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By Rob
Long Island, NY
September 1, 2017
VS Pinnacle Signature
I use Pinnacle Signature Series II as a point of reference. The Pinnacle goes on more like "butter" and is a bit "harder" and stiff in the can. Leave the can in light sunlight and the buttery texture is obtainable (and maybe after you get a cm. deep in the can). I did get more clumps of wax than I prefer. Comes off the car quite easily, whether you let it harden pretty long or wipe it off a panel at a time. Some people have been saying that it "goes on thin." I think I disagree. Much like Pinnacle, I find myself sucking through about 1/3-1/4 a can on a car. Maybe it's a user-error and I'm applying too much, but that's my take. I must say, while I don't prefer the application to Pinnacle, I do prefer the results. Quite a shine! And when you factor in the price, it's a steal. At first I liked the smell, smelled like coconut in the can. As I applied it, it began to smell like vanilla to me. My wife said coconut, but I smelled Vanilla...and I got kinda sick of it. This wax handles application in direct sunlight much better than Pinnacle. I found that it wasn't a nuisance for any of the surfaces of my car...got some on windows, trim, chrome, matte plastic parts of my car's nose, really shiny trim on the b-pillar, etc. Wiped right off. I might apply this to the whole car next time and then just wipe it all off. I don't think hardening will cause any problems.
ProsCheap, great end result, buffs off so easily regardless of wait time, not a nuisance for any types of surfaces it hit, plastic can makes me not hesitate to rest it on my car, great with all levels of sunlight (haven't tried it in blasting heat though).
ConsNot my smell preference, I suck through a can very quickly, a tiny bit more clumpy than I like, not as "buttery" out of the can as some others- but some sunlight helps it.
By Paul W
Los Angeles
February 5, 2017
interesting finish
I used this over blackfire's carnuba which is pretty soft, and this gave it a pretty great feel, slick but not waxy. I think this is a great finishing wax, once your paint is sealed. my jar seemed on the dry side, not sure if that is common with this brand of wax, and it seemed like it took more work to get a decent amount on a pad. Buffed off pretty smoothly.
Prosfinish, smell.
Conswax seemed dry to me, hard to see hazing on light car
By Wes Adams
South Texas
October 23, 2015
Goes on easy, smells great!
This is the first wax I have ever used. Applying the wax was simple, and removing it was not a problem either! It holds up very well in the rain and the beading is gorgeous. The shine and clarity that came from the wax is also a plus. This wax definitely lasted around 6 weeks on my daily driver that is stored outside.
ProsEasy to apply/remove Smells great Nice shine Can apply and immediately wipe off (no curing)
By madmax
Pittsburgh, PA
March 27, 2014
Easy on and off. Long lasting real wax, that lasts about 3 month for me.
One of the best "real" wax (unlike synthetic), that applies easily, and lasts pretty long for a Carnuba. Always great selection, prices and fast shipping from autogeek. Don't waste your time with other online vendors.
ProsEasy application, and buffing.
ConsNone I can think of.
By Tom
December 10, 2011
First Paste
This stuff is awesome! It goes on like butter and spreads and spreads and spreads some more. Couldn't believe how thin of a coat I could achieve by hand. Once it dries and you "break" the wax open it comes off as easily as it applies!
By Perfections
November 26, 2011
Great for the cost, last a little longer then 3 months, looks great, great water spot protection, easy on/off, good smell, doesnt attract dust, looks wet especially on black.
By Adam
July 25, 2011
A must have for your Car Care Arsenal
What a great wax! Layered this after thoroughly prepping the paint and waxing with Collinite's insulator wax. Goes on easy, comes off easy. Not fussy at all. Immaculate, wet, deep, reflective shine.
By Brian G.
May 2, 2007
Great 'nauba!
Much like its twin Natty's Blue, this is a great carnauba wax. I love the look/depth Natty's brings me. I use this specifically for lighter colors and metallic finishes. It produces a nice pop. Go ahead, layer it on top of EX or EX-P for great looks and protection.
By Mike T
April 23, 2007
Another underrated wax
Fantastic finish. Slick, shiny reflection. Easy on/off.
By budman3
April 23, 2007
Just like Poorboy's slogan, not much money but what a shine!!!
By fred
March 31, 2007
Natty’s Paste Wax
great stuff
By walter
July 7, 2006
Excellent Results
I use it over Klasse on an Indigo Ink Pearl 2006 Tacoma. It is simply outstanding. The price cannot be beat.
By James Watkins
March 23, 2006
Great on all colors!!
One of the best values on the market. Unrivaled shine for dollar, let alone at any cost. Make for a great topper for ex, exp or any sealant you shine. It also offers the ability to be layer for extra dept ad protection! It is the best of all worlds!
By Holland_patrick
March 18, 2006
Excclent wax
Great wax for light colors, Very hard wax which lasts a long time and is very easy to use. buffs off with ease

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