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By Ted
Bridgeport, CT
May 25, 2021
Went on easy and gave a great shine.
By Hap
Columbus, Ohio
My go to...
January 9, 2021
Here is a picture of my 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe daily driver. I used Duragloss 111 with the 601 mixed in 4-1 and applied in August 2020. I Duragloss Aquawax every other wash or so. Duragloss is the best system I have ever used. Duragloss 111 with occasional Aquawax after washing makes the paint just pop. This is after 5 months, a couple snows and some salt and brine. It looks like I just waxed it! I don't know about the ceramic coatings but I like to take care of the cars. Applying a detail wax like Aguawax every other wash gives me a chance to look at the car and assess any road grime that needs addressed. Great results! I don't think I can do any better.
By louis
clear coat polish
April 15, 2020
easy to apply and come off
By Daniel
Good stuff
July 5, 2019
Now this stuff will put on a shine, this is the best i have used so far, easy to put on and easy to rub off and shines like new paint, great product
Proseasy to apply by hand, easy to wipe off shines like a babys butt
By dawn
boston, massachusetts
hides the light scratch
February 22, 2018
I accidentally 'keyed' my car by driving too close to a driveway marker here in new England. couldn't cover the light scratch until my brother-in-law put some of this on the scratch. voila! it took a couple of coats but it hides the scratch. only the owner knows it's there. thank you!
By Shinka
Holy reflections Batman!
February 15, 2018
Just prepped the vehicle with some 3D products (didn't even clay the car this time) and then finished it up with this stuff. I walked away for a few minutes and when I returned, wow the paint just popped! Very wet appearance for sure. Honestly the paint looked good just after the 3D all in one, but I wanted to add some protection to the finish. I'm accustomed to using Collinite insulator wax for its durability, so this is my first attempt with this product. If it provides lasting protection, I'm hooked. It was effortless to apply and remove, and the paint really looks good. Even if it doesn't last but a few months, it would still get 4.5 stars.
ProsEasy on & barely anything left to buff off. Paint finish pops with just one application.
ConsNone at this time
By John
Danville, CA
Pretty impressive
February 5, 2018
Just tried this for the first time. I applied 601 and let haze (although the haze was very subtle), and then 111 on top. I let it sit for an hour and removal was pretty easy. The shine/gloss is amazing. If this lasts, I'll be very impressed with this product.
By Eric
Algonquin, IL
Excellent topper
March 28, 2017
First I'll lay down a mix of 4 parts 105 to 1 part 601, buff to a shine and let it cure for 24 hours. I'll top this with 111 for the ultimate wet look. My favorite and longest lasting combo for the money so far.
By Terry N.
Michie Tn
great product
November 10, 2016
Leaves a slick job that can not be duplicated by other products .
By Russell
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
September 3, 2016
My Tacoma had a pretty good shine but this product gave it a "wetter" look. The finish was slicker and the water beading was heavy and denser.. At 67, I still like my vehicles looking good; this product will do that easily with minimum effort. Will buy again!!
By mark r.
December 24, 2014
this wax makes my corvette shines were you need sunglasses
Prosshines and shines
By Norman
Easy to use
October 1, 2014
I was surprised how little it takes. The bottle stated it would do two cars but I used a little over half the bottle. Maybe it was the size of the car (2010 Cadillac dts). I was pleased it had a pad to apply the sealer. I did a section at a time and let it dry to a haze. I did use several microfiber towels as I don't like build up on the towels. The haze removed with little effort and left a deep shine. I must say this stuff is the best I have ever used.
ProsLeaves a nice deep shine.
ConsThe supplied pad does wear quickly.
By Jim
July 30, 2014
A good wax ease to put on @take off
By nypd d.
best sealantt at any price
October 8, 2013
have tried all the more expensive from wolfgang ,black fire even the acryclics Klaus etc sorry was never a fan of pinnacle.klaus was my go to but really didn't have much fun removing the acrylics,the duragloss ccpis actually a combined all of the top of the line as far as price duragloss is so inexpensive you would think that it couldn't hold up to the big boy names I was wrong,this givese the same easy on easy off of the blackfire and wolfgang,and gives you the same long life as the acrylics without working up a swett removing.just did a 2014 escalade in the white diamond tri-coat and it looked better then it did on the showroom floor great product a little goes a long way and brings out the metallic wet glow in the white diamond.have used it on black cars as well but is there really any wax or sealant that doesn't make black look good I haven't found 1 yet if you want a great product at a great price this is it hands down it actually does appear to disappear/evaporate after its applied which I never seen happen so don't think you missed a spot. I don't believe there is actually a 6month wax or sealant I would say this is a three time a year polish/sealant if you always keep your car or truck clean this is the way to go putting a coat of wax over this product is a waste no extra shine or protection is possible but if it makes you happy at least let it cure for 24hrs.dony be fooled by the name including the word polish this has no abrasives at all
By bob
best at any price
October 8, 2013
been a fan of wolfgang went threw the Klaus acrlic stage also this has the best qualities of both lasts as long as the acrylics but comes off much easier has a similar shine qualities as wolfgang but lasts longer and has a deeper wetter look don't waste your money this product is the best I have came across and I take car of my cars if its raining I usually use someone elses car so if your ocd over your cars finish look no futher the only one that I know of that has a 100pct guarantee
By Bill
Duragloss CCP (Clear Coat Polish)
June 18, 2012
I used the #111 Product on a Black Tundra this the best "Wet Look" I have had on the Truck. Amazing results and awesome looking.
By Upper D.
Outstanding sealant
January 17, 2012
Outstanding product! Indeed a real paint sealant. I have tried Menz Powerlock, DP Poli-Coat, Wolfgang DGPS, etc. but this DG 111 CCP ‚€“ in my opinion ‚€“ is the winner. Goes on easy and buffs off even easier. Even easier than Menz PL. Actually DG 111 kind of evaporates so there‚€™s not much haze left to buff off which is strange b/c I‚€™ve never seen this before. In terms of looks, slickness, sheeting/beading, and durability this product will not disappoint you. Just need to get rid of my other sealants that are more expensive and don‚€™t look as good.
By Sal
True wet look
November 10, 2011
True to its claim it does leave a nice wet look and has great durability. Apply nice and thin, let haze and buff off with a quality microfiber and stand back and admire the great look. This is true to word a pure sealant.
By Sal
True wet look
November 10, 2011
Duragloss 111 is a great pure sealant. No cleaners no abrassives just a true sealant. Apply real thin, I like to use a DA, let it haze and use a good microfiber towel to buff off and enjoy the great look of this sealant.
By Scott
Works Good
November 7, 2010
I use this over the Duragloss PBA, leaves a nice shine and seems to last but does not leave the paint as slick or glossy as a good carnuba wax, which is why I top this with P21S. I will try a different brand of polish when this stuff is gone but ok for the money, there is just better stuff out their for a bit more money.
By Chris
Great Stuff!
September 5, 2010
Duragloss #111 is so easy to use and it does exactly as it says, gives your car a wet glossy look. Apply after first applying Duragloss bonding agent and the shine will last even longer. Love it and it saves a lot of time.
By E A.
Nothing better
October 13, 2009
Very easy to use & delivers a great long lasting shine. It's the best I've ever used. It lives up to everything the manufacturer says.
By C P.
December 22, 2007
Love this stuff. Easy to use, great gloss. My secret weapon on polished aluminum wheels. A guy asked once if I had lights in my weels just from a street light reflection!
By Charles B.
May 10, 2007
This is the BEST auto polish I have ever used.

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