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By Georgii Ivankin
San Rafael, CA
September 9, 2016
Works really well
Haven't used other clay bars but this works great. I was a bit confused that there is instant detailer in the package and not a special clay lube, but it works perfectly. Tip: apply it to your windows and rims too - you will be amazed. Great product for the price.
By JRoman
September 8, 2016
Been Using for Years
Been using the product for years and love the results. No need to try anything else. Consistently good.
By Gary
April 1, 2016
Mothers Paint Saving System
These are great products. I have used them before and will again.
By Mike
Scranton, Pa.
April 24, 2015
Results are fantastic
Used this product on my black Nizzan Z. The results are amazing!! Easy to use/ Now all i do is use some spray detailing wax to keep the shine. Worked so well did my wifes car and my truck.
Prosvery easy to use.
By Robert Townsend
Bethlehem, Pa
October 10, 2014
Thank God for Mother's Clayt Bar System
I purchased a New 2014 Chevy Pick up truck.in August. The Concrete Plant near me decided to paint their machinery and at the same time over spray my brand new truck!!! Needless to say I was very upset and didn't know which product to use to remove the paint from my trucks finish..I ended up choosing Mother's Clay bar system and it worked perfectly. It removed all of the microscopic droplets of dried paint from my truck's finish. This product gave me back my truck's slippery smooth, new paint finish. Thank God for this product. My truck looks new again
Proseasy to use..foolproof..will not damage your car's finish
By Kay
June 4, 2014
I just used the mothers clay bar kit on my Holden commodore the entire car,all the windows as well,and I am amazed the whole car looks amazing, I had just got the bonnet re sprayed and felt re spray over he glass windows and so I tried a small area of the glass and now my windows have never been so clean. I would recommend anyone with old or new cars to try this,you will not regret it cheers Kay
By Doug
jackson Ms
April 30, 2014
First time USE!!
Simply Amazing
By David
Brockton, MA.
April 18, 2014
I drive an 08 Xterra which I off-road regularly and aquiered several brush scratces from the trails. After using the clay bar system and following up with the recommended wax, the scratches are no longer there. Bugs, tar and road grime are no longer as well. It is a time comsuming process but well worth it! Flatten out the bar to span the width of your four fingers and you're ready to go. Great product,
By Conrad
October 5, 2012
Love it
I have used this product about 3 times so far and love it. Very easy to use the showtime spray has a cinnamon scent to it. Very sticky clay so it stays in your hand. Works great left car paint feeling like glass on my 07 Mlalibu LT and have also use it on a 96 Lexus GS 300.
By Jenny
June 16, 2012
Unbelievably Easy to Use!
I have a red 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with 20" wheels. It's a big ol' truck. I noticed that the paint on my front fenders felt kind of bumpy and had no clue what to do about it other than rub it out with compound, but with clear coats, I knew you had to be careful. I read about clay bar online and found it at my local auto parts store. I could not believe how easy it was to get my truck's finish back to smooth-as-glass. This stuff is amazing. I followed up with Groit's Garage spray wax and now I could use my truck for a mirror. The truck is so big, I was kind of intimidated to start rubbing it out. But WOW! It was easy. I did the whole thing and now she looks SWEEEEET! Love it and will continue to use the clay bars and the detail spray for in between.
By tw33k2514
November 18, 2011
Best clay kit
My favorite clay kit available. The clay itself is a great medium clay that does an outstanding job. And the microfiber that comes with it is excellent as well.
By Randy
October 17, 2011
I use this twice a year on my car, the paint feels like glass afterwards. Takes excruciatingly long to do, but worth it. Allow yourself a half day to do this correctly.
By Greg H
September 5, 2011
a product that works
I have a black 2007 Mustang. After many delailing jobs the car came back nice...but not overly exceptional. Out of fustration, I gave your product a shot. It was time consuming, however the results were VERY rewarding....I eliminated swirl marks, halo improfections & many marks a professional did not remove BRAVO TO YOU GUYS....YES..A PRODUCT THAT ACTUALLY WORKS...TKS.
By JRivers
August 31, 2011
Great starter kit
Can't go wrong with this kit. It was my very 1st clay ever and it did not disappoint.
By embolism
May 18, 2011
nice OTC product
good amount of med clay that is enough to do about 6-8 cars. The detailer is great too. Save it for regular detailing and use some ONR and distilled for your lube.
By Mustang Sandy
April 27, 2010
Great Stuff !!!
The Mothers Clay Bar system did a spectacular job on my car! I discovered what looked like WHITE paint spots(possibly splattered on my car from where lines had been freshly painted) ALL over the driver's side door of my Alloy Grey 2009 Mustang, and was almost sick about it! (I've only had the car about 8 months-bought it brand new!)....I went into Auto Zone and after talking with an employee there, decided to purchase the Clay Bar System. As soon as I got home, I began working on my car...and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process is...but not just easy...VERY EFFECTIVE!!! I'm very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it!!!!
By ryan
March 8, 2010
great item
works great. really gets rid of all the excess dirt on the paint. leaves a wonderful shine as well
January 6, 2010
Great Stuff
Wouldn't try anything else! I have a 2004 Jetta GLI and it pulled just about every single grain in the paint out. Highly reccommended to anyone who wants the silky finish to their paint.
By Amz
August 25, 2009
Does what it says on the box
Finally, a product that does what it says it does. My 'new' 1990 Subaru Legacy was a house painter's car that had clearly never been washed in its entire life; the driver was a chain smoker, and the paint itself was like sandpaper. A few back-and-forth motions rendered the clay black; the whole car ate at least half of one of the bars and most of the Showtime it was so filthy and neglected. The microfibre towel, too, was in dire need of a wash afterwards despite having scrubbed the car before treating it. Before, I thought it would be a waste of my time trying to restore this car, and was going to repaint it...I had actually bought the kit for my recently repainted Impreza! However, people that knew my Legacy beforehand actually asked if I'd finally repainted it - after a quick cut and polished followed by a heavy waxing, the 20-year-old brick looked pretty close to new, ignoring its battle-scars. It's so effective that it even found, and removed, contamination on the aforementioned Impreza, which had been professionally repainted earlier in 2009 as part of some extensive accident repair where it got pwnt by a rubbish truck. Granted it was lickably clean compared to the Legacy, but it's still impressive how much the stuff will pick up. I've done two mates' cars with the stuff so far, and I'm about to buy another pack so I can keep going!
April 23, 2009
Clay bar detailing
By the mad surfer
April 23, 2009
overspray taken off
used this to take off overspray on the paint. worked great. no problems. clay bar works on both glass and body
By Glen
July 13, 2008
very good product, will buy again
By Mike
March 24, 2008
Yeah this stuff is da domb
By Jay
January 24, 2008
This stuff really works. A car detailer would probably charge $100-$200 to do this, because if your paint's in decent condition, it will really bring out a shine that is very noticeable. It wont work on seriously degraded paint. Only new paint and clear coat will help that.
By Proost
December 10, 2007
Great on shipyard blasting grit
Had the car parked in a shipyard and it got coating with a very fine ferrous sandblasting grit. I tried washing and waxing - nope. Clear coat safe rubbing compound from 3M? Nope. Turtle Wax heavy duty rubbing compound. Nope. But this stuff took it off! Make sure you read up on how this work. Go online and see an unbiased discussion/article on how this works. It's an abrasive but non-damaging if used with a lubricant. Local detailing shop uses Windex but Mother's stuff is great. Totally gets 5 stars from me. I got my finish back!
By Bob Z
September 5, 2007
I have used the clay bar to remove yellow road paint off my burgundy Camry. I was amazed at how well it worked. It should come with two clay bars though. If you drop it on the ground, its done and you can not use it again. 5 stars if it came with an extra clay bar. I would buy this kit and order an extra clay bar.
By Andrew
August 30, 2007
The Mother's clay bar system is unbelievably effective. I've had some serious imperfections in the white paint of my 2004 Suburban for over a year. One problem was a spot of red paint on one of the rear side doors caused by someone "dinging" my door. No dent, just a scuff of red paint. Using the clay bar I was able to remove the red paint in about 10 minutes. I really disn't think there would be an easy or affordable way to remove this paint, and I was very excited to watch it disappear as I gently rubbed the clay bar back and forth. The other problem was tree sap spots all over my hood and roof that were a result of leaving my car parked under a tree while on vacation for 10 days last summer. These spots would not budge with normal washing or with fingernail scratching. After a couple of hours with the clay bar, every spot is gone. It takes some elbow grease and some time, but it works. The minor imperfections like road tar, bug remnants, etc. disappear in seconds with the clay bar. This is stuff that just won't come off with soap and water, and it comes off extremely quickly and easily with the clay bar. This system only comes with a single clay bar and it's rather small. Based on the size of the box and on the size of the picture of the clay bar on the box I thought it would be a bigger piece of clay. It's more than enough as is, it's just surprisingly small. If you drop the clay you're supposed to discard it if it gets contaminated by dirt, rocks, etc. so my recommendation would be to tear the bar in half and just use half of the bar at a time. I'm guessing most clay bars and/or clay bar systems work just as well as this one, but this is the one I've used and it works great.
By James
August 28, 2007
dull to shine
I bought a dull black Buick Rendezvous, about a year ago, my dad sent me this clay bar product, I finally had a good excuse to try it out, and it turned out great!
By joe k
August 4, 2007
old 99 expedition black
I have a 99 black expedition that was waxed only once at 6 months old.The paint on it was dull and dingy. I brought it to a car wash to have them try to revive my trucks original finish.They said they waxed and took a wheel to it.looked good for about a week!!! I was skeptical about your product but read some reviews about your kit and decided what the heck.Well let me tell you I used this kit and never used a clay bar before, my friends and neighbors and myself included could not believe how rich and shiny and smooth I got my trucks finish it looks show room shiny again easy to use highly recomend grrrrreat product!!!!! thanks joe
By T. Love
July 28, 2007
What a great deal! I've used this on my 98 Integra dn my 07 BMW 328i. You can really see and feel the difference. Leaves cars super clean. Dust and water slides off. The quick detailer comes in handy for those in between quick jobs.
By Mark
June 18, 2007
Great product
This kit was so easy to use and my car looked awesome. I have been happy with all of Mothers products.
By Todd D.
June 14, 2007
Excellent Product
Used it for years, have done professional detailing for high class cars. This product is a must for home car fanatics!
By AL417
May 31, 2007
Good Kit
This has everything you need to claybar your car. I like Mother's lube and the clay was not too harsh. It made it very easy to clay the vehcile.
By Nancy
May 21, 2007
Overspray from Tile Cutters
My brand new black Lexus was parked in my office parking lot. Unknown to me, the workers remodeling our bathroom were cutting tiles in the parking lot. The 30 mph wind blew the residual onto my car. At first, I didn't notice because my car was dirty anyway. But I noticed the gritty overspray all over my car. A friend recommended Mother's Clay Bar system. I couldn't believe the result. My car looks like it was just drove off the dealer's lot!!!! Thank you Mother's!!!!!!
By Mike
May 21, 2007
Awesome paint finish!
Purchased a 1998 Honda Civic for my high school daughter. Based on the amount of grit embedded in the paint, it was fairly obvious that the previous owner kept the car outside. I used the clay bar and wax as instructed and the result was incredible... the finish was smooth as glass and had a deep, reflective shine. Except for a few scratches, the paint looks almost new. I recommend this process for new and used cars.
By Brent Blair
May 19, 2007
03 Impala shines again
Claying is the best thing I have ever done to my car. This kit contained everything I needed to do a fantastic job. I am more impressed with the results from this kit than anything I have ever done detailing a car. Smooth glassy shine. Very impressed. Very impressed!!!!
By morey- Tucson AZ
May 15, 2007
mostly worked
Brand new Subaru came with what felt like hard water spots or some type of overspray on the paint. The Clay bar product worked as advertised and left a smooth feeling finish. It also visually looked a bit better as well. Some areas required repeat application. Didn't completely take off hard water spots on windows. Certainly easy to use. Make sure to wax after use.
By budman3
April 23, 2007
Clay package
Everything you need for a nice clay job. The best package buy, IMO.
By Vic Z.
April 22, 2007
I have had 4 black trucks and every time I'm ready to trade I say I will never get another one but they look to good when there clean. I used that clay bar yesterday, worked great. Takes a little time, about 4 hours, from the time I washed, used the bar, waxed and cleaned the windows. I'm 27 and since I got my license I have always had a clean truck. I have used a lot of products in 11 years and this is defiantly one to use again. Thanks guys........Vic
By ernesto escobar
March 19, 2007
best product of the year every year
excelent white paint contamination (yellow marks like oxide, road charcoal spots) removal in seconds. Leave surfaces smooth as glass. cars is like new in seconds or in two hours the whole car
By Stan
February 3, 2007
Unbelievable Product
I bought a 1.5 year old car from the SF Bay Area, when I checked the car out I thought it had been dusted with pitch or something, the rest of the vehicles was perfect so I figured I'd just do a thorough clean up after my purchase. When I got the car back home I could not wash or even polish the particles out of the paint. I thought the paint may have been pitted by some chemical or something, it almost looked like metal particles rusting in the paint and was getting concerned I had made a very expensive mistake. I remembered had purchase Mothers Clay Bar for my Landcruiser which was severly oxidized. In a matter of minutes of applying the clay and detail spray every last bit of the contaminant was gone from the sections I applied the product to, my car looks like it just rolled off the showroom. This stuff is amazing.
By Steve
September 19, 2006
Great on new cars
I'm the proud owner of a 07 Shelby GT 500. I didn't know the paint on a new car that has been washed 4 times have such a drag when touching with a hand or towel. After using the clay bar, the paint was glass smooth with no friction. After waxing I couldn't believe the shine! Sometimes I just walk into the garage and smile.
By Nick
September 5, 2006
I Was Stunned
I'm no kid, I am not into detailing, washing and waxing the cars is like going to the dentist. I get stuck doing my wife and daughter's cars, no fun. All the car waxes and stuff are allot of over priced products that promise the moon. Anyhow, I don't know where, but I got these spots on the hood of the car, tried everything, got annoyed, nothing worked. Well I read about this stuff, figured why not. I'm a believer, my old car has never, never, and I'll say it agian, never shined like this before. I wasn't even looking for that type of a shine, just to get rid of the spots. We have four cars, and looking outside, the shine on my car was literally blinding. I mean it shined so much, I actually got some kid next to me at a stop light looking at it! I'm lazy, and this stuff was easy to use, instantly shining the car.
By Ben
August 26, 2006
great product
After having some body work done on my truck the entire truck felt like sand paper due to clear-coat overspray. The claybar took it off with very little effort and is now smother than ever.
By BDrew
August 14, 2006
I didn't even know this product existed until I came across it in a detailer’s forum for my MINI Cooper. It worked great. I had some sort of tiny, brown dots on the rear tailgate of my car - I don't know what they were, but they didn't wash off. Clay bar made them disappear. I am truly pleased and impressed! I will certainly recommend it to others..
By mohamed
August 7, 2006
magic clay
In the last year i had repaint my 1979 trans am in a proffissional paint work shop.and on a windy day the hous that it was next to my house was painting there garage with pressure spray paint and the wind transfered it to my car altough it is uninvisible becouse my car is white and the over spray is light beige but the surface of my car wasnt smooth as it was before so i boght mothers california gold clay bar paint saving system and i was ammaized by the result .the surface was more smoother than it was and the overspray was removed by the clay not to mintion the mirror dazzling shine that is formed by using the system on a white car!!.
By Tim
July 28, 2006
Amazing product
Removed contaminants from a 15 year old paint job with a minimal amount of effort. Once I started seeing/feeling the results it actually was kind of fun.
By Ferret
June 28, 2006
Awesome you won't believe it
By DR. Waxitall.
May 16, 2006
Don't Freak Out
The clay is much smaller then you think, but Ive done 4 cars with the kit. The finish is AMAZING! Top it off with a microfiber towel, and the car looks great! Far easier than buffing paint, however a quality wax to seal in freshness is a must!
By kelsey scales
March 25, 2006
good product but small portions
pretty good product. i was disappointed with the size of the claybar itself but i needed clay immediately and it worked very well. my new car had felt like somebody's five o clock shadow and now its as smooth as glass! the QD spray smells like cinammon too. id say its a great deal for the price.

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