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By William
February 23, 2021
It is easy to use and does a great job.
By Michael L.
i must say
July 19, 2017
I must say its working fantastically on hard plastic like the bumper and below the windshield wipers. The rubber around the widows ... it made em look better as before lets keep it at that ... i give a five because the good new and fresh look lasted now for 2 weeks already.
ProsEasy and instant on hard plastic. It really brings it back to live. I actually was a bit amazed
ConsMakes rubber like seals around window look better but not as good as hard plastic. I guess it depends on the condition of the rubber. It cant fix burned off rubber obviously. Im happy with it
By Greg
Don't waste your $
March 12, 2017
Worthless, did nothing, horrible product. Not sure how they get away with making and selling this product.
ConsHorrible, waste of time and $. did nothing to help look of 6 year old BLACK plastic fading from sun.
By FFBoy
Didn't work first time out years ago... But seems to be a different product!
January 15, 2016
I've used this before (the one packed in smaller bottles) and didn't seem to work for me. So for some time, I switched to Megs Ultimate Protectant (of Ultimate Black) thinking the megs is a superior product. Just got this recently once again, thinking I was being a bit too critical with this product. So I tried it again and followed the instructions and really worked it in more than using a microfiber applicator, allowed it to penetrate. Unlike the megs product, this needs to be worked in more, doing so will allow the product to leave a nice dark finish (does not have the same semi-gloss look as megs though), a lot more natural, and in my experience at least, is not as sticky as the megs product. Based on my experience, I don't believe this is the same back to black trim restorer as the one they used to sell in the smaller bottles. Seems to be slightly reformulated. Not exactly a bad thing though!
ProsRestores black trim nicely Goes on easily Darkens trim nicely without the sticky feel price-slightly bigger packaging, same low price
ConsWould be nice if it worked faster Not too sure about the durability
By Chris
Pretty good
July 12, 2015
This got rid of some decent wax stains and brought out the black in my 2003's faded trim. It doesn't wash off too fast. I get about 4-6 good weeks out of it. The more I have used it the longer it seems to last.
ProsLasts longer than the last product I tried. Goes on easy, I can see the dirt and crud coming off when I rub it in. Made my sealant stains go away. Doesn't leave big oily runs in the rain.
ConsWish it lasted longer but I'm satisfied
By Roberto
Gulf Coast
Seems to work just fine
November 5, 2014
I bought a 7 year old Honda Element which spend most of it's life parked outside. The external black plastic parts were pretty gray and tatty looking. Back to Black easily restored them to nearly new condition without a lot of work. Of course time will tell if it lasts more than a week and that's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. If it lasts a while, I would rate it as a five.
ProsVERY east to apply. Works great.
ConsNone unless the very good results don't last. Time will tell.
By Allan C.
DOES Leave Greasy Residue
May 28, 2013
While the product does an excellent job at restoring faded plastic, I've found it tends to leave a greasy residue all over the car's black paint. The residue is made worse by the rain, and you can clearly see on the paint where it's run of from water. Washing the car doesn't remove the residue either, so I'm currently researching what will. I don't think this would be such an issue with a lighter colored car, but on black it looks terrible.
By Anthony H.
Mothers back to black
May 2, 2013
This is a very good product I've used it many many times it goes on easy but the only thing I can say is that it does not last very long I wish to it would last longer.
By gilbert
March 30, 2013
great product, makes all the trims looks like factory new again.
By Ric
February 5, 2013
Used this product on a 35 year old honda goldwing seat, it left the seat looking like new.
By Scott
It's ok
January 7, 2013
This product does work, but I have found it not to dry evenly. There are plenty of other trim dressings that are easier to use and provide the same level of gloss (if that's your thing) as this one does.
By Jeff
Works Well
April 15, 2012
RainX is for windows, Wax is for paint, and Back to black seems to be for trim. And it works. Really brought back the color, water-repelancy and smoothness of the trim, especially on painted black metal trim. I was excited by the outcome. I have tried many other non trim products, like wax, interior dressings, even tire shine, and they really don't work well.
By chris
great product
January 30, 2012
worked great on my jeep cherokee's bumpers and fenders... it washes off, but its easy to use and keep looking good...
By Alvaro
Does not work on hard plastic
November 20, 2011
Tried this product on the black plastic grill of my car. The grill is hard plastic and the product did nothing to it.
By Ronald
2003 Trailblazer
May 4, 2011
The exterior trim on my 2003 Trailblazer was very faded(white, chalky look). The first time I bought Mothers Back to Black I applied a thick layer on the trim and buffed it after a few minutes. In the rain it would run and leave an oily residue on the paint. I then applied according to the instructions and gave me excellent results. I applied it a month ago and it hasn't washed off with the rain. The key is to apply several thin coats instead of one thick coat. Another excellent product from Mothers.
By Scott
SoCal 06 Tundra
October 24, 2010
I just got some of the Mother's Back-To-Black. I went home and apply this product to all the black trim. It really does restore the shine of the black trim again. I don't know how long it will last though. Hopefully at least a month when I wash my truck again. For the oxidation, I'm not sure if will actually remove it from the trim. But if you have some time and strength to do some hard work. Give it a try, I'm still trying to take it off of my door trim on the bottom.
By Will B.
September 13, 2009
I have used this product for about 4 years now, and I love it. Be sure to use it as instructed on the bottle (Apply, may take multiple coats. Massage in to the plastic. BUFF OFF be sure to remove the excess and make sure it is evenly applied!). It hasnt run or bled significantly in my experience, and if it does it will come off with a good wash and detail. It lasts for weeks staying glossy, and the renewing properties are MUCH longer lasting. It also protects from oxidation and fading. I love this.
By Ridley
1990 VW
August 7, 2009
Works great on my MK2 VW. My bumpers & fender flares were so bad i was thinking about pulling them off & painting them... Thank goodness i didn't!
By Andrea
July 30, 2009
Works great
By Sonny
Great Product
July 9, 2009
I used 303 for years on my black plastic, then about two years ago I switched to Adam's In & Out spray. In the last year I started using Mother's Back to Black and have had better results than with either 303 or In & Out. The Back to Black cover sratches and ozidation better, it last longer, and it give a deeper color return. I'm not knocking the other two products; the 303 does a good job, the In & Out is a little better than the 303, but I have found the Back to Black to be the best. You do not have to limit it just to black plastic either, it will work on other colors also. I use it on my wife's Infinity FX35. The bottom of the facade (front and rear bumpers, both sides bottom of doors and rock panel) is black plastic. It holds up better on her daily driver than anything that I have tried. It also, is the only product that I have tried that has successfully covered (hidden) the 3-foot mar on her car's rear bumper. I washed the FX35 just the other days was surprised how well it was holding up and still beading water after over a month in the North Carolina summer sun.
By Chris
back in trash
May 26, 2009
Tried it and it does not work as described. At least not for me.
By Vince
April 24, 2009
The product did not bring back my trim. If you really need a product that brings back the trim try another trim product.
By Jeff
Excellent Product
April 18, 2009
This works really well. Lasts about 4 months. Paints and other treatments look fake on black trim. This really makes a difference while making the trim look stock.
By David S.
November 12, 2008
This product required a lot of elbow grease to get worked in to where it would penetrate/remove the white streaks and oxidation. The final result was excellent, however the lifespan was rather limited on the trim for my '95 BMW --- only about 2-3 summer weeks in Colorado weather before it began to get noticeably faded again (car washed every 3-5 days). For others with the E36 chassis; keep it off of your exterior B-pillar trim - it streaks and has inconsistent effects there! Would still recommend, but I'm looking to dyes for a more permanent solution.
August 9, 2008
By noah
love it
June 16, 2008
love it but isnt great on window trim and keep it off your paint
By Nick
April 16, 2008
Saved the black plastic trim on my 1992 BMW!
By Dan W.
Ford Expedition Panels
October 20, 2007
My 2004 Ford Expedition has dark grey side panels. They had faded almost in the pattern of a sunset. This seems to be common as I have seen many of them on the road this way. The body shop offered to paint them for $600 (no guarantee) or replace them for $800. A friend reccomended Back-to-Black. Multiple applications with a soft cloth made them look better, but the "fade" pattern was still there. Then I figured it out. Take a scotch-brite pad and use back-to-black liberally and rub hard on the entire panel, especially on the "faded" areas. Then take a clean cloth and clean the liquid and residue from the panel. Repeat this about three times and your panel will look like new. It took a lot of hard elbow grease but it really did the trick. That "fade" is actually oxidation of the panel, and will rub off with a lot of hard work, and the back-to-black will bring out the true dark color of the panel. Soap and water did not work very well, only the back-to-black. Good luck!
By Andy F.
Jeep Wrangler sport 2001
October 8, 2007
Brings back the faded jeep black fenders like new. Really fantastic. use a lot cause it absorbs like a sponge to bring back the black in the plastic. Just used for the first time, will see how long it lasts in New England.
By AL417
Just OK
May 31, 2007
IT works but it also runs down the vehicle when it rains. Durability s limited also. I prefer PB Trim Restore.
By Mike
Works Okay
March 11, 2007
Requires several coats and a lot of buffing. Still, it's the best product I've found so far. The results weren't spectacular but certainly acceptable.
By bill s.
back- to -black
August 29, 2006
back- to - black brought the plastic on the hood below the windsheld from dull grayish look back to shining black looks like new.on my old truck.now i have a new truck the dash is plastic can i use back - to black on it thank you bill
By Franki E.
Awesome product
August 16, 2006
This product is excellent!! I am a car detailer and love this product.
By Scott S.
I was suprised, but it actually works
June 20, 2006
I have a Jeep and the fender flares fade badly, I figured I would give this stuff a shot before I bought new flares and was amazed. I just sent pics to my dad and he was impressed too. I've had it on for three weeks so far and it is still as dark as when I applied it. I give this stuff an A+
By Jimbo
Great Stuff
June 17, 2006
It works. Makes a car look like it's ready for the show circuit.
By BigDaddy
back to black
June 12, 2006
It worked on faded bumper of a Volvo 850. Had tried many other products before. Now looks like new.

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