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By william t.
Pinnacle black label paint coating
November 12, 2020
This product is the very best, easy to apply and wipe off, I have used this on my yellow 2016 mustang very easy to use, lasts a long time, repels dirt and bugs. Great for any car or truck.
By Scott
Fishers, IN
Very Happy with this product
June 19, 2020
Used as a base coating on my 2006 Toyota Prius based on a recommendation from Mike Phillips. I definitely was not disappointed in the product. Layed down a nice coat that I was able to buff off really quickly. The difference in smooth was amazing. The shine was good, but it really popped when I added the PBL Diamond Surface Coating.
ProsWent on nice and smooth Had a good glass shine, only made better by the Surface Coating A little goes a LONG WAY Easy to buff off
ConsExpensive, so only get on sale Can only go over clear coated panels
By Ted
Rochester, MN
Excellent Product
August 24, 2019
Long lasting paint protection and shine even on a daily driver in Minnesota's hostile winery climate. Correct preparation of all surfaces is very important but when done correctly and with proper maintenance this product will last at least a couple of years.
ProsLong lasting, easy to apply
ConsAttention to detail when preparing surface for the application is a must.
By Bryan
Lorain, OH
Great gloss and water beading!
August 5, 2019
This coating has great slickness and added gloss. Apply in shade and cool temperature. Very forgiving if you haven't leveled it correctly as you can keep wiping and the high spots remove easily. Refrigerate the bottle and you will get more time on the solvent from flashing. We shall see on longevity
Prosgreat slickness added gloss easy on and easy off
Conscould use a more stable solvent for longer working time for the average joe.
By Douglas
Hampshire, Illinois
Nice system. Great results
June 22, 2018
I installed this coating two months ago, so longevity is yet to be determined. I went with the PBL system because of it's claimed and reviewed ease of use. It was very hot in my garage when I applied the coating, and it flashed much faster than I would like. I wanted to work the coating until it would self level, but after two passes, the coating was hard. I'm sure it would have been different in a cooler environment. One word of warning about this coating- it not only won't hide scratches, it almost seems to amplify them, especially when first applied. Make sure your paint is completely to your satisfaction before coating it. This isn't a knock on the product, because I think most coatings do this. The coating actually looked better three weeks after application than it did a few hours after. The best part is the hydrophobicity of the coating. Very impressive. I don't mind rainy days, because at speeds over 30 mph, the water beads march like soldiers over my hood. I have noticed some light water spotting if drops are allowed to bake in the sun, but the PBL detailer easily glosses over these, and I use it as a drying aid. If you are on the fence about trying a coating, don't hesitate to try the Pinnacle. Like every Pinnacle product I've used, it meets or exceeds my expectations, and the "Wow Factor" eases any buyer's remorse after use.
ProsAmazing "candied glass" shine that only gets better with full cure after several weeks. Easy application. Excellent water beading. The "Self Cleaning Effect" is not a myth! Hydrophobicity makes drying with a blower fast and easy.
ConsIt's not cheap, especially when you add the cost of prep polish. Surface must be perfectly clean to apply. (not much of a "con", just a caveat!). It makes swirls you missed and RIDS stand out, especially when first applied. Must (In my opinion) be applied in cool conditions.
By Richard
Medford, MA
Expensive, on its second year
September 9, 2017
Did a test vehicle my black 2015 Z-71 Silverado last year. Comparing it to my 2005 Black Silverado daily which has the standard paint correction, clay and Griots wax every year. you can definetly see a difference in the "brightness and depth" of the paint before and after washing on the 15. The 05 shows the expected cloudiness and graying down from air pollution etc where as the 15 just shines through. Impressed enough that this year pulled the trigger on the rest of the fleet did my kids SUVs 03 Drk blue metallic, Blazer, 06 Silver blue, Trailblazer and my 98 maroon metallic, Silverado. All have received the yearly paint correction or over all Griots 3 or 4 then claying and waxing. The 98 has received this treatment since new and comments are almost daily about the quality of the paint. I am top coating this year with Griots Best of Wax on the rest and trying Pinnacle Series II on the 15. Before the top coating the others their paint just pops with that glass look. May try glazing on a few spots on the older vehicles though they say it may not 'stick'.
ProsNot a slick feeling surface, but looks like glass and everything floats off with a simple wash. Water and soap actually bead up and slide off car. Water beading up nicely still even after a year. I re-applied a second coat after a year and will continue to so I can't speak to the 3 yr longetivity. Top coating this year getting a nice deep carnuaba type shine will see how long the top coat lasts compared to with or without the diamond coating underneath.
ConsDoesn't cover as many applications as advertised. not even close. extremely fast flash off time, really need under 80 degrees to apply easily or work really small areas and buff quickly. Although I like the Black Label Surface cleaner polish thats recommended its over-priced also. Also the pump on the bottle usually doesn't work 1 out of 3 bottles didn't work (lost half a bottles contents because of that, pump stuck open). Plus I really think the 'polish" is so fine not to make a difference. Save some money or elbow grease, I've use Griots paint prep and Blackfire crystal coat paint prep. Both are an easy wipe on wipe off product. and if the paint needs any polish or correction use an advanced swirl polish remover like Blackfire, Pinnacle or Griots #4 before the paint prep.
By Kody
San Diego, CA
Tested, and works as advertised.
January 27, 2017
I do not have v.2, but the first version of this. I can tell for this stuff works as advertised. I applied it on my VW Golf when I bought it brand new back in the beginning of 2014. After almost 3yrs the coating is finally starting to degrade, but that's mainly on the roof, and the C pillars. I can tell because the water doesn't bead up as much as it used to there. If anyone is complaining about this sealant, its because they are not following the directions. It is key that you prep the paint so it is as clean as possible. I used the Black Label cleansing lotion as recommended for prep and I can understand why. The lotion cleans the paint extremely well so use it. Also when applying the sealant make sure you follow the directions exactly how it tells you to. When you apply it with an applicator pad, it is key that you continually rub it in until it drys on its own. Then you can do a gentle buff with a microfiber. (Do not) just spray it and spread it around and then proceed to buff with a microfiber (this isn't a waterless wash spray). If you have a little patience and do it right your efforts will payoff. Cleaning the car after the sealant cured was a breeze. Because of the hydrophobic properties of the coating, nothing likes to stick to it. So when it comes time to do your regular hand wash its fast and easy. Happy detailing!
Pros-Highly resilient to fallout and bird droppings -Water beading is excellent. -Super easy to clean the car once the coating has cured. -The shine quality I would say is above average for a sealant. -Durable, not as easy to scratch for sure.
Cons-Getting the paint as clean as possible is key, but time consuming (this applies to any coating though) -Expensive -Leveling or (high spots) can be an issue. I'm assuming that's part of the reason for v.2 because it can dry quickly when you're not quite finished applying. Can be fixed with a light buff of a microfiber, but its not always easy to spot if you have light colored paint. On the flip side, on dark colored paint its noticeable if the coating is not level.
By Joe
Western PA
Easy to Use, but is is really better than a sealant or wax?
October 31, 2016
I used this on my 2014 Stingray (black) with great results and was super easy to apply. I first prepped the car with Carpro Essence, and applied this coating 2 days later. I know this may not be the "standard" prep, but I've read from several members that it works great on top of Essence, and decided to give it a try. It flashes almost instantly and as a result, I used way more than I expected to. Every panel took multiple sprays with each spray only spreading a short distance before "disappearing" on the paint. I found it very difficult to tell what was covered and what wasn't due to the almost instant flashing of the product. With that said, I did the whole car in less than an hour. I applied it indoors with low humidity and temp about 70-75 degrees F. I found the following day when I backed it into the sunlight there were several streaks that buffed away easily with a clean microfiber towel. I have not topped it with anything, as that seems to be counterproductive to using a coating in the first place. If it holds up for years as advertised i'll be amazed, but to be honest it's so easy to apply, I will simply add another layer if beading starts to diminish. I'm also curious to see how it does against scratching and micromarring. I am skeptical it will prevent any of this any more than a sealant or wax, but time will tell.
ProsEasy to use, "high spots" buff out easily. Really seems pretty idiot proof.
By Santiago S.
great product
March 5, 2016
Very easy to use and the next day i topped it of with pinnacle black label synergy wax and the result was excellent the shine and depth and the way the light bounces was out of this world even the carbon fiber body parts shined like 3 dimension. I recommend this product one of the easiest coating i ever used i hope the durability would last as long as the coating thats in a syringe type like optimum gloss coat or wolfgang ceramic coating but so far it lokks good.
ProsEasy way to coat you vehicle Excellent result in shine
By John
Santa Barbara
February 10, 2016
Have done most protection systems from the Meguires 3 way of the 70's to the Menzernas of the millinieum as well as optiseal, and net shield. This is the best as long as your careful and put it on correctly.
By kenneth m.
anderson sc
Reflective surface
August 3, 2015
Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Coating Makes the finish look like a diamond! Be sure to read "Black Label Diamond Coating Application Guide" and your good to go.
By Sean
Seattle, WA
Great gloss and shine
May 18, 2015
Wow, talk about easy to use! Aside from the product flashing fairly quickly, which requires work be done in small sections at a time to avoid high spots, this is the best coating product I've used. The finish, while maybe not as slick as some sealants and waxes, is very smooth and even. Great levels of gloss, and I noticed an added depth to the paint as I applied it. The only judgment I can't offer is on how well water beads and sheets as the car likely will never be driven in the rain, but washing should be much easier.
ProsSuper easy process to use. A little goes a long way. I used 1/5 of a bottle on a 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T, not a small car.
ConsFlashes pretty quickly, so applying in small sections is a must and makes it take twice as long as I thought it should.
By robert
nazareth pa
great shine but
July 10, 2014
doesn't leave that super slick feel like the regular paint sealants or waxes I found bugs wher more likely to stick so the shine is second to none but was disappointed that it didn't leave that slippery paint feeling
Prosmirror finish
Consdoesn't leave as smooth feel to the paint as other sealents
By Adam
Amazingly gloss
June 29, 2014
It was made very clear that this product is awesome but a little pricey...I will only use it for high paying customer.---
By Bryan N.
Phoenix, Arizona
Simply Amazing!!!
April 24, 2014
I will start by saying the finished product is simply amazing!!! I have never seen my black A6 have such a mirror finish. I took photo's of my garage ceiling in the hood because I was so amazed with the reflection With the light reflectivity you can't even tell it is a reflection on a black hood!! I followed up with some BlackFire BlackIce wax but I almost believe this might have diminished the shine a bit, as hard as that is to believe. My photo's below are pre- BlackIce. (oh and forgive my trashed garage-it's on my list to clean it) Now for the caveats: Since this is alcohol based, applying it in Phoenix even in the spring means that I would be lucky to get 3 midsize cars worth out of this bottle due to the evaporation rate. I wish Pinnacle wouldn't pull the old EPA type mileage trick of saying you can do "up to" 15 cars. My bottle has a little over half left after applying it to my 2012 Audi A6. Before anyone chimes in and says I was using too much, I expected that the area I was applying it to should look wet at least for a second. It would evaporate quickly as I was spreading two sprays worth around and required very little buffing of noticeable residue so I wouldn't say I was using too much. Regardless, I would easily pay $30 for a paint sealant job that lasts three years so time will tell if the cost of this is worthwhile in that regard. One other person described this like applying RainX and I would say that is a good description. It is truly effortless!!! It is easier than applying any wax I've used including the excellent Pinnacle Sovereign. I also can't understate the importance of using a claybar and the Pinnacle Black cleansing polish prior to applying the Diamond Paint Coating.
ProsShine not bested by any other product I have used. Makes for a mirror reflection that goes deep into the paint 3 dimensionally. Stupid easy to apply and requires less effort than any wax I've tried including Pinnacle Sovereign Paste Wax.
ConsPinnacles estimate of how far the product goes. Product evaporates quickly in dry environments. Vehicle must be very cool to avoid wasting product.
By Richard
San Diego, CA
Best paint coating!
April 11, 2014
I was glad to see an AMERICAN company come out with a paint coating, and it goes without saying that I was convinced it would be great before I even purchased the Diamond Paint Coating by Pinnacle! I bought a bottle along with the surface cleansing polish and I am truly blown away by the results. I've used every coating out there and the Pinnacle is by far the easiest and most forgiving. If you apply it too thick, not a problem! If you apply it too thin, simple spray more on. The surface is slicker than anything else I've ever used. The gloss is incredible as well. I've done my car, my wife's car, daughter's suv, father-in-law's truck, and I still have about half a bottle left. SUPER!
By Sean
February 28, 2014
This was my first time using a so-called "coating" and I'll be the first to tell you that I was skeptical. WOW WOW WOW! Simply outstanding. I applied Diamond Paint Coating to my 2011 EVO and I have never seen the paint look this glossy or wet. The product goes on clear and "levels" out without any effort. My only regret is that I should have purchased the entire kit because now I'm convinced. 4 ounces for $80 is a heck of a bargain in the world of coatings. Pinnacle knocked another one out of the park!

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