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70% Recommend this product (129 of 184 responses)
By Glenn
Lemont, IL
Wheel Brush
August 7, 2020
It does a great job of cleaning my wheels.
By Alex
Oskaloosa, IA
The go-to for wheel cleaning
July 23, 2020
This wheel brush hits all the check marks: Covered tip, long bristles, soft bristles, flexible, chemical resistant, hand protection, won't scratch. I use it on every job now I will say that the downside of the long bristles is the sling or fling effect while in use. As the brushes come free after rubbing against the surface, the bristles flex back to their original shape and this flings soap and water around. You will invariably get splattered with dirt, water and soap. Wear eye and mouth protection.
ProsSoft Chemical resistant Flexible shaft Protected tip Stiff enough to clean, soft enough to not scratch
ConsWill fling dirty water and soap
By Cody
Marion, VA
Great brush
July 7, 2020
I mainly use this brush for wheel wells on lower cars and it works great.
ProsGreat for wheel wells of lower cars.
ConsCan fling water and soap back on you if not careful.
By Chuck
West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Speed Master wheel brush
June 27, 2020
What a great tool. Enables you to get to hard to reach areas. Highly recommended. Getting 2 for the price of one was a bonus.
By Michael
fort lauderdale, florida
Very soft
June 27, 2020
Won't damage or scratch the rims
By anastasio
west haven, CT
June 26, 2020
Works really well cleans all the dirt off the wheels.... leaves them super clean. i will def recommend this brush to anyone who wants there wheels to look spic and span!!
Prosvery light weight
By Von
Centerville, OH
Great wheel brush
June 21, 2020
This brush does a great job cleaning the hard to reach spots and barrels on your wheels. Only downside is that the brush tends to sling product, so it can be messy.
ProsWell built
Consslings product
Wilmington, Delaware
1st use
June 20, 2020
Worked great. Have a Speed Master Jr. that's a few years old. Decided to try the larger size. Did the job.
By Timo
Hattiesburg, MS
You'll get splattered
June 15, 2020
It's a great brush. I prefer this brush over the "wooly" style of brush because I feel the bristles of the Speed Master brush do a better job cleaning the recesses on the inside of the face of the wheel, as well as getting into the small spaces between the balancing weights. The one drawback is that you will get a lot of product splashed back at you as your move the brush back and forth. The little "shield" on the handle doesn't do much at all. Be sure to wear eye protection!
ConsI've gotten wheel cleaner in my eye because of the splatter from this brush.
By Allen
Orlando, FL
Wheel master brush
June 7, 2020
Works great !
By John
Glassboro , NJ
Works As Advertised
May 15, 2020
I used this brush on a vehicle I had for 4 years and was never able to clean deep inside the rim . This brush reached way inside the rim and cleaned brake dust and grime that was built up for 4 years and made them look like it just came out of the showroom. I wish I would have had this years ago. It's very soft and gentle on wheels reaches in tight areas an forms back to its original shape.
ProsGets in tight areas even between brake calipers. Gentle on wheels but tough on dirt. Easy to rinse off when finished
ConsI have none but read a lot of articles where the rubber tip falls off after time. We?ll see what happens.
By Michael
Chicago, IL
Works as good as the reviews!
May 4, 2020
I have several wheel brushes of all shapes and sizes. I thought it wouldn't be worth buying another wheel brush. I was completely wrong and wished I had ought this brush years ago. It worked great on several shapes and sizes of rims.
ProsCompletely cleans "caked on" dirty wheels.
ConsI wished I had bought the two pack !
April 12, 2020
Love the ease of use and how quickly it cleans. Paired with Brake Buster in my foamer, this thing wipes out brake dust fresh or baked on quickly and safely. Highly recommend.
By Mark
La Grange, KY
Wheel brush
April 6, 2020
Makes cleaning wheels easy and fast
By Peter
Arleta, CA
Amazing Wheel Brush
March 20, 2020
I got this brush to make my rims cleaning more efficiently and it lived up to all the hype. It is very easy to maintain and does a great job cleaning the inner wheel barrel.
ProsCleaning Durability Efficient
ConsThings can get more messy if you try to go fast while cleaning.
By Norbert
Rotonda West, FL
Great brush for getting inside rims and other tight spots.
February 19, 2020
Works perfectly !!
ConsA bit pricey but I expect it will last a lifetime..
By Timothy
Naples, FL
Best wheel brush on the planet
December 24, 2019
I have been using the Speed Master Wheel Brush for years and have found nothing better. It is the best for several reasons. First, the bristles are not too soft and not too hard. They are soft enough to get the fine brake dust, but hard enough to release anything remaining in the brush with a good wash and rinse. Second, it's flexible. You can bend it into shapes to get into hard-to-reach areas, like behind the wheel spokes. Third, the knuckle guard really helps. It may be wimpy, but it does hurt when your rap your knuckle on a wheel when cleaning it. The cons are that the plastic tip can come off if it gets stuck in tight spaces (the solution is not to get it stuck!), it doesn't come with a storage case, and it is is a little pricey.
ProsBristles not too soft and not too hard. Flexible. Knuckle guard.
ConsPlastic tip can come off in tight spaces. No storage case. A little pricey.
By Scott
Denver, CO
As Expected
November 25, 2019
The brush has retained it bristle stiffness after the first several uses after properly rinsing
By Ian
Rayne, LA
Lasts longer than other brands
November 14, 2019
I use this brush daily as a mobile detailer. The bristles clean well and hold up to heavy use even with acidic wheel cleaners. I rinse it thoroughly after each vehicle and it lasts several months. Reason to replace is eventually the rubber tip comes off and exposes that metal rod. If they would make that tip out of something better that would be a big help.
By Richey
Senatobia, MS
Best wheel brush!
November 14, 2019
This is the most effective wheel brush I've used, especially for cleaning inside the rim.
By Don L.
Speed Mastrer
November 9, 2019
Love this wheel brush to clean the inside of my wheels. It has also worked great for cleaning the engine bay. When the rubber tip wears off just wrap some electrical tape on it and good to go. I've been using this thing for many years now and it is still in perfect shape. I maintain 4 vehicles, 2 off road Canam UTVs, and a triple axle RV. This brush gets used on everyone of them at every was. I just got a second one for the heck of it case something happens to my original one.
ProsWorks great and doesn't scratch my wheels.
ConsNone I have found except when the tip wears out wrap it with electrical tape then good to go.
By Peter
Scottsdale, AZ
Gets into all the tight places
November 5, 2019
The bristles go almost flat so you can get behind brake calipers to clean the barrel. Well-made, effective, gentle on wheels.
By Les
North Ridgeville , Ohio
September 20, 2019
I have had other wheel brushes of this type before. I took the plunge on a sale day and scooped one of these up. The inner portion of my wheels for snuggly around the roots of my car so getting in between to clean the barrel with any brush is a chore. Despite this brushes overall large profile, it shrinks down very nicely in those tight areas and doesn't compromise its shape. The inner twisted metal wire which holds the brush material is coated for great protection.
ProsMetal coated twisted wire core safer on the wheel finish. Large profile that returns to shape when mashed down. Comfortable handle.
ConsAs with any brush of this type, the fling from the brushes springing back to position can make a mess of you if you're not careful. Otherwise well worth the price
By Jack
Baker, FL
Hard to wear this out...
September 9, 2019
Well after using my wheels bush for the last 6 years and finally wore it out... had to order a new Speed Master wheel bush. I'll try to wear this one out too!
ProsGreat tool, great price,
By James
Pt. Roberts, WA
Finger Saver
August 13, 2019
Saves your fingers from smashing against the wheel spokes when cleaning. Also makes cleaning wheels much quicker.
By Steve
Atlanta, GA
Perfect Design for Wheels
July 26, 2019
I have Niche Veronas and admittedly, the openings are large. But this also allows me to clean all aspects of the inside of the rim without much effort. Literally, one minute per wheel and move on. Brake dust runs when it sees this brush.
ProsJust works - best way to clean a wheel.
By larry
ponchatoula, louisiana
June 29, 2019
Use small speed master for years worked great the lager one covers more area great
By javier
raleigh, nc
Wheel Brush
June 20, 2019
This brush is awesome. Soft enough to get in between the caliper and all around the wheel without scratching the wheel but strong enough to clean the wheels. I use Meguiars wheel brightener and only do one wheel at a time. You will need to wear old clothes and safety glasses because it does splash when you're going in and out of the wheel. So far I've used it twice and looks like it's made to last.
ProsSoft enough to not scratch wheels but strong enough to scrub wheels Great handle and hand protector so you don't bang your knuckles on the wheel
ConsNeed to wear old clothes because it will spray cleaner and dirt on your clothes Need to wear safety glasses to prevent spray to eyes
By Trent
Concord, NC
Great Wheel Brush
June 20, 2019
This brush is great to reach the entire rim. Works very well on black rims also.
ProsBig and light weight
ConsI would suggest have several more bristles so you could really scrub if needed.
By Ron
Plenty of rubber to prevent rim scratches
January 13, 2019
When this product was shipped with other items the bristles on some sides were flat. But after a few days the bristles retained their original shape. The best point about this brush is amount of bristles as well as being able to bend the brush to reach around the back side.
By Richar
Newark, DE
Best Master Wheel Brush
November 28, 2018
Excellent quality at a good price.
By Fred
Houston Tx
Wheel Cleaner
November 4, 2018
I would recommend this product for cleaning wheels
By James B.
New York
Speed master wheel brush
October 21, 2018
Well made, design is perfect.
ProsWell built, will last for years!!!
By Trudy B.
Speed Master Wheel Brush
August 18, 2018
This is the second brush of this type my husband has purchased. It works great on the wheels. He is very pleased. When I ordered it, the company also offered a small discount. They were very kind and easy to work with.
By Fastbird
Northern Michigan
Grear brush
July 13, 2018
Been looking for a brush for the M style wheels on my Z4. Others did not seem to work on the whole wheel. This brush does well on the outside, inside the spokes and behind on the deep part of the wheel. Specially the back of the wheel. Soft but not too soft. Only wish it was just a bit more flexible. I live in a rural area so I have to depend on descriptions unless I want to return everything. Auto geek was great!
By Dan F.
Happy Valley,or.
The only wheel Brush!
July 5, 2018
Excellent brush for your wheel cleaning needs. Bristles are long and soft and get into those difficult areas. A little costly but worth it!
ProsLong bristles, bendable
By Edgar
Chicago, Illinois
Get the hard spots
June 17, 2018
It let me clean those hard to get to spots. Goves me pride with what I hsve done.
By Jes17
Great bendable brush!
June 14, 2018
I owned one a long time ago and had to replace it. The quality of the brush is good. The bristles are long enough to reach and clean.
By egg
Southern Indiana
Great for cleaning
May 10, 2018
Works great on the wheels of car, much easier the sticking hands and rag back in wheels to clean and not getting starches on my hands from disc brakes.
April 21, 2018
By Douglas M.
Love it
March 28, 2018
Does a excellent job cleaning behind the wheels.
By Dave
Seattle, WA
Great Wheel Brush
March 22, 2018
I've used this particular brush for years now, having to replace it only a couple of times. It is the best I've found for being able to get between narrow openings in the wheel and clean the inside of the rim, as well. Two thumbs up!
By Breese147
San Antonio, Texas
Awesome brush wish I bought it years ago.
February 14, 2018
So Iâ‚"ve been into detailing for the past 3 years and I held off on buying this brush for 2 reasons. Number one the price. However now that Iâ‚"ve expirenxed this brush I think it is well Worth the price as long as it last 2 years. Itâ‚"s an amazing brush that is so useful for many things besides wheel such as engine bay and cleaning wheel wells of lowered cars. The second thing that scared me away at first was the bristles. I thought they were very firm but once I got the product in my Hand I realized they were a good stiffness about a 6 out of 10 compared to a tire brush. This brush is awesome and i wish I hopped on this train a long time ago. If you are new to detailing and debating whether this brush is worth in my opinion it definetly is.
ProsLight Sturdy Stays cleaner than other material bristles Perfect for large caliper brakes. Rubber Covered tip to prevent scratches
ConsSlings product if pulled out of wheel too quickly
Detroit, Michigan
Wonderful wheel brush
January 25, 2018
I'm very happy with this wheel brush because it's long enough that I can reach the entire inner wheel rim and it's narrow enough that I can work around the brake pads. It dries quickly and stays full in the plastic storage case. The only precaution is that your face will get splashed with droplets when you withdraw the wheel brush past the rim spokes so just make sure you are wearing eye protection and are not wearing nice clothes.
ProsEasy to use and keep clean Fast drying Save the plastic storage case it comes in.
ConsSplashes when you withdraw it from rim spokes. Wear eye protection.
By Dan
Bartlett, TN
Non more busted knuckles
January 24, 2018
I was tired of busting my knuckles on brake calipers, especially in the winter washing cars in the cold. This brush is awesome! It zipped right through the job.
ProsGreat length. Holds plenty of soap. Able to get between all but the narrowest gap between brake calipers and rims
ConsOnly con is the wire handle bent on me. Once I knew how hard I could push on it, things were better.
By Edward
Hyattsville. MD
Just what I needed.
January 3, 2018
You saved me again... Thanks.
ProsEasy to work with.
By Jason
Good Tool if the Rubber Tip Doesn't Fall Off
December 26, 2017
First couple uses, it was the best wheel brush I've owned. It didn't make my wheels as easy to clean as I hoped (they have an odd compound curve where the rim meets the spokes), but it worked better than anything else I have tried. If it wasn't for the odd corners on my wheels, this brush would knock them out FAST. But, after a few uses the rubber tip came off the brush and I have no idea where it is. Because of the exposed scratchy metal on the tip of the brush, I haven't used it since.
ProsVery effective and fast wheel brush
ConsRubber tip can fall off exposing scratchy metal.
By Chris
New York
Works great but...
November 16, 2017
Cleans wheels well but has a lot of spray back when pulling the brush out of the wheel. Overall still great and would buy again.
ProsCleans inside of wheels well.
ConsBrushes spray dirt and soap back at you when pulling it out of the wheel.
By Matt
Hampstead, NH
Great for Engine Bays Too!!!
October 18, 2017
I love this brush so much I'm adding an extra one to my kit. I want one dedicated to wheels while the other is for the engine bay. This thing allows you to reach in-between all the tight spots.
ProsVersatility, Ease of use, Flexible.
ConsYeah.... Nope
By Josh
Columbia, SC
Should have gotten the Jr
October 17, 2017
Quality brush but unless you have wheels like the ones pictured, it's useless. Way too big to fit in the wheels on my Genesis.

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