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By Stephan
Apache Junction, Arizona
January 16, 2020
Great Value
Smells better than it's predecessor and gets the job done.
By John
Fayetteville, NC
December 26, 2019
Purple Power!!!
Carpro Iron remover is one of the top iron removers on the market. Works very well. Use it to decontaminate before clay or a wheel cleaner. Turns purple to let you know its working. Highly recommend.
ProsWorks very well, great price.
By Jeff
Inman, SC
December 19, 2019
Great Product
I have used the CarPro brand of Iron X multiple times and every time it delivers results.
ProsConsistent Product, Great Results
By JC M.
November 26, 2019
Probably the best for fall out removal
I have used other brands before actually trying this stuff. The performance is way better than Chemical Guys Decon or Shine Detail Fall Out spray. It seems to be stronger vs other brands i have used, less product goes a long way. It's a bit expensive vs the competition but i will use this product on specific applications like car paints that are heavily contaminated.
Prosvery effective in removing iron gets rid of the red rings found in white paint due to iron sticking and contaminating the surface a little product goes a long way great for car paint with heavy contamination
Consjust like the others the smell is very bad use out doors pricy compared to other similar products but it's stronger.
By Scott
Westminster, MD
November 16, 2019
Awesome !!!
There's a reason why this has been the industry standard for iron removal in paint. It just plane works.
By Ryan
Tea,, SD
September 6, 2019
Great Product
Does an excellent job getting of break dust, rail dust and any other embedded ferrous material. A great pre-clean prior to washing and clay barring.
By Sean
Hagerstown, MD
August 24, 2019
works great, but smells horrible!
Just like any other iron remover, it smells bad. Even if you get the scented versions. But it works and does the job.
July 8, 2019
looks ok
Only tried it on my wife's 2009 Camry hood and it worked ok. Going to try it on my 2017 RX 350 that has ceramic coating. I will update soon.
ConsSmells pretty bad. Must use in open air area.
By MAX A Friedenberger
woodbury Pa
June 15, 2018
Excellent product
This helps remove some of the contaminant but you still need to clay the vehicle. Great product this was the first time I have tried this product. I had no problem with it. Very easy to use!!! Will use this in the future on my customer cars aslo.
ProsSeeing how much contaminants is on your car by watching it turn purple. You have to let it on for a few minutes then rinse off.
ConsBad smell
By Scott
Bensenville, IL
June 4, 2018
Great rust remover
This product is easy to use and works very well. It has done a great job removing small rust particles all along the sides of my car from road debris and brake rotors. I would definitely recommend this product. Wherever the rust is, when you spray it on it begins to turn a dark purple color. After a few minutes, I spray it off with water and it is gone. Heavy rust build up takes a few times to remove the "layers" of rust.
ProsVery easy to use. Appears to be a much safer product than some of the other rust removing products out there.
By David
Erie, pa
January 3, 2018
See the hidden junk all over you car
I used this a little unconventionally. I started with a clean dry white car. Applied the Iron X, let it dwell for 3 minutes and started claying. Keep in mind the vehicle is immaculate, I would not try this on a neglected car. The clay and the IronX removed the iron contamination pretty fast. If I was to just spray on, Agitate and rinse you would have to apply this several times. This definitely did not remove everything in one application. Also just one little spec the size of the tip of a needle produced quite a lot of purple. So some of the videos I watched were misleading.
ProsDefinitely works
ConsCan√Ę‚‚¨‚"Ęt just spray on and wipe off once.
By Norma
January 3, 2018
Best product ever
I have a white car and get those orange spots all over it from the highway. This stuff melts them off like butter, best stuff ever.
ProsWorks great stuff just seems to melt off.
ConsNothing really except you have to re-wax your car which i would normally do anyway
29 Palms,Ca
December 29, 2017
Works as advertised
Works well
By U.P. Detailing
U.P. Michigan
July 31, 2017
Does exactly what it's supposed to!
Great stuff. Erases rail dust with ease. Just work it into your wash routine and you'll never need to clay-bar rail dust again! Smells great...I dunno what all these other people are talking about! ;) A bit pricey, but honestly it's worth it for the ease of use and time saved. Out of curiosity, I tried diluting it 50/50 with water and it still tore through rail dust with ease. I will continue doing so, as it saves me money and still gets great results...two important things when you're detailing professionally!
ProsFast Easy
By G Brennan
Central Iowa
July 31, 2016
First time using Iron.X
Great stuff, appeared to do a thorough job of attacking fallout. The product has a terrible odor, but that aside, its worth it. When using a sponge to help it work (after 3 to 5 minutes), it seemed to have a great deal of wash product that helped to clean the car finish. I'm transferring the remainder of the product to a separate spray bottle and slightly diluted it. Would recommend.
ProsWorks quickly, able to see it in action
ConsSeems to dry on the surface quickly even though car was in shade
By jim
Algoma Mills On.
June 24, 2016
Pretty Good
Works Great on the paint but a little more elbo grease needed for chrome but all and all I am pretty satified
ProsWorks Great on the paint but a little more elbo grease needed for chrome
By Edwin
New York city
April 10, 2015
Extremely good product
Just as described autogeek it's always on point with what ever they sell. I'm extremely happy with the product I just bought. car pro iron x remover.
By dennis allen
berea, ky
March 27, 2015
awesome product
item is absolute great ,does as described .i will use in the futere..
By Ali
Perth, Australia
March 22, 2015
Great Product
IronX needs no introduction....... the best product on market today to clean wheels. Dissolves brake dust, road grime, tar, etc in a few seconds after application and thats it, rinse off & good to go.
By David
Cincinnati, OH
March 19, 2015
Very happy with it, works as it should
ProsGreat way to clean wheels and rust spots off paint without worrying about paint damage.
By Mike
Oceanside, Ca
October 28, 2014
Outstanding Product
The product worked as expected. I will recommend it and Autogeek.com as a place to purchase it to anyone!
By Mike
Gastonia, NC
October 20, 2014
IronX saved my reputation
Great product: does exactly what is advertised! I recently bought a new 2014 Honda Accord at dusk (BAD idea... buy it in daylight to inspect paint!!), and found rail dust a few days later. The service manager (who used to detail cars) looked at me like I was crazy when I told him about the rail dust issues. In the end, I had the dealership pay to send it to a great local detailer to have it decontaminated. HOWEVER, somewhere in the process, my instructions were not followed, and the detail shop skipped the decon. and went with a clay bar first, then a cleaner/sealant. My car was left with hundreds of extremely fine, yet very deep scratches, likely from the iron being dragged all over the paint surface during claying. Being a former detailer myself, it was a nightmare. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and embarked on a decontamination (using IronX for the first time) to coating detailing process. After washing, I applied IronX to the trunk area... and almost exactly 5 minutes later, was rewarded with the characteristic purple bleeding of the product reacting to iron. After a few more panels, I figured out that the LSP was not fully stripped. After successful stripping, I reapplied IronX, and found even more reactions taking place. Many pictures were taken, and I now had the evidence I needed to prove that the car had in fact, been heavily contaminated with ferrous slag before I bought the car. Left behind many pits as well, as evidence of the rail dust melting into the clear and color coats, and of the product doing its job well! So, it just shows to go that one should probably decontaminate before claying. On top of that, clay barring does NOT remove iron contamination "safely" and effectively 100% of the time. It removes some, but can drag these across the surface, resulting in scratches. However, deeply embedded ferrous particles like rail dust slag, will likely either be left behind, or partially removed. Can't wait to show that service manager the incrimination!
Pros+Incredible product! +It works +A fraction of the price of other decon systems (such as valugard) +Safer for paint than acidic/basic decon systems +Hasn't damaged any automotive surfaces in my experiences (used as directed) +"Cherry" scent is something that I can live with
Cons-Need to have 100% of any LSPs stripped before application to be completely effective, which can sometimes require polish/paint cleaners. DO NOT SIMPLY USE DAWN dish soap... it doesn't effectively strip tough sealants in my experience, and IMO doesn't provide a safe amount of lubricity. Wasted 5oz. learning this lesson! Still works on large ferrous particles (such as rail dust) with LSP in place, but you will likely have more contamination left behind. Would love to see CarPro invent a formula that strips LSPs as well, in one step. -Smell is still bad (although much improved over "squash flowers"). The Cherry scent smells a bit like burning hair, but I can live with it. Use outdoors and wear PPE (gloves and eye protection a minimum).
By Bob
north florida
May 21, 2014
Works great,stinks like monkey butt.
Iron x took all of the iron water stains off my 2012 explorer with ease. This stuff works well.
Prosworks fast with no effort.
ConsWell it does stink
By NewNickel
February 21, 2013
Beware of Gravity
If this bottle hits the floor in your house, it will leave your house smelling like someone gave your entire living room a perm. Change to softer bottles if you're accident prone.
By Alex
December 12, 2012
This product has worked really well for all my last detail jobs. I apply it after the clay step.This works. Too bad it's a bit pricey, hopefully they can have some sales on it so we can buy more . Thanks AG
By Joey
June 18, 2012
Worked Great
I had several years of break dust & dirt on my wheels. This did a really awesome job getting the majority of it off. I followed with a coat of meguires aluminum polish (my wheels are polished aluminum) and they look nearly brand new.
By Eric Terry
September 11, 2011
Works Amazing!
After all the talk and accolades of Iron X I figured I would give it a shot. It does exactly as advertised. It will do a great job on wheel, works similar but faster than Sonax FE. On my wifes pearl white Nissan it pulled contaminates out of the paint that I thought were gone based on claying it previously. Left the paint smooth and clear. Looking forward to trying more CarPro products!
By Andy
March 24, 2011
Truly an amazing product, glad AG finally offers it!

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