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By Joseph
Soddy Daisy, TN
great product
January 18, 2021
This product is great. I use 3 different ways - drying aid, rinseless wash and wash supplement. I started off primarily using as a drying aid. Mixed just half a cap to a cap in spray bottle with water. Spray once per panel as I dry. Helps dry and adds a layer of protection with the wax. Also apply a cap full in my wash water when doing 2 bucket. I finally started using it for its actual purpose - rinseless wash recently and it is doing a fantastic job. I was always nervous to do a rinseless or waterless wash but I may start doing this much more often to save time.
By Jay
Northern Indiana
Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax
December 20, 2020
Many washes with using just a once per wash, I also mix 2oz. to one gallon of distilled water for a spray wash, works great, must have for detailing on a out of town trip to keep your vehicle fresh and clean. Leaves a slick finish
ProsExtremely cost effective , leaves a slick finish, best no rinse I've used yet.
By Pat
Salt Lake City Utah
Motor home is very happy
September 26, 2020
The first thing I washed was my motor home. I was wondering if all the videos and reviews were true. I can say "yes they are." Not only did ONR get my motor home clean but put a shine on it that is fantastic.
By Paul
Cleans as Well as ONR-Classic, Wipes Cleaner/Clearer Off of Glass
September 16, 2020
Seems to work as well as the original ONR rinseless wash to clean. Might leave a little glossier finish on the paint but hard to tell on my vehicles that are regularly sealed and waxed. Biggest differences I've noticed--scent is stronger and different compared to original ONR and wipes more cleanly off glass. With regular ONR, usually get spots on glass from residual polymers. With ONR Wash and Wax, drying towel seems to pick up everything. Not sure why, but those are the results I get with my vehicles.
By jason
long island ny
It works!
July 10, 2020
its a rainy day outside so i decided to mix up a capful of this with a gallon of water in my garage. i then put some of the solution into a spray bottle. My sportscar in my garage looked lonely and i could see the rims needed some care.....this was my tryout run for no rinse. i sprayed the rims, then sponged the rims with the solution in my bucket. then i used a disposable type microfiber cloth to dry the rims and the cloth looked dirty and the rims looked clean afterwards. i cant believe i was able to do this indoors. slight puddle on the floor under the car but nothing that wont evaporate overnight. and the smell was great too.
Proseasy peasy to use
Consnone really
By Arthur
Good stuff
February 26, 2020
This is a great product with many applications, I always have on hand
ProsGood stuff
By David
Glen Ellyn , Illinois
Just like regular ONR but with Optimum Spray wax!
December 20, 2019
If you like original ONR, I recommend trying this as it works just as well but with some added Optimum spray wax. Just as versatile as the original, I tend to use this a bit less frequently but always nice to have options. Scent is slightly stronger than regular ONR and maybe a watermelon scent.
ProsJust like the original but with added wax
ConsMaybe a con, stronger smelling
By Jessie
Rome, GA.
Great Product
December 11, 2019
Im just a novice, haven used ONR 100% o my Corvette for 5 yrs. No scratches or swirls from washing. I use all of Optimums products
By Gonzo D.
Downers Grove, IL
No Running water
December 4, 2019
If you live in a location where it snow and can use running water you need this, easy to use, easy to mix and you will have the best looking car on the road and the envy of motorists around you
ProsEasy to use, great results
By Mark
Haymarket, VA
Simply the best
November 29, 2019
This stuff is awesome. The best rinse less wash. With the wax, I think it is more lubricated than original ONR. I also use for interiors... It is perfect for maintenance interior cleaning and leaves a nice "finished" look.
ProsVersatile. Cost effective. Very effective cleaner
By Timothy
Glass cleaning/shine
March 14, 2019
ONR wash & wax does a great job cleaning & shining interior & exterior auto glass.
ProsEasy to use & economical.
By Frank
September 18, 2018
Excellent product!! Easy to use, cleans and shines very well. Leaves a nice layer of protection.
By Lou
Las Vegas
Totally Awesome
August 18, 2018
I was one that insisted that the only way to clean a vehicle was with soap, water, hose, etc. I now wipe my vehicle down with this product per the directions. The only time I will do it the previous way is if the vehicle is DIRTY.
Prosease of use. little labor required. little time required.
June 20, 2018
By Dan
Palo Alto, CA
Using for >3 years without any harm to paint, great wash and wax
January 31, 2018
Here's my review after 3 years of use on 2 cars, washing them 1-2 times a week. I've never noticed any cumulative harm to the waxed paint. I use this with a sprayer and a costco towel, which are cheap enough to through away. I use in in direct sunlight, and on hot days I take it to a parking garage and wash it in the cool of a covered concrete building. Here's my method: 1 I keep folded microfiber costco towels soaked in Optimum in a sealed container, always ready to go, with a filled sprayer, so I can throw it in the car and wash it anywhere. I make the solution a gallon at a time. 2 If it's really dirty with drive scum, I spray down a panel at a time and let it soak for about the time to dry the previous panel. - Never let it dry, or it will leave spots. 3 Wipe it down a modified Gary Dean method of 1-4 wipes depending on how dirty each wipe makes the towel. Then refold. I easily 2x4 ft. top panel areas with one side of the the folded towel. Fewer on the lower and real panels. 4 Dry each section with a plush towel right after wiping with a circular motion, otherwise it will dry with streaks. 5 When I'm finished with the paint, I do the painted parts of inside the doors and trunk. 6 Then use the dirty towel to wash the wheels, brake calipers and inside of rims if they can be reached. I also use the dirty towel to wipe down the engine compartment. 7 Toss the costco towel, wash the plush one. I found this keeps the wife happy. 8 To make it really shine I'll spray it with a detailer's spray wax -- my favorite is Meguiars Meguiars D156 Synthetic X-press Spray Wax - I do use a sealant to wax the car every 6 months or so, when it loses that deep shine typical from washing cars. I used a quartz sealant last time and it lasted more than a year ... until I sold the car.
ProsSaves water Does not visibly harm the paint after multiple washing Can be done anywhere You can wash you 30mins or do a quick wash in 15. What you spend in costco towels you save in going to a spray car wash Saves the expense and pain waiting in line at a regular car wash Eliminates the 2-3 bucket prep, Now I use the bucket to transport everything to where I want to wash my car. You can get a yoga-esqe workout if you think about the moves. Limiting it to a gallon means you can use distilled water for the mix, so no water spots possible. I use the filtered water from my under sink faucet.
ConsNone really. After decades of washing cars, the California drought got me looking for a better way and I found this chemical and developed the method playing with it. Other than you have to do it yourself. There's no popcorn like at the real car wash.
By Sergio
Sylmar, CA
I didn't believe at first
September 17, 2017
At first I thought no way this would work as well as a regular wash but was quickly convinced. This product leaves an amazing shine behind as well as protection.
ProsExtremely Slick Shine Protection Cost Versatility
By Mark
Cleveland, OH
Great car wash, but it isn't wax
June 18, 2017
Living in an apartment, I thought it would be great to wash & wax all in 1 step. My car did need waxing, water didn't bead up on the roof and part of the hood. I washed my car 2x one week apart with this product and when it rained - no difference in how the water didn't bead up. In my experience, this is the Optimum car wash with a different pigment in it.
ProsLeaves your car exceptionally shiny. Works well with the 2 bucket wash style
ConsNo wax in it - you will still have to wax your car.
By Scott
works great
July 31, 2016
I use this product a little different. I wash the car with regular highly recommended soap products. After rinsing the car, I use a cheap 2 gallon plant sprayer and spray this product on the car. I then use a microfiber 16 by 16 towel and quickly wipe the car down with ONR spray and wax from I mix in a bucket solution. This does not take long. I then dry the car with a microfiber tower. The ONR lubricates the car and enables a gentle drying phase. It also gets rid of all water spots. Works awesome and facilitates a wax between details.
ProsLubricates the drying process to prevent paint swirls. Prevents water spots.
By Bob T.
Franklinville NJ
Just plain works
July 13, 2016
I don't use as a rinseless wash,but in the wash bucket.
Prosadd a softness to the wash water. easy on my LSP.
By Lawrence
San Diego, CA
May 9, 2016
I, like many, had my doubts about this as a lifelong gear head that only lightly breathes on my paint finishes. However, I followed the instructions and used a two bucket method and I am blown away. Not only does it work, is it gentle on the paint and smell great but this is by far the most efficient way to wash a car. Almost feel like a fool doing it the old fashioned way for my lifetime. Now, I'm not sure I would got his route for a muddy vehicle or something that is heavily soiled, but for those of us that garage and/or cover their vehicles and make use of a car duster, this is THE product. I am 100% sold on this stuff and recommend it to anyone. Here in California, the low water use is also a huge plus as it is illegal to wash your car here right now. No more dirty looks from the neighbors when I wash 5 vehicles at once! Buy it!
ProsEase of use, low water consumption, speed, cost, everything! Literally nothing but a positive experience....
ConsNot a thing negative with this stuff.
By Rob H.
New Jersey
Very Nice Product
January 4, 2016
ONR green wash+wax works very well. As compared to Chemical Guys Eco Wash I prefer ONR. You use less product than Eco Smart and ONR leaves the vehicle looking and feeling cleaner than Chemical Guys ECO. However both work equally as well when mixed as a spray detail spray in my opinion.
ProsEasy to use, No streaks or haze
ConsIt is a little pricey.
By Doug
Using as a detailer
March 22, 2015
So I think so far the best thing about this is the economy of it. I mixed about two ounces with water in a 32 ounce spray bottle. It didn't blow me away as compared to other products. But I can use this as a spray wash with microfiber towels and not worry about the cost of it. If you want to be impressed with a spray wax/detailer try Meguiars wash and wax. It has really worked great on my black ridgeline. I guess it has spoiled me somewhat.
ConsThe wax part is minimal.
By Phillip B.
Comanche, Oklahoma
March 22, 2015
Optimum has done it again. For my general washes ONR and ONR W&W has cut my cost and my wash time to a small fraction of what it once was.
ProsGreat product. Cuts work time to a fraction.
ConsThe smell is AWFUL. Wish it smelled like original ONR
By Making B.
Manito, IL
Worked very well
March 18, 2015
Works just as good as ONR, will use a maintenance wash or even as love bug soak
ProsGet that little extra protection between washes, easy to use and no smears
ConsI think you could get better results with ONR then mist Optimum spray wax and wipe down, I would really say it has a con though
By Nunya
Bidness, Illinois
Great product for more than just washing
December 2, 2014
Great multi-use product! I use this per directions for regular washes. I also use this not-per-directions for waterless washes, as a quick detailer, for clay lubrication, for pad conditioning, and.......even as a waterless for cleaning the floors in our house. The product is not only AMAZING for what it does, it is amazing for the price. Great value.
ProsGreat cleaning abilities. Good wax and hydrophobicity / water beading. Works great for many other purposes. Effective when mixed 1 to 2 oz into a 12 to 16oz spray bottle. Tremendous value
By Tim J.
Richmond, VA
I'm a believer
November 27, 2014
Was VERY skeptical, but works fantastically. I use combining two methods. Pre soaked towels in the solution and in a spray bottle, an a dry one to finish off with. Allows you to "wash" the car in the garage with no hose. Also leaves a water beading finish, even on the windows.
ProsEconomical when diluted. Cost effective, just buy a good quality sprayer to put it in.
ConsNone I've seen
By Rocco C.
Clemson, SC
Best Car Wash On The Market
August 20, 2014
I've purchased many car cleaning / scratch repair products on line in the past and the results never met my expectations. My son-in law told me about your product and I just had to try it out for myself; I placed an order the same day. The first time I used your No Rinse Wash & Wax I was amazed at the results. Your product actually exceeded my expectations !
ProsVery easy to use with minimal effort. It took less then half the time of the normal wash / rinse / dry.
By Devin- D.
Phoenix, AZ
WOW! This stuff ROCKS!!!
August 2, 2014
I thought ONR was a great product, then I bought this on a whim to see what is was all about and WOW! I was seriously impressed!!! I am a mobile detailer, and trying to find ways to save time and money is hard for us, but with this product is does both of those things easily and quickly! I am able to offer my customers a legitimate wash and wax, quickly and simplistically and they are amazed by the end result!!! I have been impressed with this product time and time again when i use it, the other night it rained after I had washed my girlfriends car and it STILL held on to the vehicle, feeling smooth and waxed after a quick rinse off of the rain water! Huge thanks to Optimum Polymer for putting this product on the market! Nothing else like it!
By Adam
Madison, WI
Good Product
May 21, 2014
I'm happy with this product. After a particularly cold and harsh winter, there was no wax left on my car. In the spring I washed with this first before the weather was nice enough to do a traditional wax, and this did leave a nice layer of wax on the car. Water was beading as if I had done a traditional wax. Now that I'm washing with this product, I will reduce my traditional waxing to once in the spring and once before winter.
By Tim J.
Great so far
October 30, 2013
Did both cars last weekend for the first time with this stuff. I was fairly skeptical, but all the reviews were so positive. It seems to work as advertised. I'm using the "Gary Dean" method, meaning a bucket of pre-soaked rags and pre-spraying the solution on the panel as well. I bought the ONR&W, Lavender colored towels and sprayer from Autogeek. Main goal is for Winter washing inside the garage.
By Rich C.
Even better
April 18, 2013
Same greatness as ONR but with UV inhibitors! What more can you ask for. I like the smell better than the original blue stuff too. I'm a new believer in rinseless products thanks to this stuff.

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