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By Al quinones
Warwick n.y.
April 28, 2018
Very very good easy fast nice deep shine
ProsGreat spray wax
By Lucas
buenos aires
March 30, 2018
Just wow
I used the product today and the shine is crazy. I don’t know how protection last, but the looking is great so far.
ConsNone so far
By BlackSTiPeuge
MagChloride, Colorado
December 2, 2014
Extremely easy to use, and the result is unbelievable for the amounts of effort required. For little more work than an elaborate wash, you get a look that gives the "I spent all day on this" wet look, that also enhances the metallic depth in dark colors. Perfect product for maintaining, alleviating any paint repair on a regular basis.
ProsExcellent depth and shine Excellent water beading properties Extremely slick surface after application
ConsDoes not taste as good as it smells.
By DrSauerkraut
May 10, 2014
Too easy . . .
Super easy to use, much like a QD spray. It almost doesn't seem right . . . just too easy and effortless spray on and buff off. Surface was slick and glossy! No hazing or streaks. I applied three coats in less than thirty minutes on a Chevy Suburban! Time will tell how long it lasts. Again it was SO effortless, I just didn't seem right.
ProsEasy application, no streaks, smears, or haziness.
By Nathan
Marion, Ohio
May 7, 2014
If you like Hydro-Seal, you'll LOVE MAX!
I've always like Hydro-Seal...easy, amazing slickness and shine. MAX takes something that's super-easy and made it easier. Don't think that because it's easy, you aren't going to get good result. This is one of my favorite LSP sealants...and I've tried tons of them. This is a go-to product for me.
By mike
November 23, 2013
Great Concept
This is a true spray on paint sealant. Not a suped up quick detailer. The proof is on the back of the bottle..."contains mineral spirits". This is a true sealant like the ones we are used to seeing in the 40 dollar bottles that come as lotions. Application is excellent. On black dry paint I found it best to use a wet towel that was wrung out to apply the product. then wipeoff with a dry towel. This resolved the ghosting/streaking issue upon spreading it out and wipeoff completely. I applied it to bare paint that had zero protection and no doubt this latched on really well and made the paint super smooth. Durability has been great. its been on the car for over 2 months and the paint is still very smooth feeling. The only thing I was not thrilled with was the look. It looked rather sterile. I'm sure this would work really well on light colors and metallics better than black, but either way this is serious paint protection that goes on and off like a quick detailer. I with we would see more of this concept from other manufacturers as well. Again its important to note this is not a simple spray sealant like we are used to. this is the same as a lotion paint sealant but with a unique application. Application is easier with less chance of mistakes than the WOWA products.
May 22, 2013
Not bad
Nice shine, easy to use. Better than over the counter stuff, but have used at least one brand that out shines this one. Liitle bit goes a long way, so good buy in my book.
April 30, 2013
prima has outdone it with this product! if you liked hydro seal your going to love hydro max! spray on dry and remove with MF. done! stand back and admire the depth and shine of the paint.....

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