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By Blake H.
Douglasville, GA
Awesome product
June 1, 2016
Used this compound along with the meguiars xtra cut MF pads on a porter cable 7424xp. One section pass removed years of oxidation and more importantly some pretty severe scratches from my black 07 silverado. By far the best cutting compound I've used..it really performs well. After following with foam pads and/or lighter cutting compound, along with prewar glaze and lastly a really good meguiars paste wax, my truck bow looks like it's been painted..looks like it did when I bought it new in 07. Couldnt be happier. Thanks to meguiars and autogeek.
ProsGreat cutting compound for scratch and defect removal
ConsWill need to be followed by less agressive compound to remove micro abrasion swirls and scratches
By BrianL
Lexington, SC
It really is as good as you've heard!
February 24, 2016
Sooo much better than m105! It finishes out better than m105, it doesn't cake like m105 - you'll never use m105 again!
Naples, FL
October 5, 2015
I read all the reviews of M101, saw the videos posted on YouTube and read all the praises on the forums. I figured if some of these guys were going to the trouble to get this stuff from Europe it really has to be something special. Now that it's available here I figured I had to have it and add it to my arsenal. I've been using it for about 6 months and I have to say that I personally think it's overhyped and isn't really any better than others that have been available here for years. I've used this with my rotary, my Griots DA, my Flex 3401 and my Rupes 21 with foam, microfiber and wool pads. So I've tested it just about every way you can think of and put it through its paces. Following is what my experience has been. In its favor it cuts very well and finishes down like a polish leaving very little haze to deal with on all but the darkest colors. So on this level it performs very well. The 2 biggest negatives are that it's very dusty. It makes a mess! It also doesn't have a very long working time. It dries quickly, making the dusting problem worse. I would have to say that Meguiars M100 cuts and finishes just as well, but doesn't dust up nearly as much. I prefer the M100 to M101 and it is less expensive too. My personal favorite is still Menzerna FG400. It's far superior to M101, cuts better, finishes better and doesn't dust. The working time is much longer and it's easier to wipe off the residue. I've been detailing for 27 years and I've tried just about everything out there and Menzerna FG400 is still the best compound out there that I've found. The M101 is a good compound, but it has its flaws and in my opinion doesn't live up to the hype.
ProsCuts well and finishes down like a polish leaving little haze to remove with a finer polish.
ConsVery dusty and short working time. As long as you don't mind cleaning up a lot of dust it's a good product. I would recommend with reservations.
By Jonathan V.
New Jersey
they knocked it out of the park with this stuff...
April 16, 2015
Maguiar's Foam Cut Compound (M101) puts on one impressive show and knocked the socks off everyone I work with. It has become the new secret weapon...it is just as dusty as any other compound however, this is a minor oversight considering it eats 1000 grit for breakfast. I bought this after reading so many reviews about how much faster it is then 105. When I heard this I had to try it. M1 05 is an exceptional compound nonetheless ... M101 will edge it out when you put them side-by-side.
Pros Speeds up the compound in process . Can be used with any pad and still has a potency to be reckoned with .
ConsPrice. Dust isn't very fun but what are you going to do so far I've only heard of one compound that doesn't dustupā€¦ This was Sonax Cutmax.
By kengo123
yuba city, ca
January 22, 2015
Didnt think it could get much better than m105, but boy was i wrong. This stuff cuts like crazy and gets it done quick, and im only using a gg6 and mf pads
ProsMore cut than 105 Cuts quick Easy wipe off Finishes great
ConsA lot of dust, but it might be technique
By Merlin
Boynton Beach, Fl
M101 is the swirl killer!
January 21, 2015
Fast correction with minimal dusting. Makes short work of paint correction and finishes down nice too!
ProsCuts quick and leaves a pretty nice finish.
ConsMinimal dusting.
By Zack
Philadelphia, PA
Used to remove water spots and deeper scratches... A+
December 19, 2014
Combined the M101 with M205, and absolutely blown away by the results. Love this combo of product!
ProsWorks like a charm
ConsLeaves a little residue, but nothing horrible
By Javier
San Ramon, CA
New Go-to Compound
May 17, 2014
I used M101 for the first time this past week and I was amazed by the results. Only other compound that I had used previous was M105. I would say it was a noticeable improvement over M105, which is unreal because it too give great results. I used M101 with different pads: Meguiar's cutting disc microfiber pads, Lake County organge Hybrid pads and Chemical Guys orange microfiber pads. All left excellent results using my Flex 3401. The hype is true! M101 left the finish looking awesome. Overall, I felt that I worked less to achieve the same results verus M105. I got little to no dusting by keeping my pads clean. To do this I highly recommend the Grit Guard Universal Pad Cleaner.
ConsCost.. but you won't regret the purchase!
By Joey L.
I love it!
September 15, 2013
I finally got my hands on this and I couldn't be happier! Very nice!
By mcg
wow, just wow
May 27, 2013
I read the reviews and figured it was a good product but thought many were just meg's fanboys, as I really dislike M105. boy was I wrong. this product cuts incredibly well, and does so in about 3 or 4 passes with minimal pressure with a DA and orange pad. unlike M105 this doesn't stick to the paint and stays wetter with a ridiculous wipeoff. oh yeah, it leaves an incredible finish also. insane.. I was using Menzerna FG400 previously and thought that was good, but the speed, cut and wipeoff of M101 render FG useless for me.
By antix
m 1o1
February 10, 2013
this is one of the best compounds ever made crazy

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