is very viscous. It can also be a little grabby and difficult to remove, resulting in discoloration or streaking if you don't have good lighting to double check your work. I do not use it as an on-the-go detailer, like something I would keep in my trunk. Like most Sonax products, a little goes a long way. The spray nozzle on my bottle I received seems to come out as more of a stream than a spray however, making the application a little more difficult than it needs to be. I have seen people say that they dilute the product, which is something I am considering.
ProsLasting protection and water repellency Nice deep shine
ConsVery viscous, not as easy to use as other detailers Comes out as a stream rather than a spray, making it difficult to spread product, but this could just be an issue with the sprayer I received.
By Howard
Another great Sonax product
December 13, 2020
Wipe it on sparingly after a wash a renew whatever lap is on the car. It has sealant properties which is a bonus. I use it after every fourth wash.
By Tom
Silicon Valley, CA
SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer
November 5, 2020
Such a versatile product Use this as a detailer on top of Sonax Polymer Net Shield for ultimate protection. A little goes a long way. Easy wipe off. Use it as a drying aid mixed 5:1
ProsMultiple uses A little goes a long ways
ConsDon't forget to shake it up Don't use it in the sun.
St. Louis, MO
September 7, 2020
After all the great reviews I had to give it a shot. Used it as a drying aid on a non prepped surface. While rinsing the next panel the beading on previous panel was immediate. Dont know about longevity at this point but I'll be back for more when this runs out.
By Masood
Flushing, NY
Want a detailer that acts like a paint sealant? Get this!
June 19, 2020
This is a detailer that acts like a paint sealant. It will last for few months and couple of washes. you don't need to even prep the paint like you have to for a sealant.
ProsThe price. The gloss The durability
ConsWon't make your paint slick, if thats what you like. I personally don't care if that paint is not slick. I'm not gonna be touching it a lot after washing it anyways.
By John S.
Marion, IA
Excellent quick detailer
April 22, 2020
When used over any coating, boosts gloss and shine along with protection! Very good lubricant in the product leaves a slick and hydrophobic surface...
ProsAs above
By Omar
Oxnard , CA
Best DS
March 30, 2020
This a little secret that my neighbor has even asked me what I use to give my car such a shine.
ProsThe best of the best my mvp
ConsNone trust me
By PugInOP
Overland Park, KS
Great Product
January 19, 2020
This stuff works amazingly well, and easily. Leaves a brilliant shine.
ProsApplies easily, quickly.
ConsDarker finishes may require a second coat for best shine.
By Todd
Port St. Lucie, Florida
BSD delivers more than expected
January 15, 2020
I purchased a bottle of Sonax BSD after hearing the accolades surrounding this German product. I have used several other detail sprays, but none have the consistency and longevity that BSD delivers. Many other reviews speak of the thickness of the product as a drawback. In actuality, BSD's formula allows the user to apply without worrying about adding micro-marring and swirls into the clear coat. I applied it to my wife's car after foam wash, clay, and fine prep polish. I am waiting (nearly two months now) for the BSD to begin breaking down and display signs of failure. BSD topped over Collinite 845 is a winning combination of products that yield results. Deutschland hat ein grossartiges produkt hervorgebracht.
ProsSimplicity of application, longevity, shine and durabilty
By David
Glen Ellyn , Illinois
Little tricky application but worth the effort
December 20, 2019
Very good product here, works great as a maintenance product for Sonax BSD. Although it's a detailer by name there is some type of sealant properties similar to BSD. Diluted down with distilled water will make it easier to work with and makes a buffed up drying aid/detail spray. Gives about a solid month of protection and restores BSD.
ProsSealant-like detailer, diluted 1:1 with distilled water not only makes it easier to work with but more cost effective, tops up BSD, great beading and protection properties
ConsTricky to work with, thick viscosity
By Eric
Sonax great value, bsd with pns will get done
October 1, 2019
Used sonax few years black e350 great product price, pns and refresh bsd weekly will get job done.... recently started using Wolfgang products what now use new vehicle cost little more but to me worth investment.... still use sonax bsd intermittently when forecast couple days intense rain beading insane, but appreciate shine and depth Wolfgang products regular detail
By Howard
The Mercedes Benz of detail sprays
June 22, 2019
Comes out viscous but oh, what a shine!
By Klasse A.
Elk Grove Village Illinois
Mixed it with Beadmaker...WOW!
February 2, 2019
So after watching Forensic Detailing out of the UK he reviewed and compared several products, this was one of them and he was blown away by its beading! I mean this is a "quick detailer" but to me it seems so much more than that. I did a 1:1 ratio of BSD and Beadmaker and applied it 2x's about 2 weeks ago. A week went by and the temps and snow came so no wash, then the polar vortex hit this week, no wash. Today (2/2/19) I was able to wash the car and during the rinse of my pre-wash this combo was BEADING strong, didn't matter what was ontop of it, the salt and muck didn't affect this dynamic duo! I have a new favorite!
Pros-So much more than a quick detailer -Quality product inside -HIGH QUALITY bottle and sprayer -German made!
By Fred
Houston Tx
Easy shine
November 4, 2018
I would recommend this product for easy upkeep
Herriman, Utah
Buy this. Don’t think about it. Just buy.
July 27, 2018
Love this product, it is a pleasure to use. Easy on and off no streaks. Versital, can be used as a drying aid or on a dry panel. Can be applied to every surface of the vehicle. SMELLS AMAZING which just enhances the user experience. The protection is provides last weeks versus days like normal detail sprays. Much more like a spray sealant than a detailer. CRAZY water behavior like a ceramic coating even on glass. Just amazing.
ProsSMELL WATER BEHAVIOR Real Protection that last Can be applied to any surface Versatility
ConsNone that I have found
Easley, SC
Brilliant shine vs Megs xpress
June 17, 2018
I have been using Megs Xpress with great satisfaction but wanted to see the difference in silicone and polymer detailer. As many suggest, I primarily sprayed product on a mf towel to avoid over spray. Wipe a complete panel then remove with second mf. First impression was nice shine but not very slick. However, after completing car went over with fresh mf and was surprised with slickness. Depth of shine is great, much like a paste wax shine as opposed to the high gloss "plastic " look of Xpress detailer. Look forward to seeing hydrophobic qualities and longevity. Very pleased so far.
By Mkt
Yeah right, Detailer..
January 18, 2018
Insane water beading, great "brilliant" shine. Sonax is either lying to enthusiasts and detailers by calling this a quick detailer or downplaying this amazing detailer. Megs UQD and UQW doesn't compare when it comes to hydrophobic properties. Yup, it doesn't have that slick feel of more traditional spray waxes or detailers, but the beading is really something else, very close or equal at the very least to Collinite waxes I've used (845, 476s and 915) The performance this gives goes beyond "instant detailer"
ProsThe water beading Shine Price, surprisingly inexpensive
ConsNot as slick as other waxes/detailers Availability
By Sergio
Sylmar, CA
March 27, 2017
Creates beads as well as Sonax Polymer net shield.
ProsHelps the paint become hydrophobic.
By Richard
Albany, OR
Works Great over Meg's Ultimate Liquid Wax
March 16, 2017
Although billed as a detailer this is really a "light sealant" which works better than ChemGuys V07 - more longevity, and equal or better shine. Have jet black Nissan 370Z with coat of Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax. Applied Sonax BSD over Meg's on 1/2 hood test. Better water beading than Meg's and I would say as good as Collinite 845, so far water beading is holding up at 2 week mark during constant rain in Pac NW. Suggest maintaining with non-wax rinseless wash like Wolfgang Uber, ONR, or Opti-Clean for heavier grime. Rinseless washes with heavier wax content may require more extensive buffing which increases chance of scratching. Frequent rinseless washing will maintain the hydrophobicity by keeping the paint clean. Although a thicker formula than V07 i did not have any problems in application - work the product into smaller sections and then move on - don't try to spray a whole hood, and don't try to use on hot surfaces or in full sun - if you need to you can use Meg's Ultimate Spray Wax for this purpose, then when you have a chance to work in the shade go back and apply Sonax over Meg's for a killer shine and great water beading. Sonax plays very nicely with Meg Ultimate wax - have not tried over straight carnauba waxes yet.
ProsSuperior shine and longevity. Best water beading in the business - as good as fresh Collinite 845 Better shine, water beading, and longevity than Chem Guys V07 No layering problems and does not need to be diluted. Looks great over Meguiars Ultimate wax products with better water beading
ConsDo not apply on hot panels, or in full sun - you will have a harder time buffing clear. Work in 1/4 panel sections and lightly buff out before moving on
By Eric
New England
Extremely Hydrophobic !!!
January 22, 2017
Water doesn't stand a chance with this stuff, the durability is amazing too.
ProsShine Durability Hydrophobic Beading
ConsDoesn't leave a super slick surface
By Nikolas Y.
Best product ever
October 20, 2016
This is an amazing product I have no problems with using it at all.
By Glenn
Westbury, NY
Shine is terrific
October 18, 2016
Used this for the first time on my truck. It makes the truck look like new and is very easy to apply.
ProsShine is brillant
By Joe
Works Brilliantly
October 17, 2016
I've used other detailers with mixed success many of which leave behind a residue that you then need to remove, so far I have not found any traces of residue. It wipes off clean and does leave a very nice shine. Have tried it on blue, white, red, and black vehicles. As a side benefit that it doesn't seem to hold dust . A recent motorcycle ride during harvest activity in Iowa confirmed that. The bike was not dust free but there was far less dust on it then other products held during non-harvest periods.
ProsWipes off cleanly. Doesn't hold dust.
By leroy
just as advertised
September 9, 2016
easy to apply. car is very shiny after application. water beads like crazy. a little goes a long way.
Proseasy to apply. brilliant shine. great water beading
By Jay
No. Cali
Great stuff
August 19, 2016
Works as promised
By Tom
Exceptionally Durable Spray Sealant
July 5, 2016
Awesome spray detailer that has the durability and water beading like nothing else. Very thick when you spray it but you don't need more than one or two trigger pulls per door/hood, spreads easily and flashes over quickly unless it is extremely hot or humid (that can make it streak and smear) it doesn't make your paint feel smooth like a traditional wax or sealant, it feels grabby. I have been told this is a slightly watered down version of Polymer Netshield and designed as a topper or booster for PNS, the water behavior and durability would suggest this is true. I will keep using this as long as it's around, for the price and seemingly bulletproof durability it's a tremendous product. 👍🏻👍🏻
ProsWater Beading Extremely Durable Boost existing Sonax Polymer Netshield Economical-a little goes a long way
ConsCan smear or smudge in extreme heat/humidity
By Petar
Kitchener, Ontario
Good shine
June 11, 2016
This product is good so far it does leave a shine,i heard that the water suppose to bead of the car and looking great still.
ProsThis product is good if your in a rush or wanna do a quick detail,then this is the stuff you wanna use
By CDot
Charlotte, NC
BSD = Best Spray Detailer*
July 16, 2015
The 2nd of the PNS/BSD 1-2-Punch, this is the longest-lasting spray LSP I've used. This is not a simple quick detailer, this is a spray protectant. Lasts 2 full months on an outside 24/7 vehicle. It is not as thin/slick as other spray waxes/sealants, but the end result is identical to Sonax PNS. I'd compare the viscosity to Mothers Showtime Detailer. A great product!
ProsWater beading/sheeting Dirt-shedding Chemical resistant Durability
ConsNot as thin/easy to spread as other spray LSP's.
By Blown03
wilmington, DE
Excellent for Winter
December 7, 2014
I got this on a recommendation of a good friend and forum member . I could not be any more impressed by the beading sheeting and yes it actually self cleans . The photos of my truck are after driving in the rain . The truck is my daily driver but I still try to maintain it like my summer car ,my 03 Cobra . I'll say it again , I can not believe how my truck looks as if it was just washed after 36 hours of rain and driving in for who knows how long . Superb Product and am now intrigued to try other Sonax offerings .
Pros Amazing beading , sheeting and self cleaning abilities , Awesome product for North East Winters
Consgrabby ,honestly not very slick at all , but with the way it self cleans who cares .
By Tom
Cleaner spray wax
August 28, 2014
This is very similar to scholls sw40 spray wax.It looks and acts exactly the same.The sprayer is also exactly the same slow pump for a stream and quick pump for a spray.Scholls is alot slicker but they work equally well.Sonax does smell alot better and you get more for your money.I like them both alot they are like using a spray cleaner wax.When I run out of both I will reorder the Sonax because of the value.Good Product.
ProsSmell Water Beading Container Size
ConsLack of Slickness
By EVOlved
Queens, NY
Great product!!
April 7, 2014
Is your LSP dying or not as hydrophobic as you would like no need to worry Sonax BSD is here for you. This stuff lasts weeks all by itself and beads like no other detailer I have ever seen. It does spray in more of stream and you need to spread it. I use it as a drying aid hit the towel with a few sprays and each panel with 2 or 3 on hood or roof. It smells great as well kind of like coconut.
ProsProduces great shine Super hydrophobic
ConsPrice maybe?? But well worth it for the results it produces.
By Tom
Excellent protection
August 11, 2013
Slightly thicker than other spray detailers I have used, and a little more expensive. Produces an excellent shine/water beading effect (smells good too!). I have read this product was designed to boost the longevity of the Sonax Polymer Net Shield, either way I feel it is an exceptional product.
By mike
Mixed feelings
February 4, 2012
Sonax has been a great line of products since being released for US consumption. Each product I have tried (almost all of the ones offered) has stood up well to comparisons and has a different look feel and final results compared to the generic mix of similar products being offered by competing US manufacturers. With that said, I tried this spray detailer and was left with very mixed feelings and results. This was not what I am used to from a quick detailer. First off its a very thick emulsion. tough to produce a fine spray. Comes out of the sprayer in more of a stream. Once on the paint, it seems as if the product is oily and is slow to evaporate. Even with fresh absorbent towels the product llikes to push around a lot and I dont get the feel of it disappearing into the paint. You have to be very careful to remove all of the product. While wiping up the product wet, oddly enough it wlipes up to a very rubbery type feeling. The opposite of slick. The towel feels like its dragging on the paint. I used a few different towels to be sure to rule out bad conditions when applying and removing this product and absolutely sure that the rubbery feel and NON-slickness is a behavior of the product and not the conditions in which its being used. I know the formula states that it has high lubricity to reduce chance's of scratch's , but once wiped up I cant help but feel opposite of that considering how grabby the product is. What the product did leave though was a very nice shiny finish and was super water resistant. I feel that this product offers very good protection from elements. most likely more-so than you traditional quick detailer. Which probably explains the weird consistency and removal of the product. I opened up the top of the bottle to check out the consistency of the product and poured some into water and the two were not eager to mix up. they were repelling each other. To compare I pulled out my Sonax High Speed wax after and with one spray was super pleased with how great that product is compared to there new detailer. If I was to make a suggestion on a Sonax Spray detailer, I would tell you to try out there spray wax, which has a sealant and carnuba emulsion mix, and is simple to use and offers excellent beading and durability as well. It also feels more lubricated and wipes up in a flash with ZERO need to search from every angle for streaks. Hope this review helps. Its a different product for sure, and maybe some testing on your own with dictate whether you would like it or not. Its definitly not your average detailer , so give it a try.

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