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By ken
Tempa AZ
Works GREAT but took several coats...
May 17, 2021
I spent a lot of time trying to find what would work best for my 2000 Grand Cherokee, whose bumpers had faded to really really pale gray in the AZ sun, and this looked to be best. I'd been using Mother's Back to Black which did little and faded away almost immediately. I found a good review on Youtube that tested several and recommended Forever Black: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa54ItFIXDM The stuff works BUT it took five coats, so be prepared for some work, if your bumpers are really faded. I think expecting this to work in one coat on a bumper and trim as badly faded as mine is asking the impossible anyway. People on the forums recommended using a rag and rubbing it in rather than using the included brush. I suggest doing both since the pointed brush gets the stuff in tight corners that a rag can't. I did two coats with a rag, then two with the brush, then one with a rag again and that did it. Anyway, it now looks amazingly good. I plan to add a coat of ArmorAll Outlast to protect it.
ProsWORKS! Even on totally faded bumpers like mine.
ConsTakes several coats, which the product should mention as a possibility. Too many people are upset it didn't work in one coat.
By Nick
West GA
good product
June 23, 2018
I have an 02 Silverado with black trim on the bumpers, around the grill and on each side. I have used another product on the trim for quite sometime and after a short time the trim fades from black to gray. I used the Forever Black cleaner then applied the Forever Black dye. Before using the dye one needs to tape around all the area to be affected. Forever Black was easy to apply and dried in a smooth coat. This was just recently done so I am not yet able to determine if the product will fade. I've already recommended Forever Black to a friend.
ProsEasy to apply and brings back the original black color to the trim.
ConsProduct is hard to remove from areas where it wasn't intended to be used. It's necessary to cover areas where the product in not to be applied.
By John103141
Shoreline, WA
Looks Great
August 24, 2016
I had a nasty looking front bumper on my Buick LaSabre which had been rubbed down to the orange substrate in some spots. It took me less than an hour to double coat it and it has a truly seamless and attractive appearance.
By Jeff S.
South Florida
Good results
May 28, 2016
So I used this product on a 2004 Honda Crv that sat outside in the Florida sun ,so the black trim and bumpers were very discoloured.I recommend that after cleaning that you mask off any painted area.Also I found that several thin coats work best.
ProsWorked best on the hard plastic side trim .
ConsLeft a somewhat streaky look on the soft front bumper.
By Brian
Pocono PA
Great Product
March 22, 2016
This Stuff works. Cleaner is awesome. My trim is 15 years old and required several coats but got uniform coverage... Used with C-quartz and couldn't be happier with the results
By Kevin
Works great
March 9, 2016
Easy to use and looks great.
By Just c.
Worked on bumpers not so much on trim
August 28, 2015
Followed instructions exactly. Cleaned all trim and bumpers thoroughly (twice). I let trim and bumpers dry for 24 hours. I have a 2007 Ford F150 (116K miles). It did work great on the front bumper, the rear bumper, and truck bed caps. I also applied it to the door handles and tailgate handle (which are not painted), it did look good the day I applied it, but a week later after cleaning my truck (I use a chenille microfiber mitt) I could see it was flaking off the door handles. I didn't even bother with the trim around the windows/doors because I tested it on a small area of the tim and could see it was not going to work well (uneven finish on the trim around window/doors.
Prosworked good on bumper and bed caps.
Consdid not work so well on trim and door handles
By Bob
Monrovia, Maryland
Black plastic restorer
May 16, 2015
Followed package instructions. This product turned sun faded running boards on my 2006 F-250 Super Duty into brand new looking black running boards. Multiple coats are required, but you will not be disappointed. Works great go ahead and buy with confidence.
ProsEverything needed to prepare and apply this product is in the box.
ConsMake sure you have rubber gloves and time to apply multiple coats of the product.
By Stephen R.
Have not did it yet
April 29, 2015
Not done yet
By Randy
greenville sc
Dont buy this
March 19, 2015
Extremely streaky and a pain to try to get right. Better off getting east wood matte black and masking off parts. I watched the youtube video of this product and there isn't anyway you can get a finish like that with this product. DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!
ConsDoes not do what it says it will do.
By Allen B.
Daphne Alabama
Awesome product
January 7, 2015
This is the most awesome product I have ever seen. The ease of use is amazing, it took faded white trim and restored it to a much better looking piece of trim. The remaining trim now looks brand-new door handles, tail-gate handle, mirrors, bumpers, wiper cowl, air deflector, it's amazing even wheel wells look factory new after the product was applied. I highly recommend this product.
Pros*Awesome, can be applied to almost any trim surface and it will look factory new. *Easy to use *The price is amazing
Cons* On really faded trim (almost white) it does ok will look much better but not back to black * have to be very careful to keep it off the paint and chrome
By Russell
Myrtle Beach,S.C.
Decent Product
December 19, 2014
It does what it claims, though you might have to put on two coats to cover completely on bad areas. I used it on rubber trim around windows/doors and you have to be careful not to get alot on paint and have it dry. I did not use the foam brush, instead used small paint brushes, which worked. If you get it on paint, it can be removed with alcohol or white compound, which ever you prefer. I hope it lasts!!
ProsSimple to apply, but tedious Easy clean up brushes
By Joe
Chesterton, IN
It works
September 14, 2014
I was a bit skeptical about this, but bought it anyway. It really worked well. I got some on the paint and window. It wiped right off. It stayed on the plastic.
By c
July 2, 2014
use it on my wife SUV. Front and Rear bumper, plus sides, under and over, 4-5 applications, and I still have some left in the bottle. Everything was faded, it was looking light grey, now is dark black. I can see some lines from the sponge-brush, but it's just a bumper, nobody pay attention to that. The car looks like new!
By Ken
It Works!
May 7, 2014
Your product works as you have advertised. I got great results on my 2011 Ram 1500 bed rails. They were slowly fading and I had been using Back to Black. It worked for a short period of time but with the Georgia sun, the product would not last. I have had your product on now for 2 weeks and there is no sign of fading. Thank you so much.
ProsWorks as advertised and is easy to apply.
By Mike
It works.
July 12, 2013
Forever Black has been on one of my cars for three years without fading. A second car will get the same treatment!
By bobby m.
bumper & trim
August 12, 2012
exc. item
By Murphy
This stuff works
May 29, 2012
This stuff works
By Michael
Really works
March 28, 2011
I used Forever Black on the bumpers and trim of my Honda CR-V three years ago. Everything still looks a dark black color. There are a few scuffs that are to be expected after a few years, but another coat will make them look good as new.
By Tim S.
It works as advertised
July 5, 2010
The quarter window trim on my Integra GSR was badly faded. This was simple and took very little time. I would recommend a polishing and waxing of the area around the trim to be treated. Mask it off will painters tape and then follow the direction. It is a dye so it could stain paint or pin stripes if you are not careful.
By Jefferson
Works beautifully, June 23, 2010
June 24, 2010
First of all, let me say the product took three days to get to me and that is quick considering that I am from Barbados, and that's over 1,000 miles from the US. When I applied the product to my rear spoiler, immediately it transformed the spoiler and brought back the beauty in it , something I haven't seen in years. I also applied it on the windshield rubbers and the exterior plastic panels and the results are beautiful and it doesn't wash off easily. I will recommend this product to everyone.
By Bruce R.
Best Ever
December 23, 2009
I have an 86 MB with only 180K miles however car washes and waxing have taken it's toll. This product returned the factory newness to mirrors, bumpers, door and trunk handles etc. It is marvelous, just use a q-tip in tight places. My car looks like new!!!!
By dhat
Forever Black
October 10, 2009
I tried it and WOW big difference. Ran it thru the car was when I was done and it didn't wash off.
By Dez
Awesome stuff!
December 15, 2007
Wow! This stuff works awesome! First, I used about 4-5 coats on all my rubber trim & it restored them all perfectly & the trim only needs touch ups rarely, even in the brutal AZ sun & heat. The bottle says don't use on metal, but I used it to also restore my black metal bumpers & the color stayed & never faded & looks just as well as the rubber trim, i used it on. It's been over 6 months & the dye still hasn't faded from my metal bumper. I'll never stop using this product! I finally found something that works!
By Gary
June 25, 2007
I was scared cause you know once you go black...but it didn't hurt and now I am forever going black.
By rscpa
Restored the black!!
May 11, 2007
Worked on my black bumper trim and took it from faded to "like new black." It has been on the bumper for about a month and a half with no adverse results. It also does not attract dust like other trim products. Very easy to use and would definitely use again!!
By Bambo2888
Worked well
April 26, 2007
Worked awesome at restoring my buddy's Xterra's trim.

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