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By Jason
Mentor on the lake, OH
No where near as good as the original formula
April 19, 2020
I have tried numerous quick detailers. I only use quick detailers after applying a coat of sealant or wax to remove light dust, pollen. and any remaining water drops that seep out of the cracks after the wash and wax. I have extremely soft paint and do not like having to apply pressure when wiping off the detailer spray. After experimenting with other notable brands, I decided to return to Meguiar's Ultimate Quik detailer, as I found it the easiest to remove. However, I am extremely disappointed with Meguiar's "new formula". It no longer wipes off with ease, the over spray leaves trace amounts that I found myself having to buff off with more force than I would like to use. Sure the finish and gloss is great, but that's not why I buy a quick detailer. If I want shine and gloss with the need to buff off, I'll buy a spray wax or sealant and apply it after a thorough wash with no contaminants on my paint. I will not be purchasing Meguiar's "new formula" ever again.
ConsRequires far too much effort to remove for a quick detailer. Original formula was far superior for ease of removal.
By Howard
The Ultimate QD?
May 24, 2019
Just like it is named, this QD gets it done. Wish it came in gallon jugs!
By Tim
Keep it clean
January 7, 2018
Works very well for maintaining in between washes
ProsWorks very well sun or shade hot or cold
By Edwin
Wichita Falls
Amazing stuff!
May 19, 2017
Can't say enough good things about this product. I used it as a lubricant to dry my car. I just drove in the rain, and the water bead off the windscreen like it has a ceramic coating! very impressive...
By Tim G.
Cary, NC
Nice shine
May 5, 2016
This detailer keeps the shine on my car and the dirt tends to slip off during the washes. It also makes the water really bead up.
ProsShine, easy to use, good protectant
By Teds
Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer
October 9, 2014
Product easily produced a superb "wet look" shine.
By Chris
Orland Park, Illinois
August 21, 2014
i love this stuff. really bring back the shine, it is quick and easy to use, love how slick the paint is after using it. i don't use any other product between regular waxing. the price of it is right on point along with the quick wax. makes it easy for me while at school living in an apartment.
By Missy B.
Kutztown, PA
Great Product
August 18, 2014
Having a black car and motorcycle the road dust, etc. show. After washing the car, I used the QUICK DETAILER, and was thrilled to see that brilliant shine come back. I understand it taked 12 hours to cure, so we'll see. I love the ease of use.
ProsProduct was excellent. Worked, as it described. Easy to spray and wipe. Car was shiny!!
By SilverFox
Western NY
Still one of the best...
June 23, 2014
Sometimes you have a product that you think perhaps its best days are long gone...then you come to realize that they "got it right" the first time, and you end up going back to it over and over after trying soooo hard to find a better product. This is one fantastic product, as is the cousin, Ultimate Quik wax...Meg's really does know car care...
ProsCost Looks User Friendly Hydrophobic
By David
Fort McCoy, Florida
June 8, 2014
With a background in chemical engineering and practical coating technology from being a contractor doing the work with products in the field; I am a real skeptic for what I have labeled as "Magic in the Can" story products. Lot of real high flying promises and stories out there; stories that fall flatter that mom's pancakes when it comes to performance. After doing some research, being a fan of other Meguiar products, I purchased this bottle of their Ultimate Quik Detailer. Very happy the money was spent. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT VALUE FOR THE BUCK ... -and- ... it actually works as described by Meguiars! It is also a TIME-Saver when comparing results to the work required. Initially applied over Meguiars NXT 2.0 wax and now using over my favorite from years past- Klasse All-In-One and Klasse Super High Gloss Sealant (a 100% acrylic polymer finish). This is a fantastic product to keep your ride shining like it came off the showroom floor or looking like you've just spent a half day detailing your vehicle. It shines and protects. The bottle is kept in the trunk of my DD- a 2011 Miata Touring PRHT in dark Stormy Blue Mica. When off visiting friends and family, the Meguairs UQD keeps my MX-5 looking great. Last month, gave it THE torture test by using UQD on a lady friend's Mits. Eclipse ((note: she keeps her car looking like it was on the showroom floor- inside and out. You wipe you feet off before getting in; on trips- she keeps a towel on floor to Protect the car's floor matts- got the picture? )) She doesn't wax too often though; so a month ago after she had complimented on the MIata's shine I said, "give me an hour and I'll improve your car". Did two applications on her Eclipse, doing north-south direction for first coat, and east-west direction for the second coat to ensure coverage. Results were great- and it PLEASED a very picky hard to please consumer. Unless you don't follow instructions, spray it on too heavy in the hot sun without wiping off, don't think anyone can go wrong. Not much more than couple sawbucks, TRY IT! and BUY IT FROM THE GEEK SQUAD. davzway
ProsEase of Application and Long Lasting (compared to what it is)
ConsNone come to mind- even cost is something you cannot complain about considering what it does and how it relates to competing products available.
By william r.
ultimate quik detailer
May 11, 2014
this product is perfect for putting a high gloss shine instantly,right from the spray bottle. It gives great protection and you could use it every day.
By Chris E.
Been using it for years, LOVE IT!!!
December 4, 2013
Been using it for years, LOVE IT!! You cant Go wrong with this this detailer for light dust and Bird Bombs.
By Carlos
Better than Ice
August 28, 2013
I just got married to this product! Works beter than Ice!
By john
April 29, 2013
stuff is awesome
By Ali
Loooove this product
August 4, 2012
I wouldn't use any other product like this! I've always been a fan of this brand for a while and was a little hesitant on trying a quick wax but I arm so glad I tried this one! Fabulous product! And much faster than pastes with just as great a finish!
By Chris
Best of the Best
August 1, 2012
I've tried many different quick detailers and always come back to Megs Ultimate quick detailer. Tough spray on protection over your favorite LSP, beads like mad and lasts a long time. Shake the product well while using to prevent any hazing.
By Myles S.
For the price, probably the best
February 18, 2012
When it comes to detailing sprays at this price range, this is easily the best that is available. Of course, higher priced products from other brands will beat this... but this detailing spray has the sub-$15 range in the bag. I have yet to find one that beats it for anything near this price! It seems a little thin compared to other sprays, but it does seem to strengthen wax protection and increase water beading significantly. The 12-hour cure time Meguiar's mentions seems to be true as well. I've noticed it provides much better beading after sitting in the garage overnight, as compared to just driving off immediately after spraying it on. Overall, great product for the price. You can't go wrong with this! Just make sure you use it on a cool car... very warm or hot paint can be given streaks and smudges if you try to use this spray in the sun. That ultimately requires more buffing in the end... so it's a LOT easier to do it in the shade!
By mkt
The "ultimate" detailer
December 13, 2011
works real well, this detailer gives a rich deep look. i use this (almost) daily especially if the weather works out and if there's only a light layer of dust on the cars finish. really works well with ultimate quik wax.
By IuriiO
Amazing product
June 21, 2011
Its an amazing product (well, as all Meguiar's products). I use it after every car wash and results are awesome...
By Mike
Great shine!
May 7, 2011
This product is great for a very fast way to get a fantastic shine, especially on a dark car!
By Drew
July 11, 2010
Like it so far. Easy to use,nice shine and not that expensive like some others.
By Graham
simply the best
August 2, 2009
I have used a lot of different products and none have come close to achieving what the manufactuerer claim until now. This products actually does more than they claim and does it brilliantly.
By frank l.
July 17, 2009
The best I have used on my 97 f-150 It looks new with 327,910 miles. cell is 510-414-3368 Most of the people I know think I wax it a lot ,I just use the quik detailer.
Quik Detailer
April 30, 2009
Best stuff I have ever used for in between waxes
By Paul B.
January 5, 2009
Anyone that knows me will tell you how meticulous I keep my car. This product is fantastic. Definately a five star.
By Martin
Good Stuff
October 18, 2008
Makes the car shine like new.
By Kody
July 16, 2008
Very great product! Ive used it on numerous dark vehicles to keep the surface clean in-between washes and it always keeps the car looking very clean and slick!
By Tommy T.
Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer
July 10, 2008
just used the gold class wax on my 2008 Elantra , the washed my vehicle, i used this quick detailer on the entire car , its so quick and easy its like rewaxing the vehicle in like ten minutes , repairs the wax and adds an extra layer of protection to the finish.
By Scott
Makes the shine last
June 30, 2008
This is the only way to keep the freshly waxed shine in between waxes. Very easy to use after washing and drying your vehicle. I have had a lot of compliments with people thinking I just waxed... yeah over a month ago.
By Tony
Better than the $$$ stuff
October 30, 2007
I have used the most expensive detail sprays available and by far this is the best stuff I have used. Just like the instructions say, the more you use it, the glossier the shine. I keep a CLEAN car, and even my friends who say I am a "clean freak" have noticed the improved shine.
By james c.
October 9, 2007
mequiars ultimate quik detailer is the best thing i have seen yet. i have told about 20 people about it and they bought it. they said they never seen nothing like it.
By james c.
October 9, 2007
i love it
By Batrack31
Amazing Product
July 27, 2007
This product is amazing and leaves your car spotless. I am estatic on how quick and easy it is to use and how awesome the results are.
By Scott
Quick Detailer +
July 3, 2007
Initially this product is very pleasing. Adds reflection and gloss that is immediately apparent and gets slick. Unfortunately it seems to drop off rather quickly after hard rain or wash. Easily comparable to Aquawax from Duragloss and will find many faithful users.
By alicecooper
Excellant QD
June 18, 2007
This stuff is awesome. It really perked up the reflections on my pure silver Mini Cooper. Very noticable improvement in the shine. Leaves a nice slick surface. It definitly beats the other QD's I've tried so far, especially for a quick, nice, finished look.

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