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By Cody
Splendora, TX
Beautiful gloss finish
November 29, 2019
I have been using this product over and over through out the years as a topper wax after my polish and sealant and all I can say is wow does it my the gloss of your paint pop. It's easy to use and looks fantastic definitely recommend.
By Richard
Clyde, Ohio
Awesome shine.
September 22, 2019
Great shine and it's so easy to work with.
By Eric
Durable wax
June 3, 2019
I have been using P21S for about one month. Prior to the P21S I was using Pinnacle Signature Series II. Over the past 3 weeks we have experience a lot of rain in Maryland. While washing my vehicle I noticed that the water beaded up very nicely. I have applied three coats to my SUV and I am quite happy with the results. The P21S provides a glossy finish. This wax did not wipe as easy as the Pinnacle SS, so i decided to use my orbital buffer for a slick feel and nice shine.
Prosdurable glossy shine
ConsDo not leave the wax on a significant amount of time, you may experience that the wax requires a little elbow grease.
By Art
Williamsburg, VA
P21S 100% Carnauba Wax
April 19, 2019
Excellent wax and easy to apply. Important to use sparingly on surface. Buffing off may leave swirls if not done with machine. Nevertheless it's a great, long lasting hard wax. I'd buy it again without hesitation.
By Mystro
Central, PA
Outstanding "show winning" shine. Easy on-off.
March 1, 2019
I have been using P21 for a long time on everything from my Porsche 911 C4S, Ram Power Wagon, Harley Springer, etc... It is by far the best wax i have used. I have won many shows with the entire P21 system. The P21 100% Pure Carnauba is just as easy to use as the classic P21 wax with Beeswax. It goes on thin and easily. This one you can let dry and haze over for a few minutes. It comes off without any chalky/powder dust. I highly recommend using the P21 paint cleaner to set up your paint. No white staining on black plastic or rubber door seals. My latest new BMW X5 50i M-Sport in Carbon Black speaks for itself. Carbon Black is not a color for amature car care. The level of shine and depth is jaw dropping with the P21 Pure Carnauba.
ProsUnmatched shine and gloss. Easy application, No white chalky residue.
By Quadrifoglio
Westport, Connecticut
Believe the Hype! This is an amazing wax and a great value
September 28, 2018
I had read about P21S for several years and a neighbor told me the success he had with it and that convinced me to give it a try. I have been using Zymol for at least the past 15 years and had been happy with the results but P21s is a game changer. The ease of use is incredible. As long as the surface is not hot and you're in the shade, you just rub it on thoroughly and let it set for 2-15 minutes and then just wipe it off with a clean towel. No heavy rubbing of buffing. It glosses up instantly without streaks and NO CHALKING!! It is such a pleasure to not have to stay clear of trim and creases for fear of having to clean out caked-up residue. It is true thin-film technology and you need to keep track of proper overlapping where you have applied the wax because it does not haze over significantly and can be very difficult to see - especially on light colored cars. I also had to get used to how surprisingly little wax actually gets used. $60 for a small jar seemed like a splurge but I now see that I will likely get 30-40 complete waxes out of this jar. I've done my 1987 Alfa Spider (17 year old paint), 2003 Carrera (15 year old paint) and 2017 Range Rover Sport and have barely made a dent in the jar. The easy use also makes for quick touch-up waxing whereas I used to have to set aside some time to do a wax. As for gloss, it's always subjective based on car color and condition but the depth and clarity of the shine is superb. I just recently recommisioned my Alfa after eight years of storage and P21s brought back so much life to the paint. One guy stopped me in a parking lot to admire the car and asked "do you use the trunk lid as a mirror for shaving?" I put a second coat of wax on both the Alfa and Porsche for good measure and I cannot be happier with the results. It is as if I had new paint. I used the Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser prior to waxing. It was also very easy to use and I could feel the difference in surface drag before and after.
By John M.
Ramsey, NJ
Great deep shine with minimal effort
July 14, 2018
The P21S 100% Carnuba Wax requires a little more effort than their Concours Wax, and rewards the work with a deeper shine! Much easier than many other high end wax products with superior results.
Prosrelatively easy to apply with the included applicator and very easy to buff with a good quality microfibre cloth leaving a great shine with excellent depth.
By derrick
north carolina
4 years of experience using this wax
February 25, 2018
I started with the concour P21S carnauba wax which is not 100% carnauba and then upgraded to this 100% product and been using it for four years. At this point i can give a very accurate review of this product. It's easy to apply and remove almost all year round but it quickly turns to butter in the summer, but i guess that's the same for all carnauba. the shine result is excellent very sharp like glass and dry looking, much better than any of these synthetic product that tends to give an oily surface. One issue is the wax is yellow and my car is blue, It's difficult to prove but i think it slightly muddies the blue color of my car. I say this based on periods when i knew the wax had washed off and the car was wax free and my blue color was more vivid without wax even though less shiny. The shine is irreproachable but even with perfect minimal application it somehow degrades the purity of the paint color. -It last about 1.5 month give or take but I drive it only twice a week. -the smell is unpleasant but almost neutral and you only really smell it when you apply it. -The white plastic can screwed on cap is badly designed you can easily get it cross threaded. I guess that's to make sure it's hermetically sealed and the wax does not dry. But for the price of this product the container is way too cheap. Conclusion: it's not a perfect product but good enough that it would be difficult to switch to another product with probably a high risk of ending with something that is not as good overall.
Prosshine is irreproachable application and removal is easy result is consistent everytime
Conssmells unpleasant cheap plastic container with badly designed screw cap too expensive the wax is not entirely neutral on the car color. although not easily perceptible it muddies the paint color even though the shine is extremely sharp.
By M3-YeeHaw
Bay Area, California
The absolute shiniest, most durable, and easiest to apply that I've tried
February 8, 2018
This is the best wax I've found, hands-down no contest. Over several decades of auto enthusiasm, I've found I can't beat the glassy depth of a real Carnauba wax shine. I was a Zymol convert, but it doesn't last very long. This P21S 100% Carnauba has an inviting, dive-in depth better than anything else I've seen, lasts about 4 months, and is pretty easy to apply. It can be removed easily with a good absorbent cotton or microfiber polishing cloth before it dries, or left on 15 - 20 mins to dry and just wiped off. Works great either way. I live in the Bay Area, so there's not much rain and splashing to deal with. The gloss is so durable that I've found if I give the car a wipe with a California duster every few days, the dust and dirt accumulation just wipe off, leaving a glass-like deep shine for 2 - 3 months between washes.
ConsThe container is poorly constructed, the top is difficult to screw on and the insert separates from the bottom. Still contains the wax ok, though. Be careful the wax does not fall out of the container!
By George W.
Best wax ever hands down, most economical wax ever
July 3, 2017
Don't let the purchase price fool you. I bought a package of this in 2006 for my Mazda RX8. I wax the car at least 2-3 times per summer and the wax is only half gone after 11 years!! The real bonus here is the deep shine and lasting protection. Because it's 100% wax, it takes very little to provide the ultimate in protection. A thin coat is all that is needed. No need to waste it, just use the applicator and as long as you see it's putting down material, trust it,don't double dip. Amazing coverage and protection, second to none. Spend $10-20 per year on paste products that leave residue on everything (hard to remove), or buy this for $60 and use it for the next 10 years. You do the math. Leaves no difficult to remove residue on ANYTHING!!! I'll never use anything else.
ProsEasy to apply Economical Easy to buff No residue on plastics, rubber, etc.
By Paul B.
Plymouth, MN
Excellent stuff!!
May 8, 2017
This is the real deal. Easy on and easy off. You can remove immediately or let dry to a haze as it removes very easily both ways. The shine and depth of color is fantastic. I have 4 layers on my dark blue Acura and it looks just great!
By Mike
Central Florida
As good or better than the best!
November 30, 2016
Bought this product to compare it to my Zymol Glaze. Went on better and buffs off much cleaner. Doesn't smell as nice but I can live with that. I would have given five stars but waiting to see how it lasts.
ProsEase of application, does not turn to powder as easy as other brands. Shine is amazing!
ConsWaiting to see how long it lasts!
By Gil
Montreal, Quebec
Simple and pure is better
September 10, 2016
After all of the base work is done to get the paint surface as free from defect as possible, I use this pure wax over one coat of Blackfire paint sealant and three coats of Blackfire wet diamond. Layered, this pure carnauba steps up the reflection everytime, adding more and more depth and wet look finish. I presently have 8 coats layered and it's at a show-and-shine winning level that can match any other process, even those costing hundreds of dollars.
ProsEasiest pure carnauba paste I've worked with. Doesn't stain non painted surfaces if swipped accidently. Simply incredible ''thick glass coat'' over paint finish one can achieve, at any price. Extremely good value considering I will probably be able to apply 100+ coats to my BMW Alpina Roadster-S
ConsSlightly harder to work with than a liquid wax.
By David
West Lafayette, IN
Great Wax
June 26, 2016
I haven't used this wax yet but have used P21S Concours Carnauba Wax (carnauba and beeswax) for several years with great results. I'm fully confident that P21S 100% Carnauba Wax will be even better.
By David S.
Prattville, AL
Excellent wax
January 10, 2016
Used blackfire waterless wax to clean the car. Applied this wax. Went on smooth hard to see going on. Then wiped off 15 minutes later, came off so easy with no white residue. I applied two weeks ago. We had rain last week great beading, went on a trip this past weekend drove bout 500 miles total. Had rain to deal with at times not alot. Got home from trip and wiped down windows due to bugs. Inspected the suv to see if I need to wipe down, no dirt, grime, etc or anything. Car looked like I still applied the wax. Very good, I'm sticking with this. How long will it last I would like to know. So far best wax I have used as last coating.
ProsExcellent shine. Mirror shine. Easy on easy off.
ConsPrice, but worth it.
By Manny
Coral Gables, Florida
June 10, 2015
Goes on easy, comes off easy! I bought this for my Guards Red Cayman S, when the bright Florida sun hits the red paint, it explodes in a burst of color. Extremely highly recommended. I can do my car in one hour, I've timed it. I usually add three coats the results are just amazing.
ProsEase of use Results, amazing depth and gloss Very little residue
Newport Beach, CA
Very easy on and off leaves a great shine
February 13, 2015
I like to try all types of carnauba waxes whether they be paste wax or liquid wax. I decided to buy this wax on one of AGO's sale as I was curious to see how it would perform. It said it was 100% Pure carnauba and it had ingredients to make the wax pliable and easy to apply and remove. I put this on my girlfriend's ride and I was extremely impressed. The wax is very hard to where you can apply the wax with a DA. I used the Flex 3401 with a 6.5" Lake Country Gold Pad on speed setting 2 - 2.5. It went on thin and uniform and I waited 20 minutes (finger swipe test) and the depth and gloss is incredible! People, they were not kidding. This is an excellent wax! So far, the durability is excellent too.
ProsVery easy to apply with a DA and easy to apply with a foam applicator too. Wait about 20 minutes or finger swipe test and remove with a quality MF towel. The gloss and depth is incredible. BTW, there is very little smell or fragrance from this wax. My guess they are right...it is more of a pure carnauba wax and less foo foo stuff in it.
By John
Inverness FL
Fantastic Carnauba Wax Product
December 12, 2014
Have tried several Carnauba Paste Wax products, this so far has exceeded the others for ease of application and coverage, durability .
ProsWork great ease of use, excellent coverage
By Howie
Tiverton, RI
One of the best waxes and easiest to put on and remove!!!
December 6, 2014
Couldn't believe it was not only easy to apply and remove but incredibly durable and long lasting!!
ProsIt's longevity and ease of use and fairly inexpensive and well worth it
By Joel
Wellington, FL.
Fantastic Wax
November 5, 2014
The P21S 100% Carnauba Wax is a solid performer. Applies easily and dries reasonably quickly. The finish has depth and vivid reflection.
Merchant Response:Hi Joel, Florida residents enjoy free shipping on orders over $95. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter where coupon codes and promotions are sent out on a regular basis.
ConsThe shipping cost is totally unreasonable from your warehouse in South Florida whee I reside.
By Mets
Denver, CO
Great wax
September 24, 2014
This is as advertised, easy on, great wax
By Michael
Raleigh, NC
Great stuff, but it loses a star due to price
September 6, 2014
I like this wax! It goes on easy, comes off even easier, and leaves a great shine. Does it really need to be so expensive? Sure, a little goes a long way, but it's still a lot of money. Did I mention that it was expensive?
ProsEasy on, easy off.
ConsExpensive. Like you didn't notice.
April 21, 2014
I can't imagine a wax working any better than this. It is awesome!!!
ProsEasy to use. Looks great
By b J.
Excellent Product
October 3, 2013
I recently switch from Auto glym high definition wax to the p21 carnauba and it really has a rich look on my white Mercedes Benz . It really gives a showroom look every day . Great product!
By jhm
great wax
July 4, 2013
i've used this wax for years. It does an incredible job on light colored cars. My White CTS-V & Yellow Corvette always look awesome. The biggest asset of this wax is how long it lasts. Much longer than most other carnuba waxes. Very easy to use.
By Mike
Easy on and Off!
January 21, 2013
I have always heard that carnuba wax was hard to deal with. The P21S goes on very easily and comes off with little effort. No caulking or dust. Awesome looks and protection.
By t v.
remarkable product
May 9, 2012
Thiis the most amazing product i have ever used....Congrats...
Impeccable finish
March 5, 2012
Have used countless products over the years. Without question, the best I have ever used. Used on BMW 335i (black metallic), and the results are stunning. So easy to apply and remove and NO dust! Impossible to be disappointed in this product. You will not waste your money....believe me!
By Manny P.
wet look Cayman
July 28, 2011
I use it on my 2012 Cayman S, it makes the paint (Guards Red) pop and shine like if it was wet. I use it over two coats of Klasse sealer....beautiful concours results.
By Brian D.
December 23, 2010
Put this on my 2011 Black metallic Jeep Grand Cherokee. Went on smooth and came off easy. We just had our first "dusting" snow storm, which ended up being a 3" snowfall. Salt and sand everywhere. EASILY came off, and still that soft slick feel to the paint! I've used tons of auto wax you can buy off the shelf, and even the griots, NOTHING compares to this stuff! Worth every penny!
By Sherri
great wax
December 8, 2010
I have used this was for a few years now...I dont know that much about the different brands but I do know that I use carnauba wax on my 2001 (red)tacoma and it looked better then new. Now I have a 2007 (pirite) tundra and ppl have said it looks like a 2010...I like to use a car clay to start, then finish with this wax. Its just beautiful and the shine last months.
By D M.
P21S Review
March 30, 2010
After the show Saturday I tried the P21S cleanser and wax !! I used a Flex machine to apply the cleanser and applied the wax by hand on a dark blue Infiniti !! Great stuff ! you won't find a easier wax to work with. PS21S is a little $$$$ but an excellent product. I'd buy it again !!
By Wayne
Outstanding Product
October 29, 2009
Incredible deep shine and gloss.Easy to put in and take off.Beads water like I've never seen with any other wax.Make sure you use the P21s paintwork cleanser.Will not regret this product.
By Bryan
Great Wax
December 5, 2008
The applicator makes applying this stuff very easy.It goes on easy and comes over easy as well.Left a very deep and shiny finish on my moms black Impala.
By J
May 4, 2008
By Michael
Truly Awesome!!!
January 11, 2008
It is true what they say about this product. It is very easy to wipe off and not like other 100% carnuba waxes. It has been raining alot here where I live and the ater and dirt just slide right off. My friends always ask me if I clean my truck in the rain because it always looks so good. Thanks to P21S100% Carnuba Wax!!!
By Erick
January 8, 2008
Purchased this after spending a lot of time reading reviews about waxes, and the P21S concourse was rated better than the more expensive Zymol. I found the 100% version here, at a better price than any other on the internet. The applicator was a thoughtful addition and made waxing a cinch. Since you only wax a few times a year, it's worth it to get the best -- you've found it!

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