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By Eric
Northern California
Made My Headlights Like New
June 4, 2021
I bought this as my 2012 Infiniti's headlights were hazy. Slapped the pads on my Griot's G8 and went to work. Took about 20 minutes total (including taping the headlights). They now look like new. Very impressed.
ProsEasy to use Only a few steps
ConsThe hazing wasn't really bad, so no idea on how this would work with that.
By Nick E.
Quick cleaning ability, but no miracle product.
January 26, 2021
We started our trial of this product on a 13 year old sedan with no previous attention given to the headlights. They were yellow and opaque with limited visibility reported by the driver. The kit effectively removed the yellowing and most of the haze, but didn't produce the same results as wet sanding despite multiple passes. We then used it on a SUV with minor hazing and yellowing that caused poor visibility and it worked as well as wet sanding could have. Both drivers report an improvement in visibility when driving and the appearances were improved. The products works quickly to clean, polish, and protect lenses, but does have some limitations.
ProsAlmost complete kit. Quick cleaning ability. Improves visibility in all cases. Excellent for minor to moderate defect removal.
ConsLacks foam applicator for protectant. Limited ability for severe defect removal.
By Sarah
Cabery IL
Best headlight cleaner I used
November 8, 2020
I used this on different vehicles and always get a great result. You will be shocked on how much oxidation you will get off, normally I only have to apply once.
ProsEasy to use works great.
By Richard
Auburn, Massachusetts
Love things that work as described
July 17, 2020
Great product, and the biggest plus is? IT WORKS.,I am sure we all love products that work? I will say in detailing products, you get what you pay for.
By Palmer
Dawsonville, GA
Wolfgang headlight cleaning system
November 16, 2019
Wow have tried a couple other over the counter products and Wolfgang's product worked wonderfully the first time. Used it on a 2005 Ford F-150 that looked great except for the headlights. Now she looks great from head to toe. Thanks Wolfgang. Also did a quick touch up on a 2013 Audi as a preventive measure. Why wait until it is a real problem?
ProsWorks great, easy to apply and doesn't take all that long.
ConsUp front cost but affordable on a per application basis.
By MayberryCowtipper
Mount airy, NC
Wow!!! Like new
July 23, 2019
Was very easy to use, fast and clean. Have used other products but the results was what you expect with Wolfgang products..
ProsSimple and high quality
ConsNo tape.
By Les
Vidor, TX
Everything you need and so simple and workd
May 19, 2019
Simply put the adapter in my drill, screwed on the backing plate, velcro the orange applicator on the backing plate, then use the number on the bottles. #1, then #2, change the orange for the black applicator then use bottle #3. It's that simple, in less than 5 minutes I finished the process and had clear lights on my sons truck.
ProsSimple, easy, and it works
ConsI will let you know if I find any.
By Terry
DIYer likes it.
October 1, 2018
I recently purchased the Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Cleaning system. I have a 2009 Honda Accord and my headlights needed some TLC. I detail my own cars and have wanted to try a Wolfgang product. It was on sale so I bought it. I printed off the instructions off the website and started. I used my cordless Rigid drill and followed the directions. I am very happy with his results. My buddy from work has really bad headlights and looking forward to tackling his.
By Dan
Buffalo, New York
Remarkable Product
June 17, 2018
I used this kit combined with my 3” buffer to restore 26 year old headlights. Minimum effort required and great results. Pictures speak for themselves.
By John
Portland, Maine
June 16, 2018
This product was easy to use and worked as advertised. It didn't take me long to achieve the desired result. And I still have enough product left over for many more applications.
By Yoko s.
Oakland, CA
OMG as good as new after using the kit!
November 19, 2017
I was debating whether to spring for new lenses on my Toyota Camryâ‚"s front lights. Everyone who rode in my car thought I didnâ‚"t have my lights on. So I googled best headlight cleaner and bought the kit. The review that sold me was the guy and his son that spent a few hours one afternoon and spiffed up ther headlights. He was right. My power drill ran out of juice so I had to do it by hand and guess what, it still came out perfectly. I am an OCD woman when it comes to perfection and they looked brand new when I was done!! I turned around and did my boyfriendâ‚"s 1995 Corolla. Now his headlamps look new and his car looks sad in comparison. Lol
ProsEasy to use! Ridiculously easy to use. You donâ‚"t even need a power drill to do it! A bargain compared to new lenses!!! Oh and donâ‚"t bother with the kits from the auto parts store. They donâ‚"t work anywhere as well as this kit. Donâ‚"t waste your hard-earned money. Buy this kit!!!
ConsI canâ‚"t think of one single con. Whatâ‚"s not to like?
Beaumont, CA
it works
July 20, 2016
I used it as soon as it arrived. Sure looks like it did the job as advertised.
By Rich
Sterling, VA
Great Product, Easy to Use
July 11, 2015
Great product. Takes about 20 mins with taping to go through all 3 steps. High quality results.
ProsEasy to use 3 steps - cleaning, glaze, and protectant (good if your headlights are really cloudy) Easy cleanup storage of foam pads
By David A.
Irving TX
9 years later and it still works like new
May 25, 2015
I bought this kit in 2006 after we bought our 2004 Mazda MX5. I haven't used the headlight cleaner in quite some time and my lenses were becoming gray and foggy. After using this product 9 years later, the headlights look brand new.
Proseasy to use, straight forward, mini headlight polishing and application pads.
By John
Seattle, WA
Headlight cleaner
April 24, 2015
Works as described
ProsExcellent product
By Eddie H.
Seria, Brunei.
Excellent product
July 16, 2014
It took me just 15 mins to clean & polish my Dad's car headlamp. Work as advertised.
ProsThe 1st & 2nd step cleaner & polisher should come in bigger bottles.
ConsMore product quantity.
By Nathan
Great Results
June 11, 2014
Very easy to use and very effective (see pics). If you have anything other than light hazing, do not use a cordless drill. You need the power of an electric drill or polisher. Keep the components fairly thick and you will have rapid/better results. The vehicle in the pictures took several passes to get clear. It worked so well that I've already used it on another vehicle with similar results.
ConsSmells something awful
By TPelletier
Works gReat
August 10, 2013
Got this kit to use on the wife's car. Works great. Only thing that I was not sure about is how many times to use each step. Made a big difference in the lights.
By Quadroost
Crystal Clear
April 28, 2013
This product worked great. Just like it said it would. I have done one car with the drill and one with a DA both came out great. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!
By Matt
pretty good
June 27, 2011
I used this system on my Altima headlights which were badly hazed. I ended up doing 2 passes in a few month span and the results were night-and-day. The haze never came back, however after a few months, I would notice the yellowish discoloration come back. Maybe I didn't let the sealant dry completely before buffing. But the haze was completely removed and I was satisfied. If the headlights are badly damaged though, use the 3M restoration kit: works wonders.
By Rick
April 3, 2011
AWSOME RESULTS ! As usual..Wolfgang products are as good as it comes ! Thanks AutoGeek's for carrying there complete line of products.
By Brian
good product
May 8, 2010
I used this kit 2 times, with very good results, i would recommend it. the only problem i have with the chemicals used is, the company doesn't sell in bulk like the diamonite kit.
By Mark
worth every penny
April 1, 2010
I do head light restoration professionally and so I know all about good high quality products verses crap. WOlfgang has got it right. All they need to do now is to sell bigger bottles for us professionals and a whole sale packed at a whole sale price. 3M is doing it.
By Joe
December 30, 2009
I purchased this kit to restore the headlights on my 2002 Honda Civic. They were very cloudy and this product made them 95% like new. Highly recommend using this kit.
By Gilbert
August 4, 2009
I just wanted to say i received this order and used it this morning.. AMAZING is all i can say. My car is a 2000-Mercedes E320 and has almost 10 years of sun exposure (not garaged and roof top parking in direct sunlight at work) and the headlights were horrible, very cloudy and yellowing - my dealer said it would cost just about $1,000.00 to replace them - i tried this product and was a little skeptical but didnt have anything to lose - it took about 3 hours to do multiple passes but the results are nothing shy of amazing! they are like brand new!! my only regret because i didnt think it would do such a great job is i didnt take before and after pictures. Thank you so much for saving me over $900.00!
By Michael
Foggy Lenses
October 28, 2008
This product is awesome. I have a 2001 PT Cruiser and the headlights were looking pretty bad. I decided to try Wolfgang's and they look way better than before. Now I won't say they look like new again, however I can see 100% better at night now. After that, I tackled the 1997 F150. They were worse. They are now clear again.
By Melanie
April 28, 2008
I was a skeptical of a product that could clean the cloudiness/yellowing of my headlights. But after reading the reviews, ordering the product, and using it for the first time, I am STUNNED! Not only did it clean the headlights, it made them sparkle like new! I've used it on my '02 Santa Fe, '04 Sorento, and '98 Caravan: all of which have headlights that could be mistaken for new! Love this product and will definately be ordering again once I run out.
By Ian
Product works great.
August 27, 2007
This product is an like any thing I have ever seen. It completely restore my headlights to about 95% fantastic.
By AndrewJ
Seeing is believing..
July 10, 2007
My road weathered 1999 Acura Integra was the perfect testbed for this system. Haze from all the years of road an environmental elements were greatly reduced by use of this system. While expensive, this system delivers and restored brillance that had long ago left my headlamp. AG/San Diego, CA
By rscpa
Cloudy lens no more!!
May 21, 2007
Used this system this weekend and worked great. Used my drill and did both headlight lens in about ten minutes from start to finish. This is a great product...!
By Bambo2888
April 27, 2007
Worked very well and in this kit, compared to the Diamondite, you get a little more sealant, which was nice because I keep my clear plastics just as protected as my paint.
By Brian G.
Clear lenses
April 26, 2007
This lens cleaning system will restore your plastic headlight lenses back to like new condition. Works great with the PC 7424
By Xerox
April 19, 2007
Super product
By John
Lens Kit
December 27, 2006
I used this on the very cloudy headlights of my '98 528i with great results. It works better when used with a dual action polisher, but I found the drill worked well to. It is expensive when compared to the single bottle lens cleaners that are also available, but those don't work nearly as well.
By Ted H.
overall impression
November 2, 2006
Product worked great. But, unfortunately the results didn't last long in FL heat. The lenses need to be redone every month or two to keep them looking good.

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