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By Anthony P.
Piscataway, NJ
quality I was looking for
April 30, 2015
Wow, very happy with the purchase price & included accessories! This polisher has a balancedfeel, and slow start technology- the motor smoothly comes up to the rpm range I select. The power cord is soft & flexible, & it even comes with extra motor brushes! I'm set for life!!
ProsSturdy, well balanced, D handle, soft cord, extra brushes, included wrench, pad, tote bag, hat & DVD! I specifically chose this unit to polish & maintain my 26' Sea Ray boat. Very happy!
By Stefan B.
Cumming, GA
Amazing Results
October 6, 2014
After viewing many different YouTube and other videos about DA polishing I was expecting good results, but never expected them to be as good as they turned out. The feedback circuitry in this tool works really well too. Kudos to Autogeek for selling this great tool at a very competitive price, and with the free shipping offer I got a good deal, a speedy delivery and the exact tool that I wanted. Autogeek you have great service and I will be back for more stuff.
Proscentral loop handle easy to use with either hand and in any direction torque adjusts according to pressure plenty of power without being too heavy
Consmakes you want to polish everything in sight
By Cheri
Union, Nebraska
Great product
August 17, 2014
I bought this for my husband. He absolutely loves it. He has not used a polisher before and the tool does everything for you!
By Harold J.
United States
New and Improved Meguiar's DA
June 24, 2014
Received this item promptly. I had the old G110. This new one is lighter and has a cool feature where it ramps up to start. That means product won't fly off the DA immediately and gives you a chance to get ready for turn on. I really like that. Other than that, this DA works as great as the old one. Which is a good thing. Also the handle on top is easy and effective.
ProsDelayed start with the on switch. Overall machine is lighter to handle. Effective handle compared to my old G110.
ConsNone at this time.
By Nick N.
Pennington Gap, Virginia.
Outstanding polisher.
May 22, 2014
Beautiful finish resulted on a difficult black Acura by using my new polisher.
ProsHandles easily.
ConsReceived the polisher with no bonnets for using. It would have been good to have at least one thrown in so that I could have tried it out without having to go get some bonnets.
By Chad T.
Eden Prairie, MN
Had to re-wire after 1 week of use
May 17, 2014
Maybe good for the weekend warrior but does not hold up for every day all day use in a detail shop. It stopped working and determined it was an internal issue. Took apart and found it got too hot and the wiring burned. Super cheap internal parts. Made a repair and changed the cord to a heavier duty one. Not impressed.. I'll stick to trusty Porter Cables. This thing is like a tinker toy.
By John
New York
Great polisher by a great company
January 17, 2014
I bought this unit a while back and i have to say its definately worth it.
ProsGreat Machine
By Vincent
July 9, 2013
Every time I use this polisher on high speeds, it tends to over heat. It actually got to the point that it melted the glue that is between the velcro and the backing plate. The heat also transfers into the foam pads and actually heats up the compound/polishing product separating the water particles in the product. Upon online research, I found that i'm not the only one experience overheating issues with this unit. Meguiars on the other hand won't do anything to attend to this issue.
By Patrick R.
July 3, 2013
MEGUIAR'S......That's ALL that needs to be said!! Thank's AGAIN Barry! :-D
By Patty
May 17, 2013
I would like to say THANK-YOU for making a less expensive but well worth the price da polisher. I will admit I was scared at first, but I started to use it and I see all the hype about da polishers. The smaller pads are great for those smaller spaces. I have always polished by hand, and now I have upgraded. There will always be spots that a polisher can't reach, but for most of the car, this polisher is great. Thank you again.
By Mark J.
Nice price and nice buffer
April 28, 2013
Love their products
February 10, 2013
I have this DA for more than two years, and it's as good as when I bought it new. Solidly built, and delivers the result every time. M205 + Black Pad = FLAWLESS RESULTS!
By Bill
Works for me
December 14, 2012
This is the first polisher I've ever used but I've been waxing cars by hand my whole life (I'm 60 years old). from reading reviews I selected this polisher and I don't regret it. This cuts my waxing time by more than half.When waxing a 35 ft RV you need all the help you can get.I'm getting too old for the waxing by hand any more.The only difference that I can see is that the wax goes on much thinner than hand waxing. You have to learn how to use it without slinging the wax all over you and everything else around you. LOL
By David W.
Meguiars did take care of me
September 3, 2012
I had posted a couple of negative reviews about the G-11 buffer on this site, they printed them to my surprise. I must admit that Meguiars did take care of me once again by sending me a free G-110V buffer. I have also purchased a Griot Garage buffer to use and have the Meguiars as a alternative or back-up if needed. Thank you Meguiars for sending me another buffer, I will continue to use your Ultimate Compound & #26 Yellow Wax with the buffer.
By adam
elite machine
June 18, 2012
this machine is superior for the money and meguiars best generation two version of a dual action polisher
June 14, 2012
Im on my 3rd one. The first two frayed the plug in cable. 1st one lasted about a month, second lasted almost two use, with no use in the winter. I like the machine alot, but ill have to really think what machine I buy when I buy a back-up here soon.
By Randy R.
Had one
May 7, 2012
This is a great and cheap product for guys wanting to do their car on the weekends. For detail shops that go electric because they have to keep the noise down it's not the best product to buy. Mine lasted me through about 30 buff and polish jobs before it crapped out on me. On/off switch went out the other day and I've heard from good sources that these buffers have been having some problems. I ordered a new Flex and am having this one fixed so I can use it as a backup. Good luck.
By goldenlight
April 20, 2012
This is my first Dual Action polisher. Very nice and easy to use. Highly recommend for a newbie. The features I like most is the delayed start feature and the variable speeds I can set.
By Shotyme220
Best on the market
February 25, 2012
Wouldnt have it any other way, We own 6 units and they are used daily!
Good stuff
February 13, 2012
I use this in my shop mainly for employees that are uncomfortable with our high speed set up. It definately eliminates the dangers associated with buffing. My only complaint is that it could have a little more horsepower, otherwise A++
By adam s.
February 10, 2012
Overall I like g110v2 alot. However, the first one I received had to be sent back a couple weeks after I got it due to a problem with the power cord. It seemed to be a semi-common problem in meguiars forum. Once I got my second one ive had it for over a year and its been good. I think the da is not too heavy, decently balanced, vibrations arent bad. I never used the handle that comes with it. Overall im happy with the purchase and DONT regret not getting a porter cable, or griots.
By steve
i like it
December 23, 2011
look like easy to use.
By Adam
October 26, 2011
I used my first one on a couple cars and the cord had a bad connection and had to get another one. Meguiars customer service was good and got a new one. The second one has been great for over a year now. Soft turn on is nice, pretty balanced and not too heavy.
By Vincent
Not as good as I thought
September 28, 2011
I have the version 2 polisher and thought it was great that they fixed the problems the previous version had. Well this version has it's own problems as well. The unit gets really hot in temperature after about 30min of use. The vibration that the unit gives is quite harsh and can leave your hands feeling numb after a long days use. But the worst thing about this unit is the backing plate. Using double sided tape would probably be a better solution than using the provided backing plate. The backing plate just doesn't hold the pad well at all and at times flew off during work causing product to splatter all over the place and worse, the raw backing plate contacting the paint surface. Only good thing I can say about the unit.... is probably that it comes with a nice canvas bag. This will most likely be the last Meguiars product I will buy.
By David W.
3rd time is a charm
June 15, 2011
1st buffer had the screws coming loose between the backing plate and where you tighten the backing plate. Sent it back for exchange. 2nd buffer had the same issue as the 1st with the added bonus of one of the contacts wearing out in a few months time. Sent it back for replacement. 3rd buffer had the same issues of 1 & 2, except this time I put loctite on the screws and Meguiars sent me some "free" brushes. They were very well aware of the problems, I spoke with Barry himself and a couple of engineers as well. They said they will offer me a "buyback" if I wanted to upgrade to the new G-110V unit. I will try my luck with a Griot's buffer, they offer a lifetime guarantee on their product.
By Nate
January 5, 2011
The backing plate fell apart on the second use and the electric cord was messed up after a momth my porter cable xp is much much more durable for daily use
By Deb
Best polisher I've owned
May 31, 2010
I'm loyal to the Meguiar's brand so I combine this with their NXT Generation wax and get unbelievable results every time!
By Alex C.
my favorite!!))))
March 31, 2010
got me one about 2(?) years ago...very HAPPY... would recomend it to some one ,who wantsto cut his effort on 60percent and get two tmes better results...waxing a car or a boat I mean...Thinking to buy one more ...my guys like it better than other buffers...
By Chris
Very Happy
March 15, 2010
I thought long and hard whether to buy the PCXP or this unit. I'm sure the XP is a great tool, but the Megs unit worked flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with my decision.
By NoBama
These reviews aren't current
February 23, 2010
These reviews are not for the current model that is being sold.
By Nic
June 7, 2009
This is worth it. Stay away from Harbor Freight buffer, this will remove all swirls but you must know how to use and the proper product for your application. Just do a little research on the "how to"
By Brian
Great Polisher
April 3, 2009
I have had this machine for about a year and have been very happy with it. I have used it many times on cars and also used it on a boat. I chose the Meguiar's machine because it has more power, comes with a nice case, and it has a D handle. If you are thinking about getting a DA polisher, I would highly reccomend this one. You also cant beat AutoGeeks price!
By David W.
#3 and counting
March 26, 2009
I purchased the G-110 after seeing it in person at the Barrett-Jackson West Palm Beach Auction. The unit was fine at first and then the screws backed out on the head. So they sent me #2. After a few weeks of use the motor would speed up or slow down for no reason. After I took it apart I found the brushes were wearing unevenly. So they sent me #3. After 2 weeks the screws in the head backed out the same as #1 did. I glued them in place and have no trouble since. I doubt this will be printed because it is negative, but they did take care of me and even had Barry himself call me to say how sorry he was for the trouble that I've had. I would rate a 5 because it does the job it was made for -- I guess I'm too anal.
By David
Quality product
March 4, 2009
I've had my G220 (as they are called in Australia) for a couple of weeks now and it has satisfied me immensely. The quality of the product and the quality of the work that can be achieved with it is outstanding. It is far superior to hand application - it takes alot less time to achieve a much superior result. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves their car.
By Carlos P.
Easy and The Best
January 1, 2009
The best Polisher even for the non professional or as a hobby It comes with everything that you need You can apply Pinnacle XMT series or Meguiars series
By Girn
September 10, 2008
great product works very well
By Peter
August 29, 2008
better then the PC, it comes with backing plate and wrench unlike the PC.. plus its more powerful and it doesnt have problems like the UDM
By Joe W.
June 12, 2008
This tool is smooth running and has more power than the Porter Cable. The handle is great for controlling the tool. The soft touch coating makes it pleasant to hold. Tons of power yet very safe. Love this tool!!!!!

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