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Klasse Kit   $49.99
48 Reviews
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By Michael
San Diego, CA
Great kit
September 9, 2019
Made 20 year old paint on my Nogaro Blue 2000 Audi S4 really shine. Put 2 coats of glaze after the All in one. Will be doing my wife's car too. Easy application and removal. Used a damp cloth for glaze removal after reading about that tip.
By Micky
Moultonborough, NH
Absolutely the BEST products I have ever used!
June 18, 2019
I have used Klasse for decades and LOVE it! Why? It makes cars nearly bullet-proof! - Unlike conventional wax, this stuff sincerely lasts - for months. - It stands up to our harsh New England winters; resists harm from pine sap, bird droppings, etc. - I reconditioned my elderly neighbor's '95 Honda and it looked so awesome she sold it the next day. - It so completely removed the oxidation from my friend's red Toyota that her neighbors thought she'd bought a new car. - Several years ago, my car was the only one that did not suffer paint damage when Halloween hoodlums egged several cars on our street. I continue to use - and recommend - Klasse with absolute confidence. You won't be disappointed!
By Gail A.
Bethlehem, PA
Makes My Car Happy
June 2, 2019
The polish and glaze are everything the website says
ProsWe noticed after using the polish and the glaze that the car stays cleaner longer. To clean it we use a little of the polish in water as recommended and the car comes clean very easily and the paint tends to have more of a sparkle and reflection immediately. The car seems so much happier with these products. They bring out the best in her! Thank you so much for wonderful easy to use kit!
ConsThe product can be hard to wipe off on glass, but then again, that is not what it is primarily used for.
By Val
Good kit
March 21, 2019
Klasse products are excellent and for those of us who don't have the sponges, etc, nice you can get it all in one kit. My car looks good!
By charlie w.
good stuff
November 23, 2018
Just coated a 2010 rav4 w/55,000, always garaged so paint was like new. I did the small hood first. A little does go a long ways. I did inside shop at 68deg. it was done by hand and i used a lot of elbow grease. I suggest you go ahead of yourself with a damp microfiber to remove water marks. It saves a bit of elbow grease rubbing them out. If you think u missed a spot you can feel microfiber dragging.
Prosgood results, goes a long, long ways if done right. I'm going with another coat and still might have leftover. Left a very slick finish that I think will make car easy to wash this winter
ConsDid not take care of light clearcoat scratches like i thought it might. Would like to here some thoughts for next time.
By Justin
Portland Oregon
Klass Wax Kit
October 28, 2018
The Klass car wax kit came very well packedged in a box. And the waxes as well as microfiber application pads/towels were nearly inside a clear zipper up bag for storage uses. I washed my car, let it dry then applied the All-In-One (Red Bottle). The product goes on very easily and comes off just as well. As for the High Gloss (Grey Bottle) that is some today there stuff. The instructions say to apply a thin layer to the entire car then buff out but that proved to be really time consuming and difficult. I would recommend doing small sections at a time. Other then that, A+++ for this AMAZING PRODUCT. Thank you Autogeek.
ProsGreat wax products that really bring a protective layer and shine to the car AND can be used on vertically all surfaces (Do always test first)
ConsHigh Gloss can be difficult to use and buff out if you leave it on to long...
Myrtle Beach, SC
Quality product and service.
September 27, 2018
I admit I was a bit skeptical but I purchased the Klasse system based on a neighbor’s recommendation. Auto Geek just happened to have the best pricing and delivery. The system has worked great. Very easy to apply and the silky feel of the finish is unlike any old technology wax. I like being able to seal not only the pained surfaces but glass and chrome too. Excellent value for this product through Auto Geek.
By Tim S.
Youngstown, OH
April 12, 2018
works great
By Dick
Roswell, Georgia
Klasse Kit Works!
February 3, 2018
This sealant kit was everything I needed to seal my car and probably another 8 - 10 cars. Easy to apply and superb water beading and shine. Everything required was included in a reusable storage bag. Good price and excellent kit content.
By Michael L.
Jacksonville, FL
Even makes a new car look better
July 20, 2017
I bought the kit-used the red bottle first, then the silver. Took me a while-and I DID follow the directions. Took it back to the dealership and everyone was commenting "that cannot be factory paint" This is some of the best product I have ever used, and I used to run a detail center that processed over 400 cars a month.
ProsGoes on and comes off very easy-just follow the directions.
By David
Los Angeles, CA
Love this kit
February 13, 2017
I just purchased a used Lexus and while the paint was in pretty good shape, it needed some help. I have never used Klasse products, but read they they work real well and it lasts quite a few months. I first washed the car and used one of those clay mitts to clean the paint. Then I did the complete exterior with the AIO (windows and all trim). This came out great with minimal work. Then I did the paint with a single coat of High Gloss and man it looks good now. It went on real easy and was even easier to take off. My car now looks great. The kit comes with everything you need to get going. I used a little more than a nickle amount of the pad applicator for each panel of the car. These bottles will last a long time,
ConsHaving to wait 8-12 hours to apply another coat of High Gloss.
By Mark
Good product; good package deal.
September 14, 2016
Klasse AIO and sealant was very easy to apply and remove. Much easier than polishes and waxes. It did a great job bringing shine back to my painted surfaces. The package deal was really nice too. Provided everything I needed to apply both products.
By Freddiep
Great Stuff
August 24, 2016
I have always been skeptical of claims made by manufacturers, but I have to tell you that the Klasse All In One met and exceeded my expectations. I have used the Klasse Glaze for years and was quite pleased with the result. For what ever reason I never used the All In One and thought I would give it a try. Let me tell you that the shine and protection is unmatched. Would highly recommend and because you have to use to little, it goes a long way. Just make sure you follow up the All in one with the Glaze and you will not be disappointed. Just finished the All In One on my 10 year old Honda which is kept outside year round. The finish looks like the day I brought it home from the dealer
ProsVery little product is needed. The shine is incredible.
ConsNone. I have only used for a few weeks and all literature indicates the product will protect and retain shine for 6 months. Time will tell if this is the case.
By Bob t.
Shrewsbury ma.
August 23, 2016
Does a GREAT job!
By Rich
Long Island
What a beautiful shine
August 16, 2016
This is a great product would definitely buy again
ProsVery easy to apply
By Lee
Would buy again in a heart beat!!
July 8, 2016
This is one of the best car detailing steps you can do. I was able to apply both steps of this product and a wax to my GTI by hand in less than 3 hours of work and the surface feels like glass and sheds water better than anything i've ever used!
By bob
the villages,fl.
car care
June 27, 2016
very good
Covington, LA
Beautiful Shine
June 6, 2016
First of all, the ordering and delivery of product was as always, great. Washed car, clayed, spot compound in a few spots. Applied Klasse AIO which was very easy to use. After applying the AIO my car was gleaming, so I thought. After applying two coats of the Klasse Sealant Glaze the shine went to another level of brightness. I had to work the glaze a little more than the AIO but the results were worth it. Please follow the directions and check out all of the videos online about using the glaze.
ProsBeautiful wet shine! A head turner! Wife complains that her eyes hurt when she looks at the car in the sunlight! Wish I had pictures for you.
ConsWife complains that her eyes hurt when she looks at the car in the sunlight! Wish I had pictures for you.
By Mark
Easy to use
June 5, 2016
The polish and sealant are easy to use. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Some reviews I read said they could be hard to remove the residue. There should not be any residue. Apply as directed and no problems. Too much product and you will have problems. Did hide some swirls, but not all. Overall I am happy with the look and feel of the paint.
ProsEasy to use when directions are followed. Very slick finish. Even my clothes slide off the paint. Even on flat surfaces.
ConsDidn't hide scratches and swirls as expected.
By Bob
Wilmington, Delaware
Deep Rich Shine
May 24, 2016
Just a little bit goes a long way. The results are an amazingly deep shine. I used an orbital buffer to apply and remove Klasse all in one with great results. I haven't applied the sealer yet but if the all in one is any indication, then it should be great.
ProsEasy to apply.
ConsMust apply in the shade otherwise it will streak.
By Mark
Klasse kit
April 16, 2016
Excellent product. Takes effort but worth the shine. Still polished after 3 rain storms. Thanks!
By Rck
For the DIY!
March 31, 2016
Though it is a two step process, the ease of applications is simple. I can't believe it took me so long to find this product. With that said, waxing a F250 Crew Cab with a shell.
ProsApplication, amount needed, quality of product
By Brad N.
My. Pleasant, SC
Great results with Klasse Kit
February 25, 2016
First time customer. Results on my 2011 MDX with the Klasse Kit were outstanding!
ProsEasy to apply / remove.
By Adam
Pittsburgh, PA
Look No Further This Kit Is Worth It!
June 17, 2015
Like others have mentioned about researching and making the right decision when choosing a product to protect your investment this is the kit to own or at least try it for yourself and notice the difference. After using this kit I followed up with a coat of carnuba paste wax using the yellow applicator from the kit as my final step. I'm definitely impressed by the results of this kit plus I got if for 25% off for an even better incentive to buy! What are you waiting for?
ProsEasy to follow directions were included and were followed exactly and the results prove it!
ConsNot really a con but I used the Gold Plush Junior towels from another kit I purchased to remove both the AIO and Glaze for they are better quality then the ones that are included with this kit.
By Dan
Columbus OH
great products
June 15, 2015
Products were as described. Instructions were helpful. First application was completed and my car looks great!
Proseasy to use
By Dennis
New Jersey
Better Than Expected
May 29, 2015
For once, I followed the directions and this product performed as well as I hoped. Don't worry about the price, this will last - it doesn't take much and goes a long way (so this is actually priced better than any store bottle). My Porsche looks new again!
By Joanne
Reston, VA
Klasse kit is a winner for car shine
May 25, 2015
I'm not a car fanatic just a boomer lady that wants her aging Volvo to look nice. I've bought car wax from Autogeek and when it got low I decided to try the Klasse kit. The kit contained 2 small polishes - one for the initial shine and the second for a gloss coat. I was surprised at how little one needs to use to cover the whole car and how easy it was for even yes, me to do. no hard work. I washed the car, dried it and then applied the one, waited a couple hours to rest and then applied the second one. The applicators come in the kit. My 2002 Volvo looks mirror shining nice now. Thanks Autogeek for a great product!
Prosgoes on easy, should last awhile, get the job done
Consa bit pricey
By Mike
Longwood, FL
Beautiful Shine!
February 2, 2015
I applied both the All In One and the Sealant this past weekend on my 2015 black Mazda 6. The AIO made the paint really pop, and you can feel the smoothness of the paint and glass using the plastic bag test. The sealant's benefits are more subtle to see and feel, but I feel confident it has added a barrier of protection to my car's paint. I recommend dampening the applicators with a spray detailer for easy application. I used Maguire's Instant Detailer and it worked great with both the AIO and Sealant.
ProsBoth products require just a little nickel size drop for each section and go a long way.
By Bob W.
Wilmington, NC
Excellent product at a fair price
December 30, 2014
Item came on time. I used it on my new CAD, XTS which is black and was amazed at the result.
ProsFirst I washed the new car and then made sure it was completely dry. Next I used the All in One and was very pleased in not only the shine but also the ease of applying the product. The next day I applied the sealer and again was very pleased with the product. The secret is in using sparing amounts of both products. Kit is complete with applicators, towels and product. I did buy detailer and wet the applicator with the detailer and I am sure this contributed to the ease of application.
ConsDidn't find any problems.
By Scott D.
Lancaster, Pa
worth it, get it
December 25, 2014
I've used traditional waxes for a long time and got tired of them breaking down after 1-2 months. This stuff is awesome. My cars, cycles bead water for almost a full year. The 3n1 does good getting off road grim and even minor surface scratches but it your wanting to use it in place of "buffing" compound, I wouldn't recommend. The glaze is good but it is more difficult to get wiped off on dark color cars but it will keep the glossy look a long time. You won't be disappointed !!
Proseasy on/off last months and month on car small amounts needed
Consglaze requires more elbow grease.
By Bill
Great and easy shine
November 30, 2014
Used in conjunction with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz for waxing my fiberglass RV. Excellent results with amazingly little elbow grease. Its the easiest wax job I have ever done and it looks great.
ProsEasy to use, looks great.
By Billy
Bay Minette, AL.
exellent product
November 1, 2014
Easy on easy off.
Conslots of wiping
By Joe B.
Jacksonville, FL
Pretty good but I found something I like better...
September 24, 2014
The All-in-One is very good and I will continue to use it but the sealant glaze is a pain in the butt on my black Goldwing F6B. No matter how little I use, it still streaks and it's miserable to apply it so it won't. The F6B has no clear coat so that could be the issue. I bought a bottle of Collinite Insulator wax and I love it. Easy on, easy off and the shine is easily as good as anything else I've tried.
ProsAll-in-One great!
ConsSealant Glaze NOT!
By Wendy
Minneapolis, MN
Best polish ever!
September 5, 2014
Brilliant shine like no other polish I've seen! Lasts a long time.
ProsFollow directions exactly. I do two coats a year because of harsh weather conditions/changes throughout the year. For one vehicle (mid-size SUV) I've had the same two bottles for over three years.
ConsCan be very time-consuming, but very worth the time spent.
By Nick H.
Paducah, KY
Great Stuff/A+ Kit
July 31, 2014
I followed the instructions given by Klasse/Autogeek and the results were amazing. Product is definitely worth the investment. There is enough product in both bottles to last you a while. The included applicators/detailing cloths are no cheap/generic cloths, they are actually really good quality. Minor/Mid swirls/scratches come out and the shine is miraculous. Is it a miracle product..no but it does everything it says and produces a better than show room shine. I highly recommend this product and will never switch away from Klasse products/polishes/sealants...great stuff!
ProsWorks as advertised Great deep shine/wet paint look/durable shine High quality product throughout Plenty of product/should last a while for individual use Hand applicable Easy on / Easy off
ConsA little expensive (totally worth it!)
By Bob
Car is shiney
May 17, 2014
Getting product on took a while ,have brand new Accord,did every painted,chrome surface with 1 in all,3 days later used sealer. things don't slide off as others say,but water beads,car is protected.
By howard h.
old chatham, new york
klasse kit
April 16, 2014
just wonderful/ quick and easy to apply/ makes the finish just breathtaking/ takes out all minor imperfections/ all in one kit/ just the way to go for the weekend detailer/ howie.
Proseasy on/ easy off/ everything you need in kit for ease of application.
By Virginia
Buffalo, NY
great product
April 13, 2014
So far, I have only used the all in one polish. Excellent shine, easy to apply & take off. I'm an muddle aged woman & I was looking for something that didn't take a lot of elbow grease to apply & take off, this is the product. Can't wait to use the sealant.
By Chris
November 10, 2011
After applying Klasse All-In-One followed by two coats of the High Gloss Sealant Glaze to a silver '03 Chevy Impala, I could not believe the shine and slickness of the paint. This past weekend marked about two months since I applied the products and almost all of the dirt comes off with just a rinse! Also, a little bit of these products goes a long way, I have no doubt that the containers from the Klasse Kit that I ordered will be able to cover about 5 or 6 more cars. This stuff is awesome.
By tim
November 1, 2009
applied this for the first time today and what an unbelievable product. i haven't used a ton of different sealants or waxes but a few and i'm done trying,this is it!
By Mike
September 23, 2009
I couldn't be happier! Ive tried various waxes and polishes over the years and Klasse is the finest! I've had mine on for one year and it looks (and feels) like new. I guess the best way to tell you how good of s finish it is is to tell you that after a rain there are very few, if any, spots. I showed this to a friend and he couldn't believe it. He kept asking if what I said was true. Another example of how smooth the finish is happened last winter. I was in the garage when I heard a sloshing noise. I turned around and the 6 inches of snow on the hood just slid off. I have found the last polish I will ever use.
By Richard L.
Klasse High Gloss
May 24, 2009
When I traded in my car the Audi dealer could not believe his eyes! All I use is Klasse All-In-One topped off with Klasse High Gloss Sealant! The Audi dealership instantly gave me the highest trade in value for my car! I've tried others even more exotic but I'm sold!
By Sara
Super Product!
May 17, 2009
I highly recommend this kit to everyone. The 2 step process worked great - left the High Gloss Sealant on all day and had no problems with streaks or residue left behind. Just an awesome shine and dirt just glides off easily so it's easy to keep clean. Lasted well through a Michigan winter and we're heading out now for another 2 step application today.
By Marcus V.
Impressive stuff
February 3, 2009
My favorite polish and glaze. I first used the Klasse All in One and Sealent Glaze, along with a cut and buff to bring back the finish on a neglected '87 Audi 5K TQSW. I get comments all the time on how good it looks. I live in an area that experiences all 4 seasons and the winter dirt comes off with the pressure washer (my hose was frozen so I went to the car wash), even after leaving the dirt on for a couple of months. I will continue to use this product as long as it is around and I can find it. Using it is too easy. My previous experience is with Meguiars and Zymol.
By Jim
October 18, 2008
Easy to use, doesn't change color of paint, and leaves a great finist that lasts
By Tom K.
August 24, 2008
I am normally hesitant to get kits, they are usually assembled for profit, but this kit has everything and niothing more needed to use the products properly. The results were better than expected, and very easy to do 2 cars in half a day and finish the next day. Great protection and easy application if the directions are followed. Great started products or a great product to rely on at any time. A must have for any level detailer.
By Jason L.
August 18, 2008
Been eyeing this kit for a couple weeks before finally purchasing it. Products from Autozone were not cutting it, I would get a shine but not durability. I heard good stuff about Klasse from browsing through car forums. This kit is the best when combined with a clay bar application. I have a white car so it needs to be the whitest it can be. I worked my way panel by panel first with the clay bay, then with the all-in-one, followed by the sealant glaze. Most of my time was spent with the all-in-one. I used the orange foam applicator which is included in the kit to apply this. I used a small nickle sized amount and worked in into an area removing all (and I mean all) oxidation, minor scratches, and dirt. Would immediately (no waiting to haze, gotta love it) wipe it off with the included microfiber. This stuff is as good as cleaner wax but with the ability to protect for 6 months, no caranuba cleaner wax can own up to that (looking at you mother's cleaner wax). After the all-in-one applied a super thin layer of sealant glaze, let it set for at least half an hour, then wiped it off with a clean microfiber dampened with instant detailer. I applied 3 coats of the sealant glaze on the hood, roof, and trunk for added protection during the winter. I cannot say enough about the whole ordeal, I was calling my friends over showing them how smooth the paint was, and to know it will last this long for months. All I gotta do to get it back is wipe it off with some instant detailer. Couple tips: dampen the all-in-one applicator, sealant glaze applicator, and the sealant glaze towel with instant detailer, makes things a whole lot easier. One or two sprays is enough to dampen. Don't push the all-in-one farther than it can go, it will cover a decent sized area (say about a quarter of a normal sized hood) at a time. Once the applicator starts to drag let off and wipe it off with you towel of choice. To avoid ruining the all-in-one applicator in heavily soiled area (corners, underbody, in and around trim) use normal paper towels, just a dab of all-in-one and go to town, it will get everything out. Be SUPER sparing with the sealant glaze, I hardly used any and I put 2 to 3 coats over my car. If you put too much on and can't get the residue out, spray some instant detailer and wipe the residue off. Take the step up and buy this kit, you will not be disappointed.
By David D.
September 23, 2006
I bought the Klasse Kit after reading some online reviews. I love handwaxing versus using an orbital machine, but was finding it took too long to wait for wax to dry, then to buff and polish. With the Klasse all-in-one, it was so simple. Simple apply and rub off, and a little truly goes a long way. I was astounded by how revitalized the red paint on my 1996 Ford Explorer looked after using the All-in-One product. Then the Klasse Glaze Sealant was the proverbial icing on the cake. This is an outstanding kit that is truly easy to use for the beginner and enthusiast alike! Highly recommended. I polished and sealed 4 cars today!

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