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By Greggory
Vista, CA
November 2, 2019
Love this product but use with care
Professional detailer for 35 years. It's one of the best wheel cleaners I've come across. Of course you need to use proper care and judgement and follow directions. I dilute it about 3 parts water and one part cleaner. I spray it LIBERALLY on cool wheels NEVER HOT OR EVEN WARM TO THE TOUCH. I usually spray them all then go back to the one I started with and pressure wash it off. I spray every angle and then I usually move the car forward or back enough so that I have turned the wheels 180 degrees (1/2 turn)... I then spray them again, less liberally, and then pressure wash them again, thoroughly. If you're using a garden hose, I don't think your results will come quite as easily and may require some agitation with a Daytona Speed Brush or similar to clean the barrels out, and a thin wash mitt, and maybe even a paint or detailing brush to clean the faces. The first time you clean very dirty or neglected wheels you may have to agitate them, and you may even have to do them a couple of times to get the desired results, but once you get them perfect, it's really easy to keep up on them with this product. Use only on cool, coated,or painted, or chrome wheels. Never on bare, polished aluminum or you are going to have a long day.
By Scott
November 23, 2018
Works great
Solution cleans really well...the spray on, spray off is a myth to me...you still need to scrub the wheels clean with a towel or light scouring pad of some sort...but they're like new after cleaning
By Chris
August 27, 2018
Stop wasting your money.
Cheapest and the best wheel cleaner I've ever used, my only regret is not switching sooner. Easy easy beautiful. Knocked it out of the park on chrome too!!
ProsThis is hundreds of dollars worth of rim cleaner if you bought spray bottles at the auto store, accept that stuff is garbage compared to wheel brightener.
ConsWear gloves, get wheel woolies, this stuff is serious.
By Rich
Billerica, Ma
August 18, 2018
Wheel cleaner
Works great. Get twice as much when mixed with water because it’s concentrated.
ProsEats brake dust
ConsNo cons
By Mark
Boston, MA
July 23, 2018
Bundle and Save $$$
Wheel cleaner is one of those products that gets used very quickly. This is a great package of a quality wheel cleaner that dilutes very well to save even more money.
ProsIt works Great $ Value
ConsIt?s a chemical, so take personal health and environmental precautions.
Denver, CO
March 9, 2018
Meguiars Wheel Brightener Combo Pack
Great value and way to start using the product! Only used it once so far, but it really like how melts off the brake dust.
By John
North Texas
December 17, 2017
Cheap and it works!
Rarely do cheap and works go together, but the Meguiars detailer lineup sure gets the idea. This stuff is strong so don't use it on raw aluminum or polished metals, but on any painted or coated wheel it works great. The brake dust and build up just melts away. Do watch out to make sure your painted aluminum rims don't have any deep scratches though, as this can bubble the metal up under them if you aren't careful. Rinse fully and don't let it sit on there too long g and you should be OK.
ProsStrong Cheap Doesn't smell too awful
ConsNeed to be careful in it's use on certain wheel types, (but this is why it works so well)
By Paul Anderson
Tampa, FL
December 14, 2017
My favorite value!
This product satisfies a perfect place in my business...wheel cleaning! I have found this as my favorite wheel cleaner and at a nice price for the volume I do. It's a great value for me.
By chris
October 20, 2016
great product
I had a chance to use this over the weekend. The black brake dust came right off. amazing
By Greg
E Syr NY
June 15, 2016
Meguiars Wheel Brightener
Best I've found to date
By Buster Honshell
Killeen Tx
June 6, 2016
Chrome shine
I have 20 in chrome wheels on my truck. My wheels get covered with grass debris, brake dust, water spots from rain and other airborne contaminants. Give a each wheel a light spray of water then a good soaking of Meguiars Wheel Brightener some light agitation with dedicated microfiber wash mitt and within 10 Mikes my wheels are clean and shiny once again.
ProsReady to use with spray bottle that comes with gallon combo
ConsNot a concentrate
By Brian
Seattle, WA
September 25, 2015
Spray, rinse, get clean wheels!!!
This stuff is awesome. Do not inhale the fumes as they are quite powerful. (Your head and lungs will thank you later) Dilute as recommended for use, spray on wet/cool wheels, let sit for a few seconds then rinse (pressure washer works well) DO NOT USE ON POWDERCOATED WHEELS Do not let product dry on wheels or you're screwed. Use on polished metals will require re-polishing (if it foams up and turns white, grab your metal polish, a Snickers bar and don't make any plans.
ProsCleans almost instantly, for stubborn brake dust up the octane and reduce dilution ratio
Conscorrosive as hell, in untrained hands can cause some real damage.
By dnegrich
SW Florida
June 13, 2015
Economical high quality cleaner
This wheel cleaner is the great. it kills the brake dust and made my wheels shiny clean. It removed rust from my brake disc. And It arrived for a great price quickly.
ProsSmell is pleasant and it works well. It's Economical
Consreacts with bare aluminum I got the combo pack and the spray bottle with it is nicely labeled (I'm a little OCD) BUT MY KIT SUPPLIED PUMP NEVER WORKED.

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