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By wolf
Easy to use and shines!
September 18, 2021
I used this as an LSP for an annual ceramic coating maintenance wash. I used 3 microfibres, 1 to apply, 1 to remove and the last for a final buff. Not Beadmaker slick but pretty dang good. In my opinion it’s a great product, especially if the the durability claims are correct.
By Paul
Maple Grove, MN
Impressive stuff!
August 14, 2021
This stuff is the real deal. Easy on and easy off. Just gotta love the shine. I only have one coat so far but will add a couple more. I understand that thin is the way to go…….may as well buy the 1 liter and save the money. Once you use it you will be happy you did……
ProsEasy application and removal. Fantastic shine.
By Wesley
Corpus Christi , Texas
Great results and long lasting
March 27, 2021
This product works really great. I have tried thousands of dollar worth of products and Iā€™m sticking with Gtechniq.
By David B.
The Best Topper
March 23, 2021
I recently had my new car ceramic coated and my brother (who is also a huge fan of autogeek) told me that I must use this spray after every wash. I have and all I can say is wow. This will keep your coating "fresh" and will certainly add shine and slickness to your paint.
Prosamazing shine and ease of use
One of top for topper
January 9, 2021
Can use topper for any sealant !
By Donta
Houston, TX
Just plain good stuff!
December 30, 2020
Can be used as topper or stand alone. Wipes off with little to no effort
ProsEase of application, lasts months, Super slickness, Doesn't streak, very user friendly
ConsGeneric smell, no fragrance. Not a bad thing honestly but compared to Reload, C2V3 just smells like a chemical.
By Jonathan
Easy to apply + good shine!
December 16, 2020
Applied 2 coats of this to my already ceramic coated vehicle to help maintain the coating. It was super easy to apply with zero issues with streaking. Added a great shine to my Jeep. Only issue I'm having is after a recent rain I have lots of tiny water spots everywhere (I wasn't able to dry the rain... it air dried). I'm sure they will wash out, but I don't remember having this many water spots after rain.
Best Spray Sealant
December 5, 2020
I think many dont know what this can do but it is a top class spray Sealant I think everyone should try this
By Tyler
Huntington, NY
Great Product
November 26, 2020
Easy to use, great gloss, durable.
Proseasy to use
ConsCan't do too big of sections at a time
By Frank
Brooklyn, NY
Best spray sealant
November 22, 2020
I've tried a few spray sealants, and to me this is simply the best. GTechniq makes great products and this it top notch. spray on. wipes off easily... great shine and a few months of durability
Prosease of use and shine
By Drew
Revives CSL + EXO
October 27, 2020
I've been using beadmaker to top my coating, but found out gtechniq makes a dedicated topper for their coatings. Applied C2V3 onto CSL + EXO and damn it adds further slickness and gloss. Definitely a must have for those with a coating.
By Min S.
New Castle, DE
I only use this product
September 17, 2020
It has tremendous gloss and good holding power. The workability is also very convenient.
ProsPersistence, gloss, etc.
By Brandon
Otley, IA
Best Spray Ceramic
July 8, 2020
I've tried a lot of the spray "ceramic" coatings out there and this one hands down has been the best for me. It sprays on and wipes off like a quick detailer but lasts for months. It acts like a ceramic coating when used as a stand alone and water shoots right off with a leaf blower.
ProsEase of use. Acts like a true ceramic for several months.
By George
East meadow, NY
Good product
May 28, 2020
Product easy to apply and leaves nice gloss. Great booster for existing ceramic costing on car
ProsEasy application
By Timothy
The best spray sealant available
March 20, 2020
C2V3 is an astounding spray on wipe off sealant. Through testing in my shop, I've seen anywhere from 4-8 months of lifespan (outstanding for a spray sealant) depending on climate and maintenance. I spray into the towel, apply to the panel, and wipe clean with a second towel to insure the product is leveled and evenly applied. It doesn't get much easier than that. Gloss levels almost as good as Beadmaker, with significantly greater chemical resistance. Would definitely recommend it to anyone needing a good spray sealant that lasts more than a month.
ProsGloss, durability, ease of application, user friendliness, not a bad odor, lifespan
ConsPrice, not sunlight friendly in my experience
By Vasilios
babylon, NY
December 28, 2019
good product to top off your current protection easy to use great shine
By Clement
Farmington, CT
Awesome shine an smooth as glass
November 4, 2019
Used on my 2011 , 110.000 mile Chev.pichup looks better than new. SHINES N SMOOTH. Easy to use spray an wipe also sprayed a little on the micro fiber applicator pad I used. Wipe on buff off what could be easier
ProsQuick an easy on an buff off
ConsJust use out of direct sun.
By michael
flatrock , mi
August 9, 2019
Love this stuff goes on easy and off easy love it shine it's awesome I wiped it on and it seemed the more it cured the more shine looked like liquid wet paint very good slickness
ProsVery easy to apply and wipe off very good shoe gets better after a few hours of cure time
By Fred
Good product
February 10, 2019
Used on my neighbor car and look at that shine. Good product
By Matt
Great stuff
December 10, 2018
This is great stuff.
By Preston
Outstanding gloss
November 15, 2018
I used this product to enhance the Ceramic ULTRA coating applied to my 2018 Stinger. It is literally a outstanding product that adds protection and the best gloss & shine I have ever gotten for my cars detailing. Absolutely the BEST.
ProsGreat Shine that lasts and protects better.
By Tepcro
White mountains AZ
I ever used F-11 ... don't need to!!!
November 15, 2018
I ever used F-11 ...and I don't need to!!! After seeing all the side by side comparisons. I feel that c2v3 is the superior product ! I washed my bike and now it shines like new with only a light wipedown My finish is so smooth that the bugs don't even stick like they used to I'm sold !!!
ProsCosts less than F-11 Everyone notices the glossy finish
ConsNone that I know of! Just be sure to wash your bike really good before you use it!
By Gary
Great product if you want “slick” paint
September 6, 2018
I have tried numerous after wash products looking for durability and “slickness”. This IS the product. Your microfiber towel will slide off your car when you are down. This will last several washes later.
By Joe
September 3, 2018
I absolutely love this product it goes on and off very easy and provides a slick super deep gloss that protects your paint for months it beads up extremely well and does help prevent dirt and dust.buildup etc. no product I use on my car is cheap I love the Wolfgang products also nothing good comes cheap u get what u pay for! Great Product!
By Jason C.
Homestead fla.
So far so good
June 15, 2018
On my second bottle. Great product.
By Steve
South Bend, Indiana
Great Sealant !
April 2, 2018
This product works really well as a first step after polishing because it goes on very easily and can be wiped off almost immediately. I apply it by spraying and wiping on to ensure coverage and then switch microfiber cloths to start removing once I've got the first coat on. 2 coats will leave a great shine that beads up well and lasts for several months. For most people, this would be plenty, and it lasts for several months with great shine and paint protection. I'm a fanatic, so my next coat is a liquid carnauba from Jescar ( Color Lock Carnauba Wax ) that really adds depth to the shine. For complete overkill, I also add Mothers 10116 Reflections Top Coat applied with a buffer and red polishing pad. This combination produces a shine that measured between 95 and 100 on a Gloss Meter. For reference, a mirror returns a value of 90... :)
ProsGoes on easily and removes just as easily Leaves a great shine with great surface tension ( water beading ) Lasts for months
ConsIsn't cheap, but quality products almost never are. As in many things, you get what you pay for.
By Roger
Brook Park, Ohio
It Works!!!
November 27, 2017
Another great Gtechniq product. I use it as a sacrificial lamb on top of the coatings on my vehicles as well as patio furniture, awnings, shower walls and doors ....... Easy on Easy off. Last a few months. Hydrophobic qualities are excellent.
ProsEasy Easy off Lasts a few months Hydrophobic qualities are excellent Nice Shine Helps repel dirt Inexpensive to use so great bang for the buck
ConsParting with your dough but it's a good product
By Evan
Spectacular Beading and Shine
October 3, 2017
Very easy application, have two towels handy. Spray directly on a towel, then wipe wet, and dry with another towel. Easy as could be and not difficult at all.
ProsEasy application, unreal beading and shine.
By Andrew V.
Ohh this one!!
October 8, 2016
A little difficult to use. Not so easy instructions. Results varie depending on surface. Still worth every pennie.
ProsExcellent protection, water beading, shine, longevity. A great product at a reasonable price.
By Tim
September 10, 2016
The best shine and protection I have found for my black Avalanche! We use it also in our Auto Detailing Shop. Have seen protection up to 8 months in harsh Maine weather! Great product for the money
ProsFast application Great shine and protection Better protection than just waxing longevity Dries fast with no heavy follow up buffing!
By Mike P.
Raleigh, NC
I thought I had used the best, but this product is So the Best out of all the others
July 13, 2016
Look I have used almost all the leading waxes, seals and high gloss protection. This product when applied has the best result ever. I can after buffed take a cotton cloth and lay it on my car with this product and it just slides off. I have great respect for this product.... It can't get better than this. My method was much faster to apply than the Gtechniq's. I used a microfiber pad to apply evenly. Then I used my Torx buffer with a soft foam pad and let it evenly spread the product (maybe 15 sec). I used small 2-3 sq ft at a time. It doesn't come off easy, you have to use some elbow to make sure you get all the haze off, then I buffed it with a deep pile microfiber buffing pad and the results are immaculate. I got a lot of looks at our weekly Porsche breakfast meeting and questions how I got this result.
Prossee above review and comment.
ConsYou have to take your time and apply and use this product with attention.
By Eric G.
Lincoln, Ne
Good stuff..
June 5, 2016
Strange stuff this, It does seem to leave a protective coat, requires work and elbow grease, streaks with residue ( might be reacting w/coating underneath). Very slick when done, black (on my CTS-V) really pops, goes on easier on a solid color like the wifes C300...Actually feels like its bonding with surface...
ProsVery slick, good protective coating, shine...
ConsPrice, oh and price, labor intensive, might not work for all finishes, go through a lot of towels
By Tony
West Chester,PA
April 20, 2016
Super slick and easy on / off. Been using C2V3 exclusively for 2years now, am totally addicted.
Proseasy to apply, super slick, car stays cleaner longer
By David
Arlington, Texas
Great product
October 20, 2014
I used this for the first time today after a full paint correction. Very easy to apply. As with most Gtechniq products I've used it's better to work in small areas. If your having problems spreading the product switch to a new towel. Looks are fantastic, very slick. I don't know about durability yet as a stand alone but I haven't had any problems with Gtechniq products doing what they say they'll do so I expect at least six months protection.
ProsVery cost effective. Very easy application. Looks great.
By David
Chino Hills
October 15, 2014
Overated and over priced in my opinion. I did a side by side comparison with my Zymol spray wax and I, along with some friends thought the Zymol spray wax had a deeper shine and smoother surface. The C2v3 becomes hard to apply once applied, so what should be a 10min job becomes a 35min-1hr job. I could get 3 bottles of Zymol sray wax for the price of a C2v3 and achive better results in faster time.
ConsOverpriced, hard to apply and results not much different from other highend spray wax.
By Daniel K.
Lowmansville , Ky
Great product, very pleased
July 31, 2014
I've used C2V3 on 2 of my clients vehicles and on a 3rd vehicle but applied just to the hood only for a demo. 1st one was applied over C.A.R. Products coating and C2V3 bonded well and Amp'ed up the shine and slickness was incredible! 2nd was on a chevy 2500 which was clayed, followed by Meguiars D155 AIO with a 3401 Flex and LC cutting pad, and chemically stripped with mineral Spirits before applying with great results as well, both vehicles surfaces were slick and had a great shine and slickness to them. 3rd was on just a hood on a 2011 silver mercedes C300 and I clayed and then chemically stripped with Mineral Spirits before applying
ProsGood price, goes on good and easy wipe with a fantstic shine as well as a smooth slick surface!
ConsOnly con was my trigger spray drips on the surface every time I was spraying.
By Jason
Boston, MA
This replaced Reload
June 29, 2014
I used to used Reload exclusively as my quick LSP. Though similar in quality, I just find C2v3 to be slightly more slicker.
ProsExtremely easy to apply, slick, and durable.
By david
United States
May 31, 2014
addicted to this product!

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