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By Janet
St Simons Island, GA
April 7, 2021
This is a great product. I used to use a leaf blower to dry car after washing, I saw no need for anything more. But...a friend lent me their master blaster and wowza!! No comparison to leaf blower. I realized I could not do without this item. I even use it inside car. I open all doors and before I vacuum blow out dog hair and leaves etc. I love this thing!!
By Artur
Attleboro MA
Best option in car drying!,
October 3, 2020
I was looking at this product for a while. I was skeptical because of the price, but It is a well built product!! The hose is long enough to dry the car outside without taking it off the wall!! Just excellent product overall, love it!
ProsGood package, everything is there, made in USA!!
ConsPricey, air hose is a little stiff!!
By Cody
Marion, VA
This thing is amazing!
May 29, 2020
Yes this car dryer is very expensive, but absolutely worth it. If you have protection on your paint it helps tremendously with removing water and reducing how much you have to touch the paint reducing the chance of scratches. Works best with coated paint. My only complaint is that the 30ft hose can be a little tough to maneuver due to how stiff it is, but there is a reason for it being that way.
ProsVery powerful. Great at drying and helps to reduce how much you touch the paint during the drying process.
ConsHose is a little on the stiff side, but not a huge deal.
By Shane
Mobile, Al
This thing Blows
May 15, 2020
I love my master blaster. No more fine scratches from towel drying. Works better on cars that have a good wax/sealant on them.
By robert
streator, il
Excellent tool
January 18, 2020
I have had a master blaster for a few years now. I decided to buy a second one because I have hired help and thought it would be nice to have one for each person. The new "revolution" model with the 30' hose is a massive upgrade. I can dry most vehicles without having to move the fan.
ProsLong hose is perfect.
By Daniel
Buyer's Remorse Begone!
July 7, 2019
I purchased the master blaster kind of reluctantly because although I wanted one, I wasn't sure if I could justify the cost when I have so many other hobbies going on. I am SOOO glad I got it. I always have Klasse twins applied on our cars and this makes it extremely easy and fun to dry. I was a little worried about the amperage, but it is mounted pretty close to my breaker panel, so I went ahead and ran a 4 ft line from a new 20amp fuse to a new 20amp receptacle dedicated to this. Not only is it great when I wash the cars, but whenever we have a substantial rain, we can just pull the cars in and I use it to blow the water off and I am absolutely amazed afterwards. It is almost like I gave the cars a wash after I blow the rainwater off. Even the dirty water from the roadside doesn't leave any particulates after using the master blaster. I've always thought that a lot of swirls get introduced to the paint in the drying process. Now, I primarily use Wolfgang rinseless wash and I typically use 2-3 oz per 3-4 gallons of DI water. After I wipe the panel with my MF wash mitt, I blow the liquid off instead of wiping with a towel. I do this to all of the panels and I get fantastic results. I wasn't sure how well the rinseless wash would work in this way, but to my surprise, the cars always come out looking great. Afterwards, I use some quick spray sealant similar to UFF, Seal-N-Shine, beadmaker, etc. and I'm good to go until the next wash. I actually enjoy washing our vehicles and applying a good sealant every 3-6 mos, so I've never been interested in ceramic coatings. Thanks for the great product Metro! and thanks for the great sale Autogeek!
Pros-Absolutely no swirls introduced via using a drying towel -No more washing all of my drying towels -Rainfall is actually like a quick maintenance wash now -Volume of air at this pressure is excellent allowing for quickly blowing out my garage -Everything else I can't think of
ConsPossibly want to upgrade an outlet to 20amps
By Dana
West danville, Vermont
May 19, 2019
Used it first time other day and wow why didn't get this before!! No more towels for me i have a 57 handyman wagon and a 56 nomad and a 77 Jeep j10 and this master blaster is the best thing to blast off the water out of the grilles and lights, glass and chrome, door jambs no more spotting. The extra hose is long enough to have machine hanging on back wall of my shop and get everything blasted. Great product! Worth the money!
By Matt
Sweet !!
February 25, 2019
a little pricy, but after using it a few times, I soon forgot about that !! No soaking wet towels to wring out and wash later. works Awesome and I will never be without one from now on
By Steve
October 22, 2018
This works pretty well, but it does take a while to blow the water off. I may still get a water deionizer to further help eliminate water spots.
Pros30 foot hose is very helpful.
ConsIt would be nice to have a remote on/off switch.
By Gunny F.
Unboxing And Review
May 30, 2018
To my astonishment, I just received, unboxed, mounted and tested this awesome product TODAY!! All I can say is WOW, UNREAL, SPEECHLESS! That's because I can't say anything due to sheer disbelief that this awesome 8hp machine got my beloved vehicle so dry so spotless and so immaculately dry on its first run out of the box! Spectacular folks. Thx! *Those of you know who I'm talking about too! Extremely meticulous Marine here who does ALL washing, drying and detailing by his own hand. Never did I think all those water droplets on far side of car would literally disappear- and talk about ANYTHING within you wheel wells, rotors or hooks and crannies would ever produce such dissipation- EVER! This machine has some serious b***! Even used your hardware (well, be fed it up even more) And there it sits, upon my wall begging for its next use! Pros: All you've read above..... Cons........ Hmm, still trying to decide! Lol.
ProsAs stated, all I stated above! Unreal airflow, sorry- clean, warm airflow!
ConsAll I listed above - None! *Ask me again when I need to change bag. ..
By ChrisN
Birmingham, Alabama
Awesome Machine
May 9, 2018
I'm a detail enthusiast, and I'm always looking for the "best" method of car care. I've been looking at this for a while, and I finally bit the bullet. Until purchasing this, I've used an electric leaf blower followed up by microfiber towels. This thing is like a leaf blower on steroids. When you work around the brake lights, side mirrors, etc. where water seems to hide, not only does it blow it out, but it vaporizes it. The body panels even flex if you get too close. There's that much force. A few tips. It takes a little practice to figure out the best method, and you'll end up going over a few areas a few times. As you blow off a part, you'll end up blowing water back onto other areas that you have to go back over, but as you use the unit with both fans on, the air heats up and evaporates the water in addition to blowing it off the car. I have 20 amp breakers, so I've had no issues thus far, but be aware it uses quite a bit of power with both motors on. A great purchase if you've got the cash to blow. (Pun intended.)
ProsNo touching the car, so fewer opportunities to leave swirls and scratches. No towels to wash. Scares the dogs, especially if you chase them with it.
ConsExpensive purchase. Hose can be awkward to work with.
By Nick K.
Rochester, NY
Hold on Tight!
October 12, 2016
Im pleased with this item. I had used a friends unit before buying my own. I decided to get the revolution because the front swivel casters made sense. After using it i would most likely pass on the 30' hose. Its a pain to coil up and if you have the standard one it doesn't drag around the ground getting all crummy. Id rather just let the extension cord drag around and coil that up much easier. Plus, this wet dirty hose now slaps all over against my white garage drywall. Besides my poor choice, the blower is phenomenal and works as advertized. Its much easier than using a chamois or towel and wont scratch the finish. As i said, you need to hang on because this baby moves some serious air. I have also found it useful to dry off other items such as the grates from the stove after a power wash. Good machine, made right here in the USA.
ProsWarm filtered air Tons of CFM or Air Velocity Eliminates the need to towel dry Easier to handle and maneuver than leaf blower
By john
Tons of air
September 30, 2016
Your air blaster is a super machine. It has enough air to do all your jobs. Bikes, cars and the leaves of the front porch.
ProsStrong air. It was a surprise gift from my wife.
By Roger
Brook Park, Ohio
I call it "The Politician" ..... It Blows Hot Air
March 12, 2016
I was expecting it to be a little more powerful but it still works great. I love being able to COMPLETELY dry a car without overly excessively having to touch the paint so there is less chance of adding defects and it can get ALL the nooks and crannies and cracks and crevasses microfiber towels alone can't get. It's handy for the interior too. I can dry freshly cleaned mats and blow nooks and crannies and cracks and crevasses free of dust and dirt the vacuum can't reach. The 30' hose is real handy. I can reach anywhere inside my garage and do vehicles outside of it too. I can keep the garage cleaner too which is also a nice benefit.
ProsA "work smarter not harder" tool that allows to you to get better results faster and more efficiently.
ConsThe initial price of course but I use it every week on multiple cars.
By Daniel P.
Kansas City, MO
master blaster
February 24, 2016
It definitely removes water faster than a blow gun from my air compressor...speeds up my details by about 10 mins/car.
Pros30 ft hose....
ConsI definitely wanted it to blow harder...I had my mind made up that it would almost take the paint off the car, but made it expected too much. But my shop does 300 cars per month, so any time taken off each detail means more money, just thought it would be a game changer
By Blake
Providence, RI
definitely better than a leaf blower
April 24, 2015
I do landscape work, and i have the biggest backpack blower that redmax makes. though this master blaster machine doesn't have the CFM, thats not what is important for drying cars. the velocity is, and that's what this machine has. instead of using unfiltered air from a leaf blower that's on my back (horrible for drying my truck), i now use this blaster with the hose over my shoulder like when you paint. the heated, filtered air is great. must have. works MUCH better on recently waxed cars, by the way, but that's not rocket science.
Pros-seems stable on its wheels. havent rolled it over yet. -filtered air -heated air -many nozzles -about as scratch-free as drying can get
Consprice, but if you wash enough cars it's beyond worth it.
By Tony F.
Spring HIll, FL
Well Worth the Price!
April 18, 2015
Saw this on My Classic Car and thought it might be worth trying out. Very happy that I did as it is even better than as shown on AutoGeek.net. Took no time to set up and my initial feeling was that the Blaster was a well made and durable product. It was actually smaller than I thought it would be and heavier than it looked. After washing my large car, a Chrysler 300 C, it tool less than 15 minutes to dry it completely. My Blaster has 2 switches. One is for 4hp, the low blower speed and the other is marked 4hp+ the two set to on gives you 8hp. At full speed you cannot afford to let the hose get away from you as it will act the same way a power washer wand will if you are not holding it when you power the unit on. The air flow is unbelievable and that is remarkable considering that you have 30 feet of hose attached, and the hot air helps too after it has run a few minutes. By advice is to BUY IT, get the 4+4 model and the 30 of extra hose even though it has some very good wheels on it. Since I have a slopped driveway I let the Blaster stay in the garage while I use the hose in the driveway.
ProsVery well made. Small but very powerful (the 4+4 model). Will dry a large car in 15 minutes or less. Rolls very nice on the attached wheels but might get away from you if your driveway is not level. Has a 30 foot hose option.

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