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By Bob G.
Tucson, Arizona
Griots Garage Best of Show Wax New Formula is a Winner!
April 14, 2019
This is my new go to wax. It leaves a deep warm glossy look. Easy to put on and take off. It's way better than chemical guys butter wet wax. Butter wet wax is good but this is a notch up in my opinion.
ProsEasy on and easy wipe off
By Dave
Perry Mi
Best of show wax
October 10, 2018
Appears to be an excellent product, goes on machine easily and wipes to a beautiful shine
By David
Santa Ana, CA
You will appreciate the shine and gloss
December 16, 2017
This is my first purchase of GG Best of Show Wax. The product is easy to apply and remove (new formula), and the shine and gloss is terrific. I removed one star for durability.
ProsShine Gloss Depth
ConsRelatively low durability
By Richard
Medford, MA
18 years and still using
September 9, 2017
Have used this for over 18 yrs on my 98 Silverado. Hard to believe But i get over 6-9 months of protection here in New England. re-appied every spring and fall after paint correction and claying. Want a real hard long lasting coating, apply first coat and let it dry for at least an hour or overnite, re-apply a second coat or use a liquid wax to remove and the shine and durabilty is outstanding.
ProsGood price for the amount and quality. Ease of application and removal. Some complain about removal, you can wipe on wipe off but for a real durable coat let the 1st coat dry and then use a liquid wax or a second coat to remove first.
By John
Knoxville, Tn
Easy TO Use
September 23, 2016
Product is easy to apply and weather doesn't have to be warm to give a good coat of protection. Wipe on, after 30 minutes, buff off.
By ScottH
New Jersey
Enoyed every minute of it...
July 15, 2016
After a thorough wahshing, I applied Griots Best of Show liquid to my car. The car is 16 years old and I maintain it almost to a point of obsession (you guys know the feeling). The car did not need to be clayed. I applied the BOS liquid to a small sextion and waited approx. 2-3 minutes just to see what effort was imvolved with removal. At this point it was not hard to remove, but was also not what I would consier easy. So I then applied the wax and let it set up for 10 minutes and this made all the difference in the world. It was MUCH easier to remove and left behind a nice, thick feeling to the paint. I then topped it off with Pinncle SSII paste and the combination was spectacular! I know Griot's improved the product even more - I had the 'older' recipe.
Pros- left behind a slick and thick feeling to the paint - wonderful shine - was a great base to layer carnauba paste on
By Jack
Show shine!
May 4, 2016
After wash, and clean off old wax, buffed this wax on and off, WOW! Can't wait to wax again!
By Gary
Stoneham, MA
Good carnuba
April 11, 2016
Gave my old Porsche Boxster a fantastic mirror glaze finish after machine paint correction to remove swirl marks
ProsEasy to apply with machine Easy to buff off
By Mistah V.
Gainesville, GA
Not impressed with this wax
February 15, 2016
Has a great shine but what a pain to remove, even using DA, Yes, I put it on real thin. Maybe it's their plan to make you buy Speed Shine!!
ProsGreat shine
ConsHard to remove
By Greg
Florence sc
Best of show
August 24, 2014
Used after machine polish 3. BMW looks grat.
ProsEasy to use with griots 6".
By Ken S.
Show Wax
June 4, 2014
I have been using this product for several years, my Lexus is 8 years old and looks brand new. Easy to use and does a great job. I use it twice a year.
ProsEasy to use and 2 coats will last the entire year.
By Michael
Excellent Depth and Shine
October 22, 2013
I am quite meticulous about my car. The silver metallic paint on my Porsche 911 Turbo S has never looked deeper or had a better shine. Easy on and off. Great value.
By Rich
September 29, 2013
I layered this on top of a freshly clayed/glazed and sealed surface. This wax went on very quickly and smoothly by hand, and buffed off just as easily. The final look was superb--not just my opinion, but that of several participants in our local Cars and Coffee. I'm a firm believer in the Griot's line and will purchase this wax again.
By m s.
excellent wax
January 17, 2013
Atlanta's extreme heat and high humidity and saoking winters this is a very good wax and i have use the high dollar waxes before.....and this is no harder to remove than others.....after doing clay and polish along with a good sealant my Saab 9.3 Hirsch pops with two coats of wax.....again this is a very very good wax
By Dave
takes time
December 25, 2012
This liquid wax has a very high carnuba content. You really need to get their spray on wax to accompany this wax. The trick is this.... 1. use a little bit 2. make sure your car is in a garage, out of the sun, low humidity and the temperature is not too hot. 3. take your time. 4 use an orbital or rotary polisher This isn't your auto parts store wax.
By Chris
October 1, 2012
Unless you have a polisher and patience this wax can work, but by hand it's impossible to spread evenly and even harder to remove. Because it has so much clay or something it dries while you're applying it. This in no way a show wax. Go for something without fillers. Oh yeah, after you spend all day waxing, it won't even last two weeks. Collinite is much better.
By Ross
Use sparingly
September 2, 2012
Excellent shine for a moderately priced wax. Apply thinly to ease removal. I like to give multiple coats to ensure coverage and deepen the shine.
By Dave
Best of Show
July 29, 2012
This wax needs to be used as directed. In a garage in a low heat, low humidity setting out of direct sunlight. Do not use too much, burnish the wax in and let it set up for at least 3 hours. The trick to all this is to use a DA machine and also buck up and buy Griot's Spray on Wax. That will reactivate dried on over applied wax and make your efforts show. Probably the best liquid wax out there.
By Mike B.
Griot's Show Wax
February 26, 2012
It did not seem to pop on my silver paint. I will try on my other car which is dark blue.
By Mike
Really Nice
October 26, 2011
I used this wax (as per Griot's Garage) and took a weekend to wax my Ferrari 550 Maranello before I garaged it for the winter. I put one coat on it, waited @ 3 hours then applied coat number two, waited @ 3 hours then applied coat 3. This coat sat overnight. I then came back on a Sunday morning after church and holy cow it looked amazing. For 21 bucks it's an awesome liquid wax!!!
By Mike
Awesome shine
January 4, 2011
This is a very good wax that really brings out the shine on my black Audi TT.It's very important to follow the directions and only apply a thin coat.Easy to wipe off.
By Peter F.
The best ever shine
March 22, 2010
I have used most all of the high end waxes and sealants. Nothing to date, had make my dark blue BMW shine with clarity and depth. Not even past waxes. I think you will be glade you used this.

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