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By Marco
Albuquerque, NM
March 19, 2020
The Best Shine
Dilution ratio is a lot less & shines great Love it Great on tires, wheel wells, engine bay @ trim...
By Jorge
Dunnville, KY
February 20, 2020
This product takes care of all your needs for interior and exterior. This is my money maker!
ProsCan dilute and make your own. Use the Meguiars spray bottles and you don't have to worry about writing the mixture for environment issues.
By Kenny
Jacobsburg, Ohio
January 25, 2020
Couldn't be happier
Great for interiors and for dressing tires. Can be diluted to the gloss of your choice. Smells good
ProsWorks great with awesome results.
By Carlos
San Bernardino, California
January 8, 2020
Great for engine detailing
I love using this product when I detail my engine
ProsAffordable Great for different applications
By Mark
Haymarket, VA
November 29, 2019
Great Dressing Very versitile
I dilute 2 different ways. 1:1 for tires.. Very shiny. 3:1 for interiors. Nice Satin finish No greasy, looks great. 1 gallon last a very long time. One dressing for applications.
By Vincent Ryan
Gardena, CA
November 8, 2019
Great Dressing!
This is a very versatile product and as the other guy said, it smells goooood! This is water-based so it can safely be used to dress your engine as well. Those solvent-based ones say it's not safe for engine bays. This goes easy on your tires, trim, interior, exterior, engine bay, etc. The number of uses is astounding. You'll significantly reduce the number of chemicals you use with this one.
By Greg
Ottawa Ontario Canada
September 7, 2019
Great product for engine bay and wheel wells
The smell is amazing. Random people stop and ask me what I'm using because it smells so good. I use diluted for engine bay work and wheel wells.
ProsSmell Dilutable Quality Product
ConsNo cons
By Randall
Green Bay, WI
August 9, 2019
Amazing results. If going to car show, a must have. Engine bay looks like new.
By Infinite Shine Detail
Stuart, FL 34997
November 4, 2018
Has a great shine and long lasting
North Carolina
August 30, 2018
Works as advertised!!!
D170 is a versatile product. You can control the gloss level through dilution.
By Andrew
July 22, 2018
Driveway detailer
I used one of the higher dilution ratios to get a matte black tone for my tires. It worked well and has held color for a week now. This stuff offers a substantial cost savings over smaller bottles of "off the shelf" dressings.
ProsCost Ability to adjust dilution ratio
By Dago52
April 8, 2018
Awesome Shine.
I am not a professional detailed and was looking for something to give me a nice shine. I have tried a few other products with no success. Well, I finally found the product Iâ‚"m looking for. This provides a high gloss shine at 1:1 dilution. I will try a 2:1 and I think I will be satisfied. But this product can be used for everything!!
ProsHigh shine Multiple uses Smells good Water based
April 8, 2018
Just OK
I found the shine to last only a week. Iâ‚"ve used other brands with better results.
By Todd
Orlando, FL
March 25, 2018
A must for your detailing arsonal!
I was looking for a water based engine bay dressing I could leave after spraying that was economical. Not only did I find my new go to! I dressed my wheel wells on my truck with it and they came out looking spectacular! Gave it 4 out 5 as I have yet, to test longevity of the product.
ProsDressing - Water based. Versatile - Dress it up or down depending on the level of shine desired due to being able to dilute. Cost effective -Lot a bang for the buck, again due to being able to dilute. Smell - Fantastic!
By Jason Cox
Athens Ga
February 22, 2018
Works great and can dilute it 3 ways....good smell...I use it mixed 1 to 1.....
ProsValue Shine Diluteable Price Smells good
ConsI have no cons on this product
By Jeff Arnold
Scottsboro Al
January 3, 2018
D-170 hyper dressing
Been using D-170 hyper dressing for more than 10 years, it is my favorite product in my detail shop, good for interior and exterior. Will continue using as long as i can get it.
By Mike Rush
Sicklerville, Nj...
May 13, 2016
Meguiars Hyper Dressing
The best product I ever used hands down.. Use this on my own vehicle held the shine for a year just wiped it down with a microfiber towel and it looked like I just did it.. Thanks Maguires for making a great product... And thanks Autogeek...
ProsHolds a shine for a long time...
By andra's car care
amherst, va
May 4, 2016
tire shine
It is good. I can use it. But kinda exspensive.
By Andy
Kansas City
April 17, 2016
Perfect finish
There is no better interior dressing than Hyper Dressing. It leaves a perfect finish to all my completed details. My customers love it!!!
By Sandy
Clearwater, Fl
April 16, 2016
Worked well !
I used a 2 to 1 ratio and he tired came out really black and shiny
ProsEasy to use
By Greg
April 15, 2016
so far, so good.
I've used it at 3:1 to spray engine bays and tires. It's easy enough to use- Just spray on heavy and walk away. I didn't have to wipe it around to even out the appearance. It has a pleasant smell, and is economical enough when diluted. It looks really nice in the engine compartment, and is much less expensive than other products that come RTU. Be sure and buy the matching spray bottle for a more professional shop appearance.
ProsEasy to use, and economical enough when diluted
By Eddie
Kissimmee, Fla
December 29, 2015
Thank You Meruiars
I hope my detailing competitors don't find out about this product.
By Julian
June 5, 2015
Stuff is fantastic..
Never have my tires or engine bays looked as good. As always with the Megs Detailer line.. Top notch stuff !
ProsEasy to use. Can dial in to how much shine you want.
ConsQuite expensive, but worth it.
By Tod
Herrin, IL
February 11, 2015
Hyper Dressing
This is what I was looking for. I did lots of research and asking people. They were right, this product is fantastic.
ProsLong lasting Nice shine Doesn't pick up dirt or grime on tires
ConsNone so far
By Jamie Gibson
United States
November 7, 2014
Love this product!
Love that you can tame this to use on all different customer cars, whether they like the shine or the natural finish
By rockinrandall
Atlanta, GA
October 18, 2014
different than anything I've ever used
Bought this on recommendation of friend. When I got the gallon, I opened it, grabbed a funnel and began to pour. That's when I saw how thick this stuff is. I was afraid it wouldn't spray like I wanted. Nope, sprays just fine. Again, the consistency threw me a little as I'm used to thinner products. Once it settled and I wiped the over spray, I wasn't too thrilled. It was nice but didn't really wow me. Then it settled about a 3-5 more minutes. As I went back to clean windows, I noticed the tires. Wow! Very impressed with the shine and beauty. Makes the tire look wet.
Prosbeautiful finish. smells sweet. very glossy at full strength
By Dennis Biesiada
August 19, 2014
D170 hyper dressing
Does what all other have said.
By Moose
August 10, 2014
Good overall dressing
Overall a good dressing. Matte type finish, dry after a few minutes. I love it from a business point, allows me to use just one dressing for all aspects of the vehicle, interior and exterior. Gives tires a nice black matte finish.
ProsNumerous uses. Water Based. Affordable.
ConsDoesn't last too long. (Obviously) washes away with too much rain (water based).
By rob cowan
midland ontario canada
July 25, 2014
product is awsome
not happy with the price I had to pay for shipping and handling I was told one price than got an email saying it was going to by a lot more
By dcjredline
May 11, 2014
OMG what a great product
I use it at 3:1 and I have to say that is PERFECT for inside and out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for tires. Its awesome on your interior plastics. I have to agree with all the other ratings its great stufffffffffff
ProsDilution Ratio, Smell, performance
By brondondolon
washoe valley, NV.
May 7, 2014
Great on everything except trim...
I love this stuff on interior as well as tires and wheel wells. However, if it gets wet at all and i mean even with morning dew it runs down the paint. If this product was redesigned to not run it would be my most favorite detailing product. Dont get me wrong though i still love it and its a great product i just wont use it on trim any more.
Prosa little bit goes a long way the gloss on tires is the highest ive used which i like
Conssucks on trim
By Jason
Portland, OR
April 30, 2014
My Only Interior Dressing
If you like extra shine, you don't have to dilute this stuff. I use it on my interior surfaces (my car's older) and it keeps it's shine for MONTHS. For tires, it didn't last so long for my taste. I use All Season Dressing for those. Great stuff, give it a try!
ProsThick, lasts for MONTHS. Great shine!
ConsWasn't THE best for tires in MY opinion.
By John R Frankllin
Lafollette, Tn
April 30, 2014
haven't used this type, I use the white dressing, hope this works as well, good product, last a long time. I use it on a show car and it stands out among the rest. hope its works as well as the white kind, Thanks John
By Brad
Murray, KY
April 9, 2014
Meguiars d170 Hyper Dressing
Wow, This is what I have been looking for, tires look like they just came off a dealer lot, I love the ability to mix to different sheens. Takes very little product to do the job, as a plus you can use this on all plastics and they look like new. great smell and no build up as with other spray tire shines. Will definately buy again.
By KC Detailing
May 19, 2012
Great stuff
All of the Kansas City car washes and detail shops use thick silicone dressings on the tires so we like to be able to offer a water-based dressing. Great Product.
By SonOfOC
September 10, 2011
Meguiars Detailer Professional line is fantastic! I have every single one in gallon size. No wonder why so many detailers have at least a few gallons of this stuff. Dilute to your needs and your good to go. Very cost effective if you own a few cars or do detailing.
By Chris
June 1, 2011
Great for trim.
This dressing works great for tires and all other plastic or rubber black trim. I dilute it about 3:1 which gives a great shine to tires but is still "matte" enough to use on interior surfaces. Minimal (read: essentially none) residue compared to that typically left by other greasier dressings. You don't need to use a lot, either; I've done about 20 cars and have used just over half of a 32-oz. spray bottle of mixture. Great stuff.
By Aaron G
April 10, 2010
Great stuff
mixed 3;1 and have to say this is the best tire shine i have used. once it soaks into the tire a bit i will go over it once more. the shine will last for about 5 days with no run off!! F all the other tire shines, this is all i will use now!
By Jimmy
September 6, 2009
I mix mine 3:1 and it looks great.
September 1, 2009
Just got this in...wish i would have ordered this a year ago. This is exactly what I was looking for. Great on rubber, plastic and all non painted exterior surfaces. I have not tried it on interiors because I already have an interior product I love. But this is my new tire and trim dressing for good!
By Ben
June 25, 2009
THis stuff is great. I mix it 3:1 and love how it looks. I can go a month under the hood without having to use it again.
By Chris
January 7, 2009
Very good
Meguiars Hyper Dressing is a very good product. This hyper dressing is a little on the pricy side compared to tire dressings. Another downside is that this particular dressing doesn't seem to last that long (3-4) days on the tires if the vehicle is driven frequently. If the vehicle isn't moving then the dressing will last about 2-3 weeks possibly even longer depending on the climate and weather conditions. I dilute mine 2:1 to conserve. Make sure to spray this dressing onto a tire dressing applicator block. If you spray it directly onto the tire it will look milky and cause the wheels to look streaky. One of the best things about the hyper dressing is that IT DOES NOT SLING like other silicone tire dressing will. I'm so impressed to finally find a tire shine that doesn't sling. This product works well on interior trim pieces and its safe to use on engine bays since its water-based. Just make sure to wipe up the excess on engine components. If you are in the market for an all around water based dressing then purchase Meguiars Hyper Dressing.
By Damian
August 2, 2007
TIre Shine
I have been using this product for 2 years and so far it is the best out there. Not only does it look great on your tires but use it on your engine compartment and it makes it look like it just came off the show room floor! I used to own a car dealerhip and i used this on every vehicle on the lot. I used a 2:1 mix. It is a little pricey but I can't find anything else that works this good.
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
May 29, 2007
best value
for the budget minded this is the best value...lasts about a week or until the next wash...but being able to dilute the stuff at LEAST 4-1 makes it a great bargain to pass up
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
April 29, 2007
Good for bulk use
Meguiars detailers line is great for bulk buy prices and good results...i will admit not the best...but will not dissapoint...its the economical choice for multipile details...the one thing i love about hyper dressing is the ability to dilute it for whatever you need it for or customer preference....

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