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By Joshua
Easiest coating to apply
June 9, 2021
As long as you prep the surface correctly, and are working within the temperature and humidity specs, you will N-E-V-E-R run into a problem installing this coating.
ProsGloss Hydrophobic properties Ease of use
By Vasilios
Recommended by my detailer
April 9, 2021
My detailer recommended this product to me for some daily drivers. Great product and very easy to use. One panel at a time and you cant miss. Half panel for trunk, hood, and roof I would say. Go slow and enjoy the results
By David
holly springs, nc
I applied this 5 years ago and it still shines and beads
March 30, 2021
Applied on a new to me then 2016 corvette convertible easy to apply. The car is lightly used but does see rain occasionally garaged of course. I maintain it with gtech foam and do pressure wash it. The shine and beading is starting to fade a bit after 5 years. I am going to reapply soon and it will give a chance to better prep the very hard finish of the vette which i did not do originaly
ProsEasy to apply long lasting finish
ConsHave to be meticulous about the paint prep
By george
Palm Beach
Love it
December 14, 2020
Easy to use and great results, love this product
By Clay
Atlanta, GA
My new favorite coating!
December 12, 2020
I’ve used Opticoat, McKees 37, and CQUK3.0 in the past and CQUK was my running favorite. No longer. GTechniq’s CSL has a longer flash time and is more forgiving. My issue with the other coatings is there’s such a tricky window to work with. You don’t want to wipe prematurely and take most of the product with it, but you don’t want to leave high spots either. CSL and the EXO top coat both behave differently than the other coatings I’ve tried. They have a much more distinct look when they’re flashing.
By corey
November 12, 2020
2020 subaru impreza Applied Crystal serum light with gyeon foam block and suede applicator. IMO, the supplied applicator looks like it will waste a lot of product. Used my own gloves. Applied to all painted surfaces. Wipe off was very easy and the gloss and slickness was seen and felt almost immediately. I Did miss wiping a small spot on fender and noticed when I did a walk around with light. I had to do a light polish to remove and I reapplied. The EXOv4 was just as easy to apply but I also applied to the mirror plastic trim, cowl trim below the wipers and front grill. The paint is very glossy now. I used a half bottle of CSL and about 3/4 bottle of EXO. that was 1 coat of CSL and 2 coats of EXO. So far I believe the hype.
ProsEasy to apply and wipe off. Adds high gloss and slickness to paint
ConsApplicator is bulky and plush. Recommend suede applicator when making purchase.
By Alex
Amazing coating
October 19, 2020
Very easy to work with, glossy, shiny
By James
Denver, NC
Great kit
September 3, 2020
Works well and is easy to do.
By Drew
August 13, 2020
Purchased CSL + EXO because of the stellar reviews I read and watching videos online. Relatively easy to apply- just make sure you have proper lighting to avoid high spots. CSL is good on it's own, but missing that extra hydrophobic property. That's where the EXO comes in. Although it took more work on my end to apply two products it was worth it. EXO compliments CSL by improving the hydrophobic properties. Water beads like crazy on my paint now. Time will tell on its longevity, but so far I'm very happy with it.
ProsCSL + EXO = insane beading
By Von
Centerville, OH
Great coating
August 8, 2020
I applied this to my BMW M340i shortly after taking delivery of the car. I have read some horror stories about applying ceramic coatings, but ran into no issues while applying this coating. I think the key here is to put the time and effort into the prep. Before applying the coating, I washed, chemically decontaminated, clayed, polished, and used CarPro Eraser. After all of that, one coat of CSL and two coats of Exo V4 went on effortlessly with no high spots or flaws to be seen. Overall I am extremely impressed with the level of gloss and slickness this product added to my paint. I have not had a chance to test the hydrophobicity of the product, but I have no doubts it will work well. If you are looking for a DIY coating, this it the one to get.
ProsGreat gloss Leaves paint very slick Relatively easy to apply (accounting for the amount of work involved with this installation)
ConsApplicators included with this kit aren't the greatest (I used CarPro block applicators with suede cloth and found them to be much better)
By Scott
Fishers, IN
Very nice coating
July 3, 2020
This was my first time using this coating. It was very easy to apply. I was able to put on all 3 coats in a single day and that was a huge plus. It was a long day though. You definitely need to be extra careful leveling and buffing it off, but take your time and you will be fine. I was not a fan of the gloves or the applicator. When I applied the EXO, I used a block and suede instead and it went much better. I used about 1/2 bottle of CSL on the Civic and should have enough left to do my son's TSX. I will only be able to apply only one coat of EXO, but that should be plenty.
ProsGreat combination Can do 3 coats in a single day Maybe be able to do 2 cars
ConsRather have a block and suedes over the applicator oand gloves.
By Shawn
June 18, 2020
I prepped the car with iron remover, synthetic clay, correcting polish, perfectly polish, and panel prep before applying CSL and EXO. Crystal Serum Light went on very easy and I only used about a third of the bottle on my s2000. I used microfiber suede and the carpro block to apply the CSL. This technique made it easier to control the amount applied as well as evenly spread the coating over all surfaces. After just the CSL the paint was very smooth and shiny. I followed the same process to apply two coats of EXO. The paint didn't look much different after this but it's more about protecting the CSL in my mind. The last step for me was to top the cured EXO with bead maker. I see this as a pretty cheap and easy way to add additional protection, shine, and slickness to the finish. Happy detailing!
ProsEasy application Tremendous shine Very smooth to the touch
ConsGloves in the kit are too small and rip easily (hard to find a negative honestly)
By Brittany
Midland, TX
Easy to use
June 10, 2020
I love CSL because it's user friendly and the slickness is awesome. It makes washing the vehicle easier and adds some extra gloss.
By Nicholas
OFallon, IL
Love it
December 28, 2019
3 years and still going strong. Great kit! Only problem I has was around the rear license plate I did not wipe off all the product and when I noticed the next day it was a semi permanent hazy spot. I could have polished it off with some 205, but didn't really care. It's slowly faded to barely noticeable
ProsVery long lasting
ConsApplying it is a hassle but it's easier than waxing every month or two to get equivalent results
By Gonzo D.
Downers Grove, IL
So Easy
August 18, 2019
This coating combo is the winning combo you will not be disappointed with. You will enjoy washing your vehicle and enjoy watching the beads
ProsEase, look crazy beading
By Bob
Great shine hard to work with
April 27, 2019
CSL went on easy and left car looking great. EXO on top of it leaves a brilliant shine. Only gripe is that EXO aid not forgiving. There were a couple of spots on the paint I didn't get it complete leveled off and 30minutes later when I noticed them it was too late. Now I'm compounding through both the EXO and CSL to get them out and having to reapply.
By Dan B.
Hobe Sound, FL
Best user friendly coating on the market!
December 18, 2017
We run a detailing business and this is hands down the best coating we have come across. It's easy to use and the protection is unbelievable. Super hydrophobic!!!
The Durability isn't Hype
March 6, 2017
in the last year I've applied the kit to 5 cars. I wrote a review on the EXO after 4 months and it's amazing attributes but at this cost were looking for longevity too. It has been a year on a few of the vehicles I've done that are daily drivers and have seen salt, sun esposure and daily wear and tear. All of them still are easy to wash, bead water and shine pretty much like when they were first done. In fairness these cars DON'T see car washes and are washed with a Foam master and a Boar's hair brush and Metro Vac Master Blaster air dried so care is given to prevent swirls but anything I used in the past never lasted through an Ohio winter. I can see this coating easily lasting at least another year maybe longer.
Pros1. Durability -Ohio winters and road salt, sun hasn't effected it. 2.Shine -I did a two step correction, alcohol wipe down and the coating was the frosting on the cake. 3.Cars stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean. 4. Protection- some of the cars were dark colors and I don't see any swirls.
ConsInitial price BUT the bang for the buck is there. It does take effort to polish the paint, wipe it down with alcohol /water mix then apply 3 coats of coating but the durability, ease of maintenance, shine and protection you get for years make it a no brainer.

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