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By Paul w.
Waianae, Hawaii
Best I've used
April 23, 2015
From the first time I used this product, I liked the finish. So much so, I use it even on my motorcycle and chrome!
ProsI want more!
ConsCan't find it on Oahu for over a year now!
By LatinoPinoy
A nice, synthetic paste wax
August 30, 2014
I used this paste version first before I got my hands on the liquid tech wax 2.0, both products offer the same look and durability. I was quite surprised how much easier the liquid is to apply and spread thinly. If the paste is applied thinly, the ease of removal is virtually identical. For ease of application, the liquid wins hands down, but with the paste, it makes one apply the wax more methodically. The paste makes it up by leaving a more even look. With the liquid, I get more problems with streaking. Good shine and depth, good streaks. With the paste, it's a lot more straightforward. Works great on dark paint, great (not the best though) depth, flakes pop, water beading/sheeting is good. Only a few minor issues prevent this wax from getting a higher score
ProsGreat depth rich, slick finish Metallic flakes pop good water beading No streaking (compared to the liquid version) Still a fantastic product even with the arrival of the newer Ultimate Wax
ConsNot as effortless to apply
By John M.
November 7, 2013
Works very well, but I did not pay much attention to the store at room temperature remark on the label. When I kept this product in my trunk, some parts remained as a paste, but other parts seperated into a petroleum-like substance. Still good to use? Probably won't risk it.
By Adam S.
Amazing Shine
August 9, 2012
This wax is absolutely one of the best wax's I have ever used. And for the price how can you beat it. An amazing long lasting shine is to be expected with this product, I highly recommend it.
By Agustin H.
The Best!!
May 3, 2012
I use this wax on all my cars. It protects and shines like no other! It doesent matter what color the car is it well darken and shine it like no other wax!!
By Larry M.
Thumbs Up
January 1, 2012
I use many wax products..NXT applies easy and produces a beautiful high gloss shine...
By Rob S.
09 civic si silver
September 8, 2011
Shine and protection last months with the use of meguiar's premium detailer spray in between waxings.
By Steven G.
Its about time
April 12, 2010
I am a fan on both Meguiars and Turtle Wax. Turtle Wax I think is a better cleaner and Meguiars is a better shiner. But this NXT is the best wax besides the black box for black vehicles.
By Nick C.
Truck Waxed
July 1, 2009
I usede this product on my 1998 Dodge Durango and it is the best wax I have ever used. The Truck after one year still feels waxed. I do keep this truck in my garage but bird droppings are not an issue and bugs wipe off easy.
By Leo
NXT on Black 07 Tundra
June 24, 2009
Great wax with one exception; after removing the wax with a microfiber cloth and even after buffing it out with a differnt microfiber cloth, the wax seems to be a little streaky still. Maybe it was because the air temp was still little warm, or maybe it's just the nature of the wax. It seems to lay on the paint a little soft right after, so maybe after a day or two, it might harden up and won't streak the next time I wipe it with a detailer spray. Other than that, it delivers a mirror-like shine and the black does appear to have a deeper wet look to it.
Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax
June 9, 2009
Good stuff, beats a competiting priced brand
By kyle
tech 2.0 the best
June 6, 2009
i have used several different waxes, and i find this particular wax to be the best i have ever used. This is now what we use at the body shop now because it is so easy to use, and our customers have even seen the difference, and ask what we use. With that being said, try this product and you will be amazed with that just washed still wet look.
best protection!!!!
June 2, 2008
I have used paste wax many years. I'm a daily driver. A few years ago, I applied the glaze and paste wax and didn't wax for one year. Water still beaded and the shine was great, that's protection ! Thanks again MEGUIARS !!!!!
By Jeff
Great Synthetic Wax
May 1, 2008
If you want something to produce great results with little effort "Meguiars NXT Gen. Tech. Wax Paste 2.0" is for you. If your paint is in good shape and no need for a "Prep Cleaner/Polish" or "Clay Bar" just apply a thin coat and remove. It goes on and comes off really easy and give a great wet shine. I find the "2.0" version to be even easier to apply and remove and a better shine than the first generation tech. wax! My prior favorite for a long time was the standard Zymol product. This is SO MUCH easier to work with (which I thought Zymol was great) and produces as good or better shine than Zymol. White residue being left in tough spots is minimal at best with this wax versus a carnuba. Plus it lasts and protects much longer (about 6 months). One thing I noticed (because it was so easy to apply and remove) I did a second application a week later and the shine got even deeper and the surface even slicker. So if you really want to add extra protection and a deeper shine do a second application. It will go on and come off ever easier.
By JIm
April 24, 2008
Overall it works very well. Goes on & off easy. Be careful of the leftover white residue.
By Keith
One of the best
September 3, 2007
I am looking for a good balance of deep shien and gloss and durability. The NXT liquid is not as good as this paste, it lastes long although that smooth as a babby's butt slcikness tends to go away after a month or 2, the product seems to still work, always beads the water and makes washing off bugs and tough stuff much easier. I'm always looking for somehting better, but this is a great bang for the buck! Goes on easy, buffs off pretty easy as long as you don;t use to much, but does leave white powder all over as your buff.
By herman
December 28, 2006
Not bad
November 8, 2006
This by far is the longest lasting wax ever used. The only down side is on darker cars, when you go to buff it it turns to white powder which gets trapped along the trim and other tight areas.
By meathead
October 14, 2006
this was the best stuff i have ever used. it went on easy, came off easy, and left behind the most brilliant, deepest and clearest shine i've ever seen! will DEFINATELY be buying this stuff again.
By Torrey
Lost Virginity
July 9, 2006
Until a couple of weeks ago, I'd never had the experience of "waxing" an automobile. Due in great part to the results that I got with this product with my initial experience, I am now a fanatic!! I have a black-on-black Mercedes 2000 Kompressor and the 1st day after waxing with this product, I had many comments but 3 people who'd seen the car prior to waxing asked if I'd gotten "a new paint job". The richness of color and depth of shine improvements were utterly dramatic. I'm now a "waxing fool"get anal about the slightes smudge! The product goes on and comes off with surprising ease. It also dries fast so I didn't have to wait very long before wiping after application. I ultimately used a polisher but the results after only wiping were fantastic! My inexperience doesn't give me much to compare it to, but if the reaction of others and the radical difference this product made in appearance is any indication, this is definitely one to try.
By Theodore M.
Purely Amazing
June 19, 2006
I first used this product during the month of May, and let me tell you, when it rained, it poured, but the raindrops simply flushed the dirt and grime right off of my Nissan Titan, leaving it looking like I had just put the chamois to it! There's nothing on the market that can compare to this product! Thank you Meguiars for an excellent product!
By alec
June 6, 2006
my 1985 dodge has orignal paint and this made it shine how it was twenty years ago
tech review
June 6, 2006
jjust bought a 02' ferrari 360 and was concerned about which wax to use...the tech wax was used, the process was easy and the presentation was fantastic....made the car ( red )...look unbelievable...thx...
By R H.
Nxt Gen
April 14, 2006
This was the first product I used on my new black honda coupe it did and excellent job how well I didn't realise till about 3 months later I bought the wolfgang kit, as I was finishing I wasn't entirely happy not feeling I had the depth I wanted, so I did the trunk hal NXt half wolfgang. The nxt was deeper wetter like a fine carnubam maybe its because its a black car. But that peeked my interest to try soverien on ...too be continued after my pc kit gets here. Ridh H

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