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By Jonathan
Believe the hype
March 17, 2021
I was skeptical with this being the first rinseless wash that I've used. The amount of dirt this and some microfibers pulls off is outstanding. Very impressive
ProsCleaning ability Price
By jihun
Very good lubricant
February 16, 2021
I already have a large size product, Small size products are also very good. The lubrication power is very good and you can make various products with this one.
By Scott
Industry standard for rinseless washes
February 14, 2021
I had used other brands of rinseless washes and thought it was convenient, but I wasn't all that impressed. Then I tried ONR and it is a game changer. The versatility of ONR is extraordinary and is safe to use on virtually all surfaces at different dilutions (even add some to your steamer for boosted cleaning ability). The new formula is supposedly better (more lubrication), but I can't personally tell a difference from the previous version.
ProsInexpensive, can be used on exterior and interior, works as a clay lube and waterless wash
By Jay
Northern Indiana
No Rinse Wash & Shine
January 22, 2021
I am changing my mind on No Rinse washes, this is a great product to do a wash where running water isn't available, works good as a clay bar lube too.
ProsNice slick finish, good clay bar lube
By Daniel
Paducah, Ky
Best out
January 20, 2021
One of the best out no rinse products out.
By jon b.
Crofton, MD
Very good option for no rise wash
January 12, 2021
I didn't really believe in no-rinse but after watching a lot of reviews I decided to get it a shot. It really does clean and the dilution ratio is crazy. Worth the price. I used it for clay lube as well. Fill your bucket and pour some out in a spray bottle for spot cleaning. works great
By Chuck
Southern New Jersey
Favorite Product
December 24, 2020
With thousands of dollars in detail machines and products, this is my favorite. It is versatile and can perform many tasks with different dilutions and does them all well. The product goes a long way even though I have several bottles mixed at different dilutions along with a 5 gallon bucket at the ready to perform a two bucket wash on my vehicles. The ease of use combined with the shine, color vibrancy and smoothness of the surface is second to none. Besides the performance, it has the best smell of any product. Not to mention is affordable price.
ProsEase of use Versatility Performance Smell Low Price
By Garland
McKinney, Texas
New favorite car wash method
December 16, 2020
My new favorite car wash method is 1oz ONR with 2 gallons of distilled water and 5-6 microfiber rags in the bucket. This allows me to have a fresh towel for each panel to further reduce the risk of scratching the paint on my car.
ProsEasy Versatile Effective
ConsFinding something to do with all the times that it saves
By Stephen
Milwaukee, Wi
Good for everything
October 26, 2020
I get a lot of use out of ONR. I use it as clay lube, and mixed stronger for detailing. I cleaned the engine compartment with degreaser, ONR, and a bunch of bottle brushes.
ProsVersatile, can be mixed to different strengths for different jobs. Very economical compared to individual products like clay lube.
By Jeremy
October 8, 2020
Nice when cant use typical wash!
By Tom
Silicon Valley, CA
Optimum No Rinse
September 27, 2020
This stuff is like a Chemical Swiss Army knife I use it for a quick detailer at 16:1 in my sprayers 64:1 as a clay lube and 256:1 as a rinseless wash Mix it with distilled water to enhance its performance
ProsUseful for lots of detailing tasks
ConsI need more than 32 oz with as fast as I used it
By Paul
A Classic--and for Good Reason
August 29, 2020
I used to be a 2 bucket-hose-foamer-shampoo guy, then 1 bucket-6 mitts guy--now I just save those times for stripping down the car before polishing/sealing/waxing twice a year. So nice to use ONR for the weekly to biweekly maintenance washes--super convenient during those pollen weeks to just pull out the ONR instead and also great for someone on a tough work or parent schedule to wash the car any time of the day/night, not just early morning or evening to avoid the direct sun. I use either a spray bottle or PowerShot with ONR to do a nice pre-soak/-rinse, then a bucket of microfibers soaked in a gallon of diluted ONR (Garry Dean Method), dry with microfiber towel alone or with Bead Maker. So easy to clean with ONR the exterior, door jambs, even the interior. Can clean the car in half the time vs a hose and have not noticed any scratches. I use 8 iopl45 on the rims, so most times a quick rinse with ONR cleans rims and tires with hardly any effort. Also use it with the PowerShot to clean the house window screens and windows.
ProsInexpensive when diluted. Cleans car very well and saves water, esp. if you live in water-restricted area.
ConsMay not leave the paint as glossy-lookingas other rinseless products, but this is cheaper and cleans just as well. Also not an issue if you plan to add a layer of something-something to make your paint shine.
By Andrew
August 13, 2020
Awesome product that can be diluted for different things, works very well and the price is worth it
By Matt
So many uses, buy this!
August 3, 2020
My first use of this product was for no rinse washing my vehicles in the winter here in Illinois and I loved it. No more trips to the coin wash in the frigid cold for a half clean car in the end. Now I use it for windows, clay lube, quick detail sprays, the list goes on and on!
ProsSeemingly endless uses
By Zachary
Great product
July 28, 2020
Great product. Very versatile! I’ve been using for interiors, exteriors, and glass. Highly recommend!
ProsVersatile Get a ton of product for low cost due to dilution ratio.
By Hussain
Kingwood, TX
Highly recommended
July 15, 2020
Saves time especially if you don't own a garage. So versatile!
By Greg
Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Helps With Drying
July 10, 2020
I add some to my wash and rinse buckets to help with lubrication and drying time.
By Franciso
Anaheim, CA
The hype is real.
July 2, 2020
So many uses out of this bottle. Can be used as a clay lube, quick Detailer, and obviously for Rinseless washing. A little goes a long way
By Nathan
This product is worth the hype!
June 13, 2020
I was a bit skeptical getting this product simply because washing my car and not rinsing it off sounds a bit weird mainly because I have been rinsing my car off for years but this stuff is the real deal when used with optimums big red sponge also makes drying my car a breeze since I am not using all that extra water!
By Jeff
Kingsley, MI
Easy to use
June 7, 2020
Had two cars that needed detailed back to back both times it was raining when I went to pick them up! Added this concentrate in a spray bottle and wiped the car in straight lines changing my microfiber towel frequently and was pleasantly surprised In its lubricity and ability to wash
By George
Pittsburgh , PA
Excellent No-rinse wash
May 27, 2020
Great to use a rinseless wash or a lubricant for claying. Seems to have more lubricants than other brands I've used in the past. Would recommend and buy again.
ProsBest on the market Multiple uses
Great Product
May 7, 2020
Great Product, meets expectations from all the reviews I looked at
By Willie
Princeton, KY
Love this stuff
May 3, 2020
So versatile and smells amazing! Bought a bottle and quickly realized I will be ordering this by the gallon for my shop!
Soooo many uses!
April 12, 2020
All around good product for just about whatever you could try. Safe on pretty much all surfaces and a little bit goes a LONG WAY!
By Joseph
santa ana, ca
So cheap, works well
March 29, 2020
This is what the pro detailers use. It's concentrate so you can mix up a lot of product with this. You can use it to make several gallons of quick detailer spray or clay lubricate. I don't really use this for no rinse car cleaning though so can't rate it on that. Still it's a must have if you are into detailing.
By Craig
Columbus, OH
Hands down a great rinseless wash
February 25, 2020
This is my second bottle, I upgraded from the 8 oz, great for winter washes
By John S.
Marion, IA
Excellent product from ONR
February 16, 2020
Great for a multiple uses other than a rinse less wash. Watch your dilution ratios !!! Read the bottle.....
ProsGreat ONR product!
By Juan
Great as a QD product
February 12, 2020
I use this more as a QD or clay lube vs a rinseless wash. The product simply works! Very slick, lifts dirt off the surface waiting to be picked up. On heavy dirt areas simply spray on more product and let it do it's magic. Overall it's a fantastic product for on the go situations.
By John
Fayetteville, NC
The best
January 22, 2020
ONR is a must have product. You can use it for a rinseless wash, regular wash, dilute it down for a detail spray or clay lube. This is one of the best products out there. Highly recommend.
ProsLots of different uses.
By Spencer
Concentrated Polymers
December 31, 2019
Great stuff, very slick, great for rinseless washes. I've stopped using Quick Detailers in favor of ONR because it's so much slicker and easier to work with. Highly recommend getting the big red sponge (BRS) as it makes rinseless washes easier and faster.
ProsMultiple uses Extremely slick
Cons Mild cleaning strength
By David
Glen Ellyn , Illinois
Is there any other product that can do some many things?!
December 20, 2019
I love this stuff! Great all around detailing product offering so many different uses. Of course there's the rinseless wash, you can use it for waterless washes, detail spray, a clay lube, in your bucket as a water softener(this does reduce suds!), glass cleaner, and interior detailer. There may be other uses, but that's all the ways I've used it and it's performed admirably. Light berry scent, not overpowering. Only downside is it can stain the wash media but I've had this with other products and may be the nature of the beast with RW/WW.
ProsToo many to list
ConsCan stain wash media!
By Vince
Schenectady, NY
Best rinseless available
December 11, 2019
Been using for over 5 years. Versatile and safe for all surfaces
ProsMultipurpose - wash & clay lube. I also use as quick detailer spray when drying
By Gonzo D.
Downers Grove, IL
Up North
December 4, 2019
If you live in a location where it snow and can use running water you need this, easy to use, easy to mix and you will have the best looking car on the road and the envy of motorists around you
By Warren
Norfolk, VA
Pleased with Results
November 13, 2019
I live in a condo without convenient access to outside water. I purchased ONR to see if it would help solve my compulsion to keep my black vehicle clean. I am very pleased with the results but it's not a time-saver-- it takes quite a bit of time to apply and dry by section on the car. Differing slightly from the directions provided by ONR, I spayed the mixed product on the intended section prior to applying additional product with the "big red" sponge. I was particularly impressed with the results on wheels and tires.
ProsMinimum water usage and it works.
ConsTime consuming
By Darren
Sweetgrass, Montana
Streak free
October 29, 2019
I use on my vehicles and especially our motorhome great streak free
ProsVery cost effective and smells good
By Jack
Oceanside, CA
Works as advertised!
October 23, 2019
Really easy to use icw the Big Red Sponge. Washed two cars in lass than an hour with excellent results!
By Scott
Westminster, MD
Lives Up To The Hype
September 21, 2019
ONR has become legendary over past few years in the detailing world, and it continues to live up to the hype. It's one of the most versatile products you can purchase and is great value.
ProsVersatile. Economical. It works.
By Paul
Glen Allen, VA
A Must Have
August 29, 2019
Optimum No Rinse, or simply ONR, is a must have in any detailer's cabinet. Extremely versitile and easy to use for maintenance washes and quick detailing for both exterior and interior, year round. I use ONR for maintenance washes and pair it with Opti-Seal as a drying aid for ease of use and added protection. Great products!
ProsEasy to use Great results
By Steve
St Paul
Great product!
August 25, 2019
Great and versatile product. I've used it on windows, interior and wheels.
By John
The best
July 10, 2019
If you haven't tried it you're missing out. I went from taking 1-1.5 hours to wash and dry my car with the 2 bucket method. A friend suggested onr so I gave it a try. Now I can wash wash and dry in 20-25 in my garage! Product has so many uses and I have multiple bottles mixed at different ratios. Love this stuff.
ProsDoes everything it says it does
By Richey
Senatobia, MS
ONR has so many uses.
June 21, 2019
ONR is my go to rinseless wash, but it also works great as window cleaner, interior cleaner, use in your steamer, etc...
By Casey
Madison, WI
Awesome multi use product
April 28, 2019
I have used this as a rinseless wash, clay lube, interior cleaner, and put it in my steamer as well
ProsMulti use product No swirls Awesome youtube videos about using ONR Smells great A little goes a long way
ConsProduct is designed not to foam. So it takes some getting used too.
By Sportscarnut
The classic rinse-less wash
March 31, 2019
ONR is the classic rinse-less wash product. Wash cars, and anything else. It just works.
By Tony
Cleveland, OH
Optimum No Rinse
September 26, 2018
I have always hand washed my cars and have been very satisfied using this product for the past couple years. I have been so impressed that recently bought it for my college graduates, who lack access to a hose at their apartment complexes (ok, I also want to motivate them to take care of their most expensive asset). Works just as advertised, and saves the hassle of dragging the hose out every time I wash the car. Unless car is filthy, don't even need to use the two bucket method. Have also found this product works well in just below freezing temperatures (use two buckets with very warm water)- a significant benefit for those of us who avoid car washes. So far, 28 degrees is the lowest temperature I have attempted; will attempt colder temps this winter. Perhaps Optimum could come out with a winter formula (hint, hint).
Prossee review, great product
ConsNone, but it does enable my car washing addiction. i do hope they come out with a subzero formula !
By Esteban
Tucson, AZ
Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine 👍
September 14, 2018
Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine I just can’t stop telling everyone that I know this product is amazing! It really capsulate the dirt and grime! I recommend this for a professional level or just who want to wash their vehicle on their own. It leaves a Shine even after it rains and dirt is on the paint! Amazing product!!
Pros-Shines -Cleans -Maintains it?s shine
By Lee
works well
July 11, 2018
Used it at Mike's roadshow and it worked well even on my dirty car and saved time. Obviously not for an extremely dirty car, but for a light clean up or a restored vehicle you do not want water rusting it again this is what to use.
By Mark
Palo, Iowa
I am a true believer!
March 14, 2018
I really resisted the idea of rinseless washes for the longest time. I finally gave in and have to say, they work, and ONR is one of the best for sure. It is slippery and cleans the car very effectively. I'm still on the fence at how effective the ONR is at breaking up caked-on dirt. I believe ONR wash is great if your car is just a little dirty/dusty, but if there's dried on/caked-on dirt, you need to pre-treat with some kind of pre-wash to soften up the dirt. I did rinseless washes in my garage all winter, no matter how dirty the car got. I ended up using a lot of solution, and pre-treating the dirty spots, and yes, making a mess of the garage floor. I had to squeegee out the garage after washing the car. During the summer, the ONR can be used to very quickly wash the car, leaving it clean, smooth and shiny. Along with saving water, one of the great things about using ONR is that you can wash your car anytime of the day or night, regardless of the weather. No more do I have to wait for sunset to wash the car, or for a storm to pass, or whatever. I will continue to use ONR even when the weather turns nice again. Maybe occasionally do a "real" wash to get the wheel and tires really clean. Washing the car in the garage is awesome!
ProsFast, easy to use, can be used to wash your car in the garage, anytime, uses almost no water (I think I use less than 1/2 gallon of solution).
ConsStill need a "real" wash to get wheels, tires, fenderwells clean (my opinion). I know they can be cleaned with ONR, but I like a pressure washer and scrub brushes.
By Zachary W.
Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Amazing product!!
February 2, 2018
Works wonders! And it works very quickly if used as directed unlike many other waxes. Simply spray, spread, and dry. Iâ‚"ve gotten many compliments, and people saying wondering how I got their car done in less than an hour!
By bob
pittsbugh pa.
works great
January 7, 2018
just as they say!
Orange County, CA
ONR remains a category killer...
December 15, 2017
One of my favorite detailing products. I only use ONR when my vehicle is lightly soiled, and it does a great job of providing gloss and shine.
ProsEconomical and it works as described
ConsONR doesn't always play well with other detailing products.

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