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Detroit, Michigan
January 25, 2018
Wonderful wheel brush
I'm very happy with this wheel brush because it's long enough that I can reach the entire inner wheel rim and it's narrow enough that I can work around the brake pads. It dries quickly and stays full in the plastic storage case. The only precaution is that your face will get splashed with droplets when you withdraw the wheel brush past the rim spokes so just make sure you are wearing eye protection and are not wearing nice clothes.
ProsEasy to use and keep clean Fast drying Save the plastic storage case it comes in.
ConsSplashes when you withdraw it from rim spokes. Wear eye protection.
By Dan
Bartlett, TN
January 24, 2018
Non more busted knuckles
I was tired of busting my knuckles on brake calipers, especially in the winter washing cars in the cold. This brush is awesome! It zipped right through the job.
ProsGreat length. Holds plenty of soap. Able to get between all but the narrowest gap between brake calipers and rims
ConsOnly con is the wire handle bent on me. Once I knew how hard I could push on it, things were better.
By Edward
Hyattsville. MD
January 3, 2018
Just what I needed.
You saved me again... Thanks.
ProsEasy to work with.
By Jason
December 26, 2017
Good Tool if the Rubber Tip Doesn't Fall Off
First couple uses, it was the best wheel brush I've owned. It didn't make my wheels as easy to clean as I hoped (they have an odd compound curve where the rim meets the spokes), but it worked better than anything else I have tried. If it wasn't for the odd corners on my wheels, this brush would knock them out FAST. But, after a few uses the rubber tip came off the brush and I have no idea where it is. Because of the exposed scratchy metal on the tip of the brush, I haven't used it since.
ProsVery effective and fast wheel brush
ConsRubber tip can fall off exposing scratchy metal.
By Chris
New York
November 16, 2017
Works great but...
Cleans wheels well but has a lot of spray back when pulling the brush out of the wheel. Overall still great and would buy again.
ProsCleans inside of wheels well.
ConsBrushes spray dirt and soap back at you when pulling it out of the wheel.
By Matt
Hampstead, NH
October 18, 2017
Great for Engine Bays Too!!!
I love this brush so much I'm adding an extra one to my kit. I want one dedicated to wheels while the other is for the engine bay. This thing allows you to reach in-between all the tight spots.
ProsVersatility, Ease of use, Flexible.
ConsYeah.... Nope
By Josh
Columbia, SC
October 17, 2017
Should have gotten the Jr
Quality brush but unless you have wheels like the ones pictured, it's useless. Way too big to fit in the wheels on my Genesis.
By John C
Wellesley, MA
September 19, 2017
Brush is good, handle needs work
The brush is great for cleaning all areas of the wheels including the inside. However, the rubber tip came off almost immediately exposing the metal underneath. I ended up scratching my wheel because the rubber tip must have popped off while cleaning the wheels. Also, the handle is smooth so it gets very slippery if your hands are wet so I find that I don't have as good control of the brush vs some of my other brushes with textured handles.
ProsGreat brush, reaches almost all areas of the wheels.
ConsProtective rubber tip fell off easily. Handle is smooth so it gets slippery if your hands get wet.
By John
Houston, TX
May 16, 2017
Very useful, but....
This product is excellent and does what it is supposed to do. The one flaw is that the rubber tip either falls off or wears down over time. This leads to the metal shaft being exposed and damaging the wheels. I don't feel like buying yet another one when what I really need is just the tip cover.
ProsDoes what it is supposed to do.
ConsRubber tip wears over time and exposes sharp metal to wheels. Replacement tip covers should be available.
By Ben
Meriden, CT
April 28, 2017
Awesome Brush while it lasted
kind of expensive for a wheel brush but it does work very well. Unfortunately, after some use the flexible metal handle broke clean off. Could have caused some damage to the wheel after breaking as the piece that was left in my hand was very sharp.
ProsEasy to use Safe on all type of wheels Easy to clean
ConsExpensive Flexible Metal does wear over time and may break in half
By Aaron
March 28, 2017
Perfect addition to the tool collection
A great way to get behind the wheel and agitate the dirt.
ProsFantastic tool, must have.
By Sergio
Sylmar, CA
March 27, 2017
Nice and thorough
This brush makes cleaning wheel barrels and behind spokes so much easier
ProsGreat brush lasts extremely long Bendable Dependable Soft but rigid
By David
Brampton, Ontario
November 19, 2016
Great Product
I have been trying wheel brushes for years as I want to be able to clean the barrels of my Corvette wheels. This brush is the best so far and works as described. I use it on my wheels for a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. Would like the bristles to be a little stiffer but then I could probably not get it between the caliper and wheel so I accept that compromise. Would like brush to be about 6 inches longer for my deep barrels (12 inch deep) of my Grand Sport wheels.
ProsSoft bristles yet good stiff center shaft yet bends around corners well
By Don
Central Florida
November 14, 2016
Works great!
Works great, package works for storage after drying out.
ProsLarge and "bushy", Works good on alloy wheels and crevices of the Harley
By Nathan
November 13, 2016
Why have I not used this brush before?
The brush works really well on wheel barrells when combined with your favorite wheel cleaner. Most cars today have highly stylized wheels with deeper barrells and this brush is perfect for keeping them clean. The small shaft and bristles ensure the wheel gets clean, and the length ensures you can easily reach clear to the back. I also found it very good at getting around the tight gap between the brake caliper and the wheel.
ProsGreat size in every dimension. Good cleaning ability.
By Mark
November 3, 2016
Great brush
Works great. High quality!
By James
Washington, DC
October 31, 2016
Great brush!
The brush is high quality and does a great job cleaning the wheels on my SL550. I'm very pleased.
By Charles
October 27, 2016
Perfect for your wheels/engine cleaning needs
Perfect for your wheels/engine cleaning needs. Excellent quality!
By Tom
October 6, 2016
You need this
My wheels have never been this clean on the inside without taking them off the car Will never be without this brush again Great price for this brush
By Kevin McCoy
September 6, 2016
A Must Have Wheel Brush
If you are tired of trying to clean your wheels by hand, you need to purchase the speed master wheel brush. This brush gets into places that is hard to reach with your hand, and it will easily clean the entire barrel of the wheel. You won't be sorry for purchasing this brush.
By Jim
Houston, TX
August 31, 2016
Finally found a brush that works
Very effective and easy to use, wish i had invented it.
Prossoft bristles, easily maneuvered
By Andre
Aiken, SC
August 26, 2016
Excellent brush to clean my muti-spoke wheels. I wished I had ordered it along time ago.
ProsEasy to use
By Foots
Phoenix, Az.
August 7, 2016
Get's it done !
This brush worked well on both my cars. It beats having to jack up the car to clean the back of the wheels.
ProsIt works.
By Galen Piovesan
July 21, 2016
Best damm this since sliced bread. Works great east to get to the back of wheels without busting up you hand on brake calipers and dust shield.
ProsDoes good job on chrome wheels.
ConsNot yet........
By Martin
Raleigh, NC
June 19, 2016
Does a good job as a wheel brush
While I like this product and have purchased three brushes over the years and this is one of the better brushes.
ProsGoes into tight spaces, doesn't scratch your wheels
ConsRubber tip falls of and you're left a pointed piece of wire hitting your wheels. Handle wears thin and mine broke off.
By Rocky
Marion s.C.
June 12, 2016
speed maste wheel brush
The perfect answer to cleanenig the brake dust from the back inner surface of custom wheels without scratching surface. Make cleaning wheels effortless
By Stephen Stewart
Queens NY
June 6, 2016
A great item to have! Cleaned my wheels very good like it now.
By Larry
Ellicott City, MD
June 2, 2016
Not all that useful
The brush is large; larger than I thought it would be. It's OK for getting in between spokes, but it's so long, it hits the brake disc. I don't recommend this brush.
Merchant Response:Larry, It sounds like the Speed Master JUNIOR would be better suited for the smaller wheels on your vehicle. Give us a call to set up an exchange!
ConsToo large to be useful.
By Paul
May 20, 2016
Extt product
This brush allows me to clean all of my rims, not just the front. It does a tremendous job of getting in the tight corners of my rims which I never could get to with my normal brushes.
By Joe
Aberdeen, MD
May 13, 2016
Speed Master is OK but does "splash back" when using
I really like both my Daytona Speed Master and Speed Master Jr. brushes. The only downside to them in my opinion is the "back splash" you get when pulling back out from the rear area of the wheel. There are few brushes that clean wheels like the Speed Master. They are without a doubt an essential tool needed to clean wheels thoroughly. If the manufacturer could come up with either an "add on" attachment that would assist in reducing the spray back or back spray, that would be great. Or if they change the design in the future to make a back larger guard near the handle. Just make sure you are wearing dirty clothing that you don't mind getting the spray back on when you pull the brushes backward out of the wheels.
ProsTop notch, quality construction (long lasting brushes).
ConsSpray back or "back splashing" that occurs when you pull the brush backwards out of the wheel causing dirt, debris, and dirty water/cleaner to spray on your clothing, staining it.
By Rich
Portland, OR
May 5, 2016
Fast cleanup
Armed with the right tools wheel cleaning is not a dreaded process anymore. My rear wheels are 11" wide and this brush allows me to clean them quickly.
ProsSoft brush that does not scratch
By Paul
March 27, 2016
Works well on large designs
Works well on large open wheels but in tight wheels like my 911 it pulls the mess back into you like a spray

Merchant Response:Check out the Speed Master JUNIOR. It is designed for smaller wheel openings.
ProsDeep reach into wheels and cleans well
ConsToo large for small open design wheels
By dennis
new york
March 25, 2016
Great product
Delivery fast and correct. Product works well and seems to me made well. A lot easier then cutting up your hands cleaning your rims with a rag. Will definitely purchase this product again.
By UnsatisfactoryResult
Cape Cod
March 19, 2016
Great brush
This is a great brush. It can clean larger areas, and squeeze into small areas. It's very versatile. It's also great for cleaning engine compartments. It allows you to clean things easily that normally wouldn't even be possible with other style brushes/tools. Due to the nature of being a bristled tool, care needs to be taken so that you don't spray cleaners in your face or clothes.
Prosgreat for cleaning barrels bendable for cleaning blind areas soft long bristles
Conslike all the good wheel cleaning tools, it's a bit pricey
By Fred
March 11, 2016
Excellent product for deep rims.
This is a very useful detail tool for your deep rims. Well constructed and protected from becoming a scratch agent in the right places. I admit that I have only used it 4 times so far so I have no comment to how long it will hold up to the rigors of rim cleaning under my heavy hand. So far, very good.
By Spiro Katehis
New york
March 11, 2016
Great brush
I love it
Covington, LA
December 11, 2015
Glad I purchasd the speed brush
It would be impossible to keep my wheels/rims looking new without this brush. I use this brush as part of my weekly detail. I spray my wheels with my Foamaster foam gun, get a bucket of water and get to work. Great results. Thanks Autogeek! I am very happy with every purchase I've from your superstore.
ProsHelps clean tight areas inside rims with ease. Easy to clean after use.
By Michael
August 1, 2015
Great Brushes..
My wheels have never looked better..Highly reccommended.
By Chet Steadman
North Carolina
June 12, 2015
Fantastic Tool
Gentle on wheel surface, long enough to reach fairly wide wheels. The bristles are long enough to get into most of the tight spots and, combined with a decent wheel cleaner, safely brush away the brake dust and road grime. If there is a better brush out there, then it probably cleans the wheels for you.
By Rick
May 8, 2015
works great
Works great, gets wheels super clean, quickly and easily and all the way into the back even on wider wheels! Well worth the money, anybody who enjoys cleaning and protecting and enjoying their cars should own one of these!!!
ProsEasy, Quick, Effortless, Gets all the back into wheels, cleans calipers and even the bottom of my coil-overs!
Conssplatters a little keep your body away or you will get sprinkled with dirty water.
By Dr. Funkenstein
Eugene, Oregon
May 6, 2015
Gets the job done.
I really like the Speed Master, primarily because it's long enough to get the whole inside of my wheels without banging my knuckles. The knuckle guard is a great idea, and it's little things like that that make something worth having for detailing. The flexibility of the brush is awesome. You can easily wrap it around spots you couldn't reach with a regular brush (unless you wanted to use a small detailing brush). It makes quick work of the job, too. I would really only give it four stars because the brush itself is awesome but you definitely need a good wheel cleaner to break up that brake dust and road grime to give it a chance to brush it away. So I guess you could say the brush isn't the whole story. Still, it's so good, I went ahead and gave it five. I also bought an extra to use in the engine bay, and that is seriously great. Can get to all those spots you couldn't reach before, under cables, etc.
ProsFlexible and super soft bristles Can reach where other brushes can't Long enough to get to the whole wheel without banging knuckles Knuckle Guard!!!!!!!
By dave
April 24, 2015
Wheel Brush works!!
The wheel brush gets my wheels cleaner in much less time
By Gavin
Dallas, Texas
April 19, 2015
Did not fully meet my expectations
Did not remove all the grime on my wheels first time around, had to go over multiple times to get clean
Merchant Response:Gavin, Try using a wheel cleaner in conjunction with the Speed Master Wheel Brush. Regular car wash soap is not strong enough to loosen the grip of brake dust and road film.
By Brian
New Jersey
April 19, 2015
Does what it's intended to, but misses the face of some wheels..
The speed master lives up to its name and the hype. Cleans incredibly well for how soft the bristles are. Even makes the gap between a brake caliper and the wheel barrel. It doesn't get the face of some wheels, however. You will need a second brush for wheels with a wider spoke design.
ProsFast, cleans very well, gentle.
ConsMisses the face of wide spoke wheels.
By Brad
Windsor, CA.
April 17, 2015
tire brush
Works well between spokes, and behind them.
ProsSeems well made. Flexible. Cleans well.
ConsStill need to use regular brush to clean face of wheels.
By Steve
United States
April 16, 2015
Must have for wheel cleaning
Gets to hard to reach parts of wheel
ProsBendable to reach hard to get to parts of wheel. Use this and a typical short handle wheel brush to get surface of wheel and you are all set.
By AnthonyGXP
United States
April 13, 2015
Will not scratch clear coated wheels!
Great tool for cleaning wheels and other intricate areas on vehicles.
ProsScratch Free!
Cons-1 Star for high cost of item.
By Andy
Pittsburgh PA
April 6, 2015
Wonderful tool, just change your technique
I bought this as part of a deal offered here when buying Sonax wheel cleaner. I'm really glad I did, as this is a great cleaning tool. Really flexible, gets in deep (depending on wheel design of course). I was using the disposable wheel cleaning tools from Griots, but this is superior AND reusable. Great job on the spokes and recesses of the wheel, but I still use my old boars hair brush from Griots for the face. I did get a bath in water and wheel gunk until I slowed down and changed my technique just a bit.
ProsWell-made (for what it is) and very effective
ConsNot as good on the face of the wheel, can get you dirty if you aren't careful.
By Albert
Melbourne, FL
April 6, 2015
So Easy
This product has made my wheel cleaning experience jump to a whole new level. What a help! Now I can finally clean the 'interior' portion of the rims without jamming my hands and fingers in between spokes to reach and clean.
Prosgreat functionality
By Tim
March 18, 2015
Easy Cleaning
I have a 2015 Performance Pkg mustang GT and this brush simplifies cleaning of the wheels greatly

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