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By John
A real glass cleaner
December 22, 2020
This is the absolute best glass cleaner I’ve ever had the honor of using. This makes glass absolutely clean and clear as if there isn’t even glass there. Although it streaks a tad bit, I always use the other side of my microfiber to clean the rest off. This is the best glass cleaner I’ve ever used. I have to keep this glass cleaner in the garage as my wife would use it for all the mirrors in the house (absolutely great for home glass also). Highly recommend for any clean glass folks.
ProsCrystal clear windows. Best glass cleaner. Good water repellant.
ConsWater repellant can last longer.
By Nate
DeForest, WI
Best I've used
January 27, 2020
I absolutely love this glass cleaner. I've used a few others and would purchase this every time if I have the option. The 32 Oz bottle is a bit big to wield around the vehicle, but I'd rather have more than less.
ProsAwesome cleaner. Doesn't stink. Easy on, easy off.
This is amazing stuff!
October 14, 2019
I have had other glass cleaners and have never really been satisfied. I just recently got the crystal clear glass cleaner and it is amazing. I cleaned a part of my windshield, inside and out to have a before and after comparison. I was surprised that my window was actually clean! This stuff works and after I saw the results, I got excited to clean the rest of the glass. I did my truck and the wife's car. If you want a glass cleaner that works, get this stuff.
Prosdoesn't streak, cleans amazing
By jeffrey
erie, PA
pinnacle crystal clear glass cleaner with water repellent
August 14, 2019
very good produce it does a good job of cleaning you interior windows very well,great produce
By Leo
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Great stuff !!
July 12, 2019
This stuff is GREAT !!!
By Michael
Monroe, NJ
Simply the best!
March 3, 2019
Not only do I use this on my cars, but on every glass and mirror surface in my house. Nothing I have ever tried cleans as well and as easily.
ProsEasy to use. Spray on - wipe off. No lingering streaks or spots.
By Boz
Great glass cleaner
November 30, 2018
Cleans glass better than any store bought cleaners that I have found. A little pricey but worth it. Use every couple of weeks. Makes cleaning easy after first application.
By Susan
Great product
March 28, 2018
Actually works and the water beads and rolls off the windshield very well.
By Thomas
Worth the money
October 12, 2016
Windows look like they are not there Wipers work great Easy to apply
By ScottH
Can't streak even if you wanted it to :-)
December 20, 2015
As other have said below, this IS among the very best glass cleaners available. Of the 15+ I've tried in my time, this is the best I've ever used. I received the bottle Saturday from AGO just in time for a 2007 Jaguar detail that same day. The UPS driver actually made the delivery while I was doing the car. Needless to say, this cleans glass like no other and I found it impossible to create streaks. It's THAT good. I then applied it to my wife's Audi later that day, and while driving to/from a Christmas party later that night, it became even more apparent how good this product is. The window looked as if it wasn't there. Seeing there has been no rain yet, I can't comment on the repellent abilities (yet), but if it repels even half as well as it cleans, then I'd be more than happy.
Pros- Cleans amazingly well - Leaves absolutely NO streaking behind
Cons- Absolutely none.
By David B.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
I can see clearly now
March 17, 2015
I recently purchased Pinnacle Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner and applied it to my '03 daily driver with 100K+ miles. Wow - wipe on, wipe off. Looks incredible. Followed it up with the Pinnacle Glass Protectant - a little goes a long way - I'm sold!
By Justin
New Philadelphia, Ohio
January 23, 2015
I sprayed a quick 3 coats on my FRS and i was a big rainex user but holy cow. Right as i hit 25-28 mph my entire windshield was instantly clean. Its been 3 weeks in ohio and i have yet to use my windshield whippers.
ProsAbsolutely amazing at repelling water/rain/snow.
By Chuck
Cypress, TX
Worth the money
October 17, 2014
A glass cleaner that actually works!
By Kyle
Hilton Head, SC
Best Glass Cleaner I've Ever Used!
September 11, 2014
I cannot say enough good things about this product! This stuff is truly streak free and people have commented that my windshield looks brand new after using it! Immediately after wiping it off after spreading it you will notice hazy spots everywhere and your heart will sink but then a second later like magic everything disappears to a literally crystal clear piece of glass! The added rain repellent is my favorite part. Water hits my windshield and just flies off! I drove home from work the other day in the rain and didn't even turn on my wipers once.
ProsStreak free! Awesome cleaning ability, impressive rain repellent, and easy to use.
By mike
July 31, 2014
This is the best glass cleaner on the market in my experience. Its by far the easiest to use and produce great results. Most glass cleaners have no problem cleaning and degreasing glass. The area they struggle in is removing the toweling and wiping marks when finished. I cant believe it took manufacturers this long to get the problem. They just keep making stronger and stronger glass cleaners, that flash faster thinking this will resolve the problem. but it wont. It actually makes them harder to use by their own design. Let me explain. Removing dirt and oil is easy. The problem is removing your footprints or evidence of doing so. The more you degrease glass, the grippier it becomes. So in the case where you are actually able to remove the wiping marks, the next problem arises in leaving lint while doing so. Even specifically designed glass towels struggle in this area. A few years back I posted my resolution for this problem on AGO, and I was hoping that manufacturers were listening. The solution is to follow up a glass degreaser (or cleaner) with a product that has some protection or slick properties to it. the most trouble free product I was able to find to complete this task was a light dilution of rinse free wash in a spray bottle. When you use a product like this on glass it will fill in the pores and leave a level surface on the glass that is no longer grippy. Making wiping up toweling marks easily WHILE NOT LEAVING LINT BEHIND. This turned glass cleaning into a 2 step, 2 product process. But even with the added chemical and time this was still easier and more foolproof than the traditional way. It was a surefire way of knowing your glass would be perfect without having to check in direct sunlight at just the right angles. Now keep in mind, some companys have produced products that will do this very same thing (stoners with rain repellent). the only issue is they are ONLY recommended for exterior glass. This makes me believe that this product was designed not to make glass cleaning easier, but to simply protect the window. So when Pinnacle came out with this product the first thing I looked for is if they designed it for interior use. Which they did. At that point I knew this cleaner was produced NOT for the rain repellent effect (as how much rain do you get on the interior ??) but for ease of use. I was thrilled to see this and very happy Pinnacle listened to our feedback on the forum (there was a glass cleaning thread that went on for months and had about 30 pages of posts discussing this topic). I purchased the product and it did not let down. It works great and gives perfect results every time no matter how bad your technique is. thank you Pinnacle !!!
By Richard
Fantastic Product
June 1, 2013
Purchased this product to try it out. Everything it says about it on the website is true. Never before have I cleaned auto glass so easily with little and no effort......streak free and crystal clear. After using this product, I threw away all other glass cleaning products I have purchased in the past.
By Kevin M.
April 26, 2013
My favorite glass cleaner, hate doing glass but this stuff makes it a breeze!

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