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October 11, 2019
Works really well!!!
I have a few of them and I love using them to dry the truck. They just work and I don't have to worry about scratching anything.
By Les
North Ridgeville , Ohio
September 20, 2019
This towel sucks.....
Every bit of water up on my car!
By Donny
Mechanicsville, VA
September 12, 2019
Great Towel
The towel definitely soaks up the water extremely well. It has even made drying my car faster.
By The professor
July 28, 2018
Can get one twice the size at your local car care
I was surprised at how small the towel was. It is absorbent but small. I was able to get one at double the size at the local discount box store for a little less.
ConsPrice compared to other stores locally Too small
By Richard Ross
May 27, 2018
Very Good Product
Really does grab the water from your car. Two towels dried my truck.
By Joe
May 13, 2018
The best
Best drying towel hands down ,I use a leaf blower and finish with this towel very easy
ProsGreat drying towel 1 swipe and your ready to move to next swipe
By Jerry
Seattle, WA
March 23, 2018
Great Product
I have purchased these in the past and quality has been maintained
ProsStill do great job
By Gary stover
Channahon, il
February 21, 2018
Great drying towel
I was skeptical but this towel really works
ProsHolds way more water than a regular microfiber
By Neil
Winfield, IL
February 21, 2018
Immediately placed a second order after one use
This drying towel is literally a dream to use! So soft and its’ ability to absorb water dried the surface of the car in a single swipe! And, no lie, The next day I placed a second order for 2 combo kits which include multiple size towels. These are awesome!
By Scott B.
Houston, Tx
December 20, 2017
Waffle cloth
If you want the best drying cloth / towel on the market......this is it.......
By Jon
San Diego
December 18, 2017
Best Drying Towels
I can't stop buying these towels. I have about a dozen of them. I use my older ones to dry the rims, and edges of doors, and door jams. I love the Guzzler towels!
ProsGreat Quality Great Absorption NO Streaks Last Forever
By Ernest Smith
October 3, 2016
Picked up a lot of water.
Just as good, if not better than a chamois.
By Paul M
New York
July 9, 2016
Great towel
Got this in a kit from AG. I blow dry my truck to get the majority of water off, but this towel took care of all the rest and barely felt moist. I will be getting the bigger size in the future for when blow drying is not an option.
ProsReally sucks up water. So far, so good.
By Don
May 11, 2016
Great Product
The "Guzzler" works great, it holds a huge amount of water.
By John
Laguna Niguel, CA
May 11, 2016
Good for removing water from the shower.
Removes water and any residue from shower nicely. Now I want a bigger size for shower.
ProsRemoves water and any residue from shower nicely.
ConsKind of expensive.
By Al
May 9, 2016
Does a great job will order a larger size on next purchase...
By Ken Kolinski
stuart fl
February 15, 2016
works great love it
By Stacey
Norfolk, VA
December 15, 2015
Great Towel!
This towel came free with one of the kits I purchased a while ago. I grabbed it to try out when I washed my Mustang this past weekend. I was one of the best towels I have used to dry a vehicle, I only had to wring it out twice. I would buy this again!
Prossoaks up a lot of water.
By Ol' RJ
Casa Grande, AZ
June 4, 2015
SUPER Sucker
The Guzzler sucks up water like you have never seen before!
By andy
New Mexico
April 7, 2015
Get the bigger one
Dried okay, but this size is way too small to efficiency dry a Mustang, which is not a large car. I sprung for the largest size. While it captured much of the water, I had to dry up left over streaks with a microfiber towel. I think it is better than microfiber, but this size is insufficient.
Merchant Response:Andy, Use the 20 x 40 to knock off the majority of the water, and the 16 x 24 to remove any residual moisture or water. "COBRA-CK" is our most popular towel combo because it includes both towels at a great price.
ConsToo small.
By Paul
December 18, 2014
I have three of these Guzzler Waffle Weave towels. I have one large Guzzler and two small Guzzlers and that's enough to dry my C5 Z06 without having to stop and wring out a towel. I don't want to waste time drying the car and let water spots set up.
ProsAbsorbs and holds a lot of water
Consa little more of an expensive towel
October 28, 2014
Did BOGO.One is almost enough to do a small SUV.I have a Toyota Rav 4.The second guzzler is a real time saver .No streaks on glass which was always the case no matter what I used.I recommend waiting for a BOGO.That makes it quite a deal.I have used glass wipers, car wipers from local parts store and they just are not effective don't think you will save money by purchasing there.Worth it.
By m491
Eastern PA
October 20, 2014
Holds water nicely but small
I wish I had bought a large sized version of this towel. It really does a nice job but the size is too small. The waffle is better than the plush microfiber towels IMHO. The waffle leaves no streaks behind on black paints, the plush never seemed to avoid that no matter how quickly I moved to dry the car. Just get a larger size if this is for drying the entire car.
ProsExcellent drying capability
ConsSmall size would not recommend. Get the larger size for better drying of entire car.
By Hassan
Houston, TX
October 17, 2014
Great towel
It really makes life easy having stuff that actually works. Thanks geeks.
By Justin
St. Louis
July 16, 2014
Best Waffle Weave I've Used
This towel is great for drying, and very soft. I also own and use the Meguiar's and the Viking waffle weave drying towels, and the Cobra Guzzler is my favorite. I think the smaller size of the Guzzler is actually an advantage, as it allows me to more thoroughly wring out the towel. The other brands seem to initially absorb water about as well as the guzzler, but once they have to be wrung out, the Guzzler annihilates them.
ProsWorks great, good quality
By Ford Prefect
July 16, 2014
Perfect towel for Hitchhikers
If I was to travel in space (earth too) I would bring the biggest Guzzler Waffle Weave towel I could find because it will be your best friend. I got this in a "kit" and amazed that this one towel can dry my entire car in minutes. I ordered more the next day! Worth every penny!
ProsHitchhikers will never panic with this towel.
ConsHitchhikers will panic if they lose it.
By Gil
May 23, 2014
streakless water absorption
Yup, finally a drying towel that does what it advertises.... drys beautifully everytime and streakless! I will be buying more of theses and only these.... waffle towles are the way to go!!
By Walter
April 16, 2014
Great product
Used it dry my Corvette worked great
ProsSoaks up water,helps to avoid water spots
By mjb
Raleigh, NC, USA, Earth
February 28, 2014
Great towel
Unlike a chamois, you can't really wring this towel out and keep using it. Like others have said here, you need two. Or three. I've got several now, so that there's always a few that are clean. It is the best towel I've found yet for drying a car off. And unlike cotton towels, you can get it wet, hang it up to dry and it's not all stiff and unusable afterwards.
By Michael
October 17, 2013
Absorbent but need 2
Towel works good if you air dry first other wise you need two. If you driveway wash a quick trip around the block works great I suggest you buy two.
By Oejeffrey
January 30, 2013
Now I understand
I bought this on a whim to get my purchase a few dollars higher to get a free sample. Quite simply had I known how thirsty these things are I would have bought a bigger one. Truth is though I keep met Tundra waxed enough that a short trip down the road above 35 mph blows most of the water off the truck anyway. All I do then is come in with the guzzler and it sucks off the rest of the water no problem!! The product description is accurate & I am a happy customer.
By Joe
March 18, 2012
The best
Out of all the purchases I have made from Autogeek, this is the best one. Had I known I would have bought a couple more. It out performs the Meguiars waffle 10-1. I will purchase this product again.
By stephen
June 12, 2011
Best cloth i have ever used to dry my car off. Only wish i purchased a bigger one. This one even for a little car you will need another micro fiber cloth to help finish drying your car but still work great. no matter the size i reccomend getting the biggest one they have or use two of these or one of these and another type of cloth shouldnt matter which kind. Love it though
By Armand Campos
May 18, 2011
The Guzzler drying towel is extremely gentle and absorbable. It truly does hold a lot of water. I used it on my Corolla and I only had to wring it out once. It is extremely soft and I do not feel any danger of marring the paint.
By Nate
March 7, 2011
Love the Guzzlers!
Love th Guzzlers for drying. I have many of the other cobra microfibers (probably at least one of each type) and just do not the quality in them I would expect with this cost.
By Wayne
November 2, 2009
Must Purchase towel
This drying towel is super soft and super absorbent.Excellent investment if you're particular about keeping your car in showroom condition and avoiding swirl marks.
By Rich
September 21, 2008
the only towel
I will never use anything else to dry my cars. This thing is just wonderful! So soft and just sucks up the water. Im glad I bought 2 of them.
By Bambo2888
April 26, 2007
Actually works
The best product for drying! I have used a lot of these knock-off waffle weaves just to be let down. I was weary at first but i got to use one at DF 2007 and was surprised. I got a bunch of them!
By big poppa
May 15, 2006
If you are still using those old, harsh bath towels on your vehicle, stop! This product is as gentle as can be, and sucks up water like crazy. I ordered two of these towels and can dry a big vehicle(GMC Envoy) with just 2 of them! I use one to get up the beads of water, then the other to get any left. No swirls, no scratches and a long time of great towel performance.

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