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Salem, OR
Just ok
October 31, 2020
Nothing spectacular, but gets the job done.
By Charlie
West Chicago, IL
Great shine!
October 26, 2020
This was my first polish. On a black car, scary to start with black to learn but I had someone coaching me and they recommended this glaze. It turned our really nice! The shine was deep and the glaze brought back a lot of the depth of the original black paint. Very nice product.
By Richard
Spokane, WA
Absolute Magic
December 26, 2019
I've been using this for many years, but had lately overlooked it. I used it on a new-to-me Audi TT that was very clean but needed total detailing. The paint was marked with everything but scratches and swirls. Couldn't get the gloss I was looking for. Then I remembered No. 7. It cut through haze, micro marks, and pitting. The surface is like new.
ProsEase of use Longstanding product
By Candy b.
New York
Produces a slick shiny finish
February 19, 2017
I have been using show car glaze for 10 years now and love it. Easy to use rub on rub off and creates a slick smooth mirror like shine. Works great on dark paints, apply a wax or sealant afterward for protection.
ProsGreat results easy to use and affordable like all meguiars products.
By Frank S.
Silver Spring, Maryland
Definitely works to enhance the gloss of the final wax
September 1, 2016
Works as advertised as basecoat. Used before final carnuba wax with great results.
ProsEasy to apply
ConsYou must follow immediately with final wax.
By Satcho
Paint Restoration Reveals Inner Beauty
July 25, 2016
Meguiars #7 brings your paint back to near factory new paint condition. Just follow Autogeek's restoration steps.
By Andrew
Bakersfield, California
Great for restoring single stage paint!
May 22, 2015
I used this to restore a 40's-50's style Royal Crown Cola 8ft. X 4ft. freezer. I used this to restore the oxidized paint and bring back as much color as possible and fill the pores of the paint with the old school oils that are in this product. Thank you Mike Phillips for the article! It worked amazing to restore the original yellow paint!! Also tried it on my white '11 F-150 and it made it look super nice. Topped it with #26 and it had deep reflections for white paint.
ProsHas tons of oil which is awesome for single stage paints. Restores color like crazy and can be done by hand to use the least aggressive method possible on old, brittle paint.
ConsHas tons of oil, which for dual stage paint is a bit tricky to make streak free but completely doable by using fresh, clean towels.
New York, NY
Worth it's reputation, if you apply correctly.
April 7, 2015
I've been using this stuff for almost 15 years on several different cars, both classic and new. It will absolutely add depth and dimension to the finish, particularly dark and metallic colors. You will notice a difference immediately after wiping off your first panel; it really does work. It also fills in fine scratches as well. And if you have the time and energy, multiple coats will pay off too. However the product can be frustrating if you don't apply it correctly. Too thin of a layer and it won't be as effective, too much and it will be literally impossible to wipe off entirely. I've found that applying with a DA polisher on 4.5 with a white pad and no pressure is ideal. You need to wipe it off fairly quickly, and you need to check it under some kind of light to make sure you haven't left behind any residue. If you have a dark color car and a bit of detailing experience, you really should try it.
ProsHighly effective, excellent for dark colors. Multiple coats will greatly increase the results. Fills in fine scratches.
ConsNot really worth it on white paint. Can be difficult to work with, particularly wiping off.
By Jason S.
Waynesville, Missouri
Wow! Wow! Wow!
October 20, 2014
My 1992 Mercedes 400E (Black in color) had paint that was opaque looking, and had many blemishes and marks from tarps covering it that had flapped in the wind against its surface etc. I thought before using this that the car would look a little better when done, but was floored by how it nearly brought my finish back to show room new. Unbelievable! I will use this stuff from now on. I was so happy with the results. Now I drive my car around all gingerly treating it just like you would when you first get a new car. This stuff is absolutely amazing.
ProsLooks like it still has a wet surface after it is dry!!!!!! It was so so so easy to use. I literally used two terry cloth dish rags (yes only about 8 inches square each) I was able to do the whole car with just these two cloths (one to rub on the product and the other to polish off the residue). It was so easy to use this product. I covered about 2 feet square at a time and then polished it off, worked most excellently!
ConsNot one con at all.
By Eric
Northeast, USA
Oh man is this stuff awesome on single stage paint!!!!!!!!
October 3, 2014
If you haven't seen the write-up on the AG forums about restoring single paint then go check it out. All I can say is WOW, this stuff is the real deal. It brought life back to my old car's paint in a way I never thought possible! I applied it a couple of times and each time applied it heavily as suggested in the write-up (which, by the way is against the instructions on the bottle) and even left it on overnight. The result is undeniable. Topped with a sealant and a coat of wax, the depth of the paint (which was previously a bit hazy looking) is now stunning by comparison.
ProsUnprecedented Strength in Restoring Single Stage Paint Relatively Inexpensive
By mary k.
cleveland ohio
June 26, 2014
great product
Proseasy to use
By Bryan S.
Bozeman, Montana
Miracle Sauce
June 25, 2014
I've tried every polish/wax/glaze to restore the single stage paint on my 1968 F250 with no luck... until I came across the article on this site with details on the #7 Glaze. The results were amazing. I put 3 coats on, sealed it with Wolfgang, and waxed it. It now shines as much as a single stage paint can shine. Pic shows just one application. Pics of the entire truck are too large, so I'll update this review when/if I can at a later time.
By JakeyDill
A product worthy of its age
December 14, 2012
After reading countless stories on how HARD it is to remove I though I was walking into a hell hole, but I bit the bullet and bought the product, TBH this product is a sinch to use and spreads so easilly, skinning the surface over and over is all you need for product removal, patience is a virtue when using this product.
By Bob s.
Great product when used as its supposed to
July 30, 2012
MG#7 is great as a final polish before a coat of wax. This product however has no cleaning ability and will not remove even the lightest swirl. The chemicals in the product do however "fill" in minor imperfections temporarily. As the name implies this product would be great if applied the morning before a show as it will keep the paint looking perfect and deep all day.
By sash m.
December 27, 2011
Very good product I like it .........
By mkt
tricky, but worth it
December 26, 2011
once you mastered the technique for using this, you will love the shine/depth/wetness this glaze adds to paint, especially dark paint. It even makes metallic flakes pop more since it seems to also improve paint clarity. Black paint seems to get blacker when using this. Just don't remove it like regular wax, it will smear if done that way.
By opie_7afe
good for single stage.
November 10, 2011
product is good for single stage paint. that is where the real power of this product comes out, really rehydrates paint and makes it look beautiful. don't last long but does look good!. product is really useful with oxidized single stage..
By steve
meguiars #7 glaze
May 19, 2011
i use this on my clients cars all the time, it is a bit of a pain to work with but in the end its well worth the extra step!
tips to use!
April 18, 2011
The trick to applying this glaze is to use a DAMP microfiber towel. Use spairingly, apply to one small section at a time and immidiately wipe off in a straight line. I have been using this product on my show cars for a very long time and use it on my daily drivers before applying waxes and sealants!
By Scott D.
Rejuvanator for single stage paint
January 20, 2011
What this product mostly does is add oils to old dried out single stage paint that has become dull. After 3 or 4 applications on really old paint it makes the paint look rich, deep, wet and lustrous again. Essential for restoring original paint on an un restored car that is really too nice to restore because you want to maintain maximum originality and thus not repaint, but still have the paint look like new. I used it on 53 old black lacquer paint and it really restored the richness, like it was a few year old paint job. I have noticed very little results on newer paint, particularly clear coat paint. If your paint is single stage old dried out paint that you want to bring back to new condition, this is the product you need! Yes, when it dries on it can be very difficult to remove, but then I use some Griot's Garage Spray on Car wash, and the dried on residue comes off super easy, even after drying for days. Then apply another coat if need be, use more WW to remove if necessary, to prevent excessive hard rubbing, and follow up with the wax or sealant of your choice. Sure, the product dries fast. That's how it works. The oils of the product are being absorbed INTO the paint, to moisturize it. After the paint can't absorb any more product, I let it soak overnight, and then come back the next day. Actually, it took 8 coats on that 53 year old paint, so it's a lot of time, but it's the only product I know of of it's kind. It restored the original paint that nothing else can, so it's worth it to me. I started using this AFTER I polished the paint by hand, then with the Flex 3401 (a mistake to polish first) but I STILL saw a big improvement. It's essential for old paint.
By J H.
Harley-Davidson care
February 9, 2010
I have a 2007 H-D motorcycle and used #7 followed up with a coat of #26. Paint looks very deep and glossy. Easy to apply by hand. Will do the metalic paint job on my new truck with this same combination of products when spring arrives.
By Mike
Good glaze
April 10, 2009
Is an awesome glaze. That is what it is, a glaze. It is not a wax, so the durability will not be there for long. It is intended to take your car to the next level for a show or a night. Not for months at a time. Adds wetness, depth, glossiness. Again, it is meant for short term "amazing" looks. Not for long lasting durable protection. It is not a wax or sealant
By bennyz
blue streak
September 17, 2008
what a great product easy to apply and remove and a great start for the ultimate shine when followed by #26 hi tech wax.
By Mike
August 16, 2008
I've used this for a long time..but recently used it on my neighbors car,who was trading it in and she got 3000.00 more due to my detailing using this product.BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Matthew C.
July 5, 2008
My beef with this product is that it stains the white cyclo pads I used to apply it yellow. And the performance wasn't really up to par with other glazes on the market. It's satisfactory, but nothing special.
June 2, 2008
Again after many years, this product gives paint that deep look that no other brand can match. No swirls and no marks when you apply this to your cars paint. A+++++++ thanks MEGUIARS !
By moparbill440
June 23, 2007
outstanding product really pops
By Justin e.
looks amazing
May 29, 2007
looks amazing as a prep to waxing your car...the only reason it doesn't get five stars is the durability...only lasts till the next wash..or maybe two weeks at most...
By Matt
stands the test of time
March 25, 2006
have used this for many years and always leaves me happy with the results. leaves a nice wet shine that will mask imperfections that can not be removed. price makes it cost effective.

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