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By Jason
Orlando, FL
February 16, 2020
Great wheel cleaner
Very safe and just as effective if diluting 5:1 with water.
By Charles
Garden grove, Ca
January 22, 2020
Nice brake cleaner
Nice foam when agitated, works well, cheap, easy to spray off. For really dirty wheels, need to use something a bit stronger like Sonax full effect and super clean.
By Ray
Blaine, Washington
January 16, 2020
Great gentle wheel cleaner at a very economical price
This is a great wheel cleaner that is pleasant to use. It does not cause you to cough up your lungs like Megs Non-Acid Wheel & Tire cleaner. It smells pretty nice and has good cleaning power. You can dilute the product if you'd like (especially in foaming applications) however using it straight is still extremely economical. Great product.
By Andrew Stouffer
January 5, 2020
Favorite wheel cleaner
As of now this is my favorite wheels cleaner. Cleans very well for my wheels, and a p lo us to be able to use it on my tires. I have my tires coated with Mckee's and this does not seem to negatively impact the coating at all. Convenient to be able to refill my sprayer, and the dilution capability is great
ProsDilutable Use for wheels and tires Cleans well, smell doesn't give me a headache
ConsNone so far
By Charles
New Braunfels, TX
December 22, 2019
Great maintenance wheel cleaner
I love Brakebuster for regular maintenance cleaning of wheels. It foams great with good cleaning power and safe for all wheels unlike acid cleaners. If the wheel has not been maintained and is baked on caked break dust a stronger cleaner like an acid wheel cleaner may be needed. By the gallon, Brakebuster is the most cost effective, great cleaning wheel cleaner I've found.
ProsCheap by the gallon, foams well, good cleaning power.
By Tony G
Flatwoods, Ky
December 21, 2019
Great wheel and tire cleaner
Loved how well it foams up and it also worked great diluted into an IK foaming sprayer
By David
Glen Ellyn , Illinois
December 20, 2019
My go to wheel/tire cleaner!
I will always have this product on hand as it is so cost effective and works so so well! Foams nicely while scrubbing, can be diluted as well and still remain effective if wheels/tires are only lightly soiled. Between this and Meguiars wheel brightener, I feel any wheel can be cleaned to like new condition.
ProsCost effective, light scent, works very well, can be diluted, foams well
By William
Fort Collins, CO
December 15, 2019
Can't beat the performance for the price
Does a great job on wheels and tires at a great price
By Tristan
Waldorf, MD
November 27, 2019
Great Tire & Wheel Cleaner
What can I say, this is a good product to clean wheels and tires without having to purchase separate products for the wheels and tires. Removes a lot of brake dust and gunk.
By Phillip
Saint Charles, MO
November 19, 2019
Rim cleaner
Works perfectly for a maintenance rim cleaner
ProsNot as dangerous as wheel acid.
By JC M.
November 18, 2019
Best Bang for your buck when it comes to wheel cleaners
This product is amazing, it has since replaced the Sonax Wheel Cleaner. Price is great performance is amazing. The best part of this wheel Cleaner is it prevents rust from forming on the rotors are brake pads. When applied to the wheels/tires you can see it take action instantly. Tires come out clean and fresh no more black or brown gunk. I have diluted this up to 10:1. 10:1 works but requires more elbow grease to clean things up. 5:1 is ideal for weekly washes 2:1 or 3:1 if you are dealing with heavy brake dust on european cars The solution lifts the dirt off and you can see it run down the surface. What i like most is that this FOAMS very good as if it was meant to be foamed. I use it on my IK foam sprayer and it does not clog the nozzle up like other wheel cleaners.
Proscleans tires cleans wheels even when diluted to 5:1 (my personal preference) works great with Foam sprayers THE COST IS GREAT!!! no rust on the brake rotors
ConsNothing it's an amazing product
By Nick
Greenfield, IN
October 27, 2019
Brake buster
Followed my iron remover up with brake buster diluted 1:1 and product worked great.
ProsCost effective when diluted 1:1
By Parker
October 17, 2019
This stuff is amazing
This is definitely the best wheel cleaner I've ever used. Use a couple of soft bristle brushes for the rim and a stiff bristle brush for the tire and boom your wheels are clean. Foams up very nicely and doesn't have a bad smell which makes it a joy to use.
ProsPrice Foaming action Cleaning power
ConsAbsolutely none
By Matt
University park, Florida
October 13, 2019
Works just fine.
I diluted it 5:1 for very lightly soiled rims and tires and it totally did the job. I'm probably going to try 10:1 for my car and maintenance washes on customers. I feel it will do the job fine too.
ProsRust prohibitors in the formula No smell and easy to breath around Easily dilutable with great results
ConsHaven't found any yet.
By Michael
Largo, FL
October 13, 2019
Favorite Wheel/Tire Cleaner
Use this for both tires and wheels. Saves time.
By Greg
September 24, 2019
good stuff
Works well. I take pretty good care of my wheels so I needed something that would target the brake dust without being too harsh. I have a C7 Z06 and the factory brake pads create alot of dust in a short period of time and the wheels have tons of crevices. This does a good job loosening everything up so when I agitate the wheels everything comes off. Works well on the barrels too.
ProsIt's pretty cheap by the gallon which is good because you use a good bit of it.
By Dustin
Memphis, TN
September 4, 2019
Love Brake Buster
Brake buster is awesome. Strong enough to complete almost every wheel cleaning job without risk of permanent damage like you may see with using acid based cleaners.
ProsBest cleaner without harming wheels
By Sean
Hagerstown, MD
August 24, 2019
Great foaming wheel cleaner
My new go to wheel cleaner. Great, economical price. Foams really well coming out of a foam cannon or the IK foamer.
By Adam
Downers Grove, IL
August 18, 2019
Brake Buster
One of the best products I have used. Can be used on wheels and tires. You will not be disappointed
ProsAll good
By John
July 10, 2019
Works great
This is my go to when Opti clean can take out the baked on brake dust. Great product and safe to use.
ProsWorks great, safe on multiple surfaces
ConsMy skin is sensitive to something in it so use caution with overspray and fling.
By New Look Detailing
Paramus, NJ
June 28, 2019
Cheapest wheel cleaner - Best wheel cleaner
Wow, I honestly didn't think it was gonna be anything incredible. But I've been a major fan of P&S Bead Maker the last several months, so decided to try it. $21 for a gal, and you can dilute it?! I started out running a 5:1 dilution in the IK Foam Sprayer, worked very well. After several jobs decided to bump it up to about 3:1 dilution and that's usually what I'm using on heavily soiled wheels. If anything doesn't come off with that ratio and a couple cleanings, then most likely the wheel has permanent contamination that would need to be sanded and polished out. Still, excellent bang for your buck, you're getting minimum 3 useable gallons of cleaner for $21... Seriously, can't bear that. Cleaning directly in the sun is a common challenge for mobile detailers. I have been using P21S Gel Wheel cleaner mainly for that as it sticks on and can sit for long periods of time in the heat safely. But I will say, having Brake Buster in the Foamer has helped out a slot with this problem. I believe with the right ratio, it'll cling longer in the sun compared to most other cleaners. As for specialty wheels, I havent gotten the chance to test on matte or satin finished wheels, which are the most sensitive in modern day finishes. P&S claims it works safely on everything and I believe them at their minimum recommended ratio of 5:1 (But I have a specific cleaner saved for those just in case) All in all, I am impressed...P&S has done it again! That's now 3 products I buy from them in bulk, and they're some of the cheapest products I get! So I use them on a regular basis for my jobs. (Those products being Bead Maker spray sealant - $30 gal. Carpet Bomber fabric cleaner - $22 gal. Brake Buster wheel cleaner - $21 gal) As detailers, we need to be making more profit than loss on our supplies obviously. P&S is KILLING it with this game we have to play. I thank them for that!
ProsEconomical Tough cleaner Safe cleaner Easy to use with Foamer Works in direct sun
ConsNone I have found yet!
By Peter
Arleta, CA
June 26, 2019
This brake cleaner is absolutely amazing
I tried this brake cleaner for the first time and blown away. I was using Chemical Guys Diablo Gel, it did the work but I wanted to see if there was a better product that would do more. The P&S Brake Buster did just that, the smell wasn't too bad either compared to Iron X. This product also clean the tire too so it was a win-win.
ProsDoesn't smell like rotten eggs Tire cleaner Stick to the rim when sprayed on Does an amazing job
By Roger aka Klasse Act
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
June 21, 2019
Your new wheel cleaner!
Short and sweet...no need for your other wheel cleaners! This product works great straight or when used in the IK 1.5 foamer! Since it has rust inhibitors your rotors and suspension parts aren't weakened. Finally there's the price, pretty much makes it a "no brainer". I can't endorse this product enough, P&S is on a roll here!
ProsCleans very well Rust inhibitors Works straight or with foamer Inexpensive
By Marc
June 1, 2019
What Took Me So Long To Try This?
Bought a gallon of this recently and it's performed better than expected. Unless I have to use an acid based cleaner for something, this is all I need. This will take the place of the individual wheel and tire cleaners I used previously, and the price is amazing! Highly recommended!
ProsPrice Doesn't smell bad Can be used on tires and wheels Cleans very well Foams well when agitated
ConsNone come to mind
By Alex
April 4, 2019
My new favorite wheel cleaner
I love this stuff. It cleans super well, I can get away with not agitating if the wheels aren't super dirty. It sticks and doesn't run off the wheel. It cleans the tires super well. It foams up nicely and a great plus is it doesn't make my rotors rust. It has corrosion inhibitors which actually seem to work, this saves me the step of using Hyde's serum or moving the car up and down the drive way to clean off the rotors.
By Chris Kirschner
Gaithersburg, MD
October 1, 2018
Underrated, most Versatile Cleaner! Hands Down!
Simply put, this stuff is awesome! If you're like me, you wash your vehicles often and don't have a need to use harsh, acid based wheel cleaners to clean your wheels. I was looking for a maintenance wheel cleaner as I was using Adams Wheel Cleaner which is great, BUT, it's expensive and I don't need a wheel cleaner that removes iron and fallout on every wash. For the $, this can't be beat. Amazing product and it does more than just clean wheels! This stuff is amazing on tires too! Spray it on and watch your tires turn brown! I also used this to clean my engine bay, door hinges and wheel well. Do yourself a favor and buy some Brake Buster AND check out all the other great P&S products!
ProsCost Works as advertised Versatile Doesn't Stink!

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