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By Anthony
Polk County, FL
A Big Disappointment
December 14, 2018
I had high hopes for this mitt given the product description and my neurotic attention to maintaining my automobile and care care products. Despite using baby shampoo to clean it after each use, using a pet comb to keep it from knotting, and properly drying it after cleaning, it lasted barely 3 months. Not only did it develop crazy knots, huge clumps of the wool just started falling out. It also shed wool strands all over the car while washing, even after multiple uses. I might have expected this for a cheap imported knock-off, but not something with this supposed quality and cost. If I can't make it last, I am doubtful others would have much success. I wish there was a lifetime guarantee similar to Griot's products, but it is an expensive lesson learned that I hope others avoid repeating-buyer beware.
ProsWhen it was in usable condition, I certainly think it was very gentle on the paint finish. It also held a large amount of soapy water, which in theory, should reduce friction on the paint.
ConsExtreme hair loss and burdensome maintenance requirements. Also a very short lifespan.
By Its-a-me M.
Salem Oregon
Words go here? Words go here!
March 24, 2018
When I read "Aussie Merino Wool" and somehow felt that it was a product of Australia, I guess that was my bad. Made in China sticker on it. The stitching of the cuff is poorly done. Its already becoming unraveled. There isn't any sort of loop to hang it from to dry. All the other mitts I currently own have some sort of loop. But this one, that cost more than all the others combined, has no loop. Since the instructions state that the cuff needs to be propped open to achieve proper drying, two loops would be even better. Or, for the price of it, some sort of plastic stand that would hold it in the correct position for air drying could have been included.
ProsSoft. VERY soft. EXTREMELY SOFT! One of my cats saw it hanging up to air dry, and must have thought it was another animal that had snuck up on him. He did a double take, then took off so quickly that two of my other cats didn't even stick around to see what had terrified him. They all took off running in different directions. Absolutely hilarious!
ConsNeeds a loop, or two, for hanging to dry. If you absent mindedly start stroking it as if it's a pet, you'll look crazy.
By Deb
Carson City, NV
Love wooly mitt!
December 18, 2017
Love this mit, excellent quality! Have had a year now, and no complaints. Followed care instructions and continues to wash nicely. Only use on upper 2/3 thirds of vehicle. Used other mitts for lower 1/3 & wheels. Throw in washer with other mitts & towels (purchased from Auto Geek). Hang to dry & lightly brush when needed. Highly recommend but you do have to take care of it properly for it to properly take care of your car.
By Gary
Nice, but didn't last long.
November 17, 2017
I followed the instructions for rinsing and drying. I was disappointed when it started to fall apart.
Lasted 3 washes
July 24, 2017
After just 3 washes started falling apart in clumps. Used Pinnacle Car wash with hose based foam gun. Kept in clean water bucket to rinse while washing and rinsed after use in clean water bucket then hung to dry.
ProsSoft and great on car no scratches or marks
ConsAfter just 3 washes started falling apart in clumps.
By Aaron
Fell apart
March 28, 2017
Was looking for the best mitt out there, so I purchased this one. Looks great and worked well for the first few times, but after a half dozen uses, it started to fall apart. Was also hard to get bits of junk out of the mitt.
ConsWay too pricey to fall apart after a half a dozen uses.
By Eric
St louis
Wash mit
September 3, 2016
Love it! Very high quality.
ProsVery soft
By Figgie
Minneapolis, MN
poofy like a winter fox molting it's coat
July 19, 2016
I will tell you this mitt is excellent. Purchased two of them. Worked great. next time, I will just air dry them and brush per instructions.
ProsHolds a ton of soapy water. No scratches incurred. I look like a Chewbacca's albino mutant child with fur on both hands! I am ready for my Chewbacca outfit come Halloween.
Conshigher maintenance. I ended up wrecking my mitts by washing them and "forgetting" about them in the washer. the wool got tangled worse than a Hungarian Sheep dog and the leather portion rotted due to my memory lapse. Saddness :'(
By Fred R.
Tucson, AZ
For small hands only
April 17, 2016
I love the mitt, but I can't get my "normal" size hand into the mitt. So, took a razor blade and cut the cloth collar. No problem, but now I just grab the mitt on the outside and use it like a big sponge. You can do half a car because of the amount of wash it holds. Still, I would always buy another if needed. Enjoy.
By Paul
Las Vegas, NV.
Very Thirsty Mitt
April 6, 2015
This super soft mitt holds an abundant amount of soap for a scratch less wash for your fine finish!
By Nelson
Miami, Florida
wash mitt review
March 22, 2015
When I first got the item, it seem like someone's wig or something. It was pretty big. Once I started to wash the car, it did a good job.cant complain.
ProsYou don't need to go to the bucket as often to pick up soap to wash the car.its really soft and doesn't scratch the paint.
ConsIt gets really heavy since it soaks up so much, also it takes a while to dry up when your done.
By Rick
United States
wool wash mitt is awesome
June 3, 2014
Great item

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