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Bead maker
September 26, 2021
An excellent synthetic paint sealant. Can be used when the vehicle is dry or wet (as a drying agent). Can be used on all exterior surfaces. Gives a great glossy shine and effective hydrophobics.
By Sarah
Cabery IL
A must have
May 30, 2021
This is a great product really gave the paint a great shine. I was told to use p&s showroom after looks great. Easy to use and you won't be disappointed in either products
ProsEasy to use Great results
By Daniel
Hard to beat for the price
May 19, 2021
Really good price point if you get the gallon. Get the bottle first and if you like it buy the gallon - and you'll have an empty P&S bottle to fill up. Gloss is great. This product is great to maintain an existing sealant or wax. I'd put the ceramic/graphene sprays above this product but there's a big price increase to jump on that boat.
ProsGreat Gloss & easy to use. Good smell. Price is hard to beat
ConsCan attract dust (like all these products). Longevity is questionable.
By Wendy
Los Angeles, CA
Warm Glow on Black SUV
March 15, 2021
The first time I used it, I wanted more bottles. I was surprised by how slick it was at first application and how it progresses the day after and their is a glow to my car that I was pleasantly surprised because I have never seen my car have a glow. I always use it after a wash or rinseless wash. Extremely easy to apply to a car especially if you have no time.
ConsSince I have a black car dust does seem to stick to it more.
By Jonathan
Los Angeles CA
Super slick without the longevity
February 17, 2021
Bead maker is very slick on the paint. Almost ceramic coating slick but the only downside is it does not last long. Realistically about 2-4 weeks in southern California sun.
By Daniel
Unbelievable gloss
January 9, 2021
Applied on top of a ceramic coating. Pure bliss!
Proseasy to apply
By Brian
Whitehouse, OH
This stuff is amazing!
December 11, 2020
I've never written a review for a car care product because most of them that I've used are akin to being sold by snake oil salesmen. The hype that markets the product never matches the actual results you obtain. The Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant is different! Not only did it meet the marketing but it exceeded it! I was highly doubtful that a product that supposed to just be spray on and wipe off would be a) that easy to apply, and b) work as well as they say. This is the real deal! I washed my 2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition at the car wash and then brought it home. Outside temperature was 55 degrees and partly sunny. I had purchased the product along with the microfiber towel bundle from AutoGeek (great and fast service, by the way!). Following the directions I sprayed a small area at a time starting with the hood, and wiping the product with long, smooth strokes. I was surprised that the product immediately made the black paint pop and had an incredibly slippery feel to it. No effort to wipe off at all. Plus it's got a great smell. After the success with the paint I decided to try it on the plastic pieces and also on the tonneau cover as they were looking a bit faded. They now look great and brand-new! I then decided to also try it on the glass. What do you know? It works there just as well as Rainex! I'll definitely be buying this product again! Can't wait to try it on my son's 2016 Guard Metallic Mustang GT.
ProsIncredibly easy to use. Spray on, wipe off. Can be used on any surface. Smells good. Beads up well.
ConsHaven't encountered any. My truck's an outside truck so it will be interesting to see how often I need to reapply.
By Brad
Howell, MI
Good on all surfaces
November 25, 2020
I purchased one 16oz bottle then went straight to gallons. I used this as a drying aid Windows, trim, body, wheels it covers everything! Apply and use a dry cloth for a second pass to clean up then, check the slickness the second day!
ProsVersatile Smells great Increased slickness Deeper gloss
ConsCan leave streaks but you can flow with a dry microfiber to correct.
By Justin M.
Brookville, PA
Great gloss, easy application
November 14, 2020
This stuff is amazing! Once applied, it makes the paint super-slick. It also gives the paint amazing gloss! I can't believe that I didn't start using this stuff earlier.
ProsSlick paint Easy application Great gloss
By Ramon
El Paso, TX
Bead Maker
October 24, 2020
This stuff is incredible! I actually apply it after every wash because it gives the overall finish a way brighter shine. After it cures, it shines even brighter. Super easy to apply!
By Michael
Palmetto, Fl
Incredible shine
September 26, 2020
Detailed our CR-V first using Collinite and finishing up with Bead Maker. I let it cure in the garage overnight and when I saw the result I was amazed. The shine and depth of the paint was very impressive. (time will tell how long it lasts) I would definitely recommend Bead Maker to anyone who wants to see what their paint should look like.
Pros1. Price 2. Easy on, easy off 3. A little goes a long way.
ConsCan't think of any.
By Mike
Avon, Ohio
September 23, 2020
By Abdul H.
Islamabad, Pakistan
Should be named as slickness and shine maker
September 12, 2020
Super easy to use and really great aesthetics which improve even further a few hours later.. Highly recommended as a post wash topper for that awesome look !
ProsEase of use slickness shine depth
ConsLess durable
By Paul
Really Nice as LPS or Drying Agent
August 29, 2020
I use this as a topper/LSP after washing or as the drying agent after a rinseless wash. Easy to apply, don't need much, and have had no issues with streaking or hazing. Have not tried it as a paint sealant as I am happy with other sealants and have a lot of them left to use.
ProsNice shine. Not streaky or hazy.
ConsNot the cheapest as a spray on wax or final touch detailer but the performance pros above are worth considering if looking at cheaper options.
By Eric
Chicago, IL
Smells nice, but doesn't last
August 27, 2020
Easy to apply, smells great, but the water beading doesn't last long. I use this as a topper to Jescar + Collinite, and while it certainly provides improved water beading, with the car parked outside I get no more than two weeks of protection. Can't speak to increased depth of color or shine (car is off white), but it certainly adds slickness for a few days.
Consdoesn't last long
By Greg
Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Amazing Gloss
July 11, 2020
The durability isn’t the best but the shine it leaves is unbeatable. I use this while drying and it doesn’t streak.
By Scott
Wichita, KS
July 3, 2020
This protectant surpassed even my high standards. I don't know if their is a better one out there for the price. You have to try it. Once you do you will love it.
ProsEase of application
By Masood
Flushing, NY
The gloss is amazing.
June 19, 2020
This will give you a real deep gloss on any color.
ProsEasy to use. Deep gloss
ConsWill not last for long. maybe few weeks on your paint, even after proper preparation of your paint. It will bead water, but not the best beading product out there. They should name it "Gloss maker" instead of bead maker.
By Franciso
Anaheim, CA
Great product
June 18, 2020
Good product, nice shine
By Jeff
North Carolina
Great product.
May 22, 2020
I've been using this for a year now and haven't used anything else. Makes the paint feel smooth and slick, brings out the deep color and beads water very well. Great to use while drying the car or just to get a great shine after a wash. The longer you let it sit the smoother the paint feels.
ProsBeads water, Makes paint glossy and smooth, easy to apply, great product for the price.
Great product
May 17, 2020
Product has a nice smell, goes on easy on, but leaves streaks on one of my black cars. The other 2 cars do not have that issue. Beading holds up very nice for a couple of weeks. I see it leaves less streaks when used as a drying aid.
ProsGreat smell and use as a drying aid
ConsMay leave streaks on solid black colors
By Chris
Brevard, NC
Eerily almost unnaturally slick
April 15, 2020
Nice smell. Easy on, acts a little strange compared to other spray on waxes/sealants. Strange, but not difficult in any way. Beading has held up very nice for a few weeks now. The slickness is almost weird (unnatural?), it feels like nothing else, especially on a recently corrected surface. Haven't used as a drying aid yet, but all the other hype has been accurate so... The spray bottle is 1 initial application, get the gallon too and refill the labeled bottle for your next wash. I can't see using as much when used as a drying aid.
ProsSlicker than whale snott
ConsBottle runs out
By William
Jacksonville, FL
Bead Maker
April 4, 2020
Works great. Leaves a high gloss shine and super smooth surface. Put towel on hood and wind blew it off !!
By Scott
Florham Park, NJ
Pros and Cons
March 17, 2020
Adds noticeable smoothness and shine to properly prepped paint. However, it lacks in 2 areas. One, for a product named "Bead Maker" I would have expected much tighter beading. Unfortunately the beading is average at best, and I have used this on at least half a dozen cars. The beads are not that tight and the contact angle is minimal. 303 Spray Detailer, Sonax BSD, Hybrid Solutions Detailer and many "Spray on, Spray off" sealants provide significantly better/tighter beading. Secondly, it lacks in durability - expect no more than 2-3 weeks in average conditions, after that I've seen it go flat. I would recommend this product for show cars and garage queens but not my go to choice for daily drivers.
Pros- Smells Great - Easy to Apply - Adds slickness to paint
Cons- Lacks in durability - Beading is average at best (not very tight).
By Tim
Decatur, GA
Love the shine, love the slickness
February 26, 2020
Bead Maker is an excellent product to use as a drying aid, or any time when extra gloss and water-beading are desired. It's slick like no other product I've used, and it makes wiping off bird droppings and sap an easier task. It's very easy to use (can be used on wet or dry vehicles), and the scent is awesome.
ProsWater-beading Gloss Scent Easy to apply Price
ConsIt doesn't last incredibly long
By Jason
Tahlequah, OK
Incredible Product with superb lasting protection
February 18, 2020
Absolutely love this product as well as many other P&S Detail products! I use Beadmaker almost daily in my mobile detailing business. I highly recommend you try it out and see the results for yourself!
ProsLasting durability and protection Easy application Easy removal with buffing Great as a drying aid Smells incredible
By William B.
Dallas, Texas
Great Product
November 27, 2019
Hello I am a Professional Detailer in the great state of Texas. This product is an excellent choice for certain Detail packages and / or certain budgets and / or specific situations,.
ProsIt adds instant value with its glossy shine and super slick finish, our Clients literally have a jaw dropping WOW when they see their vehicles. The price point, ease of application, and instant results are undeniably amazing.
ConsThe Texas Sun In Texas we have very serious Summers and this product does not like the heat, or direct sunlight. We accidently left a gallon in direct sunlight, in our office. The color of the product changed from orange to pink. We also experienced challenges with applications in direct sunlight. Durability: the Texas.Sun is our biggest critic and is extremely unforgiving, This product with all its Pro's (super glossy finish, paint enhancing soft and slickness, ease of application) this Product does not stand up to our Texas Sun there is a remedy, reapply early and often.
By Don
Works and it's easy durability questionable
October 19, 2019
I've been using this Bead Maker for about 6 month on my daily driver 2018 Challenger. It does make your paint feel baby butt smooth but doesn't seem to last all that long maybe a month. I did buy a gallon so no problem having enough to put another coat on. I have at least 6 coats on my car since I have apply it at a rate of once a month. I drive 100 plus miles a day and wash my car once a week. I like it but will try another product once I've used this up. The beading is good and I never dry my car with a towel I use my leaf blower I'm not adding any scratches and when washing i use my Car Pro Sheep hair. Guess I'm looking for something more durable that actually lasts a little longer but I guess that is what we all quest for. I like it for the price and its spray on wipe off so it is easy to use 10 minutes and your whole car is done so that's the give and take. Easy over time spent so 4 stars from me. I like it.
ProsEasy use
By Wesley
Newcastle, OK
October 9, 2019
I like to take care of my cars when I can on the weekends and don't feel like trying to compound and polish for that shine. This product covers that up and makes the paint shine. First use was on a silver car that was not well cared for and it shines! Wow. Smooth and glossy. I'd buy it again and again.
By Scott
Westminster, MD
I Love Everything About This Stuff
September 12, 2019
Beadmaker gets a lot of negative comments about it's prolonged durability, but I think it's great. I use it as a gloss booster and protection enhancer, and use it like you would a quick detail spray. It's easy to apply and smells great.
ProsEconomical. Easy to use. Smells great. Boosts gloss. Enhances paint/clear coat protection.
ConsLong term durability.
Just okay
August 1, 2019
I'm not impressed with this stuff. My car is no shinier or slicker than before I applied it. It also streaks like crazy and was hard to remove. I believed the hype, but Bead Maker is not at the top of my products list.
Central, CT
Worked well
July 7, 2019
If you use this as a quick detailer you'll be very happy. Creates a nice shine and slickness. As far as durability goes one maybe two weeks at best.
By Terry
Ankeny, Iowa
Easy peasy
April 19, 2019
Just got a small spray bottle. Used it on my 2014 Camaro SS. Used it as lubricant for clay bar. WOWZERS! Thought I was using miracle product. Extremely impressed. Will be ordering a gallon next time.
ProsEasy. Spray on wipes off with microfiber towel.
KansasCity Missouri
March 21, 2019
I purchased this product from my local detail supply here in town. Woah.... It's incredibly easy to use and works. I couldn't believe the shine I got out of a spray bottle. Not to mention that it left my pain buttery smooth. The product held up great through a harsh mid- west winter. I re applied probably more than needed to help protect from the salt. This is, by far, one of my favorite products in my detail kit.
ProsEasy to use Affordable A little goes a long way Smells great :) WORKS
ConsAbsolutely none!
By Ben
New Jersey
Wow is All That I Can Say
January 4, 2019
After hearing so much about this product I just had to try it out for myself. I cannot believe that this product is able to do what it does. Never in my life have I found any kind of a coating or wax that does what this product is capable of doing. Besides using it on cars, I actually coated the tile in my shower with it and now the water beads up and eliminates the constant wipe-down of the walls when you exit the shower to eliminate water spots. Because water spots are now a thing of the past. So if a product can work on something it's not designed for just imagine how well it works on what its intended purposes which is applying to car finishes. If you like taking care of the finish on your cars you have to try a bottle of this. You will be sold on it just like I am. I plan on purchasing a gallon and will always have that on hand.
By Martin
San Antonio, Texas
December 30, 2018
The results speak for themselves
By todd
December 26, 2018
I was a Rejex man, then I found Wolfgang deep gloss. Now I'm a Bead Maker fan. Super slick, high gloss under 10 minutes for the entire GX460.
By Richard
Easy to put on and looks great
December 26, 2018
This is a great product for touch up and restoring the shine on your car after a wash. It goes on fast and easy and just requires a light buff after with a clean microfiber cloth.
By Kenny
Great product
December 14, 2018
Fast delivery
Evans, GA
Fantastic Shine
December 6, 2018
I bought a bottle to test in my detailing business. Upon arrival, I tried it on a white car's trunk lid which had been ceramic coated just for giggles. Wow! The shine increased tremendously and I saw many swirl marks that I had not seen before the ceramic coating. Unbelievably shiny and smooth. Application was like they say: spray on wipe off. Simple. Will be buying more as this just became my go-to shine.
ProsEasy to apply Beautiful shine
ConsNothing so far
By Roy
Ocean View DE
A little goes a long way
November 23, 2018
Love this stuff finally a product that I can give the kids to use so Dad doesn't have to detail there cars. Buy a Gallon you will find so many uses around the house and garage for it.
ProsEasy to use.
ConsCan't find a one
By Larry C.
Thousand Oaks
Renny Doyle Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant
October 7, 2018
This is an excellent product, it goes on easy, Buffs out easy and the depth f the shine is fantastic. Water beads right off, nothing sticks to it, after washing the vehicle it takes very little time to dry and the microfiber towel just slides across the surface.
ProsEasy to use
ConsA little work to wipe off
By William
Get a gallon!
August 31, 2018
I have been using this as a drying agent after I wash and blow most of the water off my car. As the layers have built up with use, my paint's finish has reached a new level of gloss, slickness and water repellency. Bead Maker is one of those products like Prima Hydro that cures and looks noticeably shiner the next day. Top tip: Use Bead Maker as a lubricant for clay when removing small spots of contamination that you may find during drying. It provides great lubrication for the clay and eliminates the need to reapply a sealant or wax to the area afterwards.
ProsInsane shine. Repels water and dirt. Ease of use.
By Martha
Great Product
August 19, 2018
This product leaves a shine like no other! The first application can be a little tedious since you have to use a lot of product. But after that, application becomes easier, and the shine is so deep, and rich! I’m buying a gallon of this product.
By Sam
So simple to use
August 17, 2018
Great product. Microfiber towel choice is key. I wouldnt suggest high pile fiber. Spray heavy at first. Slickness is epic.
ProsEase of use Slickness

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