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By Rick
Duluth, MN
Great for finish touchup
May 25, 2021
This is aggressive enough to take out some very minor scuffs but no swirls. Leaves paint ready for wax.
By Cubby
Very good product for the price
December 15, 2018
Think of this as M205 junior. I believe M205 is designed to be used with a rotary polisher and this Ultimate Polish with DA polishers or hand application. I used a Porter Cable with an orange pad and was able to remove 2000 grit after compounding with Ultimate Compound. Very easy to work with and does a good job giving plenty of working time. Overall it's a great product for the weekend warrior who doesn't want to invest $$$$ in machinery or doesn't have 3 days to do paint correction.
ProsEasy to use Don't need expensive equipment Great price Good working time
By George K.
New South Wales
Ultimate Polish
July 18, 2018
I just did my black falcon over the week end.I try to avoid the big commercialized product and have used a lot of other brand,but I was amazed how this stuff removes swirls and small inperfections.It really pops after you give it a wax over the top.LOVE IT.
Conszero cons
By Hassan
Katy, TX
Not very good
December 20, 2017
This is the second step for Meguiars & it actually made the paint look worse with a white pad. This happened to me last year, only with Mothers step 2 product. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I don't think so. Wouldn't recommend this, but the compound worked well.
ConsDried very quickly. Made the finish worse, should have stuck with the compound only.
By Zach
Okemos, Michigan
Gives that " wet " look
October 4, 2017
I'm just a weekend warrior trying to keep my car and truck looking nice . I bought this at an auto store after reading about it on this site . II did it by hand and was very satisfied with the results . As long as you follow the instructions and not let it completely dry it works well . It gave my Granite Metallic truck a deep gloss ready for the wax . I only use Mequiar's products , and like the results I get. Weather will change the way any product goes on or off . 70 degrees with little humidity on a cool car is ideal for most products IMO .
ProsGives dark colored vehicles the deep wet look .
By lightningSK
ultimate polish
April 16, 2017
Saw some complaints about hard to get off. It is somewhat like an old fashioned carnauba if you let it dry too long, say 10 minutes. Best thing is to follow the directions. Do one panel at a time then wipe off and it comes off easy. If you accidentally leave it dry too long quick detailer and its gone. Very clear, mirror shine. As some have said, a jeweling shine. Removes small contaminants of tar, brake dust specks, water spots etc. with a rotary white foam pad. Will correct minor swirls and very light scratches but for anything above minor will need ultimate compound with a correcting pad such as orange. Unless you are very particular and always looking for that little extra edge of shine, Ultimate Compound should be the only product you need.
ProsGood cleaner and light corrector with a Jeweling shine.
ConsNot entirely necessary when you have Ultimate Compound unless you want that final touch of jewel.
By Joliet J.
Shorewood, IL
Great Polish for the $
January 14, 2017
I ran out of my go-to polish- Menzerna 3500- so I grabbed a bottle of the Megs was sitting in my detailing products box. Works great- applied easily using a red Lake Country Hydro pad and got no dusting and long work time. Very impressive, especially for the price- I don't feel as guilty using the Megs liberally as I do with more expensive products.
ProsNo dusting, long work times, easy to remove, inexpensive
By Dan
Rochester Hills, Mi
Ultimate Polish
November 25, 2016
My favorit polish of all time. I wish it, and UC were available in larger sizes. It responds well to both microfiber and foam pads. It does a great job cleaning up light imperfections, and leave better gloss than any of the more exotic polishes I've tried. For finishing, I "short cycle" with a blue Buff and Shine polishing pad. Two section passes with light pressure on speed 4 / 4.5 on a Porter Cable. When more correction is needed, I might move up to the green Buff and Shine pad, or a Buff and Shine microfiber finishing pad. I'll do four section passes on speed 5 using a PC. Ultimate Polish also works great with Rupes machines with yellow foam or microfiber, or white rupes pads as well. On the occasion it leaves a clear "deposit" on the paint, simply add more product to the pad, and work the area over again. Make sure to shake the bottle well to help avoid this from happening.
ProsExceeds expectations in correction and gloss. Smell fantastic. Works great with foam and microfiber pads on a variety of machines.
ConsLargest size available is 16oz. Wish it were available in 32oz.
By Jim P.
New Mexico
A Gold Bar wrapped in used toilet paper
November 18, 2016
The Ultimate polish works above and beyond expectations..
ProsThe polish works like a wonder and beyond expectations
By Rick
Highlands, NJ
Works great!
April 1, 2016
I did my first ever details last week using this polish on my wife's Hyundai and my Ram. They both came out with mirror like reflections and got rid of moderate swirls and some scratches I thought wouldn't come up with out compund and a lot of effort> I was pleasantly surprised at the results and would highly recommend Meguiars ultimate polish!
By Scott
It's just alright
February 8, 2016
I was hoping for a deeper shine with this product. After using Ultimate Compound, I followed up with Ultimate Polish. It did bring home the shine after the compound, yet I wanted a deeper luster. Not sure if this product did that for me. Hood turned out nicely but side and doors could be deeper. Could I have gone with just the Ultimate Liquid Wax and obtained the same result? I think so. This may or may not be a necessary step after compound and prior to wax. After I've used up all of this product I will try other brands or an all-in-one. Used on my 7424 DA and a black LC thin pad.
ProsTop surfaces look decent
ConsHad some spots that really dried and couldn't remove with microfiber or additional polish application. I really didn't leave it on too long either. I sprinkled some water on the spots and it came right up after that. Sides and doors could be deeper.
By Paul M.
New York
Great shine....
October 12, 2015
Just used this in conjunction with Ultimate compound today. Was thrilled with the UC, and this polish works very well. But, as others have stated, what a bitch to remove!! 60 degree day in the shade, zero humidity, and I damn near rubbed until my arm fell off. If Meguiars is listening: "Great polish, but I know you guys can tweak this formula to make it easier to remove".
ProsOutcome is great. Made my paint really shine.
ConsGet ready for an arm-wrenching removal process.
Toronto, Ontario
Great Product, You will not be disappointed, it's Meguiars
May 17, 2015
I have used Meg. No 7 for years. Good old number 7 as Barry Meguiar used to say. I switched to Ultimate polish as No.7 is no longer available for the weekend enthusiast. I was totally impressed and would highly recommend Ultimate polish especially for dark colour paint. I was disappointed at first that No7 was no longer available especially when number 9 is. After using Ultimate polish I will continue to use it, we all know Meguisrs will not let us down.
By Zubair
Johannesburg, South Africa
Ultimate Polish
May 5, 2015
The Ultimate Jewelling Polish? You bet! Meguiars trade secret rich conditioning oils plus mild smar abrasives put this at the top of the finishing polishes.
ProsLeaves a deep wet gorgeous finish
ConsMust be removed quickly a panel at a time.
By Jordan
Great! But temperature limits the use
July 1, 2014
I agree that you have to pick the day carefully, do not attempt on a hot or humid day or it will gum up quickly. I prime the pad with quick detailer to prevent it from drying out as quick. Other than that I use it when my paint is already is good condition but just needs a little gloss. That being said I have used this polish on a trashed car with some good results, it is a really fine polish that removes minor swirls and water spots but really adds some gloss!
ProsPriced great and smells like bananas! Removes very light swirls and adds great gloss to my black paint Easy to use if temperature is right around 60 and the car is in shade
ConsGums up in hot or humid temps
By jmhinkle
Rio Rancho, NM
Mixed feelings on this stuff.
June 5, 2014
Your end results of hours of extremely hard work will be great. One of the best clear and liquid looking finishes of many polishes I've tried. The problem is that it dries extremely fast and I go through a ton on a machine. Removing it is an absolute pain. Like you need to chisel it off. I've tried a myriad of way to apply it and it always dries to fast and extremely dusty. What hides under that shell once you get it off is an amazing finish.
ProsBeautiful finish with one of the best truly clean and clear looks I've seen
ConsAbsolute beast to apply and remove. One of the worst I've every used to remove, but god I love the results.
By ClayR
Does a good job
August 29, 2013
Does a good job with proper pad choice. I'm knocking a start off because it leaves a semi oily residue after wiping off. That is to be expected for this price range though.
Better the 2nd time around
December 28, 2012
1st time I applied by hand. It dried too fast, hard to remove. 2nd time I used it with a DA with the white pad. Work time was minimal and was easier to buff off. There's better polishes out there.
By Jay g.
June 12, 2012
Works great. Put a little painters tape on the body around the lights.
By Goldenlight
Shine baby Shine
April 20, 2012
Almost used entire product first time I applied with Dual Action Polisher. Second time I polish I barely used the product at all. This Product works best in 50-60f ideally on a cloudy day with %10 chance of rain :-). DO NOT try to apply this stuff in 80f weather under a shade tree or you will get frustrated and waste most of the product. Misting Ultimate Polish with Meguiars Quick Detailer helped keep the product from drying out in the pad.
By bLaCkJaCk
Ultimate polish
December 23, 2011
easy to use it is creamy unlike other glazes witch they are oily, i applied a small amount in to autoglym applicator pad then worked it in, it disappears into the paint while application, it gave my paint a wonderful gloss and very wet looking color. note: make sure you put a small amount and wipe it off while it wet otherwise it will be hard to wipe off if it applied heavy or dried.
By Mike
Ulitmate Final Polish
October 4, 2011
I tried it on a black mini cooper show car I was detailing after a proper clay and M105-205. The M205 does a great job of removing the 105 hazing and refining the paint but still Isn't as refined a final polish so I broke out this product. It just amazing what it can do. It gave the car deep crystal clear reflections and darken the paint. Top it with ultimate wax and its absolutely perfect under both correction lights and sun shine. Just don't let it dry or it can be a pain in the rear end to get off.
By Justin W.
February 9, 2011
works great at making paint pop! deepens the color, i wouls 100% recomend using a da buffer 1st with ultimate compund then this polish! you will be amazed!!!

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