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By Tim
Mt Pleasant PA
Easy ceramic
November 26, 2020
This is the easiest ceramic coating you will ever do easy to apply comes off with no problems and leaves a nice gloss finish
ProsEasy on & off 4oz bottle did 2 coats on a challenger & 1 coat crew cab ram still have half a bottle or more left
ConsOnly 1 year protection
By Kirby D.
Houston, TX
A winner coating for the daily driver...
October 30, 2020
This was the first time I had used a coating product that applied as easy as this one from Dr. Beasley's. Dr. Beasley's products had not been on my radar of must try products given all the selections we have in the market. I had heard good things and knew that their products were more special purpose and of course a bit more in some similar products for various brands. I took the Mike Phillips class in September 2020 and was able to experience Dr. Beasley's newer products and the Resin coatings. Fast forward in the weeks afterwards and had picked up a bottle of the this Formula 1201 for a customer with a neglected Avalon. I decided this daily driver then was the perfect solution to give this car the protection and ability to shed the road grime it will encounter. This product, unlike other coating products, goes on a wet surface. This makes it a breeze to mist a panel and then apply the coating with a foam applicator. This gave me a bit more time to work the entire panel and then wipe dry. Yes, application is very easy and if the surface is dry no chasing down high spots! As to maintenance, Dr. Beasley's recommends only using the Advance Coating every few months to keep it going for at least a year. So with a low price and easy application I can see this for many DIY'ers and of course customers on a tighter budget. A WIN for you and your needs.
ProsEasy application Great price Looks great
ConsSeems too easy?
By Ken
Veery pleased
October 9, 2020
I used this on new car paint. Prepped the surface with claying and then NSP 45. Applied with distilled water spray (which is weird at first - putting a product on a wet surface) on about two foot square sections with a soft foam applicator. So easy on and off you wonder if it's doing anything. Wiping off leaves you with a lot of wet microfiber towels but you don't feel any product on them. Hand-buffed all the car when finished. Very smooth slick surface. The gloss is very transparent. "Clarity" is the word I keep thinking of. Unlike some products that look like (to me) they are on the paint, 1201 seems to disappear into it leaving paint looking clear and deep. If it lasts six months I am satisfied. If it lasts a year I'd be very happy.
ProsFool proof if surface is prepped properly. Very nice quality to the gloss.
ConsNone (unless it proves to be not very durable).
By Brett
Richmond, VA
Easy to apply. Nice finish
April 24, 2020
Very easy product to apply. Spray some water on the car. Apply a few drops to an applicator and wipe one panel at a time. Easy to remove. WILL use again.
ProsNice shine. Easy to Apply.
ConsNone at this point.
By Mike
Saint Augustine, FL
Highly Recommended
August 14, 2019
Saw Mike demonstrate the product on "My Classic Car" and decided to give it a try on my wife's brand new 2019 Acura MDX. Followed the directions and applied it to the car, including the wheels. Laid on a second coat to the hood and front bumper. Super easy. The shine was immediately obvious. Went out of the country for a month while my wife used the car on a daily basis. It probably rained 20 of the 30 days I was out of town. When my wife picked me up at the airport (during a torrential rain shower), I could see the water was sheeting off the car. I went in the garage the next day to look at the car, and it was virtually spotless! The dirt and road spray did not adhere to the finish. The car looked like it had just been washed. I'm ordering a bottle for my other vehicle today. Thanks Autogeek for throwing in a free bottle of the windshield treatment! BTW - Go Ed Carpenter Racing! (Year 41 for me attending The 500)
ProsEasy to apply and easy to take off. Whole process took less than 20 minutes.
ConsNone - purchase with confidence!
By Misterpaul
Plainfield, IL
Easy to use
November 25, 2018
After watching their video I was curious to see how this Paint Coating worked. I gave it a try on my black Chevy SS. After washing and an IPA wipe down I used a spray bottle with distilled water and went one panel at a time applying the Paint Coating. Wipe off was easy and streaking nonexistent. For grins and giggles I applied the coating to the front quarter panels and hood after using the hose to wet them down. I find the spray bottle approach worked better. I can't remark on manufacturers one year durability claim as I only gave it two months before applying a different LSP, so four stars it is.
ProsSimple to use. Glossy finish. Excellent hydrophobicity.
ConsNone that I experienced.

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