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By Paul
Glad to have Klasse again!
August 21, 2020
Originally found Klasse back in 1984.... glad I did! Hands down the best! I used the All-In-One and then the Sealant Glaze on our 1987 Avion 34W travel trailer (anodized aluminum skin)..... WOW!! Did a great job!! I hope other drivers have their sunglasses on as we go down the road! Now to get the truck shinin!!
By Josh
Iowa City, IA,
Old School is hard to beat
April 15, 2020
It's hard to beat the test of time, Klasse has been a staple in my shop for years and years
ProsIncredible Gloss Great value, little goes a long way
By Bob F.
Klasse Super Kit
March 17, 2019
First time user, the sealer and all in one were easy to apply and remove. The rain was dancing off the car and the car looks great after the vehicle dried off naturally. My neighbor was impressed with the outcome and said that is some awesome sauce I applied. I will be applying to my other vehicles.
By Mike
St. Louis
Klasse products
March 10, 2019
Great stuff
By John
New Jersey
Klasse Kit
November 29, 2016
Easy and mistake proof. Follow the instructions for a professional look without the price
ProsEasy to use. A novice can get professional results
By Rick
November 26, 2016
Well first I clay bar my car, never did that before, piece of cake and you should clay bar first!!! I'm 54 and never did that, was always freaked by thinking about a bar screwing up my cars, didn't know it was a piece of soft clay!....I used mothers clay bar system....the car is a dodge challenger 2016, I didn't think it needed it, it was so slick after doing it, you couldn't lean against the car because it was so smooth....next was the Klasse all-in-one sealant, I never use sealant, always wax...I'm sealant from here on out!.....it put a deep shine on it, didn't take that long 1.5 hours, clay bar took around 3 hrs ( beer breaks in there also! ).....haven't used the Gloss sealant yet, but I will, taking a break for now......do all of the above in a garage with temp. around 65 to 70 degrees, everything seem to go on better and smoother....but extra microfiber towels & pads!...i sprayed the pads a little with detail spray then put All-in-one on and it seem to help everything go on better....will always buy this again! :0
ProsPerfect!...just take your time!
By Jeff
Woodstock, Ga
Makes the finish look great
November 10, 2016
Product delivers a very good shine after all of the work. Car looks good though!!
By Steve P.
Great product.
October 31, 2016
After having washed my car a few times, then clay baring the entire car, I finally used AIO followed by the sealant. I used a total of three coats separated by at least 18 hours (to cure) and my car looks awesome. Worth every penny.
ProsGreat working product, easy to apply, comes in an all-in-one kit.
ConsIf not done properly, could leave streaks, a tad expensive (but well worth it).
By Jim
Brooksville,Fl and Lewiston,ME
Best Car Polish ever used
September 5, 2016
Excellent product goes on super easy and leaves a shine that last for at least 8 months. Always getting comments about the shine from people I don't even know.
ProsEasy on Easy off Best I have ever used
By edward
north carolina United States
Klasse all in one
February 17, 2016
A very good product it does what it said it will do.. Optimum Gloss Coat 2.0 is a sealant
ProsEasy to apply
By Ron
Chugiak, Alaska
This stuff is great!
June 18, 2015
Looking for a product to help with road grime at the end of an Alaskan winter. Found this product while surfing Audi forums, figured I would give it a shot. It works extremely well and gives that "auto guy" look that is usually reserved for shows. Now I know how these guys do it. Pricey, but well worth the cost. We'll see if the longevity claims hold up. In the meantime, my four vehicles look amazing!
ProsFairly easy to use although I would try it on an older vehicle first. AIO is great stuff. Glaze sealant gives a fantastic finish.
ConsTakes a bit of time to do it right. Recommend clay bar for rough paint. Time consuming but well worth the effort on older vehicles. Do not use too much! It is unbelievable how little product is necessary. Excess is tough to get off.
By Al
Oceanside, CA
Best was I've ever used
June 14, 2015
Easy t apply and remove. Left a deep wet look.
By Rodney P.
Houston, Tx
Great product, once you learn how to use it.
May 7, 2015
The key, I found, is to layer it (3x) allowing 24 hour curing time in between each application. Then apply a high quality carnauba, again layering and curing it as well. Pinnacle Souverän or P21S works well, but I prefer a feeding with Zymol DESTINY GLAZE. Of course the key is preparing your surface. Clay and buffing is a must. Layer the Klasse and allow to it cure and then 3-6 coats of carnauba and you won't be able to leave the supermarket parking lot because everyone wants to know WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT PAINT ON YOUR CAR?
ProsFantastic product, long lasting. If layered properly, creates a mirror like base over which you can apply high quality wax. I you are willing to spend some time and effort, you will get maximum benefit from this product and you will be amazed at the results. I LOVE IT!!! I use a variation of this for show car preps and charge in excess of $2500
ConsRequires patience (I've spent over a month on vehicles before doing multiple layers) Best to allow at least 24 hours of curing Best results require claying and buffing prior to application I found that it's not very good swirl removal (for that I use Menzerna, best swirl remover in my book)
By Leon
Monticello In.
Good product
November 13, 2014
It took a while to learn how to put the product on its hard to put a thin coat on and if you put a heavy coat it is real hard to wipe it off all and all I was pleased with the product
By heather
United States
Works great!
October 29, 2014
I probably didn't need to buy the Super Sized version of this kit but now I have enough Klasse to last me a lifetime! :)
Klasse Super Size Kit
October 25, 2014
The kit comes with everything you need to protect and make your car shine. Klasse All In One is easy to apply and makes the paint feel smooth and polished. The Sealant Glaze was easy to apply, but not so easy to hand buff off. I would not recommend the glaze for hand remove and think a buffer would be much better. All in all the car looks great, but it is a 2014 so whether or not the product protects paint long term remains to be seen.
ProsKlasse All in One is easy to apply and remove.
ConsKlasse Sealant Glaze was not easy to remove by hand.
By Mike
October 8, 2014
I am so glad I found this stuff. It is awesome! It is easy to put on and easy to take off. It leaves you with a beautiful finish. I will never go back to the stuff in your local auto parts store.
By Skiing N.
north of Spokane, WA
Maybe 5 stars after a few months!
September 22, 2014
A "car-care-newbie" I liked the easy navigation of the AUTOGEEK website, their thorough product descriptions and complete application instructions. I opted for a 'tried and true' product rather than one of the newer high tech ones. I appreciated the kit approach: it provided everything I needed in order to get going. I have a relatively new car, and took it through the local carwash so I had a headstart on clean and dry. The first afternoon I used the red container cleaner and protector, with the microfiber pad dipped in warm water and well wrung out, and then wiped with the microfiber towel. They are right, a little goes a long way, work in sections, it is just wipe on thoroughly, and wipe off, no rubbing needed. The next day I used the silver container sealant glaze, and the yellow applicator pad dampened with water. Again, a little goes a long way, and then even farther...or you do end up with streaks. I let it dry overnight, and buffed with the towel. Nice! I noticed tiny dots of tar on the doors, because everything else was glass smooth. I went to the local store and bought a turtle wax tar and bug remover. Sprayed on, wiped off, and then rewashed with warm water and cleaner/protector, dried, and reapplied the sealant glaze, to be wiped off tomorrow. I was really surprised how the tar just wiped off with no effort, and the car still looks shiny, and now completely smooth. I think that really shows that the protection will be very good. I will be skiing this winter, a lot, and hope that AUTOGEEK will ask me to review again in March. Then I will be able to report on how it held up to serious winter conditions.
ProsGreat website Complete product descriptions Thorough application instructions Useful "kit" setups Reasonable prices
ConsNone, at this time
By Michael
Great product - very easy to use with great results
July 30, 2014
I just got a new jeep wrangler and wanted to not have to wash it every week - this system works great...
By davzway D.
Fort McCoy, Florida
Large Size Order- Superior Product & BEST acrylic polymer car finish
June 25, 2014
Was aware of upcoming water base acrylic finish in mid-1970's doing commercial High Performance Coatings as a Florida Certified Contractor, required in Kalifornia for clean air of water base vs Solvent based products. Solvent based acrylic resin was the same as used in making "Plexiglass" sheet products. Was told (not confirmed) the water based would be the same- same German chemical house. Anyway, the first time I used Klasse was in early to mid 1980's, finding their 100% acrylic product to be one of the most durable car finish products you can buy. The acrylic finish lasts longer and keeps the 'SHINE' on the car longer than any other product known to this reviewer. There are other 'acrylic' products which don't claim to be 100% acrylic like Klasse High Gloss Polymer finish- and they don't last as long (it is common to use 'filler's when compounding the resin to extend the solids left when the carrier leaves (water or solvent). Klasse 'All in One' is a polish that actually leaves an acrylic protective finish at the same time- and is the most useful as it can be used on nearly everything on the outside of your car- even plastics without a difficult "white residue" to remove. This kit give you enough product to literally do dozens of 'wax' jobs on even large cars. (bottle half this size has done nearly 18 applications on a Miata with hardtop). Kit also provides the right applicators to apply the product, and the microfiber cloth to remove and polish the Klasse. The Complete All in One Kit and a bargain when looking for Klasse products.
ProsLasts a long time, at least a year in Florida. MY application SYSTEM is two applications of the All in One , followed by four applications of the Super High Gloss Polymer finish. Then you can go a year, or less depending on how fussy you are , but water will bead and the car WILL shine. Road grime , bugs, etc will usually come off with just water; rarely will you need to use a car wash product (personally keep and use Meguiars 'NXT' car wash) to wash your car if you followed the applications outlined above. Note: You can use the All in One on alloy wheels, plastic head light lens, etc. Look at Klasse application instructions for details... they are correct and work. This KIT is the Best deal for Klasse; the Meguiars mentioned and a supply of various microfiber towels are available is here at AutoGeek (Just purchased a decent supply of towels, etc, and no , not a paid shill for anyone; am hated by some in construction for calling it like I see it. There are a LOT of what I've deemed as "MAGIC IN THE CAN" stories out there, most of which are pipe dreams or pie in the sky stories at best. Klasse does what it says, and works as advertised. Best instructions I've seen are those from 'Mike' here at AutoGeek. Product is NOT hard to apply- follow their instructions. Hardest is NOT using TOO MUCH of the Klasse; not needed and only makes more work for you the applicator.
ConsFollow the instructions. MOST NOTABLY IS THE PART OF NOT INSTALLING IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT, CAR SURFACE NEEDS TO BE COOL AND IN THE SHADE. Personally mist water on applicator pad with hair spray pump bottle (two or three quirts is enough- redo as needed on hot day). IF you don't,, then dampen microfiber towel with water or 'Wolfgang Quick Detail spritz (currently trying sample for AutoGeek, or small amount of Meguiars Ultimate quick detail spray (good to have for a quick detail, looks like you just waxed your car , in between doing the full job with Klasse. After initial 2 coats of All in One and 4-coats of Super High Gloss finish, only time I use All in One again is if my car was doused with hard water sprinkler water as happened recently in a hotel parking lot. You are still applying Klasse acrylic, one or two with AIO again, and back to multiple coats of Super HIgh Gloss finish. (Note on previous black color Miata which had more than 12- coats of SHG finish, car looked BETTER than new and got top dollar when selling)
By Tony
L.i., new york
Looks fine
June 7, 2014
Looks like a professional job.
By djr
this all you need
February 9, 2013
This is all you need apply as directed best applied at cool tempatures and worked properly with a a buffer
April 30, 2012
By Anthony
Love this stuff
June 8, 2009
I have used on 98 Mazda, 98 Buick. Keeps them looking great. The glaze is a ***** to get off and to even out on the black, when removing I dampen the buffer pad.
By Gareth W.
Nothing better!
January 4, 2009
What other car product can make a 7-year old Lexus 430 and a 20 year-old Acura Legend Coupe look brand new?
By dan
shine on
October 22, 2007
This combo works better than anyything on the market-carnauba, polymer or anything else.
By Paul
September 18, 2006
I have an M3 , waxed it the first day, now 2 years old, looks like out of the showroom. No wax in the market better than tis one. Just incredible. Go for it. Great buy all around.

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