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By Drew
Best Product Ever!
August 24, 2012
I use this after I wash my vehicle between waxes and it is absolutely amazing. It extends the life of my wax greatly and practically makes my car look like I get it waxed every two weeks. Love it!
By vinnie
motorcycle saver
June 8, 2012
great on painted and chrome surfaces....don't have to worry about buffing in the tight areas and donesn't leave a resido on the black stuff......awsume, makes it so easy to polish my Harley........................
By spardavr4
Best detailing spray I've used
May 14, 2012
Got this along with pinnacle SSII in a packaged deal. The smell of this spray is awesome, smells just like coconuts. Cleans off really quickly and leaves little to no streaks. Flashes off relatively quickly and leaves your paint silky smooth while bringing the shine of your coat of wax back to how it looked when it was applied for the first time.
By rick e.
Magic Sauce
April 8, 2012
OK. Let me jump on this band wagon. I ran out of clay lubricant and decided to give this a shot. I know it's way overkill for claying..but to set the paint up for waxing it worked as a clay lubricant and wax prep. It had been a year since i bought the car but the results produced a shine superior to the day I bought it. I'm hooked.
By Myles S.
Best I've used so far
February 18, 2012
Before this, I swore by Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer spray, but now I swear by Pinnacle Crystal Mist. Compared to most other detailers, this detailer really has a 'pampering' touch to my paint. The formula just seems thicker and more effective on the paint. It makes my old Meguiar's detailer seem like little more than soapy water. This gives a great glossy finish to my paint after using Pinnacle's SIgnature Series II. As much as I love this, I tried out Pinnacle's Spray wax and it just doesn't seem to nourish the paint like the Crystal Mist detail spray does. I would recommend sticking with the Crystal Mist spray if you were considering buying their spray wax. Overall, excellent product! I'm a customer for life!
By Dave
November 29, 2011
If you think it's expensive buy it by the gallon. I did and this stuff rocks. Although it's the only pinnacle product I use, this is really great stuff.
By Steve B.
It really is...
November 26, 2011
Ok, so I found this in one of my orders and tossed it in the trunk thinking "Eh, i'm sure i'll use it for something". Little did I know just how good this stuff works!!! My M3 sees real world conditions and so gets dirty. Once I ran out of Pinnacle, I grabbed some Mothers... ugh, awful in comparison. Then tried some classic Meguire's, and some NXT, and some others.... What the heck, nothing delivered even close to the results of this Crystal Mist stuff !?! The other reviews here solidified that I wasn't hallucinating; and that this product was hands down easier to use, did not streak like others, an delivered a rich shine on even a soiled surface after its lifts road soil. The price is steep, but the results are sublime. Now that i think about it, it does smell nice too. You WILL like this quick detailer. Another Autogeek product that has me coming back.
By Nathan H.
April 6, 2011
This stuff works very well! I use it pretty heavy and it serves pretty well as a waterless cleaner, though its not labeled as that. (My car is rarely washed as its driven on nice days only.) Does not streak, and finishes very well. Oh yea, smells nice too- but that goes without saying with pinnacle!
By Mike K.
Worth the Price
June 26, 2010
I have used this over DP Max Wax with great results. Brilliant shine with no streaks what so ever. Nice scent doesn't hurt either. One bottle should last one or two years (I've only had mine for around two months so this is a guess). If you want you car to keep looking like a million bucks then get Crystal Mist.
August 24, 2009
By Matt
Must have spray
May 25, 2009
I've used at least five different products and continue to come back to Crystal Mist. Use this product as a final step to your cash washing routine. You won't be disappointed. Three squirts will do the entire hood of your car, so don't use too much!
By Nick
March 14, 2009
Pricey but great product! Left a nice wet shine after applying this on my black camaro and red corvette. Good for after washing or removing light dust.
By AL417
QD on Red
May 30, 2007
I use this on my red truck and it gives a boost to the existing wax. You can use it as a QD and as a quick mist when applying wax. Ive used other QD's but this one is my favorite.
By Wolfpacker92
The perfect companion
May 27, 2007
This is the perfect quick detailer for me. I use it regularly between waxes of Signature Series II and Sauveran and it makes a beautiful car even shinier.
By Bambo2888
Use it everyday!
April 26, 2007
What can I say? This is my favorite product from Pinnacle. Before class everyday, I give my car a quick detail with crystal mist to remove the dust from sitting overnight and bring back the "just waxed" look. Likewise, I find this product to extend the durability of my coat of carnauba wax.
By Greg 3.
August 2, 2006
After a Pinnacle wax job, this stuff will ikeep the car looking totally perfect with very little effort. I've used a lot of QDs and have been moderatley satisfied with a few of them, but this Crystal Mist stuff is UNBELIEVABLE. I don't care what you do wrong - if the finish is hot, in direct sun, or even wet - spray this on and wipe it off (use microfiber and turn often) for instant perfection. I hate just about everything, but I love this stuff. Pricey? Very, but it is worth every penny!!
By James W.
The Ultimate QD or Spary Wax
March 22, 2006
Absolutly incredible, Crystal Mist is the Pinnacle of all QD and spray waxes. Crystal can be used as a standalone product , or as life enhancing agent for all of your fine waxes. Truely the ultimate product in its class!

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