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By Robert Franklin
Essex MD.
November 10, 2017
Great Wax!!!
I used it on my 1970 VW Beetle. The color is Royal Red. What a shine. Looks brand new. So easy to use, I highly recommend this product.
By Buddy
chester nh
October 13, 2017
Souveran wax wax
I tried souveran wax for the frist time . With paintwork cleansing lotion On my 2014 buick lacrosse in midnight amethyst metallic I like it for easy on quirk wipe off. I use meguiars products a lot like #9 for precleaning paint surface and than follow that with meguiars goldclass carnauba plus liquid . I get just as good of deep dark look with meguiars for far less of the price. I will stay with meguiars.
ProsEasy on and off
By keene kruckenberg
wilkesboro nc
September 4, 2017
wax on wax off brilliant shine like nothing else wish i could afford a case of it
By Paul
Conroe, Tx
July 29, 2017
Looks great but at this price?
Overall a great wax. Goes on easy. Tremendous shine. But is it really worth 10 times the consumer brands? I don't see any real difference. But, I suppose I have enough now to last me a couple of years at least!
ProsGoes on and off very easily. I still remember the old original simonize days from the 1970s and this stuff is entirely different. As long as the finish is really clean this is a breeze to apply and buff off.
ConsExtremely high price not justified by a real difference in shine.
By Fred
Youngstown, Ohio
July 29, 2017
cheap container
I bought this wax a couple of years ago. Great wax but cheap container. I used it twice and each time the plastic lid got harder and harder to screw on and off. The lid cross-threads really easily. I finally pitched it out of frustration and opened my can of fusion. The fusion can is still plastic but is quite a bit more substantial. At this price, you can afford to give me a decent container. An old fashioned wax tin would be a big improvement.
By Mahoney43
Finksburg MD
May 16, 2017
Never Seen Anything Like It...
Ordered a couple weeks ago and applied it for the first time this past weekend to my black F250. Goes on ridiculously easy and wipes off with no effort at all. It's expensive, but to wax a whole full size truck and the jar appear to be brand new says a lot about all the more you use, how long an 8oz. jar will last you, and how buttery smooth it transfers to your vehicle. Go ahead and get it on your trim, it wipes right off with zero residue. No feedback yet on durability or washes between another application, but my truck looked like it just rolled off Ford's assembly line.... crazy. Thanks Auto Geek for an awesome experience.
ProsEase and Removal of wax Smells Awesome Effect on black vehicle best I've ever seen
By Daniel
Howey in
February 2, 2017
Black Porsche 911s
Just waxed my Porsche with Pinnicle Souveran and the shine is the best yet. I have been using Blackfire Blackice Hybrid Montan Sealant wax and it provided a great shine. Pinnacle Souveran will be my choice moving forward.đŸ‘
ProsGoes on easy and thin. Very little needed to wax the entire car. Buffs of easy enough ... use a second microfiber towel to bring out the shine to it's highest level.
ConsNone at this time.
By alexandre periard
December 9, 2016
great show car wax
best show car wax out there. super easy to apply and look great on dark color. top of the line stuff A+
By Michael Tyminski
Los Angeles, CA
October 10, 2016
I have used Pinnacle Souveran Wax for 20-years and my cars have always looked better than when they were new. The wax cost less than $5.00 per application (there are more than 20 application per container).
By John
Derby, CT
September 8, 2016
I put one coat of this on and the car looked great. 24 hours later, I put a 2nd coat on. Stellar! The car ('16 Volvo S60, dark grey) looks better than it did when i drove it off the lot! Amazing shine. I never thought I'd spend 95 bucks on a car wax, but after using it, I'd have to say it's worth it. Your car is worth what, 20, 30, 40K or more, right? Why not plonk down a C note and make it look better than showroom? Highly recommended for dark colors.
ProsVery easy to use, stunning shine.
By kelly
August 10, 2016
you cant buy better
used on my red ford focus stunning results
By Leon
West Saint Paul, Minnesota
August 3, 2016
I like the idea of putting the wax on and not waiting for it to dry. You just wipe off. It is one of my best waxes. The shine is great and the protection is great.
ProsEase of take off.
ConsI wish it would last a little longer but I wax all my cars once a month.
By Joe
Lockport, ny
July 11, 2016
Easy application, deep rich shine!!!!!!!!
ProsEverything they said it would be !!!!!!!!!
By J
Los Angeles
July 9, 2016
Best Wax Hands Down!!!
This is one of the best waxes I've tried. This is not one of those waxes that are hyped up, it actually is a great product. Goes on smooth and removes just as easy.
ProsEasy application and removal, high quality wax, you get a lot of product for a good price.
ConsNone so far.
By Mark quan
Las Vegas nevada
June 25, 2016
Top quality
This is the best wax for the money.
By L.R.N.
June 16, 2016
Great shine
Best wax I have used, it leaves a beautiful shine on steel blue paint.
ProsEasy application and finish.
By Joe
Upstate NY
June 8, 2016
Pricey but worth it
I have a 13 cts v coupe raven black..I've tried a dozen waxes and none of them could had a candle to pinnacle s. Easiest application, easiest buffing amazing results! You won't be disappointed!
By Illmanners
Caldwell, Idaho
June 2, 2016
Expensive and worth it..every penny
I've been restoring cars for 50+ years and honestly believe I've used almost every wax, polish and detailing product available. For ease of application and depth of shine, nothing beats Pinnacle Souveran Pasts Wax..I've paid much more, and much less for other products, but when you consider that one 8oz. can of Pinnacle Souveran, applied properly, will do at least 20-cars, the cost is comparable or below most of the competition. Finally, a product that meets, if not exceeds the manufacturers statements.
By Ron Hairston
Martinsville, VA
June 1, 2016
5 stars
Best wax I have ever used especially with black and red cars
ProsEasy to put on and take off
By RC.
Morris Plains, NJ
June 1, 2016
Unbelievably deep shine
Used it on a black H-D Softail and I thought it was shiny before, it was such a tremendous difference after applying it. Great, deep, reflection from paint. Already had an inquiry as to what polish I used on it. Also used it on my Jeep Cherokee, same results. Outstanding!
ProsEase of application and removal. The outcome is great.
By Bob E.
Warren, Ohio
June 1, 2016
Best Wax I have ever used
I was skeptical at first mainly because of the price. How can a wax be that much different? I purchased after reading all the reviews and I can say that I am happy I did. I have a red car and I have never been happy with the shine. This wax brings out the shine and depth. Incredible difference this makes. Also the easiest wax I have ever used. Wipe on and wipe off immediately. No waiting to dry or haze. It was so easy I waxed the car again the next morning. Can't wait to try this on my black car.
ProsEase of use, shine, depth.
ConsPrice at first, but once you realize how little you use, it is worth it. This can will last me years.
By Adam
Boston, MA
June 1, 2016
Never stains
I personally think that this is the best paste wax available. The only experience I've had with it is using my buffer and I can't imagine using anything else. Everything you've heard and read about this wax is true. Don't be concerned about the cost, The tub will last you a good long time.
Pros For me it was never having to worry about staining plastic components.
ConsThere is none.
By Ralph
June 1, 2016
Best wax I've used
Easy on,easy off. And no anoying white residue left anywhere. Must try to believe. I've tried lots but I've now finally found my wax. Price per app is fully worth it!
ProsSee above
ConsSee above...none really
By Len Walch
North Idaho
May 30, 2016
Deep and brilliant shine as advertised.
By Gio
Jersey city, NJ
May 30, 2016
This wax overall is the best i used so far within the other competitive price range. I definitely would buy another one again.
By Otto
Eagle, Idaho
May 18, 2016
I had to get another jar, the last jar I have is just about kapoot.
ProsSeems to work great.
ConsNone that I have found.
By Mark
Honolulu, Hawaii
May 13, 2016
Even on White
Although it has been stated that this works great on dark colors, I'd say even on white cars it looks and feels great. Easy to apply and buff. You can still see its depth, so even if you have a white car, I'd highly recommend this wax. I also lasts long too. I live in Hawaii with strong sun and ocean spray, this wax helps protect my cars.
ProsEasy to apply Looks fantastic even on white Actually rather inexpensive, ok high priced? There are many others that cost more.
ConsNone so far
By Chris St. Germain
Huntsville , Alabama
May 9, 2016
Simply the best carnuba wax I've ever used!
I've won 3 best paint, along with best of show awards using this wax. This stuff really makes dark colors deeper & darker with gloss that only other carnuba waxes dream of. Apply this over your favorite sealant & you too will transform your daily driver to show car status!
ProsApplies & wipes off incredibly easy! Second to none on depth & gloss!
By Dan Ruhe
Johnstown, PA
April 14, 2016
This stuff is incredible
A new customer of mine bought a new 2016 Z06 Corvette, he was unhappy with the dealer prep. Knowing this was not the usual daily driver that I'm use to working on I turned to Autogeek and decided to give Pinnacle Souveran a try. The result is just incredible, when the owner arrived to pick up his car he was literally jumping up and down. As a result, within twelve hours I have received six inquiries from prospective new customers.
ProsEasy to apply, easy to remove. The process goes quick. The end result is simply amazing
ConsI didn't experience any
By Trevor
March 12, 2016
Quite simply the best car polish on the planet
Pinnacle Souverain Paste Wax wipes on like butter and polishes off easily to give a liquid crystal 3D finish like no other polish. Your car's paint will have a whole new dimension of depth. Worth every cent!
ProsEasy to apply and buff off. Gives a superb finish.
By Scott
March 4, 2016
worth every penny
Yes, the shine is great. If it better than waxes 1/2 the price is another issue. The truly incredible benefit is that this is the easiest wax to apply and remove that I have ever used. Not only is it easy to use, it takes an incredibly small amount to get the first class finish we all want. My last jar lasted 3 years and I wax monthly during the nice weather.
Prosease of use small amount needed for excellent results shine
By Patty
Miami, Florida
February 17, 2016
Awesome product!
Amazing results. Liquid shine/reflection. Will buy again for sure.
ProsFast application and removal.
ConsExpensive but worth it.
By Paul
Los Angeles
February 16, 2016
Glass-like Polish
Gave this to my father, a veteran of many different polishes and waxes, he described it as extremely easy to apply and take off. He said the finish as glass-like, and while it did not remove a deep scratch in his paint, he said it minimized it, making it less annoying. He thought having a few extra sponges on hand to apply it was a good idea, but he said a tiny bit went a long way. He described a heavy snowfall as "avoiding" his car. I had bought some number 7 from Meguirs, but I want to use this next.
Proseasy to apply, the finish, large jar, clear instructions.
Consprice is higher than most
By Brent Nutt
Houston, Texas
December 12, 2015
This stuff is awesome. The application is very very smooth and easy.
By Brian in Rancho
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
October 27, 2015
I have never used a wax this good. Goes on like soft butter and stays soft (i.e. easy to buff off) on the car for 5-10 minutes. This makes it a breeze to wipe off, even after waxing the entire hood or other large surface. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny as the shine is amazing.
ProsHigh gloss shine that gives my red car a surreal depth.
ConsUnfortunately, this high gloss shine readily attracts the oily and sometimes dirty fingerprints of toddlers and some teenagers
By Darryl
Calgary, AB
September 29, 2015
Love it.
I do love the results using pinnacle souveran paste wax. It is easy to apply and does an amazing job.
ProsEasy to apply. Great results Smells great
ConsPrice is kind of obscene - but i just reordered some.
By mike cinelli
westchester county ny
August 12, 2015
It's all they say it is!
I just tried it this morning. It was so easy to use even a caveman could do it! It went on smooth and came off with no effort at all. worth every penny.
By Robert Lorizio
Halifax, Ma
June 15, 2015
Great Wax!!
Best wax I ever used. Went on nice came off nice. Washed car 4 times after and water still beads off. Most I ever spent for wax but worth it.
By Bryan
Minneapolis, MN
April 26, 2015
New adopter
It's all been said, but I wanted to highlight the value (for me) in the fact that it doesn't stain trim. Nothing ruins an afternoon of detailing like finding a bunch of white residue on your trim the next day. Great product. I would only caution that I've seen claims of waxing in 25mins. I don't think I could get complete coverage and buff off in under 45 mins on a mid-size sedan (535i).
By jeff k
April 18, 2015
Everything you read is true
Used a lot of high end products over the years and read about Pinnacle products and thought I would give them a try. I had to justify the price by telling myself its only $4.00 per application considering there are 25 applications or so per can. Car looks like it belongs in a show, ridiculous depth,clarity and pop on my victory red Z06. Justify the cost! I did use the Pinnacle polish before the wax and after clay barring.
ProsShow car finish, no contest between meguiars and Adams...
By Tom
February 12, 2015
Excellent Product
I was impressed with the ease of application and the resulting shine. Also, pleased with the fact that the wax could be applied with a buffer. The jury is still out in terms of its duration since this is the first time this wax has been used on my truck.
ProsSmall amount required to do the job. Ease of application. Can buff immediately after application. Way above average results. This is a "no fuss" product.
ConsNone at present.
By rlmccarty2000
fitzgerald, GA
February 6, 2015
One of the Best
As a long time paste wax user I feel this is the top of the line for a non polymer pure carnuba. You will be hard pressed to find a better wax no matter how much you pay. Buy it, try it and you will be hooked.
Proseasy wipe on wipe off Layers beautifully The shine baby, the shine Does not stain rubber No white residue
Consabsolute none
By chris
January 11, 2015
pinnacle souveran paste wax
very easy to apply awesome shine average lasting 2 to 3 months costly
By John
January 4, 2015
Best wax I have use do date
ProsBuff with a machine after removal of wax with a terry cloth produces a awesome gloss. Three coats like that on the hood and pow ! Game on
By Craig
Charlotte NC
December 3, 2014
What a great product
Yes....it was expensive. But I am actually considering buying another container of it just so it doesn't disappear from the Autogeek lineup. The ease with which this wax goes on and off makes it a pleasure to use. I usually do a couple of panels every time I get done washing my cars as it glides on so easily and just wipes off. But it leaves a fantastic, slick covering and is very durable as well. It makes washing the cars so much easier as dirt really doesn't stick to the paint very well. I have a 2014 Gotta Have It Green Boss 302 Mustang and this makes the pearl in that paint just sparkle. My wife has a 2013 Ford SHO with the Performance Package in Midnight Black Pearl and OMG...what this wax does to this dark paint. I clayed it, polished it, and then applied this wax and I had neighbors stopping to look at it. I would recommend this for ANY dark vehicle especially but it is great all around in its durability and ease of application. 3 Thumbs UP!!
By Boyd
plymouth ohio
November 5, 2014
pinnacle souveran past wax
This product is outstanding. Easy to apply and buff of with soft cloths. Can feel it remove grit and shines like glass. It needs up when it rains and doesn't leave rain drop residue. Since this is first use weighting for longevity.
By amk
October 29, 2014
wax like butter
goes on super easy like butter and buffs off even better
Prosgreat shine, easy application and removal
Conscost is steep
By David Sepke
United States
October 12, 2014
By far the best wax I've ever used in my 63 years
Wipe it on buff it off that simple.leaves a unbelievable shine!!
Long Island
August 9, 2014
When your wife notices your on to something
I have been a car guy for years and years. Always kept my cars waxed (Various Z4's every week, various 335/435's every two weeks). They always looked good. I decided to try Pinnacle Souveran just for a change. My wife came down just after I finished the 2015 Metallic Grey Z4 3.5is and she said the car never looked so good. She said the car looked like glass. I had her 2014 435xi (Melbourne Red) waxed by someone. This detailer loved the wax and said the car now looked like a women's nails that had just been done. Even my 7 year old granddaughter said what a shinny car. The 435 was parked and someone came over to me and said this car is amazing. That being said it all comes down to this. When a women notices that the finish on her car is so much better than before and to make sure her car is waxed with this wax and not the other brand you're on to something.
ConsNone.........Worth every penny.
By Paul Schade
Levittown, pa
July 31, 2014
Finally got as a gift
My 02 jetta is my pride and joy. I'm 61 and have been detailing cars for years. Only carnuba but could never bring myself to spend the money for the good stuff. Kids got together and got me an 8 oz as a gift. Greatest gift ever! See the difference as soon as I applied it. I'm sold.
ProsSimply the best

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