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October 11, 2019
Love this stuff
It's easy to apply, the surface is really smooth afterwards and it looks awesome! I'll continue to keep buying this stuff!
By neil
, Raleigh
September 20, 2019
Easy to use but more of a 6 month coating.
McKee's 37 Paint Coating is easy to use but it's more of a 6 month coating. In terms of durability and depth of shine it's not even close to other coatings like CarPro UK3.0 or Gloss-coat.
ProsEase to apply
ConsNot durable for a coating. No easier to use than Gloss-Coat.
By Jason Blair
Oklahoma City
April 18, 2019
I'm amazed at the gloss and clarity!
Extremely easy to use and a tiny bit of product goes a long way. If you're considering this coating don't hesitate, you'll be blown away!
ProsAffordable and high quality usually don't go hand in hand but this stuff completely crushes that theory. I'm extremely happy with this purchase.
By Lucky svc
August 17, 2018
Good product for the price. Not sure about longevity yet. Easy to use and nice finish.
ProsEasy to use
By Tim Lanier Evans Mobile Detailing
June 13, 2018
Better Than Expected
Easy to Use, a littlegoes a long way, Great water repellant, beautiful shine.
By Anonymous
May 27, 2018
Fantastic, easy to use paint coating
This paint coating is fantastic and extremely easy to apply. I polished my car with M205, wiped it down with diluted IPA, and applied this coating a section at a time. It was near effortless to remove, although I strongly recommend you follow the instructions and buff it off immediately after applying, so have a clean microfiber towel nearby. This coating has been on my car for 7 months now, and I maintain it with McKees Hydro Blue every time I wash. This paint coating is very hydrophobic, not so much as Cquartz UK but much more so that any wax or sealant I've tried before. After 7 months of enduring Florida weather, it still beads water like it was just applied. It leaves a very glass-like shine on the paint surface. I have noticed a massive reduction in wash related swirling, but it isn't a miracle cure for preventing swirls and scratches. I have noticed some slight etching from water spots in certain areas of the coating, where the car gets attacked by sprinklers with very hard water. I have also applied it to my trim, where it darkens the trim and returns it to a like new black color while also giving it very impressive water beading. Be sure to clean your applicator as soon as you can after applying the coating otherwise it will turn hard and become unusable. Also, make sure you put the sprayer in some distilled water and spray it until all the coating liquid had been cleared from the sprayer, then remove it from the water, spray it until all water has been removed from the sprayer, and make sure it is completely dry before screwing it back onto the bottle. I didn't clear the sprayer the first time I used the coating, and the coating cured inside the sprayer and made it unusable. However, McKees customer support responded to my issues nearly immediately, and sent me a new bottle of the coating, a new applicator pad, and a bottle of their Fast Polish, as I had an issue with the coating reacting to Meguiars Ultimate Compound which made the coating very difficult to remove. All in all, for $45 for 4oz of coating, this is a fantastic value and I definitely recommend it if you're looking to get into paint coatings.
ProsEasy application, easy removal, great beading and fantastic longevity
ConsCan become difficult to remove if applied in very very humid conditions
By Pat
Ottawa, Ontario
November 3, 2017
Gloss is amazing.
Iā€™m writing this review because I have rarely seen a product that does exactly what it says. I have a new Mazda CX-5 and want to protect it as best as possible. Even though it is quite late in the year it has been quite quite mild. 10 - 15 degrees Celsius. I simply waited for a 48 hour break in the rain because I didnā€™t have access to a garage. I simply followed the instructions using the prep polish first and then the coating. Iā€™m very impressed by the gloss and reflectivity of the finish. It was easy to do in marginal conditions and with an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer. Iā€™m sure that anyone will be pleased with the end results. It is too cold here now to do my wifeā€™s car, but now I have another spring project. Thanks again.
By Dan
Northern VA
October 17, 2017
Best bang for the buck coating
This stuff is easy to apply, slick and looks very glossy. And its a fraction of the price of other coatings. Dirt and bugs slide off this stuff. Only time will tell how durable it is and if there are any issues with etching and water spots.
ProsEase of use Price Looks Slickness
ConsRelatively new coating, not much historical data on performance.
By Ray Guajardo
October 16, 2017
I Should've read the previous comments, it will leave you with spots and high spots, its rough it dries quickly. Now i'm left with spots on my car that i tried buffing out unsuccessfully. I tried adding another layer of the coating but unsuccessful as well.. Overall do not buy this product
ProsNo pros because now you have issues with with your paint
ConsLeaves you spots Dries up too fast Its rough
By Mike
September 18, 2017
Applied as directed, terrible protection
I applied this exactly as Mike Phillips stated in the McKee's 37 Paint Coating video on Youtube and exactly as the coating kit noted. It appeared to bead nicely for a month or so, but seems to have quickly lost its protection capabilities. I previously used all Meguiar's waxes on my vehicles and never had any issues with paint etching even if leaves sat on the vehicles for a week or so. After switching to this coating, I cannot leave any leaves on the car for a day or so, because I will end up with spots etched into the clear. I regularly topped this with an SiO2 coating every month too, so there's no excuse. I ended up switching to CarPro CQUARTZ and have not had any issues since. In addition, the water beading is significantly better with CQUARTZ, and the application was no more difficult. I cannot recommend this product given that there are significantly better alternatives out there, especially the fact that I had issues with its protection capabilities.
Proswater beading, some (slight) protection, good size for the price, ease of application
Conspoor protection, multiple etch spots after 1 day of leaf sitting on vehicles
By Ronnie
July 20, 2017
Not impressed
I recently did two dark colored vehicles a blue BMW and a black Mercedes. They were done in a well lit and clean indoor facility. Both were complete details with paint cleansing, compounding and polishing. Up to that point the surfaces looked flawless. My next LSP would usually consist of sealant, carnuba or both. Dependent on the owners wishes. With these two cars I offered McKee's 37 paint coating at no extra charge to see if I liked the process and results. After a complete wash to remove all compound and polish residue and a complete IPA wipe down. I followed the the instructions to the letter, but I wasn't pleased with the results. For some reason as the coating cured it left small spots over each panel. These spots were not apparent during application. The gloss is inferior compared to quality sealants and waxes. Needless to say I had to literally repeat the complete detail to remove the coating to get the spots out.
ConsExpensive, poor quality and results. Leaves spots.
By David
May 27, 2017
Flashy - but not in a good way
Had a very disappointing experience with McKee's Paint Coating today. Spent most of yesterday cleaning/stripping down a new car (4 weeks old) and then DA'ing the whole car with Griot's BOSS Perfecting Cream and then wiped it down with an IPA mix. Started on the roof and had a terrible time trying to apply it (followed the instructions) but it appeared to flash WAY too quickly - I could not get a smooth application (tried more and less product) and it turned out very streaky and blotchy. Had to do alot of wiping with a microfiber cloth to get most of the streaking/blotches out. Finished out the car with Ultima Paint Guard and it applied beautifully with no issues (another WOWA product).
NE Ohio
February 10, 2017
For the price, simply can't be beat.
Given the variety of ceramic/glass/quartz coatings and generally higher pricing for these types of products, the McKees Paint Coating is head and shoulders above those when cost is a factor. Put it on a few cars in Summer 2016 and even in the midst of a NE Ohio winter, the coating is still working wonderfully. Up until the weather turned lousy here, I would hit it about once a month with either Gyeon Wetcoat or Gyeon Cure to give it a bit of a 'boost' but a few cars I used it on were pretty much 'fire and forget' and yet the coating is still doing quite well. Seem to be able to get around 5-8 mid-sized cars outta one bottle so at $5 an application (1 layer) how are ya gonna be that for cost/performance? Don't think ya can. As a bonus I got bored one day and polished/coated both the solid surface in our shower as well as the stainless steel finish on our kitchen appliances; It works very well in those areas as well, especially on the stainless appliances. Another odd place I find it to excel is on the glossy black touch pads of appliances; really kinda makes fingerprints a thing of the past. Weird, but effective.
ProsVery, very economical Seems to last well Other uses besides auto paint...who'd a figured?
ConsNothing I could find...
By Joe
Central, CT
January 29, 2017
Great Results / Excellent Value
This coating was super easy to work with. If you ever used Opti-Seal before, you`ll have no problems at all. It spreads, flashes and even smells like Opti-Seal. I should also mention no high spots at all during the process.I used a plain yellow foam pad to apply the coating and it worked out great. After 12 hours I decided to give it another coat just in case I missed any spots. I`m super pleased with the results. Super glossy and super slick is the only way I can describe it.
By Duane
New Smyrna Beach, FL
November 13, 2016
Great Product
I have been keeping my cars spotless for over 40 yearrs. This may be the best paint protectant I have ever used.Time will tell. Because I am 63 years old, The "nano" technology is over my head, but it looks great and is easy to use. We'll see if it lasts.I did follow this up with #37 carnuba wax hoping for a little extra protection.
ProsEasy to apply
By jrbartholomew
las vegas
October 10, 2016
easy to use !!!
really easy to use. the prep work is the work LOL. if it last i will be happy . had some areas where the clear coat was starting to haze. worked it out and coated it,looks good, original paint on an 2003 corvette daily driver
Proseasy to apply looks good
Consthe prep work
Columbus, Ohio
August 30, 2016
Excellent Product - WOW!
Bought the McKee's Paint Coating because at this price point it simply can't be beat. I was not sure what to expect vs other coatings but my standards were high given I've used cquartz and 22ple before. This product has met or exceeded my expectations thus far. No longevity reporting yet for me but overall it's gloss level is great and ease of use superb. The product is so good thus far, I'm moving to this as my go-to coating and LSP for multi-step details.
ProsSuper easy to use and apply. WOWO application. High Spots that don't flash are easily removed with a second coat or even then simply buffed away after a short amount of time.
ConsEven after completely stripping the LSP's and other products from my car with a polish and a strong IPA wipe down and even verifying no oils or contaminants were present though a basic water sheeting test, the product didn't want to fully flash or disappear as others do. The high spots left were easily removed in the second application and/or light buffing.
By Carl
July 24, 2016
McKee's 37 Paint Coating
I used the tailgate of my truck as a test area. Area was washed, clayed, cleaned with ipa. Cleaned again with McKee's Paint Prep Polish. It was amazing how much more dirt came off. Paint Coating went on easily and quickly. The result is outstanding compared to the rest of the truck. Needless to say the rest of my truck will be done shortly.
ProsGreat shine Easy to apply Great price compared to other 4 oz. products
ConsNone at the moment
By Sue Esponte
July 14, 2016
Love it so far!
My experience with the McKee's 37 Paint Coating is very similar to the Pinnacle Black Label Paint Coating that I've used on my cars in the past. It goes on smooth and any uneven application is easily corrected with a microfiber towel. My car also looks like it's covered in a clear candy coating. It's shine is amazing. Preparation is definitely key to any coating. In order to get the most shine you need to remove all contamination from the paint, correct any swirls or scratches in the clear and use a prep cleaner (I like the PBL product) before applying the coating to ensure the paint is clean of any oils, waxes or other residue. Unfortunately, I can't speak to its longevity since I've only recently applied it and the car hasn't seen rain since it's been cleaned. That said, I'm not a 'wax it once or twice a year' kind of guy anyway. So, whether it lasts weeks or months, I'll never find out since I will probably wax it again in a few weeks just to maintain the shine and in between waxes I routinely use a spray sealant to clean and maintain the paint.
ProsEasy to apply. Amazing shine. Able to layer wax on top of it.
ConsIt's pricey (as are all coatings) but the results speak for themselves.
By J Scarver
June 12, 2016
A Great Price and A Great Result
Tried this coating on my daily driver and was immediately impressed at the ease of application. I'm a weekend hobbyist, so my main issue is time. I need a product that won't take too much of it because there are other things that I have to accomplish besides detailing my car. This coating is super easy to apply, and to my relief did not have issues such as streaking. The end result was very impressive, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again for myself or recommend it to others.
ProsEase of application and satisfying end result. Follow instructions
By Misterpaul
Plainfield, Illinois
May 30, 2016
Simple to use w/great results
Fantastic product that easily got my families vehicles through a Chicago winter. Wife's van goes on expressway six days a week and sits outside almost 24/7, still beading strong after 7 months. Would recommend to anyone looking for their first paint coating; its that easy to use and the results are fantastic.
ProsSimple and easy to use. Durability looks to be on par with manufacturer's claims.
ConsNone that I experienced.
By D E
Mesa, Arizona
April 25, 2016
Easy to apply
This was very easy to apply and left a great shine.
ConsAs a clear liquid on a white vehicle, it was hard to see where it had been applied and where it had not been applied. I may not know until the paint starts to oxidize in places I missed. The bottle is small. While there was enough to do the entire vehicles, I had to use it sparingly. For for the price, I would have preferred to have more, so that I could apply it more generously to be certain that I covered everything.
By Paintxpert
Fairfield, Ct.
March 2, 2016
Very effective, great looking results!
This product is very affordable, goes on easy, no struggles to apply. Great experience! Fine results! Nothing more to say!
ProsVery durable, and it does resist dirt. You can spend much more, but that might be a waste of money.
ConsNone that I know of. You can mess it up if you dont level it properly.
By Shawn
Nashville, Tennessee
December 4, 2015
Great Product!
I have used this product a few times and have always been pleased with the results. I've used one other big name coating and the application process was tricky but with the DP Paint coating it was very simple. The end result is amazing. The car literally looks and feels like glass. One thing I have noticed after applying this coating is that the car looks cleaner longer but is actually dirtier when I go to wash it. As with any coating proper preparation is key and will only enhance your results. They claim 10-15 vehicles from a single bottle but I don't think that is realistic. In my opinion maybe somewhere between 5-8 vehicles if used sparingly which is still a great deal.
By Louie T
Kings Park NY
November 24, 2015
mirror like shine
very easy to use and not time consuming to apply results are outstanding creates a solid glass like coating
Proseasy to apply and work with
ConsNo way 1 4oz bottle treats 10-15 cars as advertised
By Kevin
Cape Girardeau, MO
September 9, 2015
My take after 4 months
This product is nearly fool proof to use. When combined with it's pre paint cleaner its a breeze to prep and apply. I felt the visual appearance was stunning. I have used opti-coat in the past and the gloss and appearance with this product exceeded opti-coat. I get complements on the look all the time. My only issue thus far has been longevity. I prepped diligently, I have used other coatings, therefore I feel the longevity issue was not due to improper application. Beading was completely gone on front of hood and other areas where bug guts accumulate. To be fair I have used Poor Boys Bug Shield as well as Bug-Be-Gone(once) on those areas to remove bug splatter. Everywhere else still seems to be holding up well. I have surmised it maybe does not have the chemical resistance some of the other coatings may have. I have since used Carpro Reload to go back over those areas that get highly soiled to provide protection. My opinion is the Bug-Be-gone is what removed the coating in those areas. I have now relegated that product to degreasing fender wells etc. I intend to go back and redo the frontal areas with DP Paint coating and leave the Bug-Be-Gone alone. I will stay with PB Bug Shield and hope I can get a year or so from this coating.
Merchant Response:Thanks for the review. There's no need to use a bug remover or aggressive solvent on a vehicle that's coated, because the bug residue will not penetrate the coating if not left on the surface for more than a day or two. The best way to remove the bugs is with a bug sponge and mild car wash soap. You'll be surprised at how easy it will be to clean the vehicle.
ProsLooks great Extremely easy prep and application cost effective if durability is as claimed
ConsNot sure about it's durability Seems to deteriorate immediately when used with Bug-Be-Gone
By Joe
December 28, 2014
We Can ALL Coat!
This product is as easy to apply as BFCS. I was finished with all paint and trim in 15 minutes. The prep is where the time goes in. For a coating this was so easy. It really looks like molten glass is poured over the paint. One cool thing...I went for a second coat on my vehicle and noticed that white powder was forming. The previous coat did not allow the second to adhere. Now I will say I still would do the 2nd coat, because why not just be sure that every portion of paint is coated, but seeing that the coating is so good that it won't allow the adherence of itself is impressive. Again, can't say enough about how simple this was and I have a great peace of mind knowing the kind of protection I now have on my daily driver.
ProsEasy to use, and beautiful results.
ConsAs others have said, you will not get as many vehicles covered as advertised. However, it is still worth the price when compared to other offerings.
By Eric
Fort Wayne, IN
September 29, 2014
Easy application & Nice gloss.
I've been watching the nano coating market for a while now & have been waiting for a product that's easy to apply & reasonably priced. So when I found detailers paint coating I finally pulled the trigger. I like the gloss & found it fairly easy to apply, although I found myself using quite a bit of the product to make sure I was getting enough on. The extra product buffed out easily with a fluffy microfiber. There is no way you could get 10-15 cars out of this bottle. Hopefully it holds up as claimed. I just applied it so I have yet to see the beading quality.
ProsGoes on easily. Nice glossy finish.
ConsTricky to decide the amount to apply. Bottle WILL NOT do 10-15 cars.
August 29, 2014
Used this coating over my vacation. My first coating. OUTSTANDING. The gloss and slickness of the paint is great. A very user friendly coating if it's your first.
ProsEasy to use.
By Fletch
July 18, 2014
Good stuff
I'm always looking for something new and thought I'd give this a try. It was easy to apply and looks great. It has only been 2 weeks so long term durability is unknown. The shine and slickness are not quite the same as my previous paint sealant but it does have a look of liquid glass. If it lasts 2 years I will be very happy.
ProsEasy to apply and nice shine.
ConsPrep took a long time and i am not sure if i will get more than a few uses out of the bottle. I used about half the bottle on my Outback.
By Willie
May 14, 2014
A little goes a long ways. Easy to apply and mirrior like finish
By Tim
April 20, 2014
Easy On and Nice Shine
Have been using Wolfgang on my other car and have loved it. So when I bought a new 2014 Avalon I wanted to try this to make it last. Have been completely happy with Wolfgang product and topped with Chemical Guys Lava Luminous. It has the very nice shine and it's just not a slick of a feel as with the other products. So I will top it with Lava and it should make it POP! Both cars are light in color. I just depending on Autogeeks recommendations that it should last at least a year.
ProsEasy application nice shine
ConsNot quite as slick of a feel after application
By Luis A.
October 2, 2013
Blown Away...
I am a weekend detailer and its hard for me to "keep up" with my Nighthawk Black Civic Si , So i figured id start looking into nano-spec /ceramic clear coat formula that gave my paint extra protection against the elements.. I recently used this product and prepped my paint accordingly with the Detailers Pro paint cleaner , and WOW.. Its been a few days , and the car beads water RELENTLESSLY , dirt barely sticks to the paint and it wipes away with very little effort, The Detailers Pro coating is HANDS DOWN out performs any wax or sealant i have used so far.. Well worth the money , I was definitely blown away by this product.

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