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By Jeffrey
Highland Heights, Ohio
September 29, 2019
Best Foam Pads
Love these 5.5" pads the lower profile and smaller diameter have been great for working the tighter areas and smaller sections.
By Richard
Strongsville, OH
August 26, 2019
great pads for the money
I chose these pads because that what the sales rep at Autogeek recommended since he uses the same pads. I have several of each grade and also the smaller diameter for tighter areas. I cant compare the quality or longevity to any other pads! I've used them on both the Porter Cable and the Flex. I just purchased a new set since I have a brand new vehicle to detail.
Pros Long lasting pads do the job there supposed too
By brian
August 7, 2019
Lake Country CCS Pads
My very first set of pads. They work great and will purchase more of them.
By Jason
Edmond, Oklahoma
May 7, 2019
Excellent pads!
These pads work very well paired with Sonax Cutmax and Sonax Perfect Finish. They are very durable and produce great results while keeping heat to a minimum.
ProsExcellent quality and durability.
By Eric
Pace, FL
May 2, 2019
Excellent product does as advertised and couldn't be happier.
By nightrider
Spring Texas
April 5, 2019
Great Pads!
Pads seem to run a little cooler than normal pads. I was needed these pads to bring my truck back to a beautiful shine like it used to look. Love the pads.
ProsThey work Great!
ConsNo Cons
By Tyler
December 26, 2018
Tied for best pads I've ever used
I knew I would like these pads because I started looking at them once I realized I hated when pads were too thick. I don't like how thick pads take so much feedback away from the experience, this is good for beginners because it reduces the risk of ruining paint, but for the more experienced it's not necessary. These pads being on the thin side provide the perfect amount of distance from the paint. The design of the pad face is also helpful (the reason why is explained on the product page). My favorite pads prior to this were hex-logic pads from Chemical Guys, but now these ones tie those as my favorite.
ProsPerfect thickness High performance design High quality foam
By martin
November 17, 2018
Worth the money
Its nice to have a lot of different pads in my bag time is money.
Proshaving a nice selection saves a lot of time
By Jim
Denver CO
October 19, 2018
Lake Country CCS pads
New to polishing paint. Used the orange and green pads so far. They work well, and have made the job easy so far.
By Jim F.
Monson, MA
July 14, 2018
Just what I expected
Did my research on these pads... the pads are exactly what I expected, easy to work with and are of good quality. I just ordered 6 more!
By Mario Czarnomski
June 15, 2018
Lake Country 5.5 Inch CCS Pads
I was hoping for a solid pads that will last me few applications. However, the first yellow pad delaminated on my 3/4 through a small BME M Coup compound job. Quite disappointed. It was doing a solid job when it worked. As a comparison, prior to Lake Country I was using Griot's cutting orange pad and that one lasted me through 3 or 4 cars before it finally gave up. I should mention that with Griots pad I was using Griots Complete Compound product and with Lake Country pad I used the new 303 Compounding product. When I contacted Autogeek about it and send the pictures of the pad, I was informed that it was an operator error: too much heat, too much compound. I was told that I should use three pads for my small coupe car. All I know is that Griots pads lasted much longer, with the same operator and the same DA tool.
ProsIt was compounding well when it was in one piece.
ConsLasted only 3/4 of a small car application
North Carolina
April 8, 2018
Good Quality Pads
Good Quality
By Larry
Southern Indiana
April 1, 2018
Good Purchase
Great price very good product, have not used enough yet to know how long pads will last.
ProsWoks better than most pads
By Larry Mc
Washington, D.C.
November 27, 2016
Excellent Pads
Very durable and reliable pads.
By Steve Thomas
High Ridge Missouri
November 16, 2016
Great product
Long lasting, works really well
ProsGreat pads
By Hassan
Katy tx
November 12, 2016
Work fine
I tried the smaller 5.5" pads to use with my porter cable, works better than the larger ones. No problems, should last about 4-5 uses.
ProsLong usage predicted.
By Don
November 10, 2016
CCS pads
These pads work excellent for me, just finished 1/2 of a 5th wheel RV and still on the same orange pad. I do clean them slot while working using the Pinnacle spray pad cleaner which works excellent also.
By Chad
October 31, 2016
Perfect for the Porter Cable
Being I was new to machine polishing, I bought my PC as a kit with the 6.5" CCS pads. They worked but it didn't take much pressure for those big pads to stall out the polisher and it seemed that any kind of correction took longer because the 6.5" pad didn't spin easily except with the lightest pressure which limited the compounds ability to work. I bought these 5.5" with 3 orange and 3 white. I had a bird dropping on my 2016 Lexus IS350 hang out too long in the sun before I noticed and cleaned it, it ended up leaving some minor etching. I put the 5.5" orange CCS pad to work with some Meg's Ultimate Compound. My PC could easily rotate it under some pressure and a few passes later it was like glass again. The 6.5" pads are good if you're learning the polisher so your backing plate doesn't hit something accidentally but these pads really pair well with the PC and give it good correcting ability.
By Charles
October 27, 2016
Perfect for your buffing needs
Perfect for your buffing needs.
By Jason Gosnell
August 17, 2016
Great pads!!
Long lasting pads
By Jim
July 23, 2016
good value
My machine takes 5.5" and these are the ones that came with it. They work good but after awhile the velcro detaches from the foam and needs replaced. This is the best deal when you don't need a 6 pack of one type. These were just replacements for usage. I don't do that much buffing. I just did the boat and needed some pads. They wash out well with the solution. And the foam wears better than the velcro.
Prosfoam wears good washes easily good value when you don't need to buy 6 of one type.
Consvelcro wear out.
By Cruzer
June 23, 2016
perfect for a first timer
first time correcting paint, and these worked well. 1 of my 6 started separating the velcro from the pad after heavy use but still 5 stars imo. no dusting at all for me unlike a griots garage pad that came with my griots da
By Ron
Mesa, Az.
June 20, 2016
Great pad cleaner
While I don't have anything to compare this to, I will say it definitely works. I put 1 scoop in about a gallon of water to clean my pads and it sure does the trick. I put a couple squirts of McKee's pad cleaner on first and let them sit a few minutes to start working things loose and then drop them in the water mixture and soak for 15 and then start working the residue out from the center. Takes about 1 minute at most then rinse with clean water and let dry. Smells great too being that it is a citrus based cleaner. I would suggest this if you haven't tried it. 4 stars... I knocked of f 1 because of $.
ProsIt works! Smells good
Consmaybe a little on the expensive side. We'll see how long 1 container lasts.
By Mike
Broken Arrow, OK
June 19, 2016
As promised, quality and timely too
I got exactly what I ordered, quick and no problems and no hassles!
By Dave
Binghamton NY
April 17, 2016
Great deal!
Worked great. Was not sure what to get since first time with polisher but the 6 pack worked great!
ProsPrice and selection
By William Adam Johnson
April 9, 2016
Best pads around
These smart pads are the real deal. Takes a little compound a long way work great on cars and boats.
By Steve
United States
April 29, 2015
Great product
Getting to pick any 6 is pretty awesome. Getting them on sale and even cheaper then amazon is even better! Definitely going to buy more of these pick-yourself six packs!
Pros6 of them bundled together, your choice
ConsNow I feel compelled to get more.
By Terry
Lawton, OK
February 27, 2015
Lake Country 5.5 inch CCS pads
I bought a Porter Cable a couple of years ago and these pads work great with it. I don't do heavy paint correction but for oxidized paint or swirls it has been a great combination
ProsEasy to use, clean up quickly and last long.
By Deon
February 19, 2015
Good stuff
Really good product with very low dust production
By David
United States
January 25, 2015
great pads, hands down.
great pads can color code. use for polish wax and compound. wash pads after use if you take care of the pads they will take care of you.for many many uses. great pads
Prosvery durable,
By David
East Coast
December 17, 2014
5.5 pads
These work well but in my opinion are hard to clean. A pad cleaner is needed. Take a look at what your cleaning or waxing to make sure the size will work, as in getting into corners.
By Robert Wheeler
Fayetteville, Georgia
November 30, 2014
CCS Pads 6 Pack
Cheaper by the half dozen. Excellent pads that do the job every time when used as suggested.
Prosdurable, reusable, efficient, effective, ease of use
By Frank m
November 12, 2014
These pads made it a lot easier to polish and shine my truck.
By Bernard
August 15, 2014
Quality pads as advertised
These pads are very easy to use with a Porter Cable.
ProsLike the ability to choose my own pads
ConsWished the packed had a choice of 12 pads instead of only 6
By Serge
st colomban, Quebec
August 14, 2014
good pads
works fine with my products
By Mike R.
Middletown, Pa
August 10, 2014
Pad Variety
Great way to get a variety of pads without breaking the bank. I purchased the orange, black and green pads which are perfect for my uses on my daily drivers.
ProsGreat product, great choice
By Jerry
Buckeye, Az
July 16, 2014
Excellent pads
I first ordered these Lake Country pads several years ago because they were the perfect size for working my polisher in small areas. I've used them on everything from my brother's Ken worth semi-truck to my wife's little Honda Civic. They perform very well and last for years. Love Lake Country pads.
Prostop quality long lasting performs as promised
Newport Beach, CA
May 16, 2014
Great Pads Great Proce
I think LC CCS pads are the best foam pads....period. I have tried the Hex Logics, the LC Hybrid Pads and I like the CCS the best. They are thicker, have more cutting ability and are better made tan the Hex Logic pads. These pads work very well on my Flex 3401 VRG and they are my go to pads. The Gold Jeweling pad is great for putting on wax. Get these pads and you will not be disappointed!
ProsThicker and better quality than the Hex Logic Pads
By Chris
Austin, TX
May 14, 2014
Great pads
Saw lots of good reviews on these pads. Used once already and the detail turned out great. Will definitely be buying more from AG.
By Ed
Saint Paul, MN
May 1, 2014
Very easy to use, leaves no swirl marks.
I have used the white and blue pads, the white worked great getting rid of the cloudiness in my headlight lenses, without exerting much force. The blue polished out a painted area to a beautiful shine.
ProsLeaves no swirl marks, the pad stay on well, does not burn through the paint as easy as the older polishers did.
By sam chung
Santa Ana, Ca
April 17, 2014
must have pads
Great pads for remove swirl marks.
ProsSpecially high end vehicles, you need to have these.
By Charles
May 16, 2012
Great for Business
I just recently started using foam pads, and with the different pads, soft/med/hard, its great for any application!
By Andrew Ardolina
November 16, 2011
Great all around pad
These pads are perfect for all of your polishing and compounding needs. They have pockets in the pad to conserve on product and last almost a lifetime in cutting capabilities. I recommend these pads over the flat LC pads.
By Dave
November 13, 2011
Great Value
These pads work great- the descriptions about which one to use and when to use it are perfect. This is a great value buying 6 at a time. They will last much longer if you do the "on-th-fly" cleaning during use, and avoid using the brushes unless absolutely necessary.

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