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By Rick
Duluth, MN
It works!
May 25, 2021
Worked great, great for minor scuffs.
By Jay
orange, CT
ultimate compound is my go to!!!
September 13, 2020
i can't count how many times ultimate compound made my jaw drop! it's so easy to use,long working time,isn't expensive,cuts and finishes beautifully with minimal dusting! get some! you will love it!! i always use it with a flex3401(the beast) and an orange ccs 6.5 inch pad.
Prosread previous paragraph
By Robert
Glenshaw , PA
A classic - good stuff
June 17, 2020
This compound was the first I used and still use it on occasion to this day. Very good for beginners to experienced.
ProsGood cut.
ConsDusty wipe off.
By Chi-Man
Kwun Tong, HK
A very good compound
March 22, 2020
Meguiars always makes excellent products. Have been using this ultimate compound for many years and it works very good.
By Otto
Eagle, Idaho
Works Some
October 30, 2019
I sent an email to Meguiars about their recommendation, they came back with this so I ordered it. I read the instructions, ensured the car was washed, clean, dry and in the garage so it was cool to the touch before I started. I had water spots on the back of the vette trunk and the sides where the sprinkler system sprayed up on the car while parked overnight at the motel. Washing the car would not get rid of the water spots. I also purchased the soft applicators that were recommended for this product, and applied, using the instructions provided on the container. Results, the water spots were reduced, mind you reduced, not as prevalent as they were when you looked at the top of the trunk. They did not disappear, I did a second application, and still appear, but again, not completely gone. I refused to try again for fear I would mess up the clear coat and destroy the paint. I gave it only 4 stars as it did reduce seeing, but not gone.
ConsSpots reduced, but not gone and I got scared about trying a 3rd time and perhaps destroying the clear coat. Just so you know, I'm putting a Yes but it did not completely remove the ability to see the spots.
By Jordon
North Las Vegas, NV
More user friendly 105
August 8, 2019
A more user friendly version 105. It did not dust near as much.
By Don L.
January 19, 2019
I've used this on single stage paint with excellent results. My $65k John Deere tractor was damaged by Crows pecking at my glass fighting with their image reflection and they scratched my hood and finders really bad and yes more than bad scratches including scratching the window glass terribly bad. I used my DA Porter Cable and orange TC pad. The MUC took all the scratches out to my amazement. Started with 6 pass, then another 6 pass then followed up with TC blue pad and Mequiars Ultimate Polish. The paint looked showroom again!!! I sealed the shine up with Mequiars Ultimate Fast Finish (2 coats) and then a coat of Maguiare's Ultimate Liquid wax. Factory finish was the result except better! Only damage left is on the windshield glass that I haven't decided what to use to get those scratches out out yet. I've real expensive products well known names and they haven't done half as good and a lot harder to deal with. This really has made all my other compounds obsolete! Thanks Mequiars for the making the Ultimate line of products that I have been using on all my equipment and vehicles, Challenger, Ram 3500 dually, GMC Arcadia, Cub Cadet XT3GSX, Canam XMR, and my big JD tractor. The morning due falls right of my car as soon as I hit the road and is like it never had morning due on it to start with.
ProsPrice, ease of use, works great with DA PC,
ConsNon I've found
By Hassan
Katy, TX
December 20, 2017
Nice product. I have a single stage Super White 2015Toyota (hard paint). This compound didn't take all the small scratches from car washes & such (orange pad). I think it's more of a polish than a compound. I tried Mothers last year & preferred it over Meguiars products. It seems a little harder to work with but good performance.
ProsGood results
ConsLittle more difficult to work with than Mothers. Didn't take out all the small swirls/scratches.
By Mark
Westminster, Maryland
out performs hands down!
May 27, 2017
This is all you really need. Don't be fooled by the over-priced German brand. This is a one-stop shop. I used this on my 25 year old custom paint with an orange pad and the paint was ready for wax. Silly me, I kept going and used an over-priced finishing glaze with a finishing pad and had to go back and redo the car due to all the micro marring left behind. Use this and you won't be disappointed. Will remove light scratches, swirls and competitors damage. Better than any German product I've used so far.
ProsPrice Ease of use One product, one pad Won't leave your paint in worse condition then before you started
By Edward
Anderson, SC
April 10, 2017
I totally regret using this product - before I got a chance to take to take a "before" picture. I was scepticle that it would actually remove all those scratches my dog left on the drivers side door (he loves to greet meet when I come down the driveway) but it removed then completely as well as all the other minor scratches all around the car. I also used it on the headlights and the lenses now look like new! Kudos to Meguire's for another great product
By Robert
New Stanton, Pa
Does an amazing job.
September 22, 2016
Will remove minor scratches, etchings on the paint with ease, using a flex polisher. It is hard to believe.
ProsEasy to use with great results.
By Steve
Meguire's compound
July 8, 2016
Best I have used. Don't use any other Meguire's products but I use this. Excellent for taking scratches out or diminishing them if deep with the right pad. Leaves awesome finish.
By Cruzer
nice and easy to use
June 23, 2016
first time paint correcting, using lake country orange. it did well and was easy to use. it didnt get all the scratches on the first pass, but could im sure either a 2nd pass or a pad that cuts more would be the answer. satisfied
Prossuper easy to use
By Scott
Good results
February 8, 2016
Not sure where all the whining about having to put some effort into the removal of this originates from. It states on the bottle not to leave on for any long length of time. Put it on with the DA and wipe it off. Met or exceeded my expectations. Whatever wasn't removed was possibly deeper and require additional steps to remove. But you can't go wrong with this product with light to medium surface swirls and scratches. For example, with my out of date detailing knowledge I had used turtle wax rubbing compound to remove a scratch or stray mark on my timberland green tacoma, needless to say it dulled that location (duh it's too abrasive for today's clearcoats). I used it on white cars for years without realizing the damage I was doing. I used ultimate compound and removed the dullness (scratches are still present but only visible at an angle) but the instant attraction to the dull location can no longer be noticed. If new to DA's and have to remove some swirls or stray scratches, this is a nice first step without making things worse.
ProsDoes what it says it will do without screwing it up. Great first step product without going too far with scratch removal. DA approved.
By Jay
Oklahoma City
Worked better than expected, fairly idiot proof.
January 29, 2016
I needed to remove paint transfer on my wife's black Mazda CX-9. I started with clay to remove the paint. There was still some scuffing so, I went to Meguiar's Fine Cut (#!1) on an orange Lake Country pad on my Porter Cable DA. I wasn't really impressed with the progress it made. So I switched to Ultimate Compound on a pink Lake Country pad. I was very impressed with how well it cut and also with the finish. This car is a driver that we just don't bother making a fuss over. The finish left by UC is plenty good enough for this application. I did not feel the need to follow with polish. If I were doing the whole car I might do both stages just for kicks, but for the average daily driver I just don't think it's necessary. Use this on a pad without a lot of cut and follow with a good cleaner/wax on a polishing pad. I did not find it hard to remove. I think perhaps people are trying to complete large panels all in one pass without removing product as they go. I'd say if the product is stubborn coming off you're either working it too long or trying to work too large an area. I also think part of the reason it cut so well is the speed of the polisher. Don't expect much cutting action if this is used with a cheapo, low-RPM orbital buffer. I turned the speed up to just below where it started to sling product around, somewhere around 4 or 5 on the dial. You can put some heat into the paint at this speed so you have to use good judgment and keep the pad moving. However, if you are a little bit smart and cautious about it you won't damage the paint or leave swirls. This is now my go do for general purpose compound.
ProsPerfect for casual DIYers (the target audience) because you'd have to work it really hard to do any damage to the paint. Can cut well with a DA at higher speeds if done with care Leaves a usable finish without further polishing
ConsNone if you understand what the product is intended to do.
By Paul M.
Did what I need it to do
October 12, 2015
Used this for the first time today in conjunction with Ultimate polish. My paint on my Ram truck is nearly flawless, so it did a great job getting all the little stuff out, and left the paint smooth as hell. Was a little hard to remove, but nothing like the polish which damn near needed a grinding wheel. I say that in jest, but it was pretty hard. Anyway, this product works. Bottom line.
ProsWorks well on good paint. Was impressed.
ConsA little extra arm work to remove it.
By Ron
Use own your car!
May 23, 2015
Very good product along the line of Blue Coral (now defunct), can make you car like new.
ProsEasy to apply but, stay out of sunlight!
By rockinrandall
Atlanta, GA
almost like the pros
May 16, 2015
used on my daughters white Civic today. almost 2 years without a thorough cleaning. After a good wash, I realized I didn't have a clay bar. Used the UC on an orange Lake Country flat pad and couldn't believe how well it worked. Removed all the haze and the dull finish. I think M105 may create a more clear end result but never the less, I was amazed!!
ProsSuper easy to use Doesn't chalk very much Easy to remove works on light colors
By Craig
United States
Easy to use
January 28, 2015
Easy to use and good results.
By robert a.
its my standard
August 3, 2014
use it for decent finsh cars....not for the heavy weights....comes out of the pads nice
By Ashley
New York
Loved it
July 2, 2014
Was skeptical about Meguire's Ultimate Compound because I've never had to do anything like get a scrape off of my paint before but I took my chances from reading various reviews and how-to blogs... AMAZING.
By Mike
Ultimate compound
September 1, 2013
The ultimate Compound works great. Some people sould'nt touch the paint.
By Suprajay79
Great compound!
May 2, 2013
If you're hesitant about cutting into your precious paint, fret no more! Meguiar's compound does a great job of utilizing SMAT, so much that you can actually see the difference when used with a DA! This stuff removed the water spots that were on my Vette when I bought it and pulled a couple little scratches out, too- if you're looking for a professional-grade compound that can take on big scratches, look elsewhere. But, if you're looking for something easy to use and doesn't require brain surgery, this is the product to use!
By Bob s.
one of the best over the counter products
July 30, 2012
What many people do not realize is that meguiars consumer line products are often derived from their professional, mirror glaze, products. This product is one of those such products and works great for removing light to medium paint imperfections. It is very user friendly. It stays wet even under a rotary buffer and therefore cuts much cooler then many professional compounds. In my experience though many consumer products contain filler waxes that will only fill in swirls and not actually remove them.
By Frank S.
July 19, 2012
This stuff is amazing! It's inexpensive, available everywhere, super easy to use, and leaves the paint clean, clear and swirl free!
By lisa
February 29, 2012
I love Meguiars products but when I used Meguiars Ultimate Compound for the first time, I was amazed. My car is nine years old and the Ultimate Compound made it shine like the day I brought it home from the show room floor. I recommend this product to all my customers.
By mkt
just great!
December 23, 2011
this compound works real well, quite user friendly for a compound. leaves the paint clear and shiny, ready for Polish then wax.
By Jay-D
Literally-Does like the picture!!
December 23, 2011
Have a white 01 accord that was neglected. Oxidized with No shine. Used this and WOW!!! It cleaned it up and brought out the shine instantly! Car looks great now! Get this! You wont regret it!!
By tw33k2514
Best OTC compound
November 18, 2011
The best OTC compound available. It cuts well, has good working time, and dusts little. It also finishes down LSP ready on some harder paints.
By opie_7afe
very nice otc product
November 10, 2011
i love this product almost as much as m105!. it has a little less cut then m105 yet has a longer working time and finishes very well for a compound. i really like this product very usefull when you dont need something as strong as m105! it will even remove 1500 grit sanding scratches! which is amazing for a OTC product! a good one to have in your arsenal!
By Ed
simply amazing
June 27, 2011
About 2 years ago, I purchased a mid 80s ford mustang from California. The paint is poor at best, with peeling cracking, surface rust starting in spots. Severe sun damage from likely decades of neglect. I was in the auto parts store the other day and was looking for 3M compound, when I saw this. For the $10 it was, I felt might as well give it a shot. Between wet sanding with 2000 grit and then doing several steps with the compound, I am giving this old tired paint new life that I couldn't have asked for or expected. Check out the following photo for proof: http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f336/eeprete/IMG_6873.jpg
Versatile, Great Value
June 26, 2011
Using an orange pad for stubborn, deeper swirls and scratches and a coarse green for any others, UC works great. Your pad choice will determine the aggressiveness of the compound operation and UC works great for a wide variety of defects. Follow up with Ultimate Polish especially if you have a black or dark finish. Excellent results.
By Davis
Best FINE there is!
June 17, 2011
You guys with your FIBERGLASS car problems need to read-up on dealing with compounding. Use a marine purpose on Fglass you fools. This is by far the BEST COMPOUND in a pint size for $10 made in the U.S! Took the light orange peel out of the clear coat without using a polisher or machinery! How's that sound? GREAT STUFF
By Mark m.
Great stuff
May 27, 2011
This stuff is amazing! Crazy long work times and wipes off without a problem. just did a pearl white 2008 escalade esv used rotary with foamed wool and it cut everything out and used it for final polish with rotary blue. No idea what other reviews are talking about cause this stuff is awesome. Even after foamed wool with rotary the depth and clarity was outstanding. Didn't even need to follow it with a second step if I didn't want to. It wipes off very very easy. I just bought more.
By Jordan
perfect for DA
May 19, 2011
I bought this Ultimate Compound to use with my griots DA. It works wonderful! It finishes down beautifully, almost LSP ready even with an orange pad. Has a good amount of cut and when followed with ultimate polish gives great depth and gloss.
By TIM v.
hate it
April 23, 2011
Spent 3 hrs on the hood of my vette. Spent 45 min putting it on And took every bit of 2.5 hours to get it all off. This is by far the worse stuff I have ever tried. I,ve always used your products will will never use this stuff again...
By Scott
Ultimate Compound
March 1, 2011
If your looking to correct the following deep swirls, scratches, oxidized paint, water spots. It's a good choice. Highly recommend this product.
By Justin W.
February 9, 2011
This stuff rocks! wont hurt ur paint just takes any imperfections out, if u have the money go with the ultimate polish to use after compund itll hide anything this doesnt take out
By Maxime
best bang for buck
January 22, 2011
works awsome, cheap and available.
By Floyd
June 26, 2010
This compound works great, would love to submit pictures of tthe before and after job.
By Chris
May 30, 2010
By far the fastest cutting compound i've used. I've never used a compound that works so aggressively yet STILL brings out a brilliant shine without swirling. Works EVEN FASTER with a rotary polisher, but if working by hand this is the stuff you want. I promise it works!
By Chris
this stuff works great
March 10, 2010
I have used all kinds of different compounds and cleaners and this stuff is good. It cleaned and removed scratches and the paint was so much brighter. After waxing the car I am really happy.
By Tony
September 13, 2009
Works AWESOME, I bought a wheel and am new to professional paintwork and I was afraid to scuff the paint up with harsh compounds. It didn't cut deep into the clearcoat and the paint was still shiny after taking out several scratches. Excellent stuff
By Louis G.
Great stuff
July 6, 2009
I applied this using a 10" craftsmen dual action buffer and a regular cotton bonnet. It was very easy to use. No swirl marks or scratches. The paint was glossy and super slick when I was done. This was only the 2nd time I have ever used a dual action buffer and I was nervous about screwing up the paint, but this stuff made it easy.
By Shawn K.
Great Product
May 23, 2009
My first time doing paint correction, and I was highly impressed with how many scratches came out with this product. The longer I worked it in, the more scratches that came out. I couldn't believe the results from a $10 product. The negatives I have about it is, that it dusts alot, and it turned to the consistency of milk after a few days sitting on my shelf, which made it a little bit difficult to apply sometimes.
By A
Ultimate Compound will amaze you with how well it works!
May 7, 2009
This stuff is incredible. I couldn't believe how quickly and easily it removed deep swirls and scratches on a black VW Jetta. I've used Meguiars #80 and #83 in the past and this was a large step ahead of those. I followed up Ultimate Compound with SwirlX, which is also easy to use. UC is a fantastic product and I highly recommend it.

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