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By Russell
Palatine, IL
Really nice wax
May 31, 2020
I expect nothing less then great products from Meguiar's. And they came through once again. This wax goes on easy and wipes off easy.
By Henry
Medford, MA
Easy on Easy Off - long lasting
May 23, 2020
I've been a user of Meguiar's products for more than 40 years and this wax is one of several I have used through the years. However, the Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 goes on easy and when its dry, it is easy to buff off. Plus it lasts for a long time (months)
ProsAutogeek does a nice shipping job and its appreciated
By Terry
Rolla, ND
Love it
February 27, 2020
I have used this since it first came out. Easy to apply and to remove leaves the paint feeling smooth and has a nice shine use it on my classic car to my new suburban
ProsEasy in easy off
By Jan
Best Ever
August 26, 2017
Tried this for the first time and I am amazed! I have a silver Trailblazer, the shine is outstanding to anything I have used before. So easy to apply and remove.
By Fred B.
Indio, CA
Great wax
August 26, 2016
I saw this wax tested against 5 other wax's on You Tube and it won. I also tested it against my Mother's Carnuba and it was better. Recommend it. Very easy to apply.
ProsGreat shine
ConsB None
By ShawnD
Easiest out there!
December 29, 2015
I've used just about everything there is. For me it's about how easy it is to remove, and this by far is has been one of the best. Not to mention that it has kept my paint looking amazing longer than expected. I honestly gave it 2 weeks before I'd have to re-apply it. But the reality is I usually go 3 months before having to re-apply it. I keep the car clean and follow up with detail spray during washes each week. When applying this the thinner the better. I saw a few reviews with streaking. That should help!
ProsEase of use
By Josh
Lancaster, CA
Best wax ever.
October 21, 2014
This is my favorite wax. Once I tried this stuff, I loved the results and have used it ever since. Seems to have a longer durability than other waxes I've used. Easy on, Easy off. All in all, this is the ideal wax.
ProsLong durability Deep Shine Easy Application
By Brian
Pittsburgh, PA
Great sealant
July 8, 2014
The NXT product went on easy and came off even easier. My new Wrangler literally has a mirror finish now. This is a polymer sealant, so I will follow-up with a carnauba wax to get the depth I want in the finish.
ProsOn and off easily
ConsDoesn't provide depth of a good carnauba product
By Paul M.
New York
Works OK for the price
March 4, 2014
I've used this wax since my truck was new off the lot, (5/10/12). I was very pleased with the results initially. However, in my trucks' second (harsh) winter here in NY, I have noticed that the durability is somewhat lacking. In November, (2013) the truck got a thorough wash, clay & polish. Applied 2 coats of NXT. Like others have said, the ease of application is second to none. Fast-forward to today, 3/414, and I now notice water spots that were not there before, and the beading is close to gone. In short, I like this product, but would not recommend it for "All winter protection."
ProsLooks great upon application. Very easy to apply & remove.
ConsWon't hold up for an entire winter. Disappointed.
Detroit area
Great results for the price.
February 23, 2014
I applied to my black truck first of October and this Michigan winter has been brutal. This product has held up strong. I will go to spray bays once a week then follow up with ONR at home. Still shines nice and beads well. You have to let it sit, made the mistake on a friends truck who was rushing me and it looked blotchy until i fixed it. I enjoy MEGS products, most work well and have reasonable prices.
ProsGreat results for the price.
ConsAs long as you follow instructions, none.
By stanely
November 27, 2013
i think its the best wax i ve used, but i have never used zaino
By Suprajay79
Best Sealant!
May 2, 2013
The key with this stuff is to let it dry correctly. If you apply it and then buff it off immediately, you'll be left with the blotches and smears common to a product not yet done working. These show really well and are a nightmare to get off! Use the "swipe" technique to tell if the wax is dry or not. In Florida, I have to let it sit for at least 4-6 hours because of the heat and humidity- so take that into consideration! Other than that, this stuff rocks. Patience and knowledge go a long way!
By 370zman
NXT2.0 is the Next Big Thing
February 17, 2013
Great product. Applies easily and once buffed, by hand of course, leaves the deepest shine I have ever seen. I have been waxing cars for years, and this product has impressed me the most. I will never use another product again. This stuff is that good!!
By Bill
Great Wax
January 10, 2013
I just recently purchased a 1999 370Z, Platinum Graphite exterior. I live in Chicago and needed to prepare this car for the winter. It will be garage kept. I washed my car yesterday 1/9/13 (with Meguiar's Gold Car Wash/Conditioner--Awesome product) as the weather was sunny and in the lower 50's. After letting the car completely dry overnight, I used this car wax today. Application was easy with the supplied applicator. I let it dry for 45 minutes. Used a microfiber cloth to clean and buff the excess off. I then finished her off with a Finishing Cloth and the results were off the charts. I mean holy s@#$!! It looked like a hockey rink after the Zamboni got done with it. It left an absolutely awesome shine. I lightly tossed the finishing cloth at it and it simply glided over the entire width of the car. It is a shame winter is here, but now she will be ready to sleep well. Can't wait for spring........I have purchased many different types of Carnauba Wax in the past. This stuff is just simply better. You get the best of both worlds here, long lasting shiny clear look with the weather beating elements of of Carnauba. I will not use any other brand/type of car wax. Well done Meguiar's.
By James
Not very good
December 21, 2012
Wasn't impressed with anything about this product. Bought it just to test it out since it got great reviews, but wont again. I have a dark blue BMW and it left weird patchy areas even after an even, thin coat with a DA. Durability is terrible. Applied some to the front bumper before a road trip to protect against bugs, but when I came back and washed it, there was no protection left after 4 days. I did not even notice a difference in shine either
By Kern
Good Stuff
September 2, 2012
One of the Best wax I've ever used.
By mkt
Not bad
December 26, 2011
I love this wax, easy to apply but can still streak on certain occassions. Love this on black, seems to be good at concealing certain light swirlmarks.. Shine is very nice no doubt about it. The paste version while more difficult to apply doesn't streak as much, but i still recommend this over the paste. Easier to spread thin and the durability is just about the same.
By tw33k2514
November 18, 2011
Lacks durability, but does have a nice shine, and is very easy to apply.
By misterpaul
Winter protection
November 13, 2011
I beg to differ from those that poo-poo the durability of this product. I've done two coats on my wife's DD that travels the Chicago area highways on a daily basis. It gets it through the winter salt, grime and grunge until I give it it's spring clean some time in April. I also use it on my mother's, my mother-in-law's and aunt's cars for the same reason.
By opie_7afe
ok wax
November 10, 2011
its a ok wax/sealant does offer some chemical cleaning ability. goes on and comes off very easy. durability is not that good but it does give a great shine..imo its too highly prices for the results it gives. it now sits on the shelf not being used good to have for a backup wax/sealant if i run out but i found better meguiars waxes that have same ease of use with better results.
By Mike
Great Depth
August 7, 2011
I used different sealants depending on the manufacture, paint color and lines of the car, as well as customer's preference. This wax gives me the extreme depth and wet look of a carnuba and darkens the color but with out the hint of gold/ yellow that natural wax when the sun hits it. Great for sharp modern cars with dark colors. If I want high reflectivity though you can't beat ultimate wax
By David
The Best
May 12, 2011
I've been using this product for several years. Nothing else on the market can touch this product. I live in central Florida and we have our love bugs. But with this product I simply spray them off with the hose with no damage whatsover to the vehicle. My neighbors are always asking...how do you keep you vehicle so shinney ?
By Deb
Amazing shine
January 29, 2011
I have a small car detailing business and use this on my clients cars as well as my own. I apply it with a dual action buffer and never have swirl marks. The car's color just pops. This is the only wax I'll use and my clients rave about the results.
By Maxime
good OTC
January 22, 2011
Leaves a great shine and protection, streaks and need alot of buffing when you remove it.
By victor
April 3, 2010
good product easy to use
By stan a.
Applied wrong came out right
March 28, 2010
Used the clay bar process for the first time then read where I should use a cleaner well I had no cleaner so I used Mequiars cleaner/wax and then applied NXT Generation Tech Liqiud Wax (which is in reality a sealant)and should not be applied over wax. No problem the graphite car turned out great and I am pleased. The entire process took 7 hours but but was all easy just time consuming.
By jessica
its true
November 29, 2009
i didnt want to believe it at first, infact i didnt even know why i bought a sealant instead of true carnuba wax. one late evening washing and using clay bar i wen to reach for a wax, but instead wound up with the nxt in my hand. saying "what the hey" i went to applying the product to the whole car. the next day i went to get in my car and noticed how buttery the paint felt, silky smooth, i stepped back and realized how deep, crisp, dark and sexy the paint looked even on my daily driver Scion. i could not believe such a product could give such rich results! 4 days later and the car still looks "just washed" clean, no dust or water spots so far!
By Tony B.
Patchy for me as well
November 8, 2009
Tried this product out on a black BMW 335i I detailed for a customer today. After the correction/polishing process, I applied as directed and made sure to spread an even application. Upon removal with my orbital waxer, there were dark patchy looking areas all over the vehicle. This has never happened with any of the other similarly priced or higher priced waxes I have used before. I tried to buff the patchy areas off unsuccessfully, both with a dry mibrofiber cloth, a cloth with some quick detailer, and a cloth with some spray wax without any difference. Since I was not satisfied with the result, I had to resort to lightly repolishing the entire vehicle to remove the wax completely and then went back to my good 'ole Klasse SG/XMT 180 combo. I did, however, use this product on a test panel on my white pickup truck and it looked alright...no better then any regular wax off the shelf at KMart, but by no means bad, so it gets two stars instead of one.
By Ron
The Best Ever!!
August 5, 2009
Man this wax is awesome. I just purchased a GS300 and boy I tell you after a couples of coats my car looked brand spanking damn new. Hurry up and go get it.
By Mark
the best
July 26, 2009
This product was very easy to put on and just as easy to come off. Now my Lexus (which had alot of swirls) is so shiny I have to wear my shades when I look at it.
By Harry
Disapointed in Depth
May 24, 2009
I have been using Klasse for years, and I had unexpectedly run out. I picked this up at Walmart. After double washing, and then using clay, and some polish on tough spots, I had a thoroughly clean car. Applied 2 coats of the tech wax 2.0, and my car looked good, just not all that good, not goof for all the work that went into making it look good. Some zymol I had lying around helped. It wasn't easier to use than Klasse, doesn't last as long, and doesn't look better. The product wasn't a disaster, it just wasn't worth all the prep work for the underwhelming payoff.
By gb
Black BMW
March 30, 2009
Used after two coats of the cleaner/wax on the finish of our 5 series we purchased used....the dealers' efforts to get it looking new did not help but between this and the Meg. cleaner/wax, it looks absolutely better than any new one - amazing!
Good, easy to use sealant
June 27, 2008
VERY easy to use, but doesnt last as long as most sealants. The gloss is comparable to most carnaubas tho
By Back B.
Wettest Look Ever
April 22, 2008
Used this on both a black finish and metallic blue and achieved the wettest look ever. Has the beading ability of colinite combined with a deep wet very deep shine. By far the best off the shelf wax I've ever tried.
By Bob
February 12, 2008
To mutch fillers for my taste! But it good for hiding up swirls, if your paint is thin.
By Jim G.
2002 SLK230
February 11, 2008
I just used this product for the first time on our red 2002 Mercedes slk230. It looks wonderful. Like a new paint job. I never have waxed a car without any paint residue showing up on the polishing cloth. This product is so easy to apply and makes our 5 year old car look like a show machine. j_greenwald@sbcglobal.net
By goofball
nxt review
December 28, 2007
It's easy and good and I've tried most of the high-end stuff and this works better and lasts longer. It"s all in the prep!!!!!!!
August 4, 2007
I have never used any other product,even other Meguiers products, that was so easy to apply and wipe off, and leave my mustang looking like it had just been painted." Keep up the god work."
By AL417
Not Bad
May 31, 2007
This is a simple WOWO liquid wax. Leaves a nice shine but I'd recommend a past like MaxWax over this wax.
By Bambo2888
April 26, 2007
Good all around cleaner wax and leaves a decent shine.
By budman3
April 23, 2007
NXT wax is a good wax. It looks decent, easy to use, but durability and slickness fell off after a few washes..
By Justin e.
great value
April 21, 2007
usually i am not a fan of liquid waxes..but the one thing i love about the nxt wax is how easy it wipes off...and there is no dust left behind which most liquid waxes are notorious for...descent durability for a liquid wax...
By Greg
November 6, 2006
I was very disappointed with this product. I left a patchy effect on my car. Apparently you have to apply this product 2 or three times for the best result. No thanks! Back to my Mothers system.
September 28, 2006
OK...I absolutly detest "waxing" a car...dealing with all that dried up white gunk...it shows because my car was getting swirl marks...i finally decided i had to do something...i first test drove new cars...but finally i got this instead ...EASY EASY EASY...i first used Scratch X on the places that needed extra attention and then applied this over it...Tech Wax is very easy to get off...basically just seemed to disappear...AND MY CAR IS ALL SHINY AND PRETTY!!! I basically just slapped it on there...not being carefull with it...if I can get the results I got with the way I was slapping it on there...I can only imagine what it would look like if someone used it who actaully knew what they were doing and took the time to really do it up right going through all the proper steps.
By Gary C.
September 11, 2006
your wax sure shined well---hiwever I was disapointed to see that it did not last long on my new Mercedes Benz. I have been loyal to Meguires for over 30 years. Whats the Deal?
By Rich
August 23, 2006
The NXT is easy on and oh so easy to buff off, and gives a very nice shine and wet look. Im waiting to see how durable it is. Another great product from Meguiars, and offered by autogeek.
By pachihachi
August 17, 2006
Great wax
May 4, 2006
I used it for first time on my black 03 accord and WOW! Throw out all other waxes...
By Mike T.
Great Purchase
March 17, 2006
Great finishing wax. Can be difficult to remove on a hot surface, but it leaves a great protective finish.

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