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By Kevin
Love it
June 3, 2022
I bought this as a direct competing polisher for my m15 pro, as it was on its last leg. It’s a solid cost effective polisher that is smooth and can do the job. I haven’t got to the point of paying $400+ for the high end stuff. This is perfect for my 2-4 polishes weekly. Well done GG🙌🏼
ProsDiverse, detachable cable, smooth
By Joel
Gilbert, AZ
My first polisher
December 18, 2021
Sorry but I don’t have anything to compare this polisher too. I really like it. No issues. Comfortable to use. I’ve polished two vehicles so far and the results were fantastic. Bought a G9 to go along side this G15. High quality materials. Sounds really smooth with very low vibration.
ProsLow vibration Cost Comfortable Quality materials Removable cord
ConsNone. Get it !
By Jorge
Dunnville, KY
Heavy but worth the money
February 20, 2020
Sturdy machine and well balanced. I needed to upgrade an old polisher and decided to give the BOSS a try. Not disappointed a bit. The machine just like any other will take some getting used to but it is my go to at this point.
ProsVery ergonomic
ConsA bit heavy
By Patrick
August 17, 2019
Definitely a solid competitor to the other guys! Great power, smooth operation. Love the lack of soft start. The hand grips are rubberized and feel great, no slippage while using, and very ergonomic feel. Very robust build quality, and love that it comes with replacement grease and brushes should they need replaced.
ProsPowerful Lots of accessories in the BOSS system to use. Long cord Instant on motor
ConsBolt to remove backing plate was extremely tight from factory. Needed impact driver to remove.
By bigGYM
Saint Paul, MN
No Regrets
July 28, 2019
Been a car aficionado for many years. Never purchased a buffer for fear of "the swirl". Hand waxed everything, enjoyed myself but....ugh...a ton of work. The G15 upped my game enormously. No matter how much I hand waxed I could never improve on light scratches and other minor paint defects. This tool can make so many corrections with little effort it is amazing. I recently paid a shop several hundred dollars to remove a pinstripe and polish my black Pilot. It came back with the stripe still on and enough swirls in the paint to make me dizzy. I had to try it myself. I bought the G15 kit with a variety of pads and polishes. I was able to remove the pinstripe and the swirls as well as make my headlight lenses look brand new. Following a clay rub, a polishing with correcting cream, perfecting cream and a final coat of Griot's Poly Wax the black finish on my Pilot is flawless. Not a swirl mark to be found in the brightest sunshine. A very simple tool to use with the smallest of learning curves.
ProsSimple to use
By Tyler
Best polisher on the market
December 26, 2018
I got rid of my Rupes 21 mm big foot polisher to try out this one. The Rupes was amazing don't get me wrong, but I didn't like several things about it. First, the velcro on the backing plate hold the pads so unnecessarily tight that you end up mutilating pads half the time when trying to pry them off with a ton of effort. Also, I hated how it had that fancy "Ferrari" type of reputation which I believe to be why they charge so much for replacement parts & such (ex- a 5" backing plate I wanted to put on the polisher was $50.....where the Griot's is just $25). The Griot's just looked so promising, very similar design, more powerful motor, made by a top notch company. I went with the G15 because I have a mustang & tend to work on cars with more complex body lines, the G21 is definitely just as good but is more useful on larger vehicles or ones with flatter panels. This machine was everything I hoped for and more. Comes in fantastic, detailed packaging. Has a whole guide/chart in the box for beginners to simply things for beginners on what pad & polish combos to use when, comes with a warranty card (I need a new one, lost mine when opening the box, still can't find it....Don't do this, fill it out immediately and send it to Griot's). Even more impressive is how Autogeek includes awesome free gifts with the polishers, such a great value! I received the entire boss line of polishes & compounds with my polisher, not even just small sample bottles, full sized 16 oz bottles! ($80 value) I have also seen Autogeek offer a Griot's creeper seat with the polisher and currently they're offering a Griot's polisher rack with the polisher (also $80 values). Regarding performance, more powerful than the Rupes, super smooth motor, doesn't stall super easily on corners, super low vibration, super quiet. The G15 also has a super comfortable ergonomic platypus head to hold on to, beautiful red body, positive click feedback on the speed dial which the Rupes lacked, rubberized grips in the perfect spots where the Rupes did not have (these also offset the red color which looks very nice) and just has such a more well built, solid feel too it than the Rupes. The Rupes feels more fragile. Not to mention, the Griot's is about $55 cheaper than the Rupes.
ProsAmazing performance Genius design Aesthetic Great value Inexpensive replacement parts
By Ernie
Griots Boss G15
November 10, 2018
the boss g15 is a well balanced powerful machine, i first used it as shipped and found that pad rotation was dragging a bit, as in slow or restricted rotation, it was designed that way, however they include two washers you can install between pad and drive assembly. The pad rotation is now full free spinning and works as i would expect it to. This small modification makes the g15 very powerful. Comparing this model against other polishers it is actually close to the flex in power as it does not stall out very easily, in the hands of an experienced detailer, its correction ability is very good. I am using 5 1/2 inch pads with the g15 and very satisfied with the results. The g15 is a good addition to your arsenal of polishing machines.
Prosgood value at autogeeks price point
By ScottH
New Jersey
Smooth Operator
November 4, 2017
After a year or more, I was surprised to see there was only one review of the BOSS G15 here at Autogeek, so I thought I would write mine. I'll start by saying this machine is incredibly smooth (vibration-free) making it a real pleasure to use. Prior to owning the G15, I used a PC7424XP and Griot's 6" DA. The 7424 being a step up from hand polishing, and the GG6 a step up from the 7424. But in terms of correcting ability, the 15mm orbit of the G15 is very noticeable over the 7424XP and GG6. They are both good machines, and I still use them often, but the G15 corrects much faster and much better (key word). You simply have to use it once to see for yourself. The machine is also extremely well balanced and the front "platypus" hand grip just feels "right". Using the BOSS G15 trying makes polishing/correction/finishing that much more enjoyable. The longer orbit stroke allows you to get more correcting ability from the same polish vs. a smaller stroke machine. Using Griot's Finishing Sealant as a test (the least aggressive BOSS cr√¬®me) I was able to get better correction on the G15 than the same pad/cr√¬®me combo on a smaller orbit machine, and in less time. Perhaps said another way, it amplifies the pad/cr√¬®mes to their fullest potential.
Pros- Extremely well balanced - Greater and faster correcting capability than an 8mm DA - Never gets warm - Smooooooooooooooth
Cons- A little louder than I expected it would be. 3db - 6db quieter would make it a dream machine.
By ct
Love this thing
July 23, 2015
I have had it for around a month now and could not be happier with it. I have only used a PC so i cant compare it to the other machines. It is comfortable to use and operates very smooth. I am just a weekend guy so i have only used on my family cars and a co workers. I have a bad elbow and after a few hours of the PC it would really hurt,not so with the Griot. It took far less time and effort to get great results with the G15. I cant wait to use it again.
Proslots of power and not a lot of vibration. Comfortable to operate.

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