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By Peggy
Westerville, Ohio
October 30, 2017
Absolutely Amazing!
If you are seeking a high-end sealant resembling a “High-End Wax†appearance and a real show car result, then look no further! Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze is your answer! Just stand back and be prepared to see and feel real professional results. Supper easy on and off. I applied by hand with Autogeek’s microfiber applicator pad and was just as easy to apply as well as remove after cured. The end results are an exceptionally slick, high gloss finish and appearance. I kid you not, Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze is THE BEST. You will not be disappointed.
ProsThis is without a doubt a 5 Star Product!!!
By ralph
Wind Gap,Pa
September 29, 2017
very easy to use
tried this on my wifes 2016 mazda mx5. it was 6 months old, through a penna. winter, clay bared first, then used Klasse sealant. followed the directions not to use too much. very easy to wipe on and wipe off. still looked good after 5 months. one weekend I was detailing and I decided to use a guick detailing wax, boy did that bring the shine back up. My wife even got comments while at work from her car sitting in the parking lot.
By Rich
Medford, MA
May 11, 2017
cloudiness on dark finishes
Have been detailing for over 40 yrs, owned a body shop for 10 yrs. restoring muscle cars and flipping cars. Haven't used an acrylic product for years (have used the old liquid glass in past) Saw the Klasse and remembered the old acrylic coatings and thought i would try it on my own truck a 2 yr old garage queen. First time I used Klasse started with AIO on an orbital then the glaze I made the mistake many did starting out on the first panel putting on to much. Yes I read the instructions, I experimented to using less and less as I went along. It did become easier to remove when I WOWO, but it seems like your removing to much product and not enough is left n the surface. Some say let it dry for 24 hrs. I experimented with drying times 1-4 hrs using the finger drag test to see if it had dried throughly and its was a bear to take off regardless. (kind of like the blue coral treatment of the 60-70's). Used detailing spray to help removal. Would hate to try and remove it after 24hrs. Bottom line this was a black truck that has been yearly clayed, polished, and waxed 3-4 times a year (Griots products and orbital). After using the Klasses there was a definite cloudiness, dullness it did diminish over time but not completely. I think its a by-product of acrylic as acrylic isn't truly a clear finish when reflecting the light. (go to a glass store or H.D. and compare a piece of glass to an acrylic piece .)To some they wouldn't notice it unless they saw a good canuaba wax on the paint. But people like ourselves would. I can see this not being as noticeable on a lighter color, but its there. No I'm not talking lack of depth, that was expected. I may sound like I'm knocking Klasses its just that time has passed it by.
Pros in its time its was the best for durability and lasting
ConsTo much time and effort. There are better and easier products to use out there especially the new ceramic coatings. Recently re-did the truck in pinnacle diamond coating, yes more expensive but, now the paint pops, clear, mirror finish and no cloudiness like the Klasse. Still no depth but thats what the top coat of canuaba's for.
By Michael T
Arcadia, CA
November 3, 2016
Amazing Sealer
I have used Klasse for over 20-years and have been amazed at the quality of finish my cars have. I alternate using Pinnacle Souveran Carnauba Paste Wax with the Klasse, which improves the depth of shine. I have not had any problems removing the Klasse, which some people mention. I suspect that they were no diligent in waxing their car.
By Georgia
November 2, 2016
The liquid went on so easy and really didn't take much to do my car. I came out beautiful.
ProsI so happy this shine is to last 8 months. I know I won't wait that long but it's good to know when you can't get out due to weather and put on a second coat. GET IT GOOD STUFF!
By Bo
Mobile, alabama
September 23, 2016
Klasse sealent
Very easy to put on my truck, takes very little product will probably last me 5-6 years but I like the way my truck is slick and the water runs right of So I will keep putting in even if not needed it is easier to apply than convential wax and a joy to work with
ProsEverything it says so far
ConsSuch immediate results I will probably user product even if not needed
By Peter Kypriotis
September 3, 2016
Klasse High Gloss Sealant.
Excellent Product to Seal your car and last one year. Make sure you wash car weekly. Wipe on car exactly how autogeek u tube on how to apply. Thank you.
ProsVery Good Product.
ConsNo cons
By Pittsburgher
Pittsburgh PA
August 22, 2016
Appears to protect well but is hard to see
I put it on a truck that sits outside year round. I'm new to the product
ProsThe rain still beads on the hood a year later.
ConsI found it to be hard to see. When you put it on sparingly it's hard to see any haze so you know if you have complete coverage.
By David
West Lafayette, IN
June 26, 2016
Great product
I've used Klasse sealant for several years. I alternate Klasse with P21S paste wax based on Autogeek recommendations and have been extremely pleased with the results. Further, I like the fact that Klasse is silicone-free and still produces a very high-gloss shine that lasts well. Living in snow country, I try to get two coats each of Klasse and P21S laid down between May and October. The last application is always Klasse and I still have good water beading in the Spring.
ProsHigh-gloss. Silicone-free. Easy to apply.
ConsTakes some effort to get it off; an electric polisher helps a lot.
By Leon
Twin Cities
June 15, 2016
Klasse sealiant
I found the product to work very well on my cars. The protection and shine really make the cars look like new.
By Joe
Franklin, NC
May 2, 2016
Klasse Products
Been doing a 3 step process for years. Start with the Klass AIO, followed by the Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze early in the mornings. Let the vehicle set for the glaze to cure on the vehicle until the next day. Next day for the 3rd step rinse and dry the vehicle off and use non cleaner carnauba wax which is a soft wax for a third added protection. Ordered it from Pinnacle Wax that sent all three and been very happy with the results ever since.
ProsSuper happy and easy to use following the instructions.
By Kevin
Rhode Island
April 19, 2016
Works as advertised
Good stuff!!! Basically wax on/wax off. Can't let it dry too long. Applied then waxed with P21Sfor a rich smooth shine.
Prosgreat shine
ConsNon really. Just can't let it dry too long. Apply very thin coat.
By Chuck
Columbus, Ohio
April 6, 2016
Great shine, hard to remove
Read and followed the directions, car looks great. But I aged ten (10) years getting it off. Applied it to a brand new car.
ProsBugs come off easy
ConsDifficult to remove
By Shiney
Auburn, CA
March 23, 2016
Excellent Results
I purchased a 2000 Chevy pick up from my neighbor for a song. The black paint finish had been badly neglected resulting in severe oxidation, rain drops that had etched into the paint, and strange little "scratch" marks all over the hood, perhaps from sand that blew up from coatings for icy roads. I had to resort to rubbing compounds, (Meguiar's 101 and 201), which helped a great deal. Then I decided to try Mother's cleaning/waxing system for black paint. It's quite a process, but it actually helped suppress the small scratch marks and give a good wax shine. That product has black pigment in it. Then I figured I better get an acrylic sealer over the paint and chose Klasse. Wow! it did make a difference -- a mirror-like finish. I'm sold on Klasse sealant. By the way, I used it on, I guess it's plastic on the front and back end, after a lot of cleaning effort, and the Klasse gave it a nice shiney appearance. To apply the Klasse, I used a circular blue microfiber applicator. I dampened the applicator slightly with Meguar's finishing touch mixed with half water in a spray bottle. Then I put a small amount of Klasse on each side of the applicator and folded the applicator in several directions. I made long swipes on an area of paint leaving a space in between the swipes. Then I went back and moved the Klasse evenly over the particular area, e.g., half the hood. I let it dry then wiped it off. Mostly, it came off pretty well, but if I had problems, I just sprayed some of the half mix of Meguiar's finishing touch to remove the Klasse residue. That seemed to work well for me. Like all the directions say, use only a small amount at a time.
By Richard See
Pennington Texas
February 24, 2016
Great glaze
Use small amounts, rub it in and buff it off. A great compliment product to Klasse AIO Polish.
By John
February 6, 2016
Great Shine
This product leaves a very nice wet look shine. They said it comes off easy which it didn't. I followed instructions to a T and it's hard to get it off.
ProsGreat wet look Shine.
ConsHard to remove.
By mk
Bear, DE
December 25, 2015
Easy and awesome!
Finally used this product on my new car and the result is breath taking. I have been using polymer based products for years but wanted to try this Acrylic sealant. I will never look back. Not sure why some people have a difficulty with buffing this product off. It was was easy as any polymer based products. As said repeatedly, do not apply a lot. You should barely see a light haze on the surface. I used the Sonus glaze spray on an application pad first and spreading the KSG thinly was dead easy. Another key for easy buffing is to let it dry. I let it sit for 30min but it was still a bit wet as it was humid here. After 60min, I ran a finger on the surface and confirmed it has dried. It came right off with light buffing with micro fiber towels. There are some very light streaks left on gloss black plastic trims so I used the Sonus glaze spray and the problem was solved. This product did not stain the edges of the black plastic trims at all although the plastic trims have some shallow texture on them. I did not use this product on the trims this time but I believe I can use the KGS on it effectively and if that is the case, I would use the Klasse cleaner and protectant on the interior surface and rubber parts. Very very impressed. Very versatile. Along with the AIO, I am sold. My Mini is Electric Blue and after using the Sonus glaze spray on it as a final touch, the car looks like a candy 'blue' apple!! I cannot wait to add more layers to my car.
ProsEasy to use, Economical, Effective
ConsNone so far
By beach2916
Riverview, fl.
December 15, 2015
Great shine
Other comments about too hard to remove. You're using to much. Not like other waxes because it's synthetic Contains no water. I did the same thing I us it in Fla., works great.
ProsLast at least 6mo.
ConsHard to remove if you use to much.
By Skip
Tulsa, OK. Go Cowboys!
November 24, 2015
Best in the West
Went to a car wash and the drive back, dried the car. Used the Porter buffer to put on a coat of polish, then 3 coats of sealant. I waited 8-12 hours between coats. Kept car in garage. Outside in the sun, you could see some swirls where the sealant remained. returned to car wash, swirls gone. The shine was fantastic. My 2012 is a clearcoat metallic silver and I could "read the newspaper off the shine". About 2 weeks later, "someone" spilled some glue or something that dried rough on the hood. Damp microcloth wiped off residue effortlessly. Amazing! Question- how can you put wax over the sealant, if it doesn't stick?
ProsGreat shine and durability. Polish works nicely on clean windows, too.
By Mike
Bowie, Maryland
October 18, 2015
Amazing finish
Applied product in less time and effort compared to normal wax (45 minutes on miid-size car). Result was an incredible smooth finish that lasted for more than 6 months during the spring and summer in the northeast U.S.
ProsEasy application Long lasting
By Sajjad Kassamali
June 19, 2015
Restored the shine and helped protect the paint against the elements
By Mike
Jacksonville, Fl
June 5, 2015
Super Shine
Use this on top of the Klasse clean and shine-and you get brilliant results. This product also goes on easy-you use very little product, and it wipes off easy.
ProsBrilliant finish
By Ron
Parlin, New Jersey
April 24, 2015
Part #2 of a 1-2 Punch!
After I apply Klasse All-in-One, I next apply Klasse Glaze. This 1-2 Punch is a simple process for me. What ever I apply Klasse Klasse All-in-One to, I then follow up with Klasse Glaze. The instructions say that you can apply the Glaze in multiple coats without noticing any yellowing. Well, I do and I have never seen any yellowing. I have even applied the Glaze to plastic headlight covers that I restored on my Wife's Solara and they are crystal clear. Adding extra coats of the Glaze (according to Klasse) actually increases the protection from UV and normal wear and will also improve the shine. Klasse, does however state that before applying another coat, wait at least 12 to 24 hours if possible and they seem to prefer waiting 24 hours for proper curing. The one area that you are going to have to be careful with, is the amount of Glaze that you put on your pad and the size of the area you apply it to. I apply a very, very thin coat of glaze to an area about half the size of my hood with straight back and forth overlapping strokes, let dry for about 30 to 40 minutes then remove. If and area refuses to buff clean, I mist a very light dusting of Detail spray on a plush cloth and wipe that area very lightly, one or two very light swipes is usually all it needs, they I buff by hand to a beautiful shine. The biggest question that everyone has is BUT how much do you use. I guess this question arises because of all the reports and reviews that state that Klasse is very hard to remove. I have never had a problem removing the Glaze. I usually put on two coats 24 hours apart. For the initial coat, I seem to use about 1 1/2oz. to 2oz. to do a car or SUV and for the second coat I seem to use less than 1 1/2oz.. I don't plan on using this much, its just how it seems to work out. I think that I tend to use less on the second coat because the surface is super slick from the first coat and the Glaze spreads on much easier. Remember, this is what works for me and may not work for you. You will have to experiment on you own car to find that happy medium. One last thing, I can honestly say that I get at least 6 months protection from the 1-2 Punch of Klasse. I can't say that I get more because I Clay, Klasse AIO and Klasse Glaze every 6 months, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.
ProsI think that I said it all in my review.
By Richard R Jacobs
Saint Louis Mo.
April 18, 2015
Good stuff
I have been using this Klasse AIO and the High gloss for the last six years and it does what nothing else does LAST! I use the AIO then the high gloss then Collinite wax and I'm done for the year Can't beat it try it you will love it...Jake in St Louis Mo.
Prosworks as says it does
By Brian
United States
April 2, 2015
Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze
Have used Klasse products for many years = Good stuff. Just applied to brand new Honda with White Pearl finish. Only problem is I wish they made it apply so it dries some some color other then white so I can see the "holidays" !
ProsVery protective Very High Gloss Durable
ConsHard to see coverage on a white car.
By Lynn
Arcadia. California
February 8, 2015
Does not hold contaminants like carnuba
I live in the desert in California and work beside a railroad track. I purchased a new truck and immediately waxed it with mirror glaze 26. It looked great, but when i washed it 3 days later it felt like it was holding in so much dirt it did not feel really smooth. I think the carnuba melts in the sun and just holds all the dust, sand and railroad dust. I have since started using Klasse and i do believe that while it does not Look as deep, it does not feel tacky or feel like it is holding onto dirt. It washes clean and feels smooth. When i have parked next to sprinklers, the dried water spots come off very easily. Note* Use a good orbiting buffer to apply and LOTS of detail spray and very little product. My truck is Arctic White and 2 years old and the paint and chrome still look brand new. Hit a spray wash every Tuesday and take 10 minutes to wipe dry, hand wash every Saturday. Claybar, polish ( optimum 2 and optimum finish ) then end with 2 coats of Klasse every 6 months. I am no great shakes at detailing, I just watched the videos and went out and did it. Clay bar takes a whole day, the next day polish and 1 coat of klasse and the next day a second coat. Use Meg 40 on the outside trim and Aerospace 303 matte finish on the interior. Good use of 3 day weekends.
ProsGreat shine, seems to repel most contaminants, easy on easy off. Lasts quit a while.
ConsAs other have pointed out it can be a bear to remove if not done quickly. I have found using a DA with lots of detail spay works best and then wash and dry after.
By Dave
Ft. Myers, Florida
January 28, 2015
Great stuff. Although thought container was larger. 17 oz. ain't much!
Klasse is a great product although initialy I thought I would be getting more product. I will say though you don't need much when applying to get a great shine. Also they make the opening small so you don't accidentaly poor to much, which works great.
By Bruce E.
Phoenix, Arizona
January 23, 2015
Love this stuff!
My last car was a white Corvette - tough to get a brilliant shine on a white car with carnuba-based wax. This product provided a an outstanding wet-look shine that lasted for months.
ProsBeautiful, brilliant shine that lasts; easy application
ConsA little more difficult to remove dried excess film - much easier with an orbital polisher.
By Allen Shaw
Bellingham, WA
November 29, 2014
Use for my road racing bikes
I use this product on my road bikes. Makes the paint colors look like glass. Faster bike equals faster speeds down the road.
ConsTo cold outside to use on the cars this time of year.
By Kenn
Phoenix, AZ
November 20, 2014
KLASSE Sealant
Terrible product. Followed directions to the "T"...extremely difficult to remove. Not worth the effort.
By Paul
Cincinnati, Ohio
November 11, 2014
I think I like it
Decided to wax my 4 day old Mazda with it. I applied it to the entire roof with my Porter cable and had a hell of a time removing it. I soon found that you need to put it on a small area and immediately buff it off. If you follow the instructions and let it dry to a haze, you are toast! The good news is that it take an incredibly small ammount to do a car, I doesn't leave all that white dust when you buff it off, and it doesn't turn white if you get some on that black plastic trim. It's actually quite ecconomical as a pint will do countless wax jobs. Cleaning the applicator pad is a snap as the is virtually no residue left on it.
ProsGoes a long way, easy to apply, no white dust, and doesn't stain black trim.
ConsHell to buff off if you use too much and let it dry too long.
By Terry
Killdeer ND
November 3, 2014
Works Great
Little hard to get it off need to apply a little pressure when getting it off
By Fred
October 30, 2014
Klasse Glaze
1st time user. The shine was great, but it took a lot of rubbing to remove it.
By Kelly Hatcher
Saratoga Springs, utah
October 29, 2014
german excellence
great product goes on so easily and is easily buffed to beautiful shine.
By Tony
October 29, 2014
Nice shine Easy to work with
By John
Casper, Wyoming
October 29, 2014
Good Stuff
Easy on and the truck looks great. We haven't had any inclement weather to test it yet.
ProsEasy on
ConsI checked the truck more than once to make sure it was all removed and sure enough a week later I could see streaks where I didn't get it all off. Not really a Con, but you have to be diligent to get it all off because it is smooth.
October 28, 2014
klasse sealant
Great stuff.It is true a little goes a looong way.I have a Tacoma, was doing tailgate and set container on truck bed.Two BB sized drops jumped onto bedliner.I immediately wiped them up.The next day I had a one foot square shined and protected with Klasse.Not sure if it's good for the bed but it looks great.I will check with Autogeeks.2 coats are better than one.Hard to tell if coverage was complete with one coat.Color is deeper and sharper.
By Teds
October 9, 2014
Klasse High Gloss Sealant
Product created a slick and high gloss coating.
By phillip A. purpura
Torrance California
October 9, 2014
It works on other types of polish
I use on Meguire's to get a super high gloss finish.
ProsIt seems to work on other types of polish.
ConsIt's hard to remove once it dries; it must be removed within a minute after application. It works on other types of polish as well.
By Doug
Tiffin, OH
October 4, 2014
Decided to try and like it
Used this after using All In One. Easy on. Wait 30 minutes. Easy off. Difficult areas to remove are made easy by damping your micro cloth and wipe away. A little Gloss goes a long way.
ProsEasy to use. Great deep shine.
By wayne
October 1, 2014
Klasse sealant
Does what it is advertised to do. Leaves a real protective coat but be sure to use as directed and apply a very thin coat or it can leave kind of a film
Prosprice and protection
By John Laskos
Erie, Pa
September 20, 2014
nothing but the best
easy on.......easy off if you dont use too much. I find misting with a solution of water and klasse aids in removing the final coat. I let miine stay on for 30 minutes. I was blown away. It even fiulls in minor swirl marks. water beads nicely. I can tsay enough about this stuff....and they are right. A little goes a looooong way.
Prosdurable, easy on. excellent shine. long lasting.
Conshard to remove if you use too much, but a spritz solution fixes that.
By jimi
Erie, PA
August 11, 2014
Klasse High Gloss
I love it ,very easy to use and what a gloss shine. Well worth the time to use this! You can't get any better.
ProsEasy to use, Great shine.
By Frank
July 29, 2014
Klasse sealant
Did the Clay bar process on a brand new car, amazing how much junk was on the paint. Then I put the Klasse Gloss Sealant on the car, two coats. The paint just came to life, great product. The results were worth the time and effort.
ProsGoes on very easy. Little goes a long way.
ConsIf you put it on to heavy it's a chore to remove.
July 17, 2014
Pioneering product
Carnauba wax provides the best shine, but its durability is questionable. Car makers have tried to address this for many years; one of the earliest products to do so is the Klasse line, now about thirty years old. The all-in-one (red bottle) is a polishing wax: over the years it has gotten milder and milder abrasives, but otherwise stayed the same. The sealant (silver bottle) was always pure acrylic sealant, and its trump card was that nothing, not a thing, came close for durability. But time is catching up with Klasse. It is still the most durable; and if claims that you can go a year between applications are a little optimistic, it will certainly last six months, easily. But the polymer sealants are catching up: they have better shine (close to carnauba), better slickness (a weak point for Klasse), and their durability is nearly as good--although not quite. They are also, in general, easier to apply, or at least more difficult to apply badly. But the polymers haven't yet eclipsed Klasse, which is why it belongs in your garage. I use Klasse all-in-one (red bottle) once a year in the fall; I use sealant (silver bottle) more often, every three or four months. I have used Finish Care high temperature wax as a topper in the summer. The polymer sealants may yet catch up; right now, Klasse still has the edge for people who don't want to wax their cars once every month or two.
ProsGood shine Very economical Excellent durability
ConsEasy to misapply: use sparingly Lacks the depth of gloss of natural waxes (as is the case with all synthetic products)
By Igor
June 18, 2014
Works as advertised.
I didn't want to pay an exorbitant charge when offered sealant on my new 2014 CR-V. I bought this product and applied it myself for just the cost of the product and a little time. It's easy to apply and wipe off and buffs up nicely. My car is garaged and that helps protect the paint as well. I've also applied it to a 3 year old Accord and it looks great. I would drink this stuff if I needed a protective coat for my innards.
By buddy
new port richey fl.
June 7, 2014
AT first I wasn't sure and it said you could put tow or three coats I did the second and saw a little better shine and then after a week it really started to shine good product
Prosit seems that after a week or so it looks better than when first applyed
Consstill doesn't have that real wet shine look
By Glen
Houston, Tx
May 19, 2014
This sealant lasts better than any I've tried and the gloss is great. However it needs a coat of wax to leave the surface slick as it should be.
ProsDurable and glossy
ConsNot as slick as it could be and leaves streaks unless you come behind it with a spray wax
By David Stojak
Prattville, AL
May 5, 2014
awesome product
Put AIO klasse on my wife's 2014 4runner top with Klasse glaze sealant. Left on for 12 hours and wiped off. What a shine. Its is easier to wipe of After 12 hours.
ProsAwesome shine. Does repel a lot. Dirt pollen road grime.
ConsNone so far
Brook Park, Ohio
April 27, 2014
The Best of the Best
Living up north in tough winter weather there's no better product than Klasse to protect your paint. I've tried them all and this stuff lasts the longest. I use the All in One followed by several coats of Klasse right after winter and a few coats right before winter and my car looks fantastic and protected all year long.
ProsLongest lasting product I have found with an exceptional shine.

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